‘Justin Bieber’ Director Jon Chu Offered ‘G.I. Joe 2′

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Two weeks ago we reported on a short list of rumored directors that could replace G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra helmsman, Stephen Sommers, for the G.I. Joe sequel.

Rumors are now circulating that Paramount Pictures has narrowed the candidates down to one – Jon Chu. Yes, assuming the Internet murmurs are to be believed, the man who directed Justin Bieber: Never Say Never will be leading the Joes into battle in 2012.

Deadline has the report, claiming that Chu is Paramount’s choice for the project and the only things standing between between Chu and the G.I. Joe 2 director’s chair are a few final details of the deal that still need to be worked out. That said, the film would be a high-profile promotion for Chu considering his recent work – Step Up 2: The Streets and Step-Up 3-D. Given Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’s meager $13 million production budget, it’d be surprising to see Chu pass on an opportunity to ground himself as a big budget action film director.

Chu is certainly an unlikely choice, especially since he beat out a pair of accomplished filmmakers with experience in the action movie genre – Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) and F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job). So why is Paramount interested in Chu, a relative-unknown director who has mainly capitalized on cookie-cutter sequels for an existing dance franchise as well as a documentary/feature length music video about a pop musician with a rabid teenage-girl fan-base?

While it’s purely speculation at this point, one thing stands out – unlike F. Gary Gray or Juame Collet-Serra, Jon Chu has experience shooting a film in the 3D.

We’ve yet to receive an official word regarding whether or not G.I. Joe 2 will be shot in 3D – but, with the addition of Jon Chu behind the lens, the odds of a 3D Joe film have increased astronomically. Paramount has flocked to the 3D bandwagon for their tent pole films – like this year’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon (not to mention looking to future projects like Star Trek 2 for a 3D shoot).

gi joe 2 storm shadow Justin Bieber Director Jon Chu Offered G.I. Joe 2

Will Jon Chu shoot G.I. Joe 2 in 3D?

As a result, when Chu’s Step-Up 3-D stumbled around the box office to a $42 million domestic haul (after costing $30 million to produce), Paramount executives must have been in the audience, ignoring the slick choreography, and drooling over the extra money Chu could deliver in up-charged ticket sales.

Unless of course, there’s another explanation.

Once Chu has signed on the dotted line, the director and Paramount will get to work negotiating with the cast – to see who will return to dance… I mean fight another day.

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The G.I. Joe sequel does not have a release date yet but expect the film to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Oh man…yea there goes any hope of me seeing this.

  2. What a joke. As if I had no reason already to go see a sequel to a movie that ruined my image of g.i. joe…now I have 1 more reason not to see it.R u kidding me?
    Yeh….this kid did the Justin Bieber crapfest…..lets give him $100 million to make a huge action movie.
    Paramount has seriously fallen apart.

  3. Cobra Cobra Cobra Co Jeez this really sucks

  4. speechless.

  5. A movie director who’s best work is basically dancing movies is trying to do GI Joe 2………..well I guess Michael Bay can do a romantic comedy then…….

  6. The first movie was bad and it looks like they want to make the sequel worse.
    I say screw 3d. Get quality directors and a good script and EVERYONE will watch the movie.

  7. Well if this is true, my hopes have done a nose dive


  9. meh. didnt like the first anyways.

  10. i actually liked the first movie, It was so bad it was funny, kinda like “The Room” of “Plan 9″. And has some surprisingly well shot action scenes. I dont really care either way who directs it. I dont care for any of Jon Chu’s credits but i understand that a job’s a job for some people. so whatever, i just hope the second is as much fun as the first

  11. I had zero expectations for G.I. Joe 1 and as a result, I was pleasantly surprised. Now I have zero expectations for the sequel, I hope I’m pleasantly surprised again.

  12. lameeeeee

  13. This Jon Chu guy might very well pull it off… or deliver a big turd. But, the first one wasn’t something to write home about, although it was fun, and better than Transformers Revenge. I thought it struck a much better balance between drama and action and intentional lameness.

    It didn’t take itself too seriously. Transformers Revenge was much more heavy-handed and ham-fisted. A victim of Michael Bay and too much budget.

    As long as the movie’s fun in a summer blockbuster way, and lives up to the blend of drama and goofy action that the cartoon provided, it should be OK.

    Chu and crew need to at least bring back Byung-hun Lee.

  14. You gotta be kiddin me. What’s this guy gonna do for the sequel, have the Joes & Cobra have a dance-off? Whats with these studios these days, if he puts Justin Bieber in a sequel as Joe, then im out as the franchise would be dead for sure.

    • Could have been worse. Kenny Ortega could be helming it, and he’d give Billy Squier a cameo, in which he tears off a pastel pink camoflauge top, in sloooow motion… while dancing in a neon, multi-colored room. :)

    • Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow: “They’re break-dance fighting”.

      • @ Ghost

        Is the song Kung Fu Dancing? lol

  15. GI Joe: The Musical

    • Zac Efron as Duke, Vanessa Hudgens as the Baroness? :)

  16. As long as Tatum doesn’t return I’ll check it out. The Zombieland/Deadpool writers did the script so it could actually be good

  17. The Bieber fever is loose. :)

    Like in Stephen Kings, The Stand.

    Capt Bies,,,


  18. um hes also been writing and directing the web series LXD which is amazing and has some awesome marshal arts in it. So he understands fight choreography plus hes a great director if you’ve seen the things hes done.

  19. Hey. This will be even worse than the original (a hard feat to top by the way but it is looking likely).

  20. Everytime time i say Bieber, it almost comes out as Justin Beaver,lol I don’t know why. They would almost sound the same i guess.

    • The only way I can remember how to pronounce that kid’s name correctly is in my head I have to say “Bieber Fever” every single time.

      No lie.


      • @ Vic

        Lol. Another thing is i never asked anyone but myself is, was he inspired by the Beatles or something? It’s just his hair style. Almost Beatles style lookin for this era. Im probly wrong about it cause im sure ive seen preps with their hair like that in high school, still must be a style these days.

  21. even though part one had problems , i watched a few times. i wish they could let someone with real respect and knowledge of the series work on it. get rid of some of these pretty boys. i did not like the sigma 6 suits, … i hope they bring in some more familiar faces.
    major bludd, spirit, torch
    javier bardem as spirit, lemmy kilmister as torch. some real cobra guards, a real cobra commander mask. gritty action

    • @ donnie

      I agree about the Cobra Commander Mask. I rather not see his face than have a weird lookin mask that was worn in the first film. They should of casted Brendan Frasier as Flint in the first film even if it was cameo. Theres no-one i know they can’t get anyone in the role of Sgt.Slaugther other than himself.

    • I’d like to see some of my favorite Cobras (aside from those seen in the first movie): Firefly, Major Bludd, Tomax and Xamot, the Dreadknoks, the Crimson Guard, and some of those generic Cobra soldiers in blue.

      As for Joes, in addition to those in the first one, I’d want to see: Quick Kick, Beach Head, Flash, Bazooka, Jinx, Kamakura, and Gung Ho.

  22. Eh, ill give him a chance. After all the only way to get worse then stephen sommers is to go uwe boll.

  23. the f**kery…..