‘G.I. Joe 2′ Lands Official Release Date

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GI Joe 2 lands official release date G.I. Joe 2 Lands Official Release Date

Paramount Pictures seemed to spend a good chunk of last year scuffling its feet, with regards to getting a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra underway.

Now some solid progress on G.I. Joe 2 has been made, with Jon Chu being hired on to direct, early word about which cast members are returning (leaked by Rachel Nichols), and an announcement from Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner that only further confirms that the second installment in the G.I. Joe franchise is being fashioned as a semi-reboot.

Now Paramount has settled on August 10th, 2012 as the official release date for G.I. Joe 2 – almost three years exactly after Rise of Cobra was unleashed in theaters. Although there are currently no other tentpole pics scheduled for that day, both The Bourne Legacy and the Total Recall remake are tentatively slated to hit theaters a week earlier – though these could easily change sometime over the next eighteen months.

Stephen Sommers’ G.I. Joe movie adaptation was a relative box office success that managed to bring in $302 million worldwide back in 2009. Considering the feature cost $175 million to produce and was given a tepid reception by most moviegoers (critics were, not surprisingly, harder on the flick) could be reason enough for Paramount to bring in some fresh talent to helm the cheaper followup.

gi joe cast 570x318 G.I. Joe 2 Lands Official Release Date

Zombieland scribers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are scripting G.I. Joe 2, which seems destined to be a 3D pic given Chu’s previous experience as a filmmaker. Channing Tatum, Lee Byun-hun, and Ray Park will reprise their roles from the first film, but otherwise the sequel will feature plenty of new faces in front of the camera as well.

G.I. Joe 2 won’t be the complete franchise reboot that The Amazing Spider-Man aims to be (despite what Avi Arad says), but there’s a good chance it’ll stay closer to the look and style of its predecessor than other rebooting sequels like Ghost Rider 2, and to some extent The Wolverine – and yes, the latter has been described as more a standalone feature than anything else, but it’ll probably feel like a reboot to some degree.

We’ll see how G.I. Joe 2 turns out next year when it arrives on August 10th.

Source: Paramount Pictures (via Coming Soon)

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  1. Yesterday’s news piece killed my anticipation for this film.

    • same here im not gonna bother watchin it

  2. Im happy with a restart of sorts but i think it is not need in this instance, no body flipped out when they switched out Howard on Iron Man, I think the same should be done here and then move forward. The president whom is Zartan, releases the Commander , Destro and the Baroness, The Baroness is still a bad guy and they never mention that the Baroness and the Commander are related. Bring in a new Joe team: Snake eyes , Stalker, Beachhead, Flint, Lady Jaye, Dial tone, and re cast general hawk use Mark Harmon. Then Use the Dreadnoks,firefly, and maybe Major Blood( played by danny Trejo)lol

    • Danny Trejo as Major Bludd…Spainard for an Aussie? For some reason it could work.

      • Danny Trejo isn’t a Spainiard. He was born in America, of Mexican descent. I’ve read that he doesn’t even speak Spanish.

        Anyway, I agree, I can completely see Trejo as Major Bludd. Major needs a hard-looking, angry mug. And Trejo’s definitely got it. :)

        • thanks for the clarity on Trejo’s descent. Thought he was from Mexico. And yes, he would be awesome as Major Bludd

  3. Why are they going to keep Channing Tatum?? I didn’t watch the movie, but people who did told me that the movie was good and that Tatum’s acting (or lack of) is what really almost ruined the movie. They should just recast him and make a sequel.

    • Tatum was a horrible Duke. Duke was sort of military standard not really edgy and cool but focused and about discipline. Thats from the 80′s cartoon.

      Tatum felt more like a wise mouth cracking lieutenant Falcon…Duke’s younger half brother.

      Heck there are a whole bucnh of other personalities he would fit out of the Joe’s but Duke was not one of them.

      Hopefully he will do better this time.

      • Yeah, even Sam Worthington, who was offered the role first, would’ve been a better choice… I’d take an British-Australian for Duke over Tatum any day.

