Kurt Fuller Says ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Shouldn’t Be Made; Discusses Bill Murray

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It appears that the resident Ghostbusters 3 hold-out, Bill Murray, has added another man to his corner of unassured confidence in a possible threequel for the hit franchise, as Ghostbusters 2 alum Kurt Fuller says that he doesn’t believe Ghostbusters 3 should be made.

We spoke with Ghostbusters 2’s proverbial “pecker” while at Comic-Con about his role of Woody the coroner on the USA hit series Psych, and it appears that Fuller has still not completely taken Peter Venkman’s advice from the Ghostbusters sequel: “Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?” though some “but kissing” does naturally occur.

Speaking about whether or not Murray will ever sign off on Ghostbusters 3, Fuller says (with a facial expression that can only be made when speaking about the legendary Murray), “I cannot predict what Billy is going to do, you know?” Continuing, Fuller explains: “He’s a brilliant, mercurial, spontaneous dude – and I can easily see him just deciding to do it. But there will be no indication before he does.”

Cutting straight to the heart of the matter, Fuller says what all Ghostbusters fans dread hearing: “I don’t know if there should be a Ghostbusters 3.”

That being said, when asked if he would be interested in coming back for the long-awaited threequel – which Sony was promoting for a 2013 release at a recent licensing expo in London – Fuller pauses, and then says, “Probably. Probably – Yeah. Because [Ghostbusters 2] sort of got my career going and there’s a lot of good people involved.”

You can hear Kurt Fullers thoughts on Ghostbusters 3 in their entirety below:

For those unable to keep up with the Ghostbusters 3 status (as it currently stands), Bill Murray has the script sitting on his desk (he believes that’s where it is, but he’s not sure), but he’s not really interested in reading it.

Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman keeps pressing Murray to read the script; Murray said that probably will as a favor to Reitman, but he’s not exactly enthusiastic with the former head writers of The Office, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, handling the script. This notion becomes even greater when Murray sees their subsequent film releases Year One and Bad Teacher receive not so good reviews.

If you’re wondering why Sony doesn’t just make Ghostbusters 3 without Murray, it’s because Murray is one of the five license-holders for the franchise (Ramis, Aykroyd, Reitman, and Sony are the others) and nothing can happen unless everyone signs off on it – even if Murray doesn’t want to be in it.

bill murray ghostbusters 3 Kurt Fuller Says Ghostbusters 3 Shouldnt Be Made; Discusses Bill MurrayMurray at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards

Even though fans of the franchise hate to hear that Ghostbusters 3 shouldn’t be made, it’s not exactly something that they disagree with. As a self-described Ghostbusters fanatic (I can prove my creditability, if asked), I know that Ghostbusters 3 isn’t going to be as good as the first – or perhaps even the second (which I don’t find as terrible as most).

At this point, the prospect of Ghostbusters 3 isn’t about winning an Academy Award, it’s about rekindling that feeling you had when you first remember watching the Ghostbusters movies, watching The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, eating the Ghostbusters cereal, drinking your Ecto Cooler, going to school with your Ghostbusters lunchbox, and playing with Ghostbusters toys.

It’s all about memories – and even if Eisenberg and Stupnitsky wrote the worst script in the world, there’s nothing that’s going to be able to ruin that feeling when you see the Ghostbusters return in full uniform, proton packs at the ready.

…unless, of course, Ernie Hudson gets shafted in the dialogue department again. But Dan Aykroyd won’t let that happen, right?

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Sony has Ghostbusters 3 slated for a 2013 release; Bill Murray has the script on his desk (he thinks).

returns this October on USA

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  1. i do and dont want this movie

  2. “It’s all about memories — and even if Eisenberg and Stupnitsky wrote the worst script in the world, there’s nothing that’s going to be able to ruin that feeling when you see the Ghostbusters return in full uniform, proton packs at the ready.”

    well said anthony!

    • I dunno, they tried it with the Blues Brothers and it didn’t really work.

      I’d love to see a GB3, but there is the danger it might suck. Or at least just not live up to the anticipation like Indiana Jones 4.

    • Ehhhhh I dunno. Memories can be tainted too. The Blues Brothers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Batman, Dirty Dancing. All franchises held dear to a lot of people that forever have the stench of horrible sequels or remakes hanging around them. Memories of the good times weren’t enough to make any of these follow ups good or even worth a rental. In fact it left a black mark on the franchise. The author of this article is blinded by his nostalgia if he thinks that memories are all it takes to make an enjoyable movie going experience. If that was the case, every crappy sequel would be a guaranteed good time, simply because it makes us remember a good movie. Not quite how it works. I would rather them NEVER make another ghostbusters than sign off one that is going to suck.

