G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes Updates: 3D & Schedule

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G.I. Joe 2 not in 3D G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes Updates: 3D & Schedule

While G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra earned itself a sequel which already has an official release date, it won’t be bringing back Stephen Sommers to direct or most of its supporting cast. Even though the sequel is titled G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes, it won’t be bringing back Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title character either.

Key characters Snake Eyes (Ray Park), Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun) and Duke (Channing Tatum) will be back however, and according to the latest insider info, G.I. Joe 2 will begin shooting in August, but not in 3D.

With Paramount bringing in Jon Chu (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) to helm the seemingly smaller scale G.I. Joe sequel, it seems a no brainer for the studio to release the film in 3D, whether it be shot in the format or not. Collider’s inside sources however, claim that despite Chu’s talk about making the film in 3D, it will not be shot or post-converted into the higher-price format.

They’ve also discovered that the Cobra Strikes will begin principal photography in August, giving them exactly one year from start-to-finish for the movie. Unlike The Rise of Cobra which shot in L.A., the sequel will shoot in the more affordable New Orleans.

With the large G.I. Joe team out of the picture for the sequel there will undoubtedly be a need to load up on new supporting characters with fresh faces and that means we’ll be seeing an onslaught of casting news throughout the summer. This is a Hasbro movie after all and more characters/vehicles equals more toy lines and money.

We already knew The Baroness (Sienna Miller) wouldn’t return for G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes but fans of the first film may be disappointed that The Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Ripcord (Marlon Wayans), Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Scarlett (Rachel Nichols), Breaker (Said Taghmaoui), General Hawk (Dennis Quaid), Destro (Christopher Eccleston) and Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) will not be back unless something changes.

G.I. Joe 2 hits theaters on August 10, 2012.


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Source: Collider

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  1. I wonder if the story will take place a year later after the capture of Cobra and Zartan has reduced the team down to a small number and then Cobra is freed or if this is something differnt.

  2. In an earlier post it said that people wouldn’t have had to seen the first one to watch and understand this one so I doubt they’ll even give an explanation for everyone being gone. that being said I actually enjoyed the first one and it left a lot of loose ends that will never get tied

  3. All interest is lost. hey took out all the good charactors. (Except Snake eyes). I think I will pass on this one.

  4. they should have dumped Tantum Also , he is one of the worst actors in Hollywood, also that said they said those actors will not be returning they didnt say that the characters wouldnt be. they will probably recast the Baroness and Scarlet
    With it filming in NO im hoping for lots of Dreadknocks.
    personally Id like the team to consist of …..
    Snake eyes
    Lady Jaye
    and I want Wild Bill

  5. Wild Bill FTW!

  6. I can go either way with this film. Some of the rumors I’ve heard are good some are bad. Jon Chu sounds like he wants to make a different movie than the last, but who knows.

    As far as characters a bunch of people aren’t returning, but they are adding new one like Roadblock being played by a pro-wrestler. I don’t know his name but he looks the part, and they are casting for Jinx and Cross. So there will be new people

  7. The first one was crap so I’m not to mad this one is getting a complete over hall. If they are adding new characters they need to add Gung-ho, Roadblock, Ship Wreck, and Wild Bill. Who is the wrestler being added? Pleas no John Cena he sucks

  8. John Cena’s white so I doubt they would cast him as Roadblock.

    Dewitt, I’m interested in where the list of characters came from (information wise). I always felt Roadblock should have been in the first one.

    Lobo, I’m with your list and if it is NO, it would be a great place for the Dreadnocks to appear and come in. Especially, if they continue with Zartan disguised as the President.

    • Hey, you never know. Marlon Wayans was cast as Ripcord. Orignally Ripcord was white in the cartoon and comics.

  9. JoeK, No problem I read about it on Hiss Tank and CBM ( http://bit.ly/lJUGeM ). The wrestlers name is Shad Gaspar, he’s a big guy at 6’7″ 300lbs,but he has the muscle and look of Roadblock, now if he can cook like him that’s a plus. His acting is decent as there is a youtube of him performing William Shakespeare. For a wrestler it’s not bad.

    • Shad definitely could pull of Roadblock. I loved him when he was a part of Cryme Tyme.

