‘Ghostbusters 3′ To Begin Shooting in Summer 2013 With Ivan Reitman Directing

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ghostbusters 3 production start date Ghostbusters 3 To Begin Shooting in Summer 2013 With Ivan Reitman Directing

Dan Aykroyd has been promising for years (decades?) that Ghostbusters 3 is right around the corner, but his undying commitment to the project has yet to pay off. Bill Murray bears his fair share of responsibility for that, as the comedic legend has seemingly never been that interested in the prospect of a third round of ghost-catching; however, Murray has avoided confirming his lack of involvement with the threequel (even referencing it as “a possibility” earlier this year).

Ghostbusters 3 at last began to show some genuine signs of (after)life again three months ago, when Etan Cohen (Men in Black III) struck a deal to rework the script. Later, Aykroyd reiterated his previous claims that Murray is passing on the film and voiced confidence that production will get underway sometime over the next year.

It’s long been anticipated that Ivan Reitman will return as director for the third installment in the Ghostbusters franchise (should it actually come to fruition). Just last week, though reports emerged that Kevin Costner is signed on for Reitman’s football comedy Draft Day, suggesting that Reitman might instead be working on that project over the forthcoming year.

Deadline is now reporting that Paramount has put Draft Day in turnaround, so as to allot the proper amount of time for Reitman to finish his pre-production duties on Ghostbusters 3 and get cameras rolling by sometime next summer. The site is also confirming that Murray won’t be appearing in the film; no doubt, his absence will be accounted for somehow (though, probably not via death, for obvious reasons).

Dan Akroyd Says No Bill Murray Ghostbusters 3 Ghostbusters 3 To Begin Shooting in Summer 2013 With Ivan Reitman Directing

Ghostbusters 3 is referred to as “the long-gestating Ghostbusters reboot” in Deadline‘s report, which gels with what Aykroyd last had to say about the script in its current state:

“We’ve got a brilliant new writer on it and we’ll be passing the torch on to a new generation. We’re working on it to make it just right to satisfy our fans. I’m confident we’ll be in production in the next year.”

Comedic actors like Anna Faris and Bill Hader are among those who have been rumored at some point to become members of the “new generation” of paranormal investigators and eliminators, though we haven’t heard anything substantial about the casting process recently. Since it’s now looking as though production could finally – FINALLY – be getting going sooner, rather than later, we should start to get some concrete information about casting for the film in the foreseeable future.

More on Ghostbusters 3 as the story develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Like Dr. Brown once said,


    Let’s hope there are no more hiccups, and it’s a good film.

    • The line was simply, “I don’t believe it!”. …just sayin’.

      • No need to nitpick. Just saying.

  2. … i want to see this.

  3. Ghostbusters 3 = Indiana Jones 4. An idea that on paper (or website) sounds absolutely brilliant, but in reality, not such a good idea. You want to hand it off to a new generation of ghostbusters, then change it’s format into a TV show or something. Making something just for the sake of making something has been proven, time and time again, not to be the best thing for the franchise or the fans. Please put this out to pasture – let it be free, enjoy it’s time in the spotlight and die with dignity.


    • Well put my friend…*starts golf clap*

    • Normally I would agree with you, but MIB3 totally changed my mind.

    • i disagree with you this reboot of GB3 isn’t for the old franchise if you read any post about it there handing down the torches to new busters for the new generation taking that cast to a tv show would add to the new franchise.

      alot of open minded people are waiting for new ghostbusters because of all the supernatural movies being made today just reminds us of the old ghostbusters. why do you think there’s soo much news soo much talk about it because we want this reboot to happen we want the theme song to be rebooted we want the old franchise to evolve past the 1980’s for new stories.

      the only ones that don’t want this reboot are stubborn long time older fans that are probably in there 30’s and wants the old cast to fill there need for busting. if the fans gave good reviews instead of argueing over bill freaking murray not being in

      the 3rd movie would be out with a 4th on the way but noo the long time older fans are the ones stopping this don’t they see the company hasn’t green lit it yet cause of the fans arguing over it. if the fans shut up the movie will happen

  4. Yeah…I don’t believe it either.

  5. Yeah, no doubt that movie will be adapted for “modern audiences”, and that is already where the problems start.

    • Let’s hope they don’t fall into that trap.

