‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’ Trailer: Looks Better Than the First One

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Next summer, director Jon Chu (Step Up 2 & 3) will attempt to craft a better G.I. Joe movie than the one put together by director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) back in 2009. To combat fan skepticism (which remains on red alert status at the time of writing this), Chu and CO. have promised that their sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, will give the franchise a fresh start, with a better cast, better story and most of all, better action than its predecessor.

With today’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer, we’re getting our first look at whether or not the actual film lives up to all the promises.

G.I. Joe 2 comes to us with mostly a new cast of characters, though the story will continue from where Rise of Cobra left off, in the sense that Cobra Commander (no longer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is now the masked leader of the terrorist organization, and his crony, master of disguise Zartan (Arnold Vosloo), has infiltrated the highest echelon of the U.S. government, posing as the president. With Cobra pulling the strings of power, and still running lawless throughout the globe, a new Joe force is tasked with saving the day.

Check out the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation below:

As you can see in the trailer, one lure of G.I. Joe 2 is the improved cast – with fan-favorite action stars like Bruce Willis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ray Stevenson replacing the likes of Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – and the returning players having been whittled down to favorites like Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee). Of course, Channing Tatum returning is something that will still have many haters of the first film groaning –  and it’s fair to say the “hot girl” quotient has dipped a bit, with the addition of Adrianne Palicki and Elodie Young not quite covering the subtractions of beauties like Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller and Karolina Kurkova. But I digress.

The other thing of note is the action glimpsed in the trailer: Director Jon Chu has made it clear that more practical effects and grounded, gritty, militaristic battle action is his intention for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. If nothing else, this trailer proves we will be getting just that. However, will the change in approach help G.I. Joe 2 stand out as an improvement over its predecessor? Or does the cartoon/comic source material deserve more fantastical representation…say, like, accelerator suits?

I’m sure the Internet will pool the popular opinion of the fanboy masses, after they’ve had a chance to view this trailer (you can vote right here).

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be in theaters on June 29, 2012

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  1. “G.I. Joe” SHOULD be over the top, though. It’s based on a cartoon that was based on a toyline for crying outloud! And besides, those “Accelerator Suits” were actually pretty cool. Stupid, sure, but cool.

  2. It looks better than the first because it could not be worse than the first.

  3. Plotline reminds me of GI Joe Renegades.

    • i agree, it does seem to copy the current anime storyline. why not something new?

  4. My only disappointment with this film, no Christopher Eccleston as Destro, for that matter no Destro at all… What’s up with that. Also, the trailer does confirm that Cobra Commander will be in the movie, but there is no one credited to the character, will the surprise us with JGL as the commander; that would be amazing.

  5. I abhorred the first one…but I won’t lie, I geeked a bit at this trailer. Kinda makes it look like the first one didn’t exist. And honestly, any movie with the rock and Willis kicking ass and taking names can’t be THAT bad! Who wouldn’t wanna shovel handfuls of popcorn in their mouths for two hours watching those two run through nameless hitmen like wrecking balls?!

  6. Although I’ll admit that this not only looks better than the first, but looks like it may actually be a good flick, I’m still not entirely sold. Until I learn/see more, this remains on my “wait for the DVD list”

  7. No offense but i hope they didnt kill of Duke.

  8. Looks vastly superior to the first one. It’s nice to get some legit actors to headline the hero roles. The surprise guest star at the end was also unexpected. Kudos to them for learning their lesson.

  9. Wheres Cobra ? “COBRASSS !!!… ATTACKSSS!!!
    I honestly didnt like Joseph Gordon Levitt for this role its kinda odd to me

  10. So many characters in the G.I. Joe Universe, hope to see them all

    • Same here… but if you were only to include popular characters and decent story plots that would be about 7 movies. But I’m definitely with you on that.

  11. to be honest i didn’t think the 1st one was all that bad, my one main peeve with it was the CG characters (which looked very <2005) and the cartoony sound effects for the cobra plasma rifles.

    this look to be more steady action with the inclusion of a better cast (they should have replaced tatum with someone that can act, but you cant win them all unfortunately ;)) i like how the explained why the other clowns aren't around (base being blown up and some getting imprisoned) and the rock replacing AAA (who had a terrible british accent) is good b/c the rock is way better at action then aforementioned actor.

    i wouldn't have expected a trailer so soon, they only just wrapped up the cast list and began shooting yet they have a trailer up, really weird.

    • The rock didn’t replace AAA they are 2 different characters Roadblock and Heavy Duty
      Also his accent wasn’t fake he is from London so yea

    • u dont know what u talking about AAA is British geez.

      also The Rock is not replacing AAA he is playing a different character

  12. I’m glad to see they fixed Snake eye’s mask (no mouth). That was the dumbest thing considering he doesn’t speak.

  13. The Losers, The A-Team, The 141, The IMF, now the Joes all elite military forces getting framed and disavowed to cover up the villain’s shady misdeeds. And people harped on The Expendables for not being original, lol!

    Joking aside, this looks fantastic. I will be there ready to give them my money the very opening day.

  14. So Duke dies?

  15. The first one was so awful I don’t see how any one could even consider watching the second one.

    As if it was bad enough that the very idea of a GI Joe movie is flat out laughable, but add in the fact this is being directed by the person who made the god awful Step Up movies? If those were not enough it’s a follow up to one of the worst high budget action films to come out in the last few years. I have a hard time saying THE worst simply because Green Lantern came out this year and is strong competition for that title.

    • Did you even watch the trailer?