      • That is a handsome jacked black guy, he will work as Roadblock. Now if they can get Gung-ho, Ship Wreck, and Wild Bill we have a movie.

        • Good for Big Shad, he should have got that Conan deal as well.

  10. yeti
    The entire story line from the original needs to be scraped BIG TIME!

    DeWitt Albright
    Send me the link of shad doing shakespear I want to see that. The only wrestlers turned actors that were good in my opinion are Dwayne Johnson [faster five], Macho Man Randy Savage [Spiderman – Bone Saw], and Rowdy Roddy Piper [They live]

    • Go to 3min mark of the video

      • Ok I’ll give it to him, that was good

  11. @DeWitt Albright
    Had no idea who shad Gaspard was, but I googled him and YES he will work. Sexy Thug, Mommy like ;-)

    Now they need to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to come back. He is a great actor with amazing talent. In the first one they tried to make him look bad, but every one knows he is a better actor than Tatum, but Tatum has that sexy looking eyes so I’ll let him pass ;-)

  12. I lost all interest when Levitt confirmed he wouldn’t return.

  13. If ur going to start a movie u need to finish with the same people I hate trilogy’s that dnt have the main charters in it from the first movie that ruins the movie for me!

  14. Reboot!

  15. There were fans of this movie?

  16. The first one sucked so I don’t care if it’s shot in 3D 4D or HD, just make the story better, bring in new faces the wrestler is a good start, and make GIJOE look kick ass!

  17. I, for one, am happy Stephen Sommers won’t be coming back. Also for Joseph Gordon-Levitt who did a cheesy Cobra Commander really killed the 1st movie for me.

  18. Where does it say this Shad is going to be Roadblock? I like his look and video, but nothing says he is roadblock, just that he auditioned, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a terrible Cobra Commander.

  19. So they are making a Snake-Eyes vs. Storm Shadow movie in 3-D. Yeah ok…..

  20. They should just call this movie Snake-Eyes vs. Storm Shadow, more people will watch

    • lol yes they will wont they? i know i would…my question is..how are they going to bring Storm Shadow back considering how he went out in the 1st one…are they going to do a Cap America? where he is encase in ice and Zartan brings him back or something?

  21. If you ask me, Cobra wouldn’t be Cobra without the Crimson Guard and Tomax and Xamot. They are my fave 2 cobra members and i love duke

  22. Wait, how in the hell are they gonna fight if there is no cobra? no Cobra commander,destro,baroness.. and only storm shadow will return?

    And no G.I Joe team? what the? don’t tell me they’re gonna round up kyle,kenny,stan and lois as new members of the team?

    oh and wait.. the villains will be cartman,butters,stewie and mayor west?

    Now that will be better than what John Chu, is thinking up…

    They definitely neutered G.I Joe before big time… and now totally FUBAR..

  23. Awww I loved the baroness

  24. so no CC, no Destro, no Baroness..i also understand the title Rise of Cobra but Cobra Strike for the sequel? this smell of bad news…although i wonder if those characters are out are they going out of the way to introduced Lady J and Flint which after the mini-series of G.i. Joe they introduced and was a staple for the rest of the seasons?…i dont know this sounds funky..i have to see a trailer or concept before i judge this TOO harshly

  25. Thats stupid its not gonna be goo if all those characters arnt comeing back! you dont even see snake eyes face so that dosnt matter the one and only good thing is channong tatum and that might not even be worth it!

  26. To be truthful why don’t you have other actors to play those missing characters. It should be based on the original gi joe cartoons. I need flint lady j roadblock shipwreck and also characters from cobra. Plus it left off when zartan shape shifted into the president, now this definitely needs a continuence. Also add major blood from the series

  27. With the name Cobra Strikes, it just sounds like Serpentor will be in it…..

  28. The first one was terrible. The story and acting was just awful. They need to soften it a little and USE ACTUALLY CHARACTERS FROM THE CARTOON!. No corny actors like The Rock or someone too obvious or predictable. Zartan’s character should be darker and more goth/punk style and re-do Cobra Commander from scratch, in fact RE-BOOT the entire concept and start over. Scarlet, Baroness and Snake Eyes where the only ones they got right.

  29. I hope they bring Destro and cobra commander back for the sequel.