‘Ghostbusters 3′ Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

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ghostbusters 3 harold ramis Ghostbusters 3 Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

Yesterday brought the saddening news that legendary comedy filmmaker/actor Harold Ramis has passed away, following his battle with a rare autoimmune disease. Many people have wondered if Ramis’ death might be the final grain of sand that tips the scale against the perenially-rumored Ghostbusters 3 from happening. However, that’s not the case, as Sony still intends to make the project a reality – after some script revisions, of course.

In recent years, the Ghostbusters 3 story has evolved to account for the passing of 25 years (yep) since Ghostbusters 2; as it stand, the plot is now said to revolve around the remaining founders of the eponymous paranormal investigation department – which might just be Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) since Ramis has died and Bill Murray doesn’t want to come back (assuming that he doesn’t change his mind as a way to honor Ramis) - recruiting a team of up and coming Columbia University physics students to restart the ghost-catching business in the post-millennial world.

THR is reporting that Ghostbusters 1 & 2 director Ivan Reitman – who remains attached to helm the third installment in the horror/comedy franchise – will soon be meeting up with Sony officials, in order to discuss how best to revise the most recent script draft for the project. The first script draft was penned by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Bad Teacher), but the current Ghostbusters 3 screenplay may already includes revisions by Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3), in addition to possibly story tweaks directly made by the original franchise scribes Aykroyd and Ramis.

Apparently, before Ramis’ passing, his beloved geeky alter ego Dr. Egon Spengler was only going to have a “cameo role” in Ghostbusters 3, so the script won’t require an intensive overhaul (unlike what happened with Fast & Furious 7 when Paul Walker died last year). Still, it would be logical for the script revisions to at least include, say, a scene that respectfully acknowledges the passing of Ramis – as well as the Egon character in the film’s universe – as a heartfelt salute to his contributions to the Ghostbusters brand.

Dan Akroyd Says No Bill Murray Ghostbusters 3 Ghostbusters 3 Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

That said, the THR report mentions that even prior to Ramis’ death, the Ghostbusters 3 script wasn’t considered to be far enough along in development for production to get started by 2014 (despite Aykroyd’s assurances to the contrary last year).

Fact of the matter is, in the wake of Ramis passing, Sony could decide to take a different approach and simply not include any of the original Ghostbusters cast. That alternate route might result in the studio taking even more time with pre-production on the third Ghostbusters movie installment, so as to properly restructure the script as more of a “hard” reboot of the franchise (even more so than it was before).

What do you think is the best approach to take with Ghostbusters 3 – or, at this point, would you rather that this project simply not happen at all?


We’ll keep you posted on the status of Ghostbusters 3 as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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  1. Give it a rest.

  2. I think a reboot is more of a logical idea at this point. It wouldn’t make sense to salvage what’s left since Bill Murray doesn’t want to be apart of and Ramis passing it would be more wise, respectful and leave the franchise as it was a duology then work on a reboot that can bring life to the franchise again without having to follow within the constraints of a format the previous movies had set.

    • OMG No reboot please they should stay away from this and Back to the Future they are too good for reboots, if Bill doesn’t want to be in it just scrap it and leave it as it is, reboots are a disaster and just wouldn’t be fitting for the universe. I think with Ramis passing that they should just scrap it and move on wouldn’t be right without any of the original quartet so leave it be we will always have the classics to watch,

  3. I have to agree with Ranter.

    If they are going to do it there is only one way about it:
    Aykroyd makes a cameo either as a ‘seasoned’ professor or something to that effect, not really being a ‘Ghostbuster’ but some sort of nod to the original series.

    A hard reboot would be the logical choice, starting from scratch, perhaps it might be more entertaining if it were students doing the ghostbusting instead of the Doctors????

    • Logical choice? The logical choice is to leave it alone and NOT “reboot.”
      The casting is what made this movie what it is. It’s ridiculous to try and salvage this sequel or reboot or whatever they’re doing to this franchise.
      Just like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there are only two Ghostbusters movies.
      I hope Bill Murray doesn’t return. I’m on his “logical” side now.

      • They are going to do it anyway…They know money when they see it.
        That’s why they rebooted ‘Total recall’ and ‘Robocop’ and why they are making the new star wars movies and the godzilla remake and avatar 2,3 and 4..

        All I am saying is since they are going to do it anyway, the best way would be a straight up, starting over reboot…

        • The Total Recall reboot did not make much money, Robocop isn’t doing big numbers either.

          • I was going to say that you can’t say “They know money when they see it” and then go on to list examples that show they really don’t.