      • In my best Admiral Ackbar voice : “ITS A TRAP!”

    • Yeah I don’t disagree with you there. Plus mainstream comedies have changed a lot over the years to where I’m sure they’ll probably insert a lot of random fart jokes and vulgar humor to make it appeal to the new generation of fans; while completely forgetting that part of what made the movies good were that it focused on the relationship between the main characters themselves, and their interactions with one another. That’s what made it great, so I just hope they don’t forget that when making ghostbusters 3…if they do, im going to be pissed…

  6. If they actually make it with puppets like the old ones it will be GREAT. but all CGI will kill it.

  7. It’s actually happening?!
    [squints eyes in a skeptical manner] Hmm, it’s gonna be interesting to see how this pans out…

  8. Finally! I just hope it’s better than Ghostbusters 2. No more walking statue of liberty please! Bummer about Murray, but I’m looking forward to new cast members.

    • What will a Ghostbusters movie be, without something larger than life causing destruction through out New York City.

      Could go up against Mayor Bloombergs ego?

  9. really not interested. i love g.b 1 and 2, and this time i am against the reboot or follower part. i am not for every reboot. and bill murray goes on my nerves with his wes anderson movies,not a fan of that genre.

  10. I will believe it when I am sitting in the cinema watching it. Not a moment before.

    • Or a full length trailer at least.

  11. I’ll believe it, when it’s actually IN the theater, and not until then.

  12. Please tell me that the “brilliant new writer” isn’t LOST’S Damond Lindelof!

  13. the lack of Bill Murray means they have to get it absolutely right in regards to the new members. Murray was far and away the best thing about the previous films for me.

    • In fact, for me Bill Murray made the movies what they were. Leaving him out would be like the Rolling Stones performing without Mick Jagger. I for one lost interest the moment I heard Bill was out.

  14. Please… No Anna Ferris! Please she has no place in the Ghostbusters

    • Yes, totally right – Anna Ferris is dreadful

    • Agreed — not a big fan of AF

  15. I’ll believe it when I see either a poster or some on-set shots. If they pass the torch that’s fine but no bill Murray almost equals no point as far as my interest goes

  16. So what about Murray. BLUES BROTHERS 2000 was the most epic movie I’ve ever seen without John Belushi, thanks to the addition of awesome new characters, and it didn’t even have Anna “oh my god you guys *eyeroll*” Faris. It’s not like Ghostbusters toys still line toy store aisles, or weirdos pay hundreds of dollars for proton pack replica parts on ebay. It’s time to breathe some new life into this dead property, Aykroyd style!!!!

    (sing along)

    • What is this crazy talk. Blues brothers 2000 is TERRIBLE!

    • Blues Brothers 2000 was a steaming pile of cinematic crap.

      I wanted to love it, but everything about it was just awful.

      It’s like the comic vampire sucked the “funny’ out of Akroyd lately.

    • Not sure if joking, or somebody actually liked Blues Brothers 2000…

    • Sorry haters, BB2K is the Godfather 3 of its generation.
      You can’t handle the AWESOME
      \oo/_ _\oo/

  17. Has it been 2 months already? I guess so since we’re hearing about GB3 once again. If they do actually start casting it, I still say Dan Fogler needs to be a new recruit.

  18. Simon Pegg would make a great ghostbuster.

    • Now THAT I would love to see! Brilliant idea!

    • No kidding — he was perfect in Star Trek, so adding him to the GB franchise would be even more perfect!

  19. If they wanted Bill Murray to be in it they should have just got Wes Anderson to direct it, simples!

    I love Ghostbusters and still have the figures, fire station and Ecto 1 somewhere, but this just seems like a bad idea to me, especially with the man behind MIB3 on writing duties!

    He’s not going to come up with lines like ‘it’s true, this man has no dick’ classic!

  20. GB3 will be better off without B M .

  21. Ugh, I’m beyond the point of being bored by Ghostbusters 3. By the time it’s made, the original guys will all be dead. By this point, whatever the movie will be, it will be utterly different from the two originals. It definitely will have a bit of that Indiana Jones 4 feel to it. In the same way, IJ4 was talked about so much that people got tired of it, and didn’t believe they would ever actually see it. Then when they saw it, I think most were somewhat underwhelmed. I think that will happen here.

    • Maybe they will be the Ghosts?

