G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

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g i joe cast G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

/Film has spotted an interesting development over the Twitter account of actress Rachel Nichols, who played Scarlett in G.I. Joe. Nichols dropped a bomb when she revealed that Paramount isn’t bringing back much of the principal cast of G.I. Joe 1 for G.I. Joe 2, the sequel which is being directed by Jon Chu and written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

So who is coming back for the next G.I. Joe? And what does this development mean about how the sequel is being approached? We’ll discuss.

First off, we’ll discuss which cast members are coming back. According to Nichols’ Tweet, the only characters from the first film coming back for the sequel are Snake Eyes (Ray Park), Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun), and Duke (Channing Tatum).

This would mean that G.I. Joe team members like Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Scarlett (Nichols), Breaker (Said Taghmaoui), Ripcord (Marlon Wayans), and General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) won’t be back, as well as Cobra members Destro (Christopher Eccleston), The Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Zartan (Arnold Vosloo). We already knew that Sienna Miller wouldn’t be reprising her role as The Baroness.

Rachel Nichols GI Joe 2 Casting Tweet G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

To be honest this news doesn’t upset me that much – Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes were the only even mildly interesting part of G.I. Joe for me, and Duke is clearly coming back since he is the protagonist of the whole story. I always love to see AAA onscreen, but even Heavy Duty was somewhat irrelevant to the plot of the first film. However, unless new team members (read: more affordable actors) are being brought into play, having Duke and Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow and Whoever does not constitute a “G.I. Joe movie.” If you don’t have the Joe squad and certain iconic villains (Cobra Commander), all you’ve really got is a flick that’s G.I. Joe in name only.

/Film speculates that this drastic reduction in the cast is a likely indicator that Paramount is approaching G.I. Joe 2 on a much smaller scale than the first installment (smaller cast, more affordable director), similar to the way that Columbia Pictures is making Ghost Rider 2 for a fraction of what the first film cost, and with cost-effective directors. Both G.I Joe and Ghost Rider were films that managed to turn a profit (thanks in large part to the international market), though in both cases, the profits earned were apparently not strong enough for the respective studios to want to roll the dice twice on these sequels. Each sequel has been touted as a quasi-reboot of sorts for the respective franchises – in G.I. Joe‘s case, that “fresh start” approach was indicated by recent comments from the Hasbro CEO, who stated that audiences would not need to see G.I. Joe 1 to understand G.I. Joe 2.

ghost rider 2 G.I. Joe 2 Cast Gets Trimmed

'Ghost Rider 2' is also going for the small-scale approach

Obviously the studios are hoping the brand recognition combined with the lower cost of the films will make the profit margins even higher, but it remains to be seen whether these films will actually turn out well enough to attract the necessary viewers, returning customers and new recruits alike. Not doubting either of the directors (Chu on G.I. Joe 2, and Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor on Ghost Rider 2), just saying that there is still a lot to prove here.

What do you think about G.I. Joe 2 shedding cast members? The film is slated to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Twitter via /Film

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  1. It’s so sad! I really wanted to see more of all of them. They should have at least kept Scarlett and Baroness because they are original G. I. Joe comic book characters.

  2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1583421/
    this tells you the cast. Bruce Willis & Dwayne “Rock” Johnson will be starring.

  3. I am very upset, I wanted to see all the main cast from G.I Joe 1 in the second one. They worked so well together and I mean to me this won’t be such a movie because when you take people out in a sequel the people that watch the 1st movie will be like really guys, I really like that character like me.

    • i agree this is dumb i really liked the first GI JOE’s cast especially Scarlett she is stunning. I probably wont be going to watch the new one cause it wont be as interesting, hopefully they make a GI JOE 3 and bring back all of the cast from number 1 (fingers crossed) p.s i wanna marry Scarlett she’s amazing!!

  4. I’m not going to c the sequel its not going to be better than one because I don’t no who’s brilliant idea it was to get rid of most of the cast Thats played in part one….smh way to mess up a sequel

  5. I’m not going to c the sequel its not going to be better than one because I don’t no who’s brilliant idea it was to get rid of most of the cast Thats played in part one,smh way to mess up a sequel

  6. I liked the 1st joe the storyline could have been better. Making joe2 not a continuation of joe1 is a mistake because so much was left unanswered or uncertain. I’m sure destro and cobra commander will try and find a way to escape. How is it that storm shadow is coming back. The dead are back for the sequel but alive ripcord, scarlett, baroness can not make it to the sequel. Check writers pay attention, this is not the joes I remembered growing up where by the end of the episode all is well with the world thanks to the joes. This is a big production, give me little bit more of everything; storyline, action, emotion and more. Did we forget that what’s his name took over the presidency in joes1. Am I suppose to not wonder that while you want me to use my hard earned money to go see joes 2

  7. I’ll give the second movie a chance, but this news is VERY disappointing.

  8. I just think that is just STUPID….I love the first one but why take half of the original cast out of it and put on new people and just how will they explain all of the absences SMH…I don’t know if I am going to see this one.