      • Batman was helped by a reboot of the film franchise. Two okay movies and 2 crap movies led to 2 great movies, and a 3rd on the way that could be just as good or better.

  3. They don’t need to make another one. I don’t think it will work.

  4. in a past article about where to take the franchise, the idea for the movie was brought up to pass down the mantle of the ghostbusters to the guys from its always sunny, essentially have their characters from the show as ghostbusters.. I would totally pay to see that angle play out in the film. other than that it would have to be a pretty amazing script, and story to have me interested in this. the old films are classics, and i would only want them to improve on what they have, not sully it.

    • I never heard about that, but I love the idea.

  5. “I don’t know if there should be a Ghostbusters 3.”

    What the F is he thinking? These movies made him (kinda) famous, so he should be thankful. I love the first two movies and I do want a GB 3. If the script is written by Akryod and Ramis, there´s no way it will suck. It will be great to see the Ghostbusters in the 21st century and I think I´m not the only one who wants that movie. I can understand Murray, but on the other hand, I don´t understand him. He appeared in his GB uniform on an award show and teased us, so why the F NOT make a third GB movie? He reprised his role on the video game (and he even stated that after he recorded his voice tracks for the game, he couldn´t get the song outta his head), so where´s the problem? GB 3 could make a whole new generation of fans discover this franchise. I just don´t get it…

    • Sorry `bout the Akroyd typo, Dan… Muahahahahaha!

    • It honestly seems like Bill Murray is being a jerk about it. In that interview where he says he has the script and will basically get around to it if he can remember where he put it. I don’t know anyone that would take that as anything but an underhanded insult. There has to be something going on behind the scenes that makes him not want the movie to go forward. Maybe it’s a personal thing, he could have recorded the voice overs for the game without ever seeing the other guys. Maybe it’s a bad script. Maybe Bill Murray is bipolar.

      Also, Fuller does answer the question of would he be in Ghostbusters 3 with, “Probably. Probably — Yeah. Because [Ghostbusters 2] sort of got my career going and there’s a lot of good people involved.”

  6. Ghostbusters 3 is Happening and it’s been Confirmed from a Ghostbuster Fan that Bill Murray has signed on to do a Ghostbusters 3. Bill Murray has already read the GB3 Script and he Loves it a lot! It’s been Confirmed that the Ghosts are being made on a Computer for GB3 because on the GB3 Imdb Messageboards a Fan announced that his friend works for movies and they are making it and they are now making the Computer Ghosts for Ghostbusters 3. Now it’s July and that Interview from Murray was in February 2011 on Howard Stern so things has changed since then! Bill Murray has read the GB3 Script and it’s set for a 2013 release!!! Learn how to read Update GB3 Info. instead from past reports about Bill Murray not reading the script because he already has!!! All 4 Origianl GB’s will be in GB3 Training a new team to help them out. The new Younger cast is going on now in L.A. and Chicago!!! A Movie Source Webpage Confirmed that Production begans this December 2011 then Filming in 2012!!! I’m tired of hearing the Old GB3 News when there’s New GB3 News going on!!!

    • Well, if a poster on IMDB says so…

      • LOL – yes breaking news by DogFarts13


          Just kidding…. ;)

  7. I desperately want a 3rd film in the series but if this keeps up I fear it won’t be so. And what’s the alternative for the film company to cash in on the “Ghostbusters” name? That’s right, a REMAKE. So if anyone doubts that there should be a 3rd film in the series you should consider that if this doesn’t go through their will probably be a terrible remake and rather than seeing our beloved Ghostbusters, we will see new faces, and probably sad ones.

    • Murray owns 1/5th of the rights. nothing happens unless all owners give the green light. It says that in the article.

  8. If they make a Ghostbusters 3 I will watch it, in theaters, just like I did for the last one.

    But, I agree with a lot of what Fuller had to say – a third movie could actually damage our memories of this beloved franchise.

    I am actually going to say don’t make this movie, please don’t make it.

    I mean look what’s going on with the Evil Dead…

    • If the script is great, and Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters are on board, theirs no way that the film would ruin the franchise. And when you think about it, there really isn’t a franchise. The only Ghostbusters related anything that’s come out in recent years was the video games.

    • well said, i completely agree. Especially the last part.

  9. Love Bill Murray but he’s an idiot for not wanting to greenlight ghostbusters 3. All of us older than 25 have fond memories of the first 2.

