‘G.I. Joe 3′ In the Works

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G.I. Joe 3 Dwayne Johnson G.I. Joe 3 In the Works

As predicted in the final line of our G.I. Joe: Retaliation review, moviegoer support for the Hasbro/Paramount franchise has bested the film’s critical drubbing, to the tune of $50+ million domestically ($130+ million globally). That impressive spring debut (nearly what the first film scored on opening weekend in a summer blockbuster slot) makes it impossible to say – with any hint of surprise – that G.I. Joe 3 is already in development.

Variety reports that Paramount now has all the rea$on it needs to push forward with yet another installment of the franchise. There are no details yet, but considering that director Jon M. Chu made Retaliation for less than Rise of Cobra (which was helmed by Mummy director Stephen Sommers), it wouldn’t be surprising if Paramount brought Chu back to helm the next installment (see also: Justin Lin’s rise from Tokyo Drift director to architect of the entire Fast and the Furious franchise).

Given that named recognition helped sell Retaliation, it wouldn’t be surprise, either, if Dwayne Johnson continued to headline the franchise – alongside his (affordable) co-stars Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye) and D.J. Cotrona (Flint). Ray Park is likely to stay put in his Snake Eyes costume (if not, another martial arts actor is around), while Byung-hun Lee would also be likely to continue his American exposure as Storm Shadow. Unless the paycheck is there, don’t count too hard on Bruce Willis returning.

6duke hawk breaker scarle G.I. Joe 3 In the Works

Other actors from the first film – Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – are also available for re-enlistment, so there is plenty of opportunity to keep fans of the franchise happy in terms of characters/casting. SPOILER (highlight text to read it) Though, the decision to kill off Channing Tatum’s Duke either has the studio feeling like it dropped the ball, or saved itself from having to cut a sizable paycheck in the future. 

Based on my own review, I thought that Chu nailed the characters and aesthetic of the G.I. Joe world best, while Sommers’ film had better story and character drama (if you can believe that). For the third film, a combination of the two would be welcome – as would actually shooting in the 3D format from the start (almost a guarantee, given Retaliation‘s opening numbers). Despite the sequel’s success, there are no doubt thousands of fans who would’ve still preferred the movie been released in its original summer 2012 slot – a delay caused by a last-minute decision to post-convert it into 3D.

As detailed in our G.I. Joe: Retaliation episode of the SR Underground podcast, I would personally like to see a third film deal with the emergence of a secret Cobra biotech division known as… Cobra La. (An appearance from Sgt. Slaughter would also be appreciated.)


We’ll keep you updated on the status of G.I. Joe 3.

Source: Variety

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  1. I Would Love For Them To Bring Back Channing Tatum Back Cause He Also Made The Movie Good. Similar To What They Did With Storm Shadow. We Know He Was Killed By Snake Eyes. That Would Be Nice

    • Yes. I never thought of that. If storm shadow came back after beink killed then so can Duke. If Tatum still wants to play the role that would be great. They should ask him what he wants to do.

      • I agree with you. Duke’s my second favorite Joe after Snake Eyes and I was disappointed when he died in the second film. If Storm Shadow can come back, then Duke can too. Looking forward to it.

        • I would agree.

  2. How abput Destro returning. Someone who doesnt like Cobra Commander like dr. Mindbeender or someone busting him out

  3. I think destros men or maybe dukes girlfriend from the first movie busts destro out of prison and helps dr. Mindbender work on serpentor who should probably not appear until the4th installmant of g.i.joe. I cant remember her name, THE Berranais turns bad again. And Flint should be the star of the next film and take over the leaderdhip role in place of Duke. The film isnt about the Rock, but g.i.joe as a unit

  4. I think that DJ Cotrona could use the spotlight, the Rock I dont think should be the main Character. I think he s had enough spotlight. Hes a great actor and athlete, yes. But lets give it to the young guy who needs it and would boost his career to where Flint would b first in charge and then Roadblock

    • Bring Falcon, Air Tight and Beach Head into the story. Also Copperhead.

