‘G.I. Joe 3′ In the Works

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G.I. Joe 3 Dwayne Johnson G.I. Joe 3 In the Works

As predicted in the final line of our G.I. Joe: Retaliation review, moviegoer support for the Hasbro/Paramount franchise has bested the film’s critical drubbing, to the tune of $50+ million domestically ($130+ million globally). That impressive spring debut (nearly what the first film scored on opening weekend in a summer blockbuster slot) makes it impossible to say – with any hint of surprise – that G.I. Joe 3 is already in development.

Variety reports that Paramount now has all the rea$on it needs to push forward with yet another installment of the franchise. There are no details yet, but considering that director Jon M. Chu made Retaliation for less than Rise of Cobra (which was helmed by Mummy director Stephen Sommers), it wouldn’t be surprising if Paramount brought Chu back to helm the next installment (see also: Justin Lin’s rise from Tokyo Drift director to architect of the entire Fast and the Furious franchise).

Given that named recognition helped sell Retaliation, it wouldn’t be surprise, either, if Dwayne Johnson continued to headline the franchise – alongside his (affordable) co-stars Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye) and D.J. Cotrona (Flint). Ray Park is likely to stay put in his Snake Eyes costume (if not, another martial arts actor is around), while Byung-hun Lee would also be likely to continue his American exposure as Storm Shadow. Unless the paycheck is there, don’t count too hard on Bruce Willis returning.

6duke hawk breaker scarle G.I. Joe 3 In the Works

Other actors from the first film – Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – are also available for re-enlistment, so there is plenty of opportunity to keep fans of the franchise happy in terms of characters/casting. SPOILER (highlight text to read it) Though, the decision to kill off Channing Tatum’s Duke either has the studio feeling like it dropped the ball, or saved itself from having to cut a sizable paycheck in the future. 

Based on my own review, I thought that Chu nailed the characters and aesthetic of the G.I. Joe world best, while Sommers’ film had better story and character drama (if you can believe that). For the third film, a combination of the two would be welcome – as would actually shooting in the 3D format from the start (almost a guarantee, given Retaliation‘s opening numbers). Despite the sequel’s success, there are no doubt thousands of fans who would’ve still preferred the movie been released in its original summer 2012 slot – a delay caused by a last-minute decision to post-convert it into 3D.

As detailed in our G.I. Joe: Retaliation episode of the SR Underground podcast, I would personally like to see a third film deal with the emergence of a secret Cobra biotech division known as… Cobra La. (An appearance from Sgt. Slaughter would also be appreciated.)


We’ll keep you updated on the status of G.I. Joe 3.

Source: Variety

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  1. I know it has faults, but I really enjoyed it.

  2. I don’t really care about Gi Joe, just make a Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow movie. I love Snake Eyes.

  3. Is this an April Fool’s joke? I can’t tell

    • I’m with you can’t tell if april fools or bad timing.

  4. Gi joe X transformers?????


  6. Why wouldn’t Ray Park return? He’s really only in demand as a stuntman as opposed to an actor. The only person that they really would have to shell out money that they would “need” back is Dwayne where as Bruce is really optional. Everyone else really isn’t worth a whole lot or in demand.

  7. Should make a GI Joe/Transformers Film. It happened in the comics and there was also a Transformers G1 crossover cartoon episode.

  8. Lets not have John Chu again. The action was very underwhelming.

  9. STill have to go see it.. can’t wait(even w/ bad reviews).

    • YO JOE!

      • How come in the movie they think it is less dumb to shout “HOO-YAAA!” instead of “YO-JOE!” ??????

      • There’s no Yo Joe! in Retaliation! Terrible sequel and epic fail!

  10. Maybe they will bring back all the characters for the first movie, including Duke and call it “Days Of Future Past”

  11. Why did they get John Chu to do this movie?! It was F*@$#ing terrible!!!! The action was soft. the only cool part was the moutain fight. Like how do you mess up on action?! And the story line…. oh man don’t get me started. What did it for me was having RZA in the movie. I know he loves Kung-fu but com’on man. That was corny as hell.

    • RZA was laughably bad. Whoever approved that should be fired.

    • Dude, I could not agree with you more about RZA. Killed it for me.

  12. I’ll take the story/action of 1 and the actors of 2 (or even better… both).

    What was so bad about Rise of Cobra in the first place?

    • That’s the million dollar question. At least RoC HAD a story; Retaliation had the bare minimum of what can be called a story.