      • Who said that Flint was Dukes half brother , where was that refrenced. Thats pretty new to me, i consider my self well versed in everything Joe

        • They wrote, LT. Falcon not Flint. Falcon was Duke’s half brother in the animated movie.

          • oh my bad sorry misread, Falcon yeah, waste of a character, cheap knock off of Flint

    • I agree. Tatum was too weak for the role. Duke should be stoic, tough, solid. Tatum was none of those things.
      I still think his best role/performance was in Public Enemies — he doesn’t speak a word and is killed about a minute after we first see him. :)

      • lol…

  4. Tatum should return to exotic dancing.

  5. I agree Duke should have an imposing military look and attitude. Tatum wasn’t even close to being Lt. Falcon.

    If they cast Duke they should get Thomas Jane. The guy was great in Punisher and Give em hell malone.

    Change the cast. Arnold Vosloo should be Destro not Zartan. The guy fits the role like a glove.

    The only guy that fit his role well was Ray Park as Snake Eyes. Lee Byung Hun wasn’t believable as Storm Shadow. Even Dennis Quaid wasn’t believable as Gen. Hawk.

    At least they should have cast a japanese actor like Hiroyuki Sanada or Takeshi Kaneshiro perhaps..

    • @neschelle debuque, Wow you are 100% spot on! BTW I love both Hiroyuki Sanada and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Takeshi Kaneshiro would be a great “Sunfire” and Hiroyuki(although Japanese) would be a great “Mandarin”. Either Aaron Ekhart or Brad Pitt would have been great as Duke if they was younger.

  6. With John Chu directing. Expect lousy fight scenes, dizzying camera work and a dance showdown at the end of the film…

    The expendables was what GI JOE could have been.. For crying out loud. get a director that has an experience directing action films..

  7. Just saw G.I. Joe 1. Stephen Sommers, I have a room lined with plastic waiting for you.

  8. While I wasn’t a fan of the first movie at all, I don’t want a reboot. Just once I want to see someone make an improvement on a sequel without doing it the easy way and hitting the restart button.

  9. Wow they went from the frying pan to the fire with this director, they just have NO clue.

  10. If Rachel Nichols is in the movie, I’m in the audience.

  11. Two reasons I watched the first one were it was GI Joe and two it had Dennis Quaid in it. However it soon became apparant that this was not really a GI Joe movie but some half assed sci-fi rip off. Quaid however was the best thing in it and he was hardly in it.
    All for re-boot but dont boot out the wrong people such as Quaid, Nichols and Miller – they were all good in a largely bad movie.
    Keep them all – even in small roles and then get in Dane Cook as Clutch (bad ass, swagger, stubble), Thomas Haden Church as Wild Bill (grizzled charm), Adam Beach as Airborne (cool young-ish dude) and Seann William Scott as a kick ass Ace! Oh yeah and bring in Joe Flanigan as Falcon.
    Also get rid of stupid acceleator suits, daft vehicles that look like Starship Trooper rejects and bring in some more realisitic stuff. Oh yeah and send in the Dreadnocks!!!

    • intresting…… Dennis Quaid should give up on the whole acting thing IMO, he has done anything respectable and long while unless i missed something and Im sorry he really has been the main reason some of them have sucked , Legion he was horrible, Gi joe he was horrible, he over acts so badly, it hurts to watch sometimes. Other then that and your Idea to keep the entire cast , i liked some of your choices. except for two 1 I would crap on let alone let Dane Cook near anything the guy is barely a good comedian, and I would nt use Falcon for anything he was a rip off flint. I would rather Have Flint then Falcon. But I liked your Old school picks of Clutch, Wild Bill, and Ace. Now I would rather have Nick Cage as Wild Bill, Clutch I would use Jeffrey Donovan, Ace I would go with Josh Lucas and I would replace Hawk with Bruce Campbell

      • I would agree that Quaid has been in some stinkers lately, but I think he always gives an awesome performance. Kinda like how Liam Neeson is now.