  22. Well, Richard Ayoade – Dan Fogler/Jonah Hill – Vince Vaughn – Steve Carrell Would be my 4 ghostbusters if given the choice.

    • Wouldn’t that just be Neighbourhood Watch 2?

    • I wouldn’t put Carrell in there — VV would be a brilliant “sub” for the BM personality.

  23. Channing Tatum, Justin long, Jonah hill. I’m stumped on the forth

    • That’s the worst list of potential GB’s I’ve ever read. The worst.

      • Says you pal! Channing Tatum has proven surprising comedy chops this year. And even though you don’t like it…. I reckon it’s close to what they’ll likely come up with. What’s your list?

        • That’s right, says me. I didn’t single out your man-crush Tatum. I don’t have anything against him even though he gave an OKAY performance in ONE comedy but those three choices in Ghostbusters gear?! Not even for Halloween, m’man.
          And I don’t have a list. This whole “passing the torch” crap is a terrible idea. They shouldn’t be doing another one but since they are they should end it with the original 4. No new Ghostbusters movies. They’ll destroy the name.

          • Lol. You may have a point and I may have to submit defeat on this one. I actually didn’t realise realise I was man crushing on Tatum until you mentioned it. My wife’s not gonna be too happy I’ve been stringing her along this whole time. If I’m actually putting together my fantasy boy-band/strip troupe instead of ghostbusters I may as well swap Jonah for gosling. Justin long can be the nerdy ‘cute’ one who has the character arc and we’ll bring in chris hemsworth to throw his hammer down. Bam. That’s the cast of magic mike 6 or something.
            I’ll rethink this

      • Yes. Yes it is.

  24. Bill Murray made a wise decision.

    • actually, I agree…because he isn’t nearly as funny as he used to be.

  25. Andy Samberg would work well. But its hard to think of who else might have that good dry/one liner humor mix that brought this movie to its epicness and carry on the torch.

    • Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant. Pretty much anybody from Britain apparently.

      • But I would think they would want to keep it in a 30-40 age group. Simon pegg I could see just since he is likeable. Hugh Laurie is too old. Ricky Gervais is too british lol

      • Fry, Laurie, Gervais — no way. Comic geniuses, but I just don’t see them fitting well at all with a role that should have a substantial amount of ghosts and action.

    • I’m all about Dan Fogler, Nick Offerman, Kal Penn, Melissa McCarthy, and Brett Harrison as Oscar (Dana’s baby from GB2). Each one of them have done hilarious comedic characters. I think their humor styles would mesh well with the Ghostbusters franchise and I could see Samberg, Gervais, Pegg, Frost, Laurie, or Bill Hader too. Honestly, they could go so many different directions with this film, yet no one could possibly benefit by putting Anna Faris in this…seriously, that would be horrible casting.

      • honestly not to sound sexist or anything but I just feel if they have a female in the group it would make it too campy OR she would end up trying to be a badass and it would come off horrible. 4 guys is going to be how it has to be.

        Its proton PACKS not proton PURSES

        Seriously though you cant think too much in the comedy side. If it gets campy its spoiled. you need almost like Robert Downey Jr as tony stark dry humor.

        • “not to sound sexist” & “Its proton PACKS not proton PURSES” are contradicting statements that make you seem extremely sexist.

          Melissa McCarthy, Tina Fey, or Amy Poehler (and probably a lot of other comedic actresses) could hold their own in this film as actual Ghostbusters. I just don’t think the comedy style of Anna Faris fits in with the Ghostbusters franchise.

          • f****** brilliant choices :) Melissa McCarthy or Amy Poehler for sure.

      • I think Michael Peña or Aziz Anzari could also be awesome in a role, and also bring in that diversity that Studio execs must be craving. If it’s funny science guys they are looking for, I could see Jesse Eisenberg or even Benedict Cumberbatch fitting in that role.

        • Ansari could be brilliant in a movie like this.

  26. No ‘next’ generation please.

    3 should be the last, let it fully focus on (what’s left of) the team.

  27. Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Keira Knightley (or Chloe Grace Moretz) and Seth Rogen

    • LMFAO! That is the best post for the worst Ghostbuster choices ever!

  28. ive said it before, pass the torch to the always sunny cast. Mac dennis and charlie are the few who could do it justice.