      People act like the 80s cartoon was freaking Shakespere.

  13. I need Bruce Cambell as Shipwreck

    • He would be perfect for that role.

  14. What about Duke in the third?

  15. I can’t wait for G.I.JOE part 3 to come out in the next couple of years.

  16. Worst movie ever I grew watching the original cartoon & they just totally killed it not in a good way how can you have the leader die in the first part there is no G.I. Joe without Duke & not to take anything away from the Rock great action star made the transition from wrestling to movies very well but Roadblock though a major Joe character is not the leader of the Joe’s this movie totally let me & other fans of the original down I have no desire to see the 3rd installment unless paramount & everyone involved in the production would make a total 360 of the story line this is a movie franchise that completely needs to be be remade & it hasn’t even completed it’s first run at a complete franchise!

  17. Bring back Duke from the dead, General Hawk(assuming he’s still alive), Destro, Ripcord( no Duke without his pal Ripcord), Scarlett and most importantly the Baroness and you’ll have my ticket money and confidence again in the franchise.

  18. G.I. Joe part 1 is way much better than part 2. Part 2 is just like watching a 1999 cops versus robbers thing, sort of men and their guns. Too chear. Chu must be ashamed and quit on directing movie

  19. G.I. Joe part 1 is way much better than part 2. Part 2 is just like watching a 1999 cops versus robbers thing, sort of men and their guns. Too cheap. Chu must be ashamed and quit on directing movie

  20. G.I. Joe part 1 is way much better than part 2. Part 2 is just like watching a 1999 cops versus robbers thing, sort of men and their guns. Million dollar and really good actors but cheap on character and all executions.

  21. Mr.Chu must quit, bring back the part 1 and its theme (that makes g.i. joe a g.i. joe movie) Put the old director,writer back

  22. The 2nd movie should be called The Rock vs Cobra.

  23. My disappointments with the 1st Joe movie was how they strayed away from the original cartoon. GI Joe was a Real AMERICAN Hero not an international coalition, (Oktober Guard) had common enemy with Joes. Characters were screwed up. But the excitement of a Joe movie was still there and it was enjoyable to watch once all the other was swallowed. Second movie better but still problematic. Firefly’s demise was both unnecessary and nondramatic. I would love to see Joe 3 include Zartan and the Drednoks. Zartan should be more like his shady chameleon character and the Dreds need to be like Mad Max hell raisers. Destro needs to beef up too wimpy. Please bring in Major Bludd and return Baroness with her Romanian accent. Get some imagination going here for goodness sake!

  24. Grew up watching the original GI Joe cartoon an was severely dissatisfied with retaliation due to the fact they kill off the main joe Duke the leader of the joes definitely won’t waste money on the next one unless they pull a redo an follow the original story line

  25. I am a giant fan of g.i. joe and also have been watching since i was a kid. I think they made a big mistake by killing off duke and making roadblock the leader. Also i agree that they should bring duke back. Duke is my one and only favorite joe. One new character they should introduce is lt faclon dukes younger half brother.

  26. In the GI Joe movie (From the 80s cartoon movie), original plot was for Duke to die but they revamped it last minute and he woke up at the end when he was in a coma. when Duke does die in the movie, it’s kind of not taking away from the Lore of GI joe for lack of better terms here or at least the original script from the 80s cartoon movie, again in the cartoon movie in the 80s Duke was suppose to die at the end.

  27. Duke,ripcord,heavy duty,,and Scarlett should come back
    The character showed that he was killed in action in gi joe retaliation,but in this cobra commander took his dead body to his lab to bring him back from the dead in a machine So he can be cobra’s men,meanwhile ripcord,heavy duty,and Scarlett teams up with roadblock,jaye,snake eyes,jinx,storm shadow,and the blind master to save duke and find cobra commander,it took duke a while to remember that he was a Joe.

  28. They should bring Channing Tatum back!(:

  29. I think it’s dumb how people complain about the 2nd movie I personally thought it was pretty good, yes it was shy of action but still drew the people to keep watching it. If your disappointed with the movie then turn the old cartoons back on and stop crying about it :) I personally wouldn’t want them to merge transformers with the 3rd film but if they do it would have to fit in somewhere. You can’t just magically pop a huge robot out of nowhere into movies like this it is stupid. But hopefully the 3rd one will be in 3D and more action-filled .