Stephen Sommers Will Not Direct ‘G.I. Joe 2′

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gi joe cast 570x318 Stephen Sommers Will Not Direct G.I. Joe 2

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra may not have won any battles with audiences or critics when it was released in the summer of 2009, but that didn’t stop it from raking in an impressive worldwide box office gross of over $300 million. As far as Hollywood is concerned – that’s a victory.

When you consider the additional revenue garnered from home video sales and the endless array of merchandising tie-ins,  it’s easy to see why Paramount promptly pushed G.I. Joe 2 into development. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland, Deadpool) were brought on board last year to write the screenplay and in August it was revealed that Stephen Sommers would return to the director’s chair.

Sommers was always a controversial choice amongst fans and he generally receives the lion’s share of the blame for how the first G.I. Joe turned out. The 2007 writer’s strike certainly couldn’t have helped matters, but take a look at Sommers’ filmography and you’ll see that most of the film’s shortcomings are present and accounted for in just about every project he’s had a hand in.

Not surprisingly, the news that he’d be calling the shots on G.I. Joe 2 wasn’t met with a great deal of enthusiasm.  However, if you were ready to dismiss the sequel for that reason alone – don’t write it off just yet. Evidently, that announcement may have been premature. According to 24 Frames, Sommers won’t be signing up for another tour of duty:

Two agents who represent other filmmakers have said they’d recently been approached about their clients coming on to helm the movie and were told that Sommers would not be getting behind the camera. Paramount declined to comment.

There’s currently no information on the identity of these other filmmakers or what caused Sommers and Paramount to part ways, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone’s going to be terribly disappointed by this development. Sommers was also reportedly working on a live-action Tarzan film, so perhaps it was simply a matter of choosing one over the other. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if G.I. Joe 2 still manages to make its proposed summer 2012 release date.

GI Joe 2 Stephen Sommers Will Not Direct G.I. Joe 2

I know there are a few people who took G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra for what it was and enjoyed it as goofy, escapist fun. The truth is, I didn’t really care about the film one way or another. I grew up playing with G.I. Joe toys and I’m sure I watched the cartoon, but it wasn’t something that continued to resonate with me as I grew up.

My reservations had nothing to do with the radical departures they made from the source material or other dubious creative decisions – I just wasn’t that entertained by it. I definitely have my fair share of guilty pleasures when it comes to movies, but G.I. Joe is one I absolutely could not get into.

I’m not at all adverse to the idea of G.I. Joe 2. Even those that found something to like about the first one would probably admit there’s plenty of room for improvement. Is moving on without Sommers an important first step in the right direction? My opinion is that it certainly couldn’t hurt. Still, at this point I wonder how much of the film’s tone has already been established.

And again, as far as Paramount is concerned G.I. Joe worked – so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that they’ll be following a similar formula with G.I. Joe 2.

Source: 24 Frames.

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  1. I did not hate g.i joe. I was one who took it for what it was and I honestly did enjoy it. The ray park fight scenes were pretty cool and those 2 kids fighting was pretty cool too

    • Yeah, Ray Park usually delivers. And the top half of the Snake Eyes costume is killer.

      • IMO, Snake Eyes’ costume looked cheesy. I’ll admit that I hated the film at first, but it’s grown on me after watching it a few more times. However, I still say the best part about the movie is JGL’s performance Cobra Commander. I still also say that it was a poor attempt to cash in on the success of TRANSFORMERS. I’m anxious to see what the sequel brings.

        • I watched the first one two weeks ago. I wasn´t familiar with GI Joe because the cartoon never aired in Germany. The toys were sold as “Action Force” instead of “GI Joe”, so I had no idea if the movie stayed true to the source material.
          I enjoyed the fight scenes and the action in general. But the dialogues sounded like they were written by a 12 year old kid. Or Jeph Loeb.
          IMO the movie was very predictable. And Quaid had so little screen time, I forgot that he was in the movie while I was watching it.
          The girls were hot though.

          • I agree that it was predictable. I’ve never been a fan of G.I. Joe, so I didn’t know the source either. But I KNEW Storm Shadow was going to kill his master.

    • yh i didint hate it either idk y so many ppl did tho

  2. Loved the first GI Joe. Could it have been better? Yes but it was G.I. Joe and it was over the top. It was what it was because the writers were still writing while they were making the movie.

    Either way, I’m on board for number 2 with more Cobra Commander

    • GHOSTBUSTERS was still being written while filming, and it was great. People need to stop using that as an excuse for a bad movie.

      • Just said it was what it was because of it. Not saying it was a bad thing and it just was what it was. They added scenes with Hawk (which was a good thing) but we’re writing while filming.

        Not saying it’s an excuse because I thought the movie rocked.

