G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

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g i joe cast G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

/Film has spotted an interesting development over the Twitter account of actress Rachel Nichols, who played Scarlett in G.I. Joe. Nichols dropped a bomb when she revealed that Paramount isn’t bringing back much of the principal cast of G.I. Joe 1 for G.I. Joe 2, the sequel which is being directed by Jon Chu and written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

So who is coming back for the next G.I. Joe? And what does this development mean about how the sequel is being approached? We’ll discuss.

First off, we’ll discuss which cast members are coming back. According to Nichols’ Tweet, the only characters from the first film coming back for the sequel are Snake Eyes (Ray Park), Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun), and Duke (Channing Tatum).

This would mean that G.I. Joe team members like Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Scarlett (Nichols), Breaker (Said Taghmaoui), Ripcord (Marlon Wayans), and General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) won’t be back, as well as Cobra members Destro (Christopher Eccleston), The Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Zartan (Arnold Vosloo). We already knew that Sienna Miller wouldn’t be reprising her role as The Baroness.

Rachel Nichols GI Joe 2 Casting Tweet G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

To be honest this news doesn’t upset me that much – Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes were the only even mildly interesting part of G.I. Joe for me, and Duke is clearly coming back since he is the protagonist of the whole story. I always love to see AAA onscreen, but even Heavy Duty was somewhat irrelevant to the plot of the first film. However, unless new team members (read: more affordable actors) are being brought into play, having Duke and Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow and Whoever does not constitute a “G.I. Joe movie.” If you don’t have the Joe squad and certain iconic villains (Cobra Commander), all you’ve really got is a flick that’s G.I. Joe in name only.

/Film speculates that this drastic reduction in the cast is a likely indicator that Paramount is approaching G.I. Joe 2 on a much smaller scale than the first installment (smaller cast, more affordable director), similar to the way that Columbia Pictures is making Ghost Rider 2 for a fraction of what the first film cost, and with cost-effective directors. Both G.I Joe and Ghost Rider were films that managed to turn a profit (thanks in large part to the international market), though in both cases, the profits earned were apparently not strong enough for the respective studios to want to roll the dice twice on these sequels. Each sequel has been touted as a quasi-reboot of sorts for the respective franchises – in G.I. Joe‘s case, that “fresh start” approach was indicated by recent comments from the Hasbro CEO, who stated that audiences would not need to see G.I. Joe 1 to understand G.I. Joe 2.

ghost rider 2 G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

'Ghost Rider 2' is also going for the small-scale approach

Obviously the studios are hoping the brand recognition combined with the lower cost of the films will make the profit margins even higher, but it remains to be seen whether these films will actually turn out well enough to attract the necessary viewers, returning customers and new recruits alike. Not doubting either of the directors (Chu on G.I. Joe 2, and Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor on Ghost Rider 2), just saying that there is still a lot to prove here.

What do you think about G.I. Joe 2 shedding cast members? The film is slated to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Twitter via /Film

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  1. Do it RIGHT…or don’t do it.

  2. Just like Dani, I came in with zero expectations and left with zero fulfillment, unless you throw in Baroness and the tight leather.

    I’m so sick of the onslaught of ‘reboots’ that seem to overfill the theatres; but in this case, Joe needs a reboot. Marlon Wayans???? The totally lame cameo by Brendan Fraser? The whole comedic thing really drove things off a cliff. Eggleston is probably happy they aren’t inviting him back.

    Grow this franchise by appealing to people other than the 18-24 demographics, give us a great story which will keep us on the edge our seats while celebrating the uniqueness that is GI Joe, and you’ll have people like me standing in line for sequels, toys, and 12″ poseable figures. Hollywood, I hope you’re listening!

  3. Im glad they’re keeping Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. But i wished they would replace Channing Tatum as Duke. Im glad Marlon Wayans won’t be back & wasn’t interested in Breaker. I liked Heavy Duty & Scarlett,especially Quaid’s General Hawk. But wonder who will take their place aswell as those in Cobra’s ranks.

  4. Well this is going to waste, bring in the director of Beiber 3D, cut all the cast members (cept Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow) leave the worse actor known to man in the film (channing). Well all of my hopes for this film are destroyed, I enjoyed the first one for a sequel they only had to do a few minor changes but now its garbage.

    • AGREED!

  5. well…the only reason I went to see the original was for Eccleston. If he’s not in the next one there will be one more empty seat in the theatre.

  6. I honestly don’t care. I watched this movie when it was released on video, it was slightly better than I thought it would be (“lame”), and I have no interest in watching a sequel.

  7. WTF

  8. I really dont care what actors they use as long as they get a MUCH BETTER writer. And for the DIRECTOR and Script Writer…. ICE DOES NOT SINK… It Floats… The overall over the top animation in the first movie was so flawed with so much inaccuracy it was difficult at times to watch. I wont even go into the Raven catching and destroying the second missile after downing the first near Moscow.
    Please get an actual writer with a few people to do Realism checks for him/her so at least people might find some of it plausable if it cant be believable.

