New ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Images: New Improved Snake Eyes Costume [UPDATED]

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[UPDATED: Check Out New Images of Jinx, Lady Jaye and Roadblock!]

There’s no doubt that G.I. Joe‘s resident ninja Snake Eyes is badass. In fact, Snake Eyes was (in this writer’s opinion) one of the only saving graces of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and somehow director Stephen Sommers managed to even mess that up, by giving Snake Eyes a mask with a plastic mouth on the front of it…for some reason.

It’s true that Snake Eyes got the short end of the stick in the first film –  but it’s just as true that Jon M. Chu, director of the upcoming sequel film G.I. Joe: Retaliation has learned from the mistakes of predecessor on several fashion fronts. We’ve already seen Chu’s much improved version of Cobra Commander – and today we’re getting a closer look at the improved Snake Eyes.

Check out the image of the new improved Snake Eyes (played in the movies by the iconic Ray Park), courtesy of Total Film. UPDATE: The images of Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki), Snake Eyes Protege, Jinx (Elodie Young) and Roadblock (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) are courtesy of Paramount:




Now that is what a badass silent ninja commando should look like! Notice the lack of foam muscles, a visor that looks like venetian blinds, and a plastic mouthpiece - which is totally unnecessary for the guy who has taken on a solemn vow of silence. Sword on back, check. Gun at the ready, check. That’s the Snake Eyes I know and love from my classic G.I. Joe cartoons.

For a comparison, check out a side-by-side of Snake Eyes in Rise of Cobra:


Snake Eyes GI Joe 1 New G.I. Joe: Retaliation Images: New Improved Snake Eyes Costume [UPDATED]-

Admittedly, the inclusion of the red color was pretty sweet in movie Snake Eyes version 1.0 – but the G.I. Joe 2 trailers have already shown that there is indeed some red left in our resident ninja’s costume, even if we can’t see it in that image above. Did we mention no plastic mouthpiece. That really just says it all, doesn’t it?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be in theaters on June 29, 2012.

Source: Total Film  & Paramount

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  1. Definitely better.

  2. any idea when the next trailer will debut?

  3. Snakeeyes looks sickk

  4. Only improvement needed: No lips…check!

  5. Ironic thing is that one of the toys had those damn lips on them too, not a good look then and worse on screen.

  6. Now that’s more like he looks bada$$!!! definately an improvement.

  7. What was the deal with masks and costumes on that first movie? They bollixed up pretty much every one of them.

  8. yeah i really enjoyed the first film. it did have its mistakes but it was a highly enjoyable summer popcorn film. cant wait for the sequel. cant believe its already been three years.

  9. Yay no stupid mouth piece.

  10. who was the FOOL that put lips on SNAKE-EYES anyway.. did He have some in the cartoon – NO..

  11. I read somewhere and I think it was Chu that said you wouldn’t have had to have seen the first one to understand what’s going on in the sequel. I hope that doesn’t mean they won’t continue the story with Zartan taking over as president

    • Watch the trailers, and you’ll see that Zartan is still acting as president and has many Joes killed or captured.

      • Ok I rewatched the trailer and saw the killing of the Joes I also went on IMDB and found out that Arnold Vosloo, the actor who played Zartan in the first film will be returning so that set my mind at ease thanks Hiro :)

    • They will continue it. It’s it’s in the trailer dude, have you even seen it?

      • yes in the trailer they bring the banners(flags)of cobra-syndicate over -the white house- . it was the 1st trailer.

  12. Where is Destro??? Is he not in this film.

  13. Glad there is a GI Joe sequel. Just hope that the studio learned from all the mistakes in the first movie! If not then this will doom the franchise. I still thought it would have been best to make GI Joe retro from the 80s (what we all know and love) instead of goofy over the top style of the first movie.

  14. Snake didn’t take a vow of silence… his face and throat were damaged in a crash in which he saved storm shadow while in the Nam. Unless they are changing that story line which would be stupid imo.

    • Well, not entirely. In the comics, Snake Eyes’ face (and ability to speak) was originally ruined while trying to save Scarlet during a helicopter crash in the Middle East.

      He also did get shot up badly in Vietnam (later retconned to “South East Asian conflict) and saved by Storm Shadow, but that wasn’t what messed up his face though.

      Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and Stalkers’ shared experiences in Vietnam would basically set the stage for most of the underlying plotlines of those characters throughout the original Marvel series (and later in DDP’s Origin sagas). Great, great stories :)

      Wayans’ Ripcord from the first movie is basically a Stalker “proxy” by the way – but I guess you can’t have the name Stalker while being a good guy in 2011 – so they chose to destroy another classic character instead (i.e. Ripcord) :)


      • Bw you right… I was a little mixed up… my memory isnt what it used to be… lol… I just knew it wasnt a vow of silence.. and now that you said that it all came flooding back to me. Didnt he end up later in the commics have his face fixed and his throat repaired?

        • Yeah that was in the “not so great” era of the comics :) His throat/voice was never repaired though but his face was, only to get messed up again shortly after.

          Snake eyes did speak in the 6 volume origin saga that DDP produced, as this happended before he joined the Joes and obviously hadn’t been in the helicopter crash. Those comics are some of my all time favorites, collecting all (well, most of) the bits and pieces from the early Marvel origin of Snake Eyes with, generally, some very very nice artwork.