      • Kick Ass was being filmed before even the comic book series had an end. And the movie turned out really great. I have no problems with stuff being written or re-written during the filming process…

  3. Hmmm wonder if the whole cast will be back for the sequel??

    • God I hope Not. Get rid of Duke and Ripcord, put the Hood back on Commander, Bring in Stalker and Dump Heavy Duty, was the poor mans Road Block anyway, Bring in Flint and Lady Jaye. I also want to see the Dreadnoks and I’ll be a happy man. Get Jonathan Liebesman to direct it.

      • They won’t put the hood on Cobra b/c the reason they took it out was b/c it was too close to the KKK (their reason). I could see them putting him in a hooded robe, but it would be too much like Emperor Palpatine.

        • The first movie was so ridiculously far away from the source I did not spend more than a few cents watching it through my now canceled (for other reasons) Netflix account. They trashed the concept of giving the characters individual costumes, some had special vehicles that only they operated like Avalanche and his all-terrain tank, or Bushwacker and his helicopter. That’s what made the Joe’s and Cobra different than all the clones and knock-offs that have come since. You can call the ’80′s cartoon cheesy but as a kid I loved the cartoons and toys so much that I have spent money on the new comics and animated movies that have been released over the years. If you don’t enhance on the source material while updating the material than you damage consumer confidence in your products for the future. As a side note, the roster is so deep. Why do we have to keep seeing material featuring the same five characters on each side? They need to expand like Lucas has been doing with the Star Wars galaxy.

          • @Worthing I agree with you 100%. I got chewed out by people because I said that they needed to keep the character’s personalities and signature uniforms intact to some capacity. Otherwise you lose those characters’ signature looks, feel and personality which was so vital to them. The costumes in this movie were just so generic, corny and boring. They just looked like The GI-Joe version of Fox’s X-Men. Once again GI-JOE:Resolute mixed the signature costumes with realism and it worked.

  4. how abt joe carnahan or doug liman in the directors chair?

    • Wow! Carnahan FTW!

      • I thought there was a ScreenRant article mentioning Carnahan as a contender or even an interested party.

    • i completely agree bro

  5. If it wasn’t called GI-Joe, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this movie. After watching “GI-Joe:Resolute” the animated movie, it shows that the live action movie could’ve stayed true to the source material while being more realistic, serious and have fun factor. Maybe they’ll sit their butts down and watch GI-Joe:Resolute and take some pointers.

    • resolute is awesome I watch all the time, It sucks that they have no plans to do another one of them. This was the best use of Gi Joe material and one of the best animated versions of any property to date. That is a huge statement coming from me , I am a animation junkie, you name it I more then likely own it , Hell I even have the Gen 13 movie, which is pretty good.

  6. Stephen Sommers Will Not Direct ‘G.I. Joe 2′, and then he slammed the door and could be heard yelling, “why do they keep offering me this crap, I don’t do crap! I’m Stephen Sommers!!!

    • Catch Me If You Can was a classic.

  7. The first movie was such a waste of potential. I hope whoever they pick will realize that what worked in the 80′s wont fly today.

    • It would have if they actually made the movie ‘LIKE” the cartoon with a better story and script. Instead it was worse, and I for one will not waste my money to see another lame attempt.

  8. I enjoyed the film for what it was a dumb fun action movie. The story and the accelerator suits were rather dull. I felt finally in a hero based team movie every Joe got a chance to shine and not just focus on one character like the Xmen movies are all about Wolverine. I felt the villains other than Baroness were not treated with respect or care in the filmaking. I think removing Sommers is a good step and I wud love to see someone like Joe Carahan who directed the A-team to take the reins. Hope it works out.


  10. I’m just gonna say it.

    I really enjoyed the hell out of the first film. I really did. It was dumb and ridiculous, but it was fun.

    • agreed

  11. with the Zombieland guys writhing a script, this can actually be good. Now just get rid of Tatum

  12. If they had made the movie half as good as the Marvel Comics then it would have been a hard edgy action fest. Instead it was badly acted, poorly written and most of the actors were not right for the parts. Only Ray Parks was a perfect fit.

  13. Given the choice, I’d rather have Sommers stay and have Channing Tatum leave.

  14. They’re making a sequel????? Why? What did we do to deserve this?

    • @foopher

      Just so you know foopher, its not being made for you or anyone else who did not like it but for the milliosn (yes there were millions) who did like it. I am one of many who did not like FIGHT CLUB nor OULP FICTION, both of which did well and yet I would not criticize anyone for trying to make a sequel for either.


      1) There is no 1 movie that appeals to all movie goers, nor even one that all simply are not unhappy with in some way and so every movie will have its fans and its critics. The goal is to have more fans than critics.

      2) When unclear as to why a sequel to a movie (you did not like) is being made, see rule #1.

  15. I enjoyed it, but my problem with the movie is the person who has the acting abilities of a rock- Channing Tatum. If they will recast that part along with get a new director I will be happy.

  16. i really enjoyed this movie…cause i did know the actual story about the action force and all…over all ending was predictable…girls very hoooot man…gotta give credits to graphics seriously…CHEERS!!!