      • He is right though. This trailer is the carbon copy of Rise of Cobra. Stuff blowing up. Couple cool lines and one super slow mo cool acrobatic scene.

  16. what month will this movie play nxt year ?

  17. I am really confused… so no one liked the G.I. Joe:Renegades cartoon but the nerds shart in their pants over the movie trailer? For all purposes intended, the trailer does look very promising to the likes in which Superman Returns does to it’s predecessor, but at the same time I am not totally sold….(was really burned in 2009) I just don’t want to be suckered into wasting time/money on something that turns out to be straight flash with a wack story.

  18. The trailer is awesome.

    Better than the first one.

    I hope the film has more practical effects than CGI and also as much as some people hate this, hopefully Duke isn’t killed and this film has a great cast: The Rock and Bruce Willis.

    This could be a sleeper hit.

  19. The first film was good for what is was but this one seems to step it up( no pun intended) a level.

  20. I think it should be re-titled:

    “Kill Bill’s Fast & Furious Die Hard Transformers”

  21. The screenshots of Ray Stevenson in the pics are all labeled as Ray Parks when you cursor over them.

  22. GI Joe
    Now better with dubstep

  23. After reading the comments here, i must say that I both agree and disagree with just about all of them. Its a shame that this storyline is going to be the same as the new lame cartoon series. At the same time, im glad they are making another movie. I agree with the channingn tatum, he should have been replaced, and not cast at all in the first movie. I would rather have seen someone older with better acting skills for duke, Bruce Willis would have been a better choice for Duke, originally. I like the addition of The Rock, and it will be good to see Lady Jaye, but they should have gotten the actors from the first movie to come back, if for nothing else than cameo roles. And, how can you have a GI Joe Movie with no Cobra Commander? Thats like having an Austin Powers movie with no Dr. Evil. It just does not work. I hope the movie will be good, but, Im not jumping up and down about it.
    YO JOE!!!!!!!!

    • Gotta heartily and respectfully disagree with you that the cartoon is “lame”. There are many ways they could have gone with the ‘toon, not less than a few of them horrible, but I think they did the property justice. Was it 1980′s Joe, no. But I honestly didn’t want that in a modern cartoon playing to modern sensibilities. It needed to be more gritty, more down-to-earth, and back to basics and on those fronts I feel it succeeded. I just wish it had continued (or will continue?), so that we could see it evolve.

      • Sorry, last two paragraphs were meant for someone else. My apologies.

  24. some pictures say picture is from G.I. Joe: Redemption

  25. There’s a basic rule to this kind of filmaking: Stay close to the source material, which in this case would be the Marvel comic book series created by Larry Hama, and have nothing from the cartoons at all. The previous film did not obey that rule and suffered the consequences. This film might be better than the last one, but there’s an important element missing — Scarlett. How can you have Snake Eyes in the movie without Scarlett?

    Fans of the comics know that no matter how much the cartoons or the first movie screwed things up with G.I. Joe’s greatest super-couple, you can’t go wrong when you follow the Snake Eyes/Scarlett storyline from the comics. Not having Scarlett in this movie makes Snake Eyes’ story incomplete, and is a detriment to the film. And people need to stop moaning and groaning about Duke. He’s an irrelevant character; a creation of the Sunbow cartoon with no storyline in the comics at all. He’d be better off K.I.A., especially if Channing Tatum is playing him.

    At least they got rid of those god-awful lips on Snake Eyes’ mask.

    • Follow the comic books, what kind of witchcraft is that? Seriously though anyone who actually collected those comics are probably too old to matter to the film makers at this point, even though all of these retreads rely at least a bit on pulling in the nostalgia dollar at least initially.

      Finding one good story arc from almost any comic that was published long enough to matter is pretty easy, but there seems to be some type of biased against actually admitting what some of the comic writers did was actually good.

      I for one am still not going to be interested in a G.I. Joe story without the Drednoks, who actually make more sense in a practical setting then an army of terrorists who wear distinctive uniforms and tool around in vehicles that look like they stole them from the Death Star…

    • Duke is a part of the storylines in the comics. Both in later Marvel comics and the new Devil’s Due Publishing/Image and IDW (I have all the DDP’s and several Marvel including the first 10, which do not include Duke and the first printing of IDW). Also, the storyline between Snake Eyes and Scarlett changes throughout the comics and there are different interpretations. I am okay with Scarlett not being featured. Especially if she is killed which only adds to Snake Eyes’ troubled life.

      Regrading Duke, I’d like to see them take a page from DDP’s GI Joe: Reloaded Series where Duke turns out to be a traitor and a part of Cobra.

  26. I agree with everyone who said so that the first film needed much more time on the stove to ‘cook’ before being unleashed upon the world, but where the previous film lacked (e.g., poor acting, bad script, contrived plot, etc.) this one seems to play to every possible genre strength. It seems to take the source material- paying homage and staying true to the core strengths of the property- and use that as a springboard for a potentially great film, which is never a bad thing. Here’s hoping the trailer isn’t simply spin, and that it can truly deliver come June 2012!

  27. Bruce Willis needs to stop making films now. Schleepy bye-byes for him now, he hasn’t made a good film in years.

    • So RED was a bad film?

  28. This looks like it will be a cool popcorn action flick, so I’m looking forward to it. The action quotient does indeed seem ramped up, but I hope we get to see a few “downtime” moments as well.

    • I am also excited by the apparent introductions of the Red Ninjas AND of Jinx.

    • It’s nice to see that the director stay true to his original vision for this movie. WB take note, this can work for another GL movie.