‘G.I. Joe 3′ Producer Teases Story; No ‘Transformers’ Crossover Plans

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gi joe 3 story G.I. Joe 3 Producer Teases Story; No Transformers Crossover Plans

Transformers: Age of Extinction cleaned up at the global box office this past weekend, so it shouldn’t be long before we start to hear about Transformers 5 making forward progress. Before that film arrives, however, Paramount intends to release a different Hasbro property-based movie franchise installment, in the shape of G.I. Joe 3 – a film that already has a story idea in place, according to series producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure.

The third G.I. Joe live-action feature should have a new screenwriter in place soon, according to Bonaventura – who also recently confirmed that a search is underway, to find a replacement for director Jon M. Chu (who also helmed G.I. Joe: Retaliation). Bonanventura revealed to us that the fundamental concept behind Joe team’s next adventure has already been settled on; whether or not it’s the same story idea as that featured in the previous script draft penned by Evan Daugherty (Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)), is unknown at this time.

You can read our full interview with Bonaventura – which ventures into SPOILER territory for Age of Extinction and touches upon the potential release date for Transformers 5 – but below, we’ve included the passage pertinent to G.I. Joe 3:

“I have to say I’m really excited about what we’ve come up with on G.I. Joe 3. I think it’s one of the best ideas for a sequel I’ve ever run into, and I think the audience is going to be really, really happy with us.”

Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock isn’t confirmed yet, but he’s expected to return in G.I. Joe 3; it’s been teased in the past that certain “Joes” who perished (or, at the least, appeared to die…) in previous installments could also return in the third film, which raises all the more questions about what the storyline could be – one that has Bonaventura excited, at that. There’s certainly plenty of mythology that can be drawn from; at this point, however, we suspect most G.I. Joe fans just want the third movie to have something that resembles a passable narrative – after the previous two lackluster chapters, that is.

Optimus Prime Transformers Extinction 620x370 G.I. Joe 3 Producer Teases Story; No Transformers Crossover Plans

As for the possibility of a cross-over between Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and Transformers live-action movie franchises happening at some point, Bonaventura’s comments on the matter resembled what he’s said in the past, when asked about this idea:

“I’m sure the studios would love that idea. I don’t think either story has run out of its own momentum. I think when they start to run out of their own momentum is when some conversation like that could happen. It’s definitely not in the short term. None of us are talking about that.”

Bonaventura has never firmly ruled out the idea of Autobots sharing the screen with flesh-and-blood G.I. Joes one day, though his noncommittal statements usually come off more as humoring the interviewer – as opposed to, leaving the door open for a strong possibility in the future.

Having said that, crossovers between the two intellectual properties has worked before in mediums other than cinema – and if either Bay or some other director wants to convince moviegoers to be as invested in the human players as the robots in a future Transformers movie, then allowing the former group to be populated by G.I. Joe team members could get the job done. It probably won’t happen, but if Paramount wants to keep the G.I. Joe franchise alive and going for many years to come, the option is still on the table…


Transformers: Age of Extinction is now playing in theaters.

G.I. Joe 3 is expected to reach theaters in 2016.

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  1. (In response to the crossover plans, or lack thereof)


  2. A crossover between the G.I Joe and Transformers franchies would be pretty cool, but only if it’s done right.

  3. G.I Joe vs Transformers: Age of the Nuked Fridge

  4. You know what else would be an awesome movie if done right? Alien vs Predator

  5. Alien vs predator had so much potential :(

  6. I prefer there is no crossover between the two. It just wouldn’t seem right. I remember a while back there was a rumor going around of a crossover between Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). I think it would fit more if there was a cross over between G.I. Joe and TMNT. That could work more. But even that might not happen.

    • Wow… Thank god you’re not involved in the creative process.

      • Well i’m sorry to upset you. Actually it’s funny I have my ties to similar things.

      • It would be lame, really lame. Thankgod they are not doing it.


    • Think about it… Thanos , Apocalypse? Why not Serpentor? It would be cool to see the C.O.B.R.A agents running around the world collecting the DNA of Ghanis Khan and Napoleon etc.

      • I think most GI Joe fans want to see Serpentor. I definitely do! I think it would be epic and give the fans a reason to get excited.

        Because the last GI Joe was kind of a disappointment, and they killed off Duke.
        Hopefully they will have more GI Joe characters in the next movie also.

        • Serpentor would be awesome.

          Why? Simples…..

          His origin story is awesome – Genetic Super Solider with DNA from EVERY major conqueror from history.

          You could have first two acts of Cobra getting all the DNA samples and the Joes working out what Cobra’s up too with a small confrontation at the last DNA site.

          Then you’ve got the lab stuff cross cut with the Joes planning an assault then the final third is the attack on Springfield (not that one, although you could have say Moe’s Bar blown up as an easter egg lol)

          The you’ve got another baddy to carry the franchise for the inevitable forth one.

          What happened to Cobra Commander at the end of 2, I can’t remember. With Serpentor in the mix we could have the Cobra Civil war, maybe as a stand alone spin off

  8. They have done nothing to make a good story for either franchise. Lorenzo means when both stop
    making money then there will be crossover.

  9. Can any one confirm this?:

    GI Joe 3: Shadow Cobra- April 2016

    Transformers: Wrath of Black Sun- June 24th 2016

    Transformers/GI Joe: Era of War- July 14th 2018

  10. That sounds lame.

  11. You know what WOULD be awesome???? If MARVEL and DC came together in shared universe form. This summer… Justice… will be… AVENGED!!!!

  12. I remember seeing something about a GI Joe and Transformers crossover in the comics years ago.

    • Marvel did one back in the late 80′s. A now defunct company called Dreamwave did on in the mid 2k’s… I think the current company that has the rights is IDW, and they have also done one.

      • Also remember this.

  13. I’m a troll jr so please excuse my troll tendencies and yeah a recent interview with Ventura or whatever claones it’s somewhere down the line

  14. i thought both joe movies flopped… or didn’t make as much as the fat f*** producers would want ?

    a crossover movie would be great b/c we would be decent human characters with giant robots blowing s*** up :D michael bay contrary ot popular belief does action pretty well (minus the excessive firework style explosions), so i think it would be cool to have him direct a joe and trans cross over movie :D

  15. Saw GI Joe #1, was not really impressed at all. Have not seen Transformers at all, other than a couple clips. probably not real excited there, either. Mybe someday way down the road on Netflix…!?

  16. please no crossover

  17. I hope Sgt. Slaughter can be in this movie. I also would like to see Dennis Quaid, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Rachel Nichols return.

  18. I tried to watch the 2nd one but turned it off thirty minutes in…..stupidest movie I’ve ever seen.

    • OMG, YES!!!!!! I hope whoever conceived, wrote, and directed GI Joe 2 got fired.

  19. These GI Joe movies are so horrible. I really wish they would reboot it.

  20. GI Joe: Shadow CobrabApril 2016
    And plus I thinkbRoadbloc saved the movie

  21. GI Joe 3: Serpentor Arise!
    GI Joe 4: Cobra-La

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  23. No. This franchise needs to die. I hate the whole grounded-in-reality aspect they attempted or are attempting with the terrorism and junk. Why can’t it just be in its own fantasy world? But no, they want to act like they have some genius plot to make us all go “Wow, that could actually happen.” No, nobody ever thought that and nobody ever will. Really, who could actually keep a straight face to summon a military unit called GI JOE in real life!?!?!?! It’s unbelievably stupid.