  9. The first movie blew and chances are, so will the second! Besides, converting a movie that wasn’t filmed in 3D is destined to failure!

  10. This is crap, i was excited to see the sequel until i found out they shed casting…way to ruin a good movie…idiots.

  11. To the people who cut the cast. Go snipe yourself, thanks for ruining the movie won’t get my money or 3,000 of my friends money. Just can’t put the rock in everything an think it will sale dummy.

  12. If it’s all about not giving the viewer what is desired, perhaps the viewer will spend their money on another movie and see that movie another way.

  13. Wow this actually seems like a fail. They might not have had to reshoot so much if they would have kept more of the original cast. I highly doubt that Marlon Wayans was THAT expensive that they could not have got him back for a second round.

    Ghost rider 2 was horrible btw. So if that is the comparison I am not holding out much hope for this installment of J.I Joe..

    • agreed

  14. Won’t ever see it unless or until it comes on TV. I’m tired of low budget, crappy sequels using the name of a previous popular movie. A sequel should have continuity, when you cut or change 80% of the cast that’s not even possible.

  15. i’m really going to miss ripcord cause he made laugh

  16. I think the movie woukd be better with the same characters and the new characters.

  17. I found the movie to be ok but It’s not the G.I. Joe I grow up with. It does not have the right to call it G.I. Joe for crying out loud they killed of the main character of G.I. Joe; which is Duke. You can’t call the movie G.I. Joe if it’s main character get’s killed off early in the movie.

  18. I don’t know why I just read someone’s dumb a$$ opinion. The original cast of characters that G.I. Joe enlisted could carry out for several movies Storm Shadow vs Snake Eyes were not featured in every episode of the original cartoon, in fact you had to tune in daily just to get a glimpse of either. Marlon Wayans played a great role as Ripcord in the first movie it made no sense not to bring him back in the second. Unless they’re planning on giving us more films and include him plus several other characters from the cartoon; Sgt. Slaughter, Cobra Twinz, more of Jinx, Beechnut, Gung Ho, Mutt and Junkyard, Roadblock, etc. This will be the last and final time I pay for bullcrap.

  19. I’m gonna say this…… with the internet what it is… Unless they bring back the star cast for GiJoe 3, I’ll be cutting costs too. I’ll download that bish, invite my friends over, and watch it at my house.

  20. What a waste of money really needed to have original cast may as well of just made a completely new movie. just very annoying they killed off lead character duke as he was the only answer we had for what was left unanswered in number 1 for eg,storm shadows return without clearing up how ??? and no dextro COME ON bad decisions were made in this story line i think

  21. I really did like the first one, so, I am very disappointed to hear that the original cast will not be returning. Especially, the comedic Ripcord and the hot Scarlett. However, the biggest disappointmen, to me, is the fact that Cobra Commander will not be back. I mean Duke and Cobra Commander were GI Joe in the cartoons. I will see the sequel because it looks OK and has Bruce Willis and The Rock. However, I am very worried that they killed the characters based on the previews. If, that is the case, I will really be upset. All I know is that the first will definitely be better than this sequel. Also, Snakeyes will be back, so, I will definitely see the sequel.

  22. The studios are shooting themselves in the foot. I really enjoyed the 1st one and was looking forward to a larger budget in the sequel like the transformers saga. Just the fact that they chopped the budget almost in half makes me, a loyal fan and movie goer, not want to even spend money on this. I was in shut up and take my money mode and now I feel as disinterested in the movie as the studios.

    • Getting rid of ripcord and scarlett was the biggest mistake they could have made. Those 2 had some very enjoyable on screen chemistry that you can’t pay enough money to create. The studios auto doomed this series for a third. BOOO!

      • They could, in theory, bring both of the characters back in the third movie to “reboot” – though Rachel Nichols is busy with at least one other movie project in pre-production, according to IMDB, and a kick-arse tv show that’s just been picked up for a third season she is pretty busy..

        GI Goe 2 was the worst movie night I’ve had in a long time. To be fair, part of that was due to the very expensive restaurant giving me 3 pieces of lettuce in my salad, cold mushrooms, and a well-done steak. The movie was more annoying than the steak – at least the restaurant gave me a free meal (which was excellent.. insert free promo for Logan’s Roadhouse here).

        Disclaimer: I may be mistaken and telling the waitress “just run it through a warm room” now means “cook it until it looks and tastes like charcoal” – and yes, the first quote is from The Stand.

        • Snake Eyes and Stormshadow are back because of the asian sales they hope to make…

  23. I was very disappointed with G.I. Jo: Retaliation, not because it was a bad movie, but because they cut all the original Joe’s from the first film. I fell in love with the characters and it left a lot of storylines open-ended. You would think people would know by now that when you don’t bring back the original characters/actors, they movie is not going to be as good. Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson are always good and I think the producers and studio thought they could exchange the original cast for those two and save the movie, but it’s a completely different film now, and that’s a shame because I really love the first one.

  24. They should have used all the first cast then they killed Duke in the beginning…like really…not a happy fan right now.