‘G.I. Joe 3′ Writers Want to Bring The Baroness Back – Should They?

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Sienna Miller as the Baroness in GI Joe The Rise of Cobra G.I. Joe 3 Writers Want to Bring The Baroness Back   Should They?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation had barely been in theaters for a week before it was revealed that Paramount is already planning to put a sequel into the works. By the sound of it, the studio is wasting no time in getting development underway, with the G.I. Joe: Retaliation screenwriters already back onboard to put together a script. It’s possible that G.I. Joe 3 will be in theaters by the end of 2014.

When asked what exactly they were planning for the sequel, writing team Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick replied that they’d like to “resurrect the Baroness like a zombie” in the next film. It’s an odd way of phrasing it, since the Baroness isn’t actually dead (unless she quietly expired offscreen), but since she was effectively buried for the duration of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, she’s also had quite a bit of time to get up to no good while the Joe’s were distracted.

Baroness Storm Shadow G.I. Joe 3 G.I. Joe 3 Writers Want to Bring The Baroness Back   Should They?

The writers’ casual comment to IGN about zombies could just be attributed to the recent release of their Zombieland: The Series TV pilot, or it could mean that they’re considering bringing back a certain character from the G.I. Joe movies who died quite early on in Retaliation, much to the shock of the franchise’s fans. There’s more than enough of a sci-fi element in the G.I. Joe universe to easily justify bringing back characters from the dead, even without resorting to a generic faked death/body double/identical twin explanation.

As our G.I. Joe Retaliation review and SR Underground podcast indicate, most of the Screen Rant writers were a little underwhelmed by G.I. Joe: Retaliation, particularly by the lackluster story, which itself included the return of a “dead” character (Storm Shadow) with absolutely no explanation as to how he cheated the grave; ergo, Reese and Wernick clearly won’t have to work any harder than convincing actress Sienna Miller to return, should they truly want The Baroness back.

Dwayne Johnson in GI Joe Retaliation G.I. Joe 3 Writers Want to Bring The Baroness Back   Should They?

Aside from the Baroness, the writers haven’t yet named any characters that they specifically want to bring back for G.I. Joe 3. Having said that, Dwayne Johnson will almost certainly be returning – according to him, anyway. When asked whether or not he would be invited back to play Roadblock, the actor replied: “I’m leading the Joe’s so I better, or there’s a problem.”

Reese and Wernick didn’t drop any other hints about what we might see in the story, but since G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra featured a villain with a weapon capable of decimating cities, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘s villain had enough firepower to destroy entire countries, the logical next step is a bad guy intent on destroying the entire solar system – maybe the rest of the galaxy as well. We’ll save universal Armageddon for G.I. Joe 4.


We’ll keep you updated on G.I. Joe 3 as the project develops.

Source: IGN

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  1. This is one movie I say needs a reboot, with better writers, better directors, better production team.

    • I agree 100%. And make it look like the comic books and action figures.

    • definitely a reboot. no channing tatum please. he doesn’t have the acting chops to be a leader.

    • v true gi joe really needs a reboot because main cobra charaters are dying !

      you can’t have gi joe movie without the baroness like you can’t have a star wars movie without vader.

  2. I thought she was one of the worst parts of the first film and created some seriously cringe-worthy moments with Tatum, but if that’s the source material whatever I guess.

  3. If they do, don’t bring back Duke and the horrid love story, and don’t do the “I use to be good” story. Just have her be a Bad A– soldier.

    And though G.I Joe ROC had way to much CG Retaliation had to little.

  4. I never thought Storm Shadow died in the first one. I thought they hinted that he was falling through the water but not dead.

    • Yeah the entire way Storm Shadow was taken out screamed – he’ll be back in the next movie. The whole if you don’t see the body then they aren’t dead.

  5. I hope they at least make the characters a little more Joe-like. Flint sucked, Lady Jaye was the character in name only and was there only to show off her body, and Bruce Willis phoned it in. Way too much cliche and plot holes. I liked the first one much better. It was quite fun, and paid homage to the cartoons more than the sequel did (yes I know it had some deviations – especially Cobra Commander, and I didn’t read the comic so I don’t really care about that).

  6. Isn’t she Cobra Commander’s sister in the movie universe? Didn’t he try to control her with nanomites? Why do I know this stuff?

    G.I. Joe 3- Baroness and Destro out Cobra Commander as the leader of Cobra which gives them control of a weapon of mass destruction. This forces Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jaye (Brenda), and Snake Eyes to team up with Cobra Commander in the ultimate buddy-cop road-trip movie (think 48 hrs meets National Lampoons Vacation). This time they enlist the help of Joe Colton AND General Hawk. I believe Rome is the European city that will be destroyed this time around.

