G.I. Joe 2 Coming In 2012?

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GI Joe 2 G.I. Joe 2 Coming In 2012?

MTV caught up with G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura this past week and was informed that G.I. Joe 2 could begin production in the spring of 2011 with the intention of making its way into theaters during the Summer Blockbuster Season of 2012.

Now – much like this past winter’s Sherlock Holmes – the first G.I. Joe film contained more than a few plot details that set the stage for future installments based off the Hasbro toyline and popular 1980s cartoon of the same name – the final scene in both films were literally teasers for events that would transpire in the sequels.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ended up being the hit that the filmmakers behind the project were clearly hoping for, grossing over $300 million worldwide in theaters.  Even though G.I. Joe 2 has been a foregone conclusion, the only concrete detail to emerge about the sequel is that it will be scripted by the writers of the hit horror-comedy, Zombieland.

Besides mentioning the possible spring 2011 start for filming G.I. Joe 2 and its potential 2012 summer release date, Bonaventura unfortunately had little to say about the film, as he claimed that information about the screenplay and which G.I. Joe cast members might return was being kept under wraps “for the moment.”

Sienna Miller GI Joe G.I. Joe 2 Coming In 2012?

Sienna Miller played Baroness in the first G.I. Joe, along with... who else, again?

Bonaventure did indicate that the technology and weaponry that will be on display in G.I. Joe 2 would be something original and – hopefully – creative in its own right.

“You always want to evolve things forward. We’re not just going to settle for the same weaponry or the same toys that we had before — I mean that more in a military sense than in a kid sense.  I think ‘s part of the component of “G.I. Joe.” are those advanced technologies — what can they do and how do they work? — and just some fun to the gizmos.  It’s part of that brand.”

Will a cohesive plot and all-around more memorable characters be part of G.I. Joe 2 as well?  Possibly, given the writing talent involved in the project – although, if director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing) is back in the director’s chair again, I might not count on it.

I should also mention that although G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a financial success, it was also an expensive undertaking (with a $175 million production budget) and a film that – arguably – failed to excite moviegoers for future adventures involving super soldiers and the mindless destruction of foreign monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

G.I. Joe G.I. Joe 2 Coming In 2012?

G.I. Joe - lots of explosions wtih little reason to care.

Finally, if G.I. Joe 2 does make its way into theaters in Summer 2012, it’ll have to face such guaranteed box-office behemoths like The Avengers and Batman 3 – among others, that is.  Will it end up getting lost in the fray of other, more-anticipated sequels and franchise pics?

We’ll keep you updated on G.I. Joe 2 – including news about whether it’ll board the 3D bandwagon – as additional news about its development rolls in.

Source: MTV

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  1. For what it was, GI Joe was pretty enjoyable. It was no Dark Knight or even Star Trek but it was miles better than Transformers 2. I’d be open to a sequel

    • I’ll second that. :-)

    • what!!!! the movie was god awful, transformers 2 was incredible(although the ending was super rushed) any fan of the original g.i. joes scoffec after seeing this movie. i personally destroyed the dvd, the only good part of the movie was snake eyes(well at least the costume up until the mask, which was just stupid, what the hellz were the lips for) also sorry if i sound like a dick, i just really hate this movie

  2. WTH!!!!!????!!! The first one sucked!!!

  3. The main reason there was a Transformers 2 was because the 1st one didn’t suck……The GI Joe cartoon was better….by miles

  4. I enjoyed the first G.i. Joe film myself and glad it didnt have as much humor as Transformers 2 did. But with the sequel coming out in 2012, Heavy Duty would would think they’ll up against Heavy competition, The Avengers, Captain America, Batman 3 etc. But ill be there to see the sequel. I hope to see Sienna Miller turn bad again, She was good at it,lol.

  5. G.I. Joe was pretty enjoyable. I thought they did a great job and would enjoy seeing another one. Good luck to them on that.

  6. Dear God. I find it depressing that GI Joe did well enough to warrant a sequel. By the way, is Screen Rant not using Disqus anymore? I had to sign in to post this comment a different way.

    • They went back to the old system.

  7. I have to say I truly enjoyed “GI Joe Resolute” not this pile of live action dung they put on screen!

  8. Well, I will join the tiny chorus of people who admit to enjoying the first G.I.Joe film.

    I thought it was far better than EITHER of the dreadful and pointless Transformer films.