    • Zente,

      That falling ice thing was the funniest thing EVER. I couldn’t believe it…


  9. Sexy Sienna was my favorite part. Without her smoldering up the silver screen, it’s just not going to be the same.


  11. Not gonna lie, I’ve always loved GI Joe but this is retarded. You know they’re gonna have to have some sort of hot girl in this flick and i hate when they just go and replace what was already there. The first movie wasnt as bad as everyone makes it sound in the first place. Maybe drop a few insignificant characters would be ok, but why would i want to watch “GI Joe 2″ when the first one is being portrayed as unimportant to the second. Getting rid of cobra commander and general hawk is stupid. All in all, this news give me no excitement to see the new one

  12. this could be good. i liked the first, but it did not follow or have the same vibe as what i grew up with. in the article it said that we wont need to understand the plot to gi joe 1 to understand gi joe 2. so maybe this will be a re do and a different vision, which may have more of a classic gi joe vibe. there cutting down charecters, but they didnt say that they will be adding others. they can acually have alot of options. maybe serpentor will be added. who knows. at first i was upset until i read this article and thought about this.

  13. Snake Eyes (Ray Park), Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun), and Duke (Channing Tatum) these three must return along with Ripcord (Marlon Wayans),Scarlett (Nichols),Breaker (Said Taghmaoui),General Hawk (Dennis Quaid),Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)

    and for The Cobra members Destro (Christopher Eccleston), The Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) must return. if Sienna Miller won’t be reprising her role as The Baroness just give her Just a mention by General Hawk or The Doctor of returning to her husband The Baron after the natobots were removed and now as a result she is no longer a member of The Cobra Team anymore and her replacements as seen in the film are Tomax and Xamot as they are the new two members to the team. and so is is just as even for GI Joe 2 and have Zartan more of a hybid kind of role of both The Comic Releaf and his role in GI Joe such as having him dance like hugh Grant did on Love actually and sing long to the song Gives You Hell from Fallout boy when it is blaring on the radio in the white house and for a anthor example watching The Films of The Mummy Film series while saying Damm! Look at me Go Damm! I’am Good when openly referring to The High Priest Imhotep or buying Mcdonalds in the drive though and a staff member refers to him as The High Priest Imhotep from The Mummy Film series and even asks for his autograph and in order get his food he sighs an autograph but durning his fight scenes against GI Joe he is more like his role in GI Joe and mentions something about having a bad day but he does not say what it was. and that is all, thanks.

    • Did you watch the first movie? The Baron died! Storm Shadow stabbed him in the back when he kissed the Baroness. So having her character go back to him would not work and they also were unable to remove the nanomites from her. I would love to see at least Scarlet and Ripcord back, but that is not going to happen I’m sure. I think it would be great to have the whole cast back but that doesn’t seem like it is going to happen. I just hope they can get a great story to follow up a good first story!

      • Actually they were able to remove the nanomites but it was going to take sometime. But yeah I agree it’ll be a shame for most the cast to go to waste it seems.

  14. ya the baron died but didn’t snake eyes kill storm shadow in that reactor by stabbing him the he fell intop the artic ocean?

  15. Chris, SS did get stabbed but it was a cross body thrust. That means since SE used his right arm, the impact would have bee on SS’s right side. Add in the falling into the freezing waters, ninja training, and the countless certain deaths in the comics and you have a way to bring him back.

  16. Storm Shadow should not come back; he’s dead. I’m not seeing GI Joe 2 unless Scarlett, Duke, and Ripchord are back at a minimum; I’d like to see the entire cast back (especially the Baroness… but it seems like her mind is made up). To make a fun summer movie with many interesting plot lines and characters set up for a sequel… and then throw them all away to save money is LAME.

    GI Joe 2 sounds like a colossal failure in the making which stinks because I REALLY enjoyed the first one.

  17. I have to agree on some points, on who to bring back and not. I am disappointed that Ripcord is not coming back, I thought he was perfect in the first one, and I dont think Ill miss HeavyDuty. I like the actor who played him, it just wasnt a memorable part. Plus Quaid was overkill for the General Hawk role — another of those that it could be anyone. But Ripcord, Scarlet, Snake Eyes and Duke should be there, and they could make use of a few other characters as bit players. Plus, how can it be “Cobra Strikes” if cobra isnt coming back??

  18. Fiinding out that the majority of the original cast won’t be included in the the next film discourages me from wanting to even see the next film.

  19. Obviously you know by now that you couldn’t have been more wrong about the budget cut and smaller film theory. Bruce Willis, The Rock and dozens of other characters will certain make it a BIGGER GI Joe “MOVIE”. Unfortunately, I don’t like sequel movies that make major changes to the line up (whether for better or worse). They should have kept more of the original cast! For sure. :(

  20. I’m disappointed they are not bringing back the original cast. It makes me not want to see the second movie. It just won’t be as good, especially with Marlon Wayons not playing Ripcord!!! What’s up with that? Big mistake!

  21. Well guess I can skip this one. Last one I went to hoping for a good movie and ended up just watching it for Scarlet and the Baroness. From what I’ve seen there is no eyecandy in a leading role.

  22. OMFG , why the hell have they changed the cast , IDIOTS :(

  23. All I can say is yes it looks cool, but if they did kill off Duke than I’m definitely done with it before it even starts.

  24. Joe 1 was horrible what is wring with you people? Maybe you guys are like 10 or something but it was a crapfest, joe 2 actually looks much better from the trailer alone!

  25. wtf?

    It doesn’t make any sense why they didn’t bring back cobra commander & destro…and zartan is the main villan,i am not really thrilled about this one.

  26. I’m so pissed i hate when they make a sequel without the original cast I loved the first movie and now they have ruined the sequel for me :(

  27. Loved the first.. WILL NOT see this one due to the fact that they took out the cast and plot WE ALL wanted to see. Very ignorant.