        • Liam went through that period of crappy roles but he shed that , Quaid is just I dont know over acting , that s all I can say , I use to be a big fan when he was younger, Last role he did that he was really respectable in was Vantage point in 08. now I did hear he was good in The Special Relationship , when he played Bill Clinton, but i didnt see that, other then that he hasnt been very good in anything in the past two years.

          • Liam shed that? Battleship? Wrath of the Titans?

            • lmao got me there

          • Quaid had a solid performance in Any Given Sunday as Cap. As a hurting quarterback.

            That scene when he was arguing with his wife about how he was ready to retire. Wow. What an emotional moment.

  12. Here is my Casting of the new Joe Sequel
    Snake Eyes: Ray Park
    Scarlett: Evangeline Lilly
    Stalker: Omar Hardwick
    Flint: Thomas Jane
    Beach Head: Brian Austin Green
    Lady Jaye: Yvonne Stahovski
    Hawk: Bruce Campbell
    Cobra Commander: Jeremy Davies
    Destro: Christopher Eccleston
    Baroness Lena Headey
    Storm Shadow: Lee Byung Hun
    Fire Fly : Mark Valley
    Zartan : Arnold Vosloo
    Thasher: Matt Bomer
    Buzzer: Dominic Monaghan
    Torch Henry Ian Cusick
    Ripper: Martin Keamy

    No real big names so it will keep cost down, keep the cameos to name drops with out any big names.

    • Love all the characters. I would have Thomas Jane play Beach Head unless, they are going for the tragic Flint which I think Jane would be perfect as. Then I’d have Brian Austin Green play Flint…not a 100% sure on the guy but he would be an interesting choice.

      Part of this movie has me excited about new characters and a new direction

    • Storyline: The president (Zartan) has the Baroness moved along with Destro and Cobra Commander. The Convoys are hit in route to the new Holding facilities. The Baroness being transported by Duke, Lady Jaye, grunt and some red shirts are attacked by the Dreadnoks. The Rhino is hit with a RPG, Duke is hurt in the break out , the dreadnoks free the baroness , but before she leaves she shoots duke in the head, Lady jaye tries to stop her but is shot and killed by the Baroness. The SRT arrives on scene lead by Flint, seeing lady jaye down rushes to her only to find her dead, Doc checks the rest and finds that duke is still alive, the transport the injured to the Flagg , where Duke slips into coma( no more Tantum) . Hawk puts Flint incharge of a recovery team tasked with recapturing the Baroness and Exposing Cobra. Snake and Scarlett are away on RR at a cabin when a call comes in to return to the Flagg when Timber starts to moan and growl. Alerted to the incoming danger snake saves scarlett just intime from Fire Fly’s shot . Snak and Scarlett make it back into the cabin as machine gun fire begins to rip the cabin apart. S and S begin to arm them selves when snake looks up he turns to Scarlett , lifts the hatch in the floor and throws her in as the rocket blast through the window destroying the cabin. Fire Fly radios, mission complete heading home make sure my funds are in place and leaves. Thats just the opening…….

  13. I agree that Arnold Vosloo should be Destro instead of Zartan. I would cast Thomas Jane as Duke because the leader of the team shouldn’t be younger than all its other members.

  14. I was happy with the character choices for the first movie except for Ripcord. He was never a major character on the cartoon or in the comics, so I didn’t understand why they chose him to be one of the main characters. I hated how they changed Snake-eye’s origin. In the comics, he was disfigured and rendered mute by a helicopter crash on the Joe’s original mission. In the movie, he doesn’t speak because of a vow of silence and the mask isn’t really explained. I thought it was a lame way of giving the director the option of having him eventually talking and going maskless. The Joes were always one of my favorites, so I’m always game for another movie. I would just prefer it to be more in the vein of the Expendables and less sci-fi.

    • Apparently, Larry Hama was on set and had to continually remind Sommers that Snake Eyes does not speak nor the mask comes off (though in the comics it does after his plastic surgery). It appeared to be a big issue. I hope they flash back to the helicopter crash. I didn’t like them using little children in their place. They were adults in the comics.