  9. Great! I liked the first one. I like this kind of films, they have some kind of family fun you can´t find in other accion movies. Good new for me.

  10. By the way, I love the two Transformers movies. ^^

  11. Despite the bad rap….I did go to see the film and really liked it for what it was, and purchased the Blueray. However Sienna Miller as a brunette in leather…..I ….well….ummm….uhhh. YES PLEASE!!!

  12. I don’t see how so many people say they enjoyed this movie, especially in comparison to Transfomers. I thought it was terrible. I am glad I didn’t waste movie ticket money on it. The acting was horrible and the story was bad as well. Hopefully they make some casting upgrades and get a better story for the sequel.

  13. You anti-GI Joe Movie haters can rant all you want but clearly more than just a few people liked it to make as much at the box office as it did. I liked it, enough so to get the BluRay and to pay to see it twice at the theatre.

    How about chilling out some with the ‘WTF’ & the “It was so god awful’ rants, at least when your discussing a film that cleared it’s Production cost and made more than a quarter billion in ticket sales. I for one think PULP FICTION is one of the worst tragedies in filming history but I also know that many do like it so I don’t rag on it and those who like it every chance I get.

    Be glad movies you don’t like get made, it means your living in a world of variety instead of blandness.

    • way to go BlueCollarCritic… tell em. i’m with you all the way..

  14. So you didn’t like Pulp Fiction and you paid to see G.I Joe in the theaters twice, and then bought it on DVD?
    I have nothing further and rest my case.

  15. I know there are a good number of GI JOE critics but with a box office take of over 300 million iuts clear that more than a handful liked it. You don’t do those kind of numbers at the box office these days, especially without a 3D version and or iMax version that boost ticket prices, from hype and a great openiong weekend alone.

    GI JOE actually satyed at the theatre for a good number of weeks and brought in the bussiness solidly week after week. It may not have done the numbersof an IRON MAN or a DARK KNIGHT but it still was solid. A true bomb of a movie can still do weel the first wekend from great hype and marketing but in order to contonue pulling in the money and to stay at the theatre after the first few weeks the thing has to have a decent base of those who liked the film.

    A true mark of how solid a film is can be measured by how many repeat viewers it has, how many of those who saw it ended up paying to see it one or more times after that first viewing. Too bad there’s no easy way to gauge that because I belive you’d find that GI JOE actually had a strong fan base, even if a quite one and thats why it suceeded financially if not critically.

  16. avatar and transformers are awesome but i have to admit g.i.joe
    is really awesome!!! i love it i have whatched it at leaset 10 times

  17. I love Transformers it was a much better movie than G.I. Joe but i Liked G.I. Joe also. I dont think that anybody should rant on either of the movies the were both very good movies and for someone to say that about transformers 2 being horrible your out of your mind there was more action and more autobots and decepticons which made it more suspenseful i like all movies if they have good acting and story line.


  19. I loved the cartoon growing up and had the toys !! So when I heard of a movie I freaked !! I thank god they waited this long to make it cause it would have bin crap otherwise. The cartoon action an vehicles would have bin brutal. Yea they changed outfits and left out things but not all things transfer over well to film. I loved it and watched it twice in theatres and at home and even played the game witch wasn’t great but had the cartoon feel to it. The movie had great ninja kicking action great weapons and vehicles and that’s what g.I Joe is about. Part 2 will be even better I hope they bring in shipwreck and other cartoon characters in . Ps. Transformers 2 was horrible in my personal opinion and have not enjoyed a comic to screen movie suck as g.I Joe and iron man . Part 2 of iron man was a disappointment I hope g.I does better ;)


  21. Here’s the deal. With Transformers (if you’re a fan) you can watch both movies and pick out bits and pieces that where from the comic books and the TV series. The producers did their homework and melded them together to make 2 great movies (although “2″ was rushed to beat the writers strike).

    The only thing anywhere similar to ANY of the G.I. Joe material in that crap movie was the Nightraven jet, Snake Eyes, Stormshadow and (as I pinch my nose) “The Pit”. Everything else… Nobody knows where the hell it came from!

    I agree with ulik, “Resolute” WAS G.I. Joe. “Rise of Cobra” is another Hollywood dishrag like “Godzilla”… Remember that piece of trash?

  22. The best thing about gi Joe was sienna miller. I still think of her!!!!!! (the movie was ok)