‘Ghostbusters 3′ May Get ‘The Heat’ Director; Focuses on Female Ghostbusters

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ghostbusters 3 director1 Ghostbusters 3 May Get The Heat Director; Focuses on Female Ghostbusters

Sony/Columbia is reportedly pushing for Ghostbusters 3 to begin filming in early 2015 – meaning, the project might actually happen at long, long last. Filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (22 Jump Street) have confirmed that they were approached to direct the movie, but that they declined the offer. Meanwhile, directorial candidates like Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) have been rumored to oversee the project in recent months, after Ghostbusters I &II director Ivan Reitman formally stepped down.

THR is now reporting that Paul Feig is the front-runner to direct the next Ghostbusters live-action film installment, though the site also cautions that “formal negotiations” have not yet begun between Feig and Sony/Columbia. Feig, over the last few years, has directed two comedy box office hits – Bridesmaids and The Heat - led by a female ensemble, and will next release the espionage action/comedy Spy (headlined by his frequent collaborator Melissa McCarthy).

Point being, Feig has expressed an interest in continuing to make crowd-pleasing comedies that just happen to star women – and, as it turns out, Ghostbusters 3 (a rebooting installment in the beloved comedy/horror franchise) will apparently allow him to keep on doing just that. Matter of fact, THR‘s sources are claiming that the most recent script draft for the Ghostbusters reboot (penned by Men in Black 3 scribe Etan Cohen) sets the stage a movie that will be “focusing on female Ghostbusters.”

ghostbusters 3 emma stone Ghostbusters 3 May Get The Heat Director; Focuses on Female Ghostbusters

In the past, such female comedic talents as Anna Faris (Scary Movie 1-4) and Emma Stone (Easy A) have reportedly been approached to play roles in the Ghostbusters series reboot. It’s possible that the roles they were considered for have been bumped up to lead status, following multiple script revisions by Cohen. If so, it’s feasible that both parties, along with other name actresses, will be more interested in the project moving forward (Stone reportedly declined a Ghostbusters 3 role offer last year).

There’s (arguably) still a fair amount of untapped potential in the Ghostbusters brand, which is why a lot of Ghostbusters fans are interested in seeing the franchise continue with another installment – so long as it can stand on its own, that is. Let us know if you think Feig is a good choice for the job of directing the Ghostbusters reboot, and who’d you liked to see recruited to form a new team of wise-cracking (female) geeks that battle supernatural baddies.

We’ll keep you updated on Ghostbusters 3‘s development as more information is made available.

Source: THR

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  1. more PC bs from corporate ‘Amerika’….

  2. So, instead of doing something creative, the war on white-males continues to make progress. Who needs to live in a country where the lack a creativity leads to gender and ethnicity swapping? Hollywood needs to come up with new ideas, which will allow them to ‘casually’ diversify casts.

    All these gender and ethnic swaps are just bigotry.

    • “War on white males.” Hahaha. Oh brother…

      • actually there is a war on white men.

        Look at newscasts. Most feature white women anchors and black men anchors.

        Look at some of the commercials about car insurance like the one that shows a dad hitting the back of a inivan/suv.
        Man was white, the driver of the minivan/suv was black, and the insurance agent was white female.
        The old lady on te phone was also white.

        In real life ALL those roles are reversed.

        Typially you would have a black guy with a kid in a hoopty wrecking into the back of a white male businessman’s expensive SUV and the agent would be a white man.

        The lady on the phone would be a black woman speaking ebonics.

        THAT is exactly how things really are, not the politically correct junk we see today.

        Everywhere you look, the white man is being erased – from news, TV shows, movies, just about everywhere.

        And yet the blacks and women claim that it is necessary for them to be ‘equal’?

        How about EARNING that equality you all want for a change instead of hav ing it handed to you at he xpense of the white man.

    • Poor white men, now you’ll only have 90% of lead roles instead of 99%.

      God forbid Hollywood casting actually reflect the real population of the country.

      • Hollywood needs to reflect reality not the politically correct interpretations they portray.

        If it weren’t for the white man, NONE of you all would have ANY freedoms.

        Show a little gratitude will ya?

    • So it’s white males versus white males, how do you tell the two sides apart ?

  3. Who cares? It’s not like it’s going to get made anyway.

  4. All female? That wouldn’t work for me BUT I can see Sigourney Weaver being the lead for this. She has a masculine presence mixed in with female beauty for it to work but I can’t see any other actresses looking believable enough to run around with proton packs on their backs without complaining about their nails being broken. Heck, I could see Iggy Azalea, P!nk and Nicki Minaj making the new Ghostbuster franchise gold.

    Those other actresses mentioned would seriously need to put on some muscle and not laugh throughout the film even when they are delivering a joke for anyone to believe that their character(s) would take on that kind of a job.

    • Actually I was hoping it would be a ‘Charlies Angels’ type of female cast with lots of flesh showing…

  5. Oi

  6. Awful idea!

  7. What happened to Oscar Barrett taking over the business…??

  8. The same day that I read this my 3 year old daughter fell down and split her chin. It took a screaming trip to the emergency room, sedation, and 3 stitches to patch her up. This is in no way as upseting as that was, but the idea of seeing Melissa McCarthy wearing a Proton Pack does make me want to throw up more than that trip did.

    • Get with the modern day technology!

      They will have those miniaturized enough to fin in their purses, they will use smart phones and other high tech equipment.

      Earrings that double as blue tooth reveicers and transmitters. Necklaces that double as video recorders and say ghost detectors.

      Bracelets that would double as say a confinement container.

      ALL kinds of new tech that could be easily incorporated.

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    • I think this is a terrible idea. The characters made the movie, recasting and changing the sex changes the movie. I for one will avoid this movie at all costs. The legacy of the originals will live on as classics. All the talk about “erasing the white man” what bullsh! They put the people on TV that they are told to, it’s an equality thing. Market research shows black people wanna see more black people on TV, woman say they wanna see more woman. “Truth Speaker”? That’s not the truth your speak, but the opinions of a bigot.

  10. An all-female Ghostbuster squad? Sure, that’d be pretty cool. I’d like to see Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Allison Brie be apart of this new team.