    • on snakes origin it wasnt the Joes first mission , Snake Eyes, Stalker, and Tommy(storm Shadow), where all in the same unit during Viet Nam when their Chopper takes tracer fire shredding the chopper causing it to crash injuring snake eyes rendering him mute and disfigured, Snake tries to return to the states where he is treated as a freak. He is contacted by his friend Tommy and brought to the Arashikage, where he is taught by the Hard Master to become a ninja

      • I’m going from Devil Due’s Mini Series on Snake Eyes…6 issues where they explore the origins of Snake Eyes and he is injured saving Scarlet from an exploding helicopter which is why their relationship is the way it is.

        • ah the retcon edition , yeah i liked the original origin better, some things they really didnt need to change, but I like what they did with alot of the other stuff from Devils due, IDW has been doing a great job as well.

          • I haven’t been able to get into IDW. After Devil’s Due last issue, I was ready to move on. It ended nicely for me.

  15. Snake-eyes and Scarlett’s relationship was totally left out of the movie as well. I think some directors don’t want to deal with a character that doesn’t speak. Snake-eyes has been the most popular character from the start and was easily the best part of the movie and the comics. I mean no disrespect toward anyone’s personal favorite. That was my beef with the cartoon as well. Snake-eyes was hardly in it.

  16. It’s been a while since I read those comics and I haven’t read the newer ones. It just seemed like he wasn’t disfigured until after he came back from the war and joined Storm Shadow’s clan. I know he learned of his parent’s deaths while waiting for them at the airport and joined the clan afterward because of his connection with Storm Shadow during the war.

    • Snake Eyes’ origins (at least from Devil’s Due) connects everyone, at least the main villians and a few heroes. I wish that the movie would be able to focus on that and bring in these complicated back stories. Especially Snakes and Storm Shadow’s.

  17. I just hope that they make it look more like the Marvel comic books – they were great! Why is everyone so anti-Quaid? He is one of those quintessential 80s guys and as such is perfect for GI Joe.
    Sure would be good to get in Firefly and the Dreadnocks though.
    As for Major Bludd – how about snarling Toby Stephens with a tache? Of course if we’d been making this movie in the 1960s I would have suggested David Niven for that role and Stanley Baker as Clutch (check out the Guns of Navarone and you’ll see what I mean!)

  18. Im one person who wasn’t anti-Quaid. I rather thought he was great as Gen. Hawk in the film. People in the film i couldn’t in the film were Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, & that guy who played Destro. JDL was better imo as The Doctor but as Cobra Commander i hope he pulls off a good performance with a better mask that is. I rather not see Cobra Commander’s face than to see him wearing a POC mask like he wore in the first film. I also hope someone else will play the role of Destro as i thought he sounded like a whiner in the first film.

  19. Yeah Eccleston was a bit of a whinger – the whole point of Destro is that he’s kind of a detached character who answers to no one – Ecclestone didnt have the gravitas.
    I agree with other that Arnold Vooslo would have been a better choice, also Alan Dale in his younger days would have played the part well I reckon.
    Let’s hope they re-enlist Quaid anyhow and also Joe Flanigan as Flint or Falcon.
    Heck maybe they could even have cameos for the likes of R.G Armstrong, LQ Jones and Harry Dean Stanton as a bunch of old GI Joe’s who did a similar role in the WW2 era.

  20. No offense, but most of you guys on this thread speak as if you could direct a movie. G.I. Joe was a pretty entertaining movie and you can’t take that away from it. I couldn’t care less if the actors were not oscar material or if the director was picked out of a rat’s intestine, what I care most about is that I got my money’s worth at the end of the movie.

    I even pains me to hear Marlon Wayans is not returning but I will simply trust they know what they are doing with their money. Enough of the unnecessary criticisms, if u don’t like the decisions, actors or directors, then don’t watch the movie.

    • @ J to the brigs

      Imo, id say most if not everyone on this website would think they could direct a movie or do a better job. I thought the movie was good but wasn’t great. everyone has their opinion on who was casted for the characters & i wished few of them were replaced by better ones. Not only that but few of the characters needed work for the better. But its all the past i can only hope the sequel can better little better.

  21. i want releasing date of this movie please notify me