Three ‘G.I. Joe 2′ Directors Preparing for Battle

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GI Joe 2 Three G.I. Joe 2 Directors Preparing for Battle

In the summer of 2009, Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment drudged through our collective 1980s nostalgia treasure box and pieced together, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, an over-the-top adrenaline-fueled action film with Stephen Sommers at the helm.

Today, we’re getting word of the three potentials names that could replace Sommers’ on the director’s chair for the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel.

Latino Review reports that Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax and The Orphan), F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen and The Negotiator), and John Chu (Step Up 3-D and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) are all in the running to pilot the H.A.V.O.C., I mean sequel.

F. Gary Gray is the most obvious choice for the position. G.I. Joe would be his biggest budget to date but it wouldn’t be much of a stretch from his previous work. In addition to Law Abiding Citizen and The Negotiator, Gray has helmed mostly action projects – including The Italian Job.

Jaume Collet-Serra isn’t known for high-profile action films but he is behind the upcoming international thriller, Unknown starring Liam Neeson and his prior work, while receiving unenthusiastic responses from critics were financial successes – not unlike Sommers’ G.I. Joe.

That said, it’s harder to understand why John Chu is in the mix, unless Paramount is planning to shoot G.I. Joe 2 in 3D – in which case, despite Chu’s recent work in the music/dance genre, his experience with the 3D format might be enough to put him in the running.

gi joe dvd header Three G.I. Joe 2 Directors Preparing for Battle

Despite a weak storyline and some horrendous performances (it was a sad day to be Joseph Gordan-Levitt), G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra nearly doubled its $175 million dollar budget with a worldwide gross of $302 million.

Hopefully, Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick can put together a film that actually takes advantage of the rich G.I. Joe lore established in the animated series and comic books – instead of just substituting live actors for key action figures. Sommers did provide a few characters, Duke, Baroness, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow, with flashbacks that filled in storylines – though, the feuding ninja story was far-more interesting than the overly complicated romance between Duke and the Baroness.

According to earlier reports (and common sense) the cast is contracted to return, even Storm Shadow, so it’ll be interesting to see where Reese and Wernick, along with Collet-Serra, Gray, or Chu, are able to take the relatively flat characters from the first film in the sequel.

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The G.I. Joe sequel does not have a release date yet but expect the film to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Haha I love the resumes of the directors

    All good movies, pretty good…then John Chu – step up 3d and justin bieber 3d hahaha

  2. I’m not sure who I want directing the film. Definitely NOT John Chu lol. I loved the STEP UP films, but he’s not good for the movie.

    • Never know. Chu could go all out to prove he can direct more than just music movies. Could be good.

      • I was thinking the same thing. On paper, comparing what he’s done (Step Up and, choke, Justin Bieber??) to the works of the other two, he sounds like he’s way out of his league, but maybe he could bring something to the table that the others can’t, maybe he could fashion something better out of the G.I. Joe fabric than the other two could manage.

        Because the G.I. Joe movie doesn’t need to be too cool for school. It can be fun, silly, tongue-in-cheek and even hammy, with just the right mix of drama, action and goofiness. I don’t want it to be too serious.

        The previous one did feel a bit flat at times, but it was a much better movie than Transformers Revenge.

  3. I think I’ll pass on this movie. The last one was terrible. They should have just called it C.G.I. Joe.

    • No, ‘they’ should have made a retro GI Joe (aka 80s) with a better director and not go all stupid Iron Man wanna-be suits and horrible choices for cast!

  4. one word: Prometheus

  5. As a child of the 80`s No remake of my beloved childhood memories will ever match up to the original. That being said, I enjoyed the first movie for what it was, mindless entertainment. Yeah, the CG was HORRIBLE in some scenes(Those external desert scenes with the jet), but most of the action was spot on for a live action version of a cartoon and the actors nailed the action figure poses of the cartoon. The source material was cliched and comical and they tried to capture that feel in the movie. I think a LOT of the complaints come from people in whom time has distorted their memory of their childhood into something more than it really was. GI Joe was NOT high quality storytelling. It was aimed to sell toys.

    The same thing happened with transformers, but I found GI Joe to be less annoying overall than Every part of Transformers other than Optimus.

    • I have to second that since he has the experiance and the ability to take a very weak first attempt and possibly make it into a legitimate rendition of the original. But if they bring back Marlon Wayons again prepare to hear me b****.

  6. The first movie was successful just because it was fun & wacky and reminiscent enough of the toys and cartoon, nothing more.

    Sort of like Transformers I suppose.

    I foresee reboots down the line for both these franchises and people will be more inclined to make them more sophisticated stories, but until then…

    • The first was successful because people like me wanted to try and give it a chance and were sorry we even wasted the time to drive to the Theater when it was over. Most wont make the same mistake twice and will not rush out to see it simply because it has the G I Joe label.

      • That’s interesting because I went saw it at the midnight premiere and the folks around me really enjoyed it. It was for all purposes, GI Joe. It was over the top, crazy, a little violent, gadgets, and Snake Eyes coming down off the helicopter and destorying the Vipers set you in the right mind for a fun loose movie.

        My hope is that Gary is the choice because he can take it and mold it with a better story (one that wasn’t being written and rewritten while filming, for some reason that bothers me when movies operate like that).

        I watch it every now and then and know my son will get a kick out of it.

  7. Said it before, and I’ll say it again. I liked the first film, and if I had been 8 years old, I would have absolutely loved it. The mistake a lot of people made (adults) was thinking it was a movie made for them. It wasnt.
    But it was fun.

    • Even if I was 13, I would have loved it. I still enjoyed it because it was all GI Joe

  8. I would prefer a Snake Eyes movie (I know Nick Cage has a similarly titled film) sadly it would be 90+ minutes of silence with a lot of butt kicking :p

  9. If they bring back Channing Tatum, forget doing the sequel all together. I for sure won’t see it if he’s in it as he is one of the worst actors ever and completely ruined the first one for me. Instead do a reboot and bring back everyone but Channing Tatum. And probably have a better script and definitely need better cgi, the graphics looked like something I made on my old Macintosh back in ’98. I kind of wonder what it would have been like with Michael Bay behind it or someone similar. Basically someone with better cgi experience.

    • I guess that means you won’t be seeing The Eagle? :)

      • Will anybody?

  10. There isn’t one good movie between the three potential directors, and please nobody say Law Abiding Citizen because it sucked the happy go lucky Hollywood ending was totally unrealistic , House of Wax had Paris Hilton in it *shivers*, and I would never pay good money to watch a movie about dancing

  11. I was entertained by the first one it and I’m all for a second.

  12. Just get someone else to play Duke! And I will be happy with a group of chimps directing this.

    • Definitely replace Duke, but I don’t know about any chimp being on the set again. Yes I said again because Channing Gaytum already acts or wants to be one and really wasn’t that the problem on the first one?

  13. Do a GI Joe reboot in 5 years since they really screwed up the last one!!! :-P All new Producers/Director/Actors )chicks were cool at least, they can stay…lol).

    • Yes, thank you! Finally a voice of reasoning. I definitely agree about the chicks too.