  5. I dont think they killed Duke off on purpose. You ever consider that he maybe didnt wanna do anymore g.i.joe movies? But no reason to report that to the public. If I were director id keep all that silent and let the media hate me for it

  6. And Stone Cold as Sgt Slaughter if he stars in 3

    • Sure, especislly if they can’t get Brendan Frasier to come back for the 3rd film. Because remember, he appeared as small part in 1, and was referred to as Slaughter.

  7. And keep the story the same. Dont ever reboot. Thats so dumb. Keep Berroinass as the same x girlfriend of duke’s. For the 3 layest Batman movies they kept everything the same. He didnt change one thing in between sequels and thats why people loved them . Make the best out of what you made and dont change it. The Barrenass can turn evil again feeling avengeful against the joes for letting him die and taking her anger out by busting destro out of prison with her new accent imputted by nanotechnology

    • I agree 100 percent. Do away with reboots. Never change the stories. Its very bad for entertainment

  8. Wait till g.i.joe 5 to bring in Cobrala. In 3 id like to see cobra wear his cloth mask which is draped over his head in the original cartoon. The only problem is that he needs an oxygen mask to breathe which can be solved with maybe wearing a tinyoxygen mask under the cloth undrr the cloth. But whatever I done please dont change or reboot any stories or any characters. Thats the worst new Iidea thats out there. That will ruin the g.i.joe movies.

  9. Bring duke back if you want. Maybe it wsnt him that was blown up but someoge else and Duke got captured and was a prisonr of war for a few years. If Tatum doesnt wanna star in the next movie then get someone older that resembles dukes character in the cartoon more but that also looks very similar to Tatum like an older version of him. Just dont change or reboot the story

  10. Duke should never got killed off that was so much bullsh*t why kill of a main chacter that made the 1st movie the 2nd movie wasnt very good without him after they killed him off he made the first part of the movie the 2nd part was bull sh*t and the roadblock should not lead gi joe and briing back duke hes the leader of go joe in the cartoons if i remaber it went hawk duke flint nothing showing or saying roadblock as a leader

  11. I couldnt image Channing Tatum getting tired of the role by the second film. But there is a chance he wasnt happy on the g.i.joe set

  12. Destro brings Duke back. Doesn’t anyone remember the cartoon. Then Flint saves Duke from the venom from Dr.Mindbender and finds out they’re brothers. Although both GIJoe movies were unoriginal stories. Retaliation was ok but the first movie.sucked.

  13. Ok, Duke is dead now right? we all saw him blow up right? i know i did , ripped off his dog tags,and kept pushin…ok options bring back scarlet, heavy duty, breaker, ripcord..(folks from 1st film).keep flint,lady jaye, road block jinx and over course snake eyes…and fyi zartan and firefly are dead too now …and u know destro gotta show up, he was out of the band said cobra commander lmao i also agree with the other dude bring sgt slaughter lol bring back hawk too,what happen wit the animals from the cartoon being in these movies wheres mutt and junk yard spirit and freedom shipwreck and the damn parrot, wheres snake eyes wolf at lol….yo joe…i want g.i. joe part 3 so bad lol

  14. OK Peeps. Duke is dead! There is no bringing him back.
    Storm Shadow may have been brought back from his apparent death in the first movie because of Nanomite technology. He was probably treated by the old lady because the nanomites were damaged from the burns he received in the prison scene.
    Rumor has it that Sgt. Slaughter was in the 2nd movie as 1 of Colton’s men. His name was not listed in the credits. But I don’t recall Colton’s team even showing up in the credits unless their names were Grunt, Stoop (whoever that is), Clutch, Etc.
    I do hope they include the Joes from the first movie.
    The Baroness will most likely not make a return with Duke being dead. Dr. Mindbender and Destro should go forth with Project Serpentor. But they could include the Cobra-La in with it. It doesn’t have to be an entire movie about creating him. Part way throught the movie. They start the search for the DNA. 4th movie (if the 3rd 1 turns out to be successful could introduce him to the big screen.