  7. HELL NO! She did nothing for the first movie and it was one of the many things wrong with it in the first place. They need to bring in Serpentor. But if the Studio is really hell bent on bring her back then she can aid the Joe’s is helping them fight Cobra Commander after they tell her Duke is dead.

  8. Sienna Miller is unbelievably sexy and I for one need her back for G.I Joe 3. Let’s get Duke and Destro back as well

  9. Yes… bring back Baroness… AND Duke.

    I didn’t mind the romance between them, at least it has some layer of story unlike Retaliation.

    Bring back Scarlet too, Rachel Nichols is my girlfriend in another reality.

  10. theres no point of bringing her back if duke isnt back. Killing off duke was the biggest mistake they could have done. Im still pssed their making a sequel without duke

    • You got a big Channing Tatum man-crush, huh?

  11. Baroness? Bah! Yeah get her back, b**** still owes me $50.

  12. As long as she still comes in black leather: sure!

  13. Yes, bring her back. And re-cast Scarlett. And bring Destro back, as well.

    But what they REALLY need to do the most – write a good story with some worthwhile character development. Rise of Cobra was at least fun, but Retaliation was just dull. Who would’ve thought that a G.I. Joe film could be boring? There’s no excuse for that. The lesson is that if you try to go gritty and serious and grounded, then you need a good plot and a well-written screenplay.

  14. Disney just needs to hurry it up and buy Hasbro for 4 billion+. Hasbro just makes these movies for the sake of making crappy toys.

  15. Heck yes they should! She was the sole best part of the original film, not to mention smokin’ hot. While she’s not Russian like in the cartoon, she’s still European and that swings for me. Where are all the epic battles with both sides running into battle with lasers flying? Kinda bummed they haven’t used lasers yet, I know bullets are much more realistic, but it would be a throwback to the real cartoon. Would love to see the General land carrier get some screen time too. That toy was freakin’ awesome! Also would love to see the Cobra Pods with glass cockpits flying around.

    They need to get the old school toy and ship designs right and really copy the cartoon in those aspects while giving it a fun, action-packed and well-acted storyline. The battles have always intensely lame so far, aside from the ninja fight on the mountain face.

  16. Yes they should bring her back. She was the one bright light in the first movie and had some fun moments. Seemed like she was the only one who knew what kind of movie she was in, I remember she had some good cheesy lines. What they did to her character in the end was pretty lame though.

  17. YES!!! Bring her back

  18. Yes, bring the character back. Read somewhere in GIJOE forums about reintroducing the REAL BARONESS by making the sister of Baron DeCobray seeking revenge for the death of her brother (late husband of Sienna Miller’s character in the first movie).

    She should have an accent, always wear real glasses (non of those fancy see-thru techno glasses or sunglasses) and possibly even hotter than Sienna. Maybe the chick from Die Hard 5, Yuliya Snigir.

    • By the way, Sienna Miller can still return as the good Anna, maybe protected by GIJOEs while being hunted by both BARONESS DeCobray and COBRA.

  19. If I am to be maintain nearly immobilized for at least an hour and a half to a chair, in a barely lit room, it’s a good thing there’d be a hot girl in black leather shown in front of me… whoah, I don’t think that came out the way it was intended. ;)

    • +1 :)

  20. Yeah they should totally bring her back. Shoot the movie, delay the movie for post production 3d, and reshoots. Then have her die within the first 15 mins of the movie.

  21. Yes, Bring Baroness back, but somehow not make her Cobra Commander’s sister. If they bring back Duke, don’t bring back Channing Tatum, bring in someone like Chris Hemsworth little brother, forget his name from Expendables 2. Not so much a boy though. If Destro returns at all, make him a bada$$, not a whiner.

  22. Well I think that they should go all out on the 3rd installment. By bringing all the joes together,and cobra characters in as well. But if they don’t I would like to see shipwreck or Gung-ho

  23. Can we get Dusty in a movie now!

  24. Although I have never read the comics, Storm Shadow needs to stay. He runs a direction completely different from Cobra and the Joes. The character neutrality is quite refreshing; you never know when he’ll switch sides. Storm’s clever enough to do just that too. Also, his rivalry/bromance with Snake Eyes needs to continue. I know there must be a storyline to that.

  25. i think they shouldn’t because her and duke had something going on but now dukes dead so ya

  26. We sure want baroness Duke and Destro back, but what about Ripcord. Although the action figure was white, it was fun seeing him in ROC. But what about bringing in new characters like Outback (intro in his TIGER FORCE clothing) or Shockwave in his blue SWAT clothing (i would love to play that role.). What about Gnawgahyde (with or without pet).
    Sgt Stalker in his green camo pants and white vest would rule.
    I have plenty ideas, give me a hit. I even have ideas for writing a story.