  10. I too am a flight suit wearing fanatic.. i gotta admit i would rather see one made now than a remake coming in later years (which doesnt mean it wouldnt happen anyways) but seriously i would like to see how they could do it. I really enjoyed the VG and always thought that would have made a great movie. Even though i thoroughly love the puppet ghosts I am not afraid of change and would like to see some clean cgi ghosts. It would be a nice end to the series that feels like it didnt get a proper ending. Just an opinion but i gotta admit.. I said “oh man i wish they would bring back ecto cooler” to a co worker and he said “whats that?”.. i cried alittle inside since he was only 7 years younger (21) and it would be great to introduce the series to a younger generation that wants their movies to be polished. Not everyone can appreciate the gritty 80′s movies. I will always love the movies no matter what..

  11. I thought Ramis and Murray had a big falling out after Groundhog Day and weren’t really on speaking terms.

    • They did, but it’s all good now. The falling out had nothing to do with Groundhog Day, though (but Murray was having problems with his brother during Groundhog Day). The problem was that Murray wanted to do another film with Ramis after Groundhog Day, but Ramis wanted to take a break from working together and venture into other things. Murray wasn’t happy about that.

  12. Aahhhh ecto cooler….

  13. I’d love Bill Murray to be in it as Venkman’s ghost. Complete with an ectoplasmic proton pack that (because it is made of spectral energy) can do things the regular Proton packs can’t.

    He could be like the inside man of the spook world.

    • Yes, and he is cursed to be haunted by Slimer, who is sliming him for eternity ;)

    • That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. You meant that to be a joke, right? Good God!

      • Yes, that is the reason I put a ;) at the end.
        In the future I start ironical sentences with a additional “Warning, warning, please pay attention: Ironical content in the following sentence” ;)

        • Not you, the other guy.

          “I’d love Bill Murray to be in it as Venkman’s ghost. Complete with an ectoplasmic proton pack that (because it is made of spectral energy) can do things the regular Proton packs can’t.
          He could be like the inside man of the spook world.”

          Awful, awful idea.

  14. I think Ghostbusters should be rebooted and it will be a great idea to see “The Origins of THE GHOSTBUSTERS” to look different than Ivan Reitman’s original Ghostbuster films that he directed. Here ia a perfect casting for The Ghostbusters (Remake-Version) Ben Stiller (Peter Venkman), Will Farrell (Egon Spengler), Steve Carrell (Raymond Stantz), and Will Smith (Winston Zeddemore)

    • No. Remake. Of. Ghostbusters. EVER.

      Thank God Bill Murray would never allow that abomination to go forward.

    • yeah, have the biggest of the stars to be cast as the most insignificant character of the series. No, if they do reboot it and cast a comedian to play Winston, it would be a Tracey Morgan. someone who can play skeptical but willing for the money.

  15. Saw this on twitter:

    CRMcLaughlin: Bill Murray is dead

    True or false?

  16. The first Ghostbusters was the best. The second one, well, it just sucked. But if they are going to do a third one then they’d best snap to it before all the main characters have to chase down the ghosts with their proton packs strapped to the backs of their hover rounds.

  17. I wouldn’t mind if the film gets made, but I think I’m kinda tired of the golden years being revived for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths. There kinda comes a point where you’re a little tired of it.

    You can’t blame Murray for simply not wanting to do it. On the other hand, at least he’d be in something funny for a change.

    Well, unless he opts for ‘Quick Change 2: Lost in Miami’ or some sh-t like that.

  18. It’s nice to read an article written by a real ghostbusters fan for once. agree w/EVERYTHING you said. I just wish they would use akroyd and ramis’ script from back in the day that made the ghostbusters video game, or something written by them. and i don’t get the hate on GB2 at all. it was a good f-ing movie. i do and don’t want this movie (if there’s no heart). Cmon, Bill, just read the damn thing already and tell us if it sucks or not

  19. Personally i don’t think it should go ahead regardless of whether the screen writers have a bad script or not, the magic and memeories are always going to stay with all of the fans and new generations alike. We don’t need more to please. Us fans, as grown people need to show our own new generation of family what ghostbusters did for film. That’s magic

  20. I think that it should be made(Ghost busters 3) I know that a lot of people argue that they’re making to many sequels to old films now and going over board(IE Terminator,Die Hard Etc.) but this was one that was LOOOOOOOOONG over due and I think the fans deserve to see it made just as a last “Ho-ray” for the series. And if it IS made make it BE the last one. Don’t say “Oh I think we can make a few more”

  21. Yes they should make a Ghostbusters 3, absolutely yes. I quite enjoyed GB2, of course it wasn’t as good as the first, but it was still good fun. The third film needs to be geared towards an adult audience, not kids. They can make another cartoon for kids later on, but make GB3 really terrifying, and funny. Also, bring back the original logo, no ghosts holding up 3 fingers, or anything like that.

  22. I hope this newer gets made. The first two were classics and they will be destroyed by the 3rd if they make it the way they’re threatening to.