    As I am not a writer. I can not say for sure how it would go.
    The introduction of the Cobra B.A.T.S would be a good enemy for the Joes to stomp on.

    I also do hope there is (some point down the line) a crossover involving the Transformers.
    Or a small part with a squad of Joes in a Transformers movie.

    As we all know from the cartoons, comics, and books. There are so many story lines and possibilities out there.

  15. Oh and dusty

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  17. I think they should bring duke back and bring in falcon

  18. They should have never killed duke in the second movie it sucked after they did that bring him back having Channing Tatum in the makes the movie better as he plays duke

  19. Obviously,Your Numbers Are Incorrect; It Made $150 Mil. Domestic, And $250 Mil. Worldwide; That’s Why The Third Movie Is Now In development.
    And, For Those Of Us Who Understand GI JOE, Major Characters Can’t Die; So, There’s No Proof Positive That Either Duke,Or Zartan Are Dead, And Won’t Come Back.

  20. 1. Only bring back Duke if Channing Tatum signs on.
    2. NO RZA. Period!
    3. Bring Back Destro & Baroness (with Romanian accent) try and forget that she ever was with Duke in the 1st film.
    4. Do not make Roadblock the team leader. Duke or Hawk. Forget Bruce Willis.
    5. Keep the same storyline going, DO NOT REBOOT! (Include characters from 1 & 2 that were never killed on screen)
    6. Do not bring in the Transformers until ALL Creativity has stopped flowing. Wait for G.I. Joe #6
    7. Bring Zartan back along with The Dreadnoks and give them a Biker/Punk feel, like the comics & cartoons.
    8. Bring back Scarlet & bring in Beach Head, Tunnel Rat, Quick Kick, Stalker, Dusty & Rock N’ Roll
    9. No Accelerator suits ever again.
    10. Keep Snake Eye’s mask without LIPS like in #2 (He looked so much better that way)

    Even though both films had major flaws, I enjoyed them thoroughly and can’t wait for #3. Hopefully this time they listen carefully to the diehard fans and take certain things into consideration. Very excited to see where they take this next one!

  21. I think maybe some Serpentor, or my all time favorites Tomax and Xamot would be awesome in the next film

  22. I have to agree with Dannyofourtime on everything except the reboot, if you are a diehard GI Joe fan, the first movie ticked you off because they got all the storylines wrong, Snake-Eye’s and Storm Shadow did not meet as kids, they met in combat, when their tour was over, Snake-Eye’s went back with Storm Shadow to train with his family. The Hard Master was not killed with a sword, he was killed with a bow and arrow, which leads to another major flaw, Storm Shadow’s main weapon happens to be the bow and arrow, Zartan killed the hard master while trying to mimic an ability that Storm Shadow had, called the “ear that see’s” (could target from behind barriers, and kill whatever he aimed at. Something else, Duke and the Baroness NEVER had a relationship, and she did not need a mind control chip to make her do evil things, she’s evil anyway! One more thing, how can you kill a main cobra character, (even if they did bring him back) when the organization hasn’t even been formed yet?! Hollywood, fans don’t want your story of our favorite comic books/novels/cartoons, you don’t have to write the movies, they are already written, just modernize it, I as a fan want a do over, this time get the story right, go by the comic book! Then you’ll not only make the non fans happy, but you’ll make the fans happy too! I liked the second movie a lot better because there was no backstory’s for them to flub up on, I did not, however, like when Duke was killed, that was a mistake, so make your third movie, I’m sure it’ll be good, but make a fan movie when all is finished with this series, PLEASE!

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  25. Yes! Finally something about plumber lolking.


  27. Really i would say so that film is not about rock is of g.i.joes unit and the all charachter must be back

  28. No. No Slaughter, No Cobra-La. Other than that, I’m all for a third installment.