            • ok, well good on you.

  4. If this is not a sign to leave well enough alone, never mind this is Hollywood we are talking about. Aykroyd of all people should know better, wasn’t Blues Brothers 2000 enough ?

  5. Please stop this project. No Murray. No Ramis. But Dan A is on sounds like…Caddyshack 2

    • Excellent point.

      So, go on without him…because you know that they are going to make it happen one way or another.

      Without him would be the least painful way…

  6. What has Ernie Hudson said about the movie or coming back? Or is his involvement not relevant in any capacity?

    • I noticed that too. It’s like he wasn’t even a GB. There were 4 GB’s not 3…

    • I saw Ernie Hudson at a convention a little while ago, (Dan Akroyd was in town but filming something at the time, but not at the convention), When asked about Ghostbuster’s 3, he said that no one has asked him to be in the sequel, and he thinks it’s dead in the water.

  7. I could fathom a new crew, not the remaining original, in a remake ~ maybe something with Seth Rogen and playing for straight, not just a slapstick remake . . but trying to get the old crew to agree has taken too long and I’m not sure I’d want to see them in a major way on the screen reprising their roles.

    • Seth Rogan is a blight on all film. I only want him to play 1 more role. Ex-actor.

    • Seth Rogen… Jesus. *smh* I tell ya, kids nowadays have absolutely no concept of what comedy was.

    • Good point

    • I agree. The Videogame is the 3rd movie to me. RIP Egon. See you on the other side.

  8. OMG let this stupid sequel go already.. hey wait bring the original cast back as CGI ghosts and then get rid of them!

  9. Maybe his passing will be the thing that compels Bill Murray to participate in the movie. I would hope that they would include an opening funeral scene that brings them all together…Wishful thing, I know.

    • Xmasevebaby has a great idea, we can combine that with the idea that G3 died had…

      The movie starts at a funeral, we only see Hudson, Aykroyd and Weaver standing at a service…it is the service for Egon…they elude to Murry being unable to come to the service…flash forward a few months, Aykroyd (Who now has a business with Hudson.) calls Murry and says “we have a problem with Egon”
      Egon, although dead, becomes a poltergeist and is terrorizing the city, and only they can stop him!

      • “Egon, although dead, becomes a poltergeist and is terrorizing the city, and only they can stop him!”

        What the hell is wrong with you?

    • yeah, that would make a good start of a passing the torch, if that is what this movie is supposed to be.
      An older Ray Stanz finally realizes that he’s getting too old to keep chasing ghosts after the death of his scientific partner Egon Spengler, so he attempts to hire back his old buddies to train the new crew. Peter Veikman doesn’t agree, but Winston Zedmore does. Winston is the old teacher, while Stanz is still the crazy occult conspiritist he’s always been. Things start spiraling out of hand really quickly as the new crew does not understand the responsibility given to them (like Police Academy),and so its a kind of passing the torch to kids who are learning about the crazy world around them that the average New Yorker faces, but politics want to keep a lid on. Let the serious craziness insure. The new guys get their s*** together against the main enemy causing most of the havoc, and finally they unite as the new Ghostbusters. How come I feel like I just predicted the movie before its script is even completed?

  10. Reboot

  11. The surviving Ghostbusters can reunite at Egon’s funeral, where they meet his adult son who has taken up Egon’s scientific ghost contacting experimentation in an effort to contact his dad’s ghost. Inadvertently Egon jr. summons “someone else” …. Someone he will need Ray, Peter and Winston’s help getting rid of.

  12. They already have taken SO much wasted time on this sequel. They should have made it years ago , not SO long since part crappy kinda 2. Plus NOW Bill Murray will u “Finnally” come back to the franchise for this sequel already? Jeez. If Murray wasn’t such an odd ball not wanting to do it , dunno y , easy money here Bill , Duh , and the fact they waited way too long to make it , hopefully finally they’ll make the dam thing.

  13. They could have , in theory already MADE the sequel like years ago and by now we’d be talking about a useless remake or reboot of it.

  14. They should do a reboot/sequel similar to what Michael Bay is doing with Transformers. Set in the same timeline/universe, maybe some of those university students stumble upon the old headquarters and it goes from there, learning along the way what happened and why the original crew is no where to be found. Pepper that in among the current story line and it could be a nice way to honor the original series while moving forward with a new take.

    I also just really don’t want to sit through another origin story. Please.

  15. The fact that any reboot or sequel is not talking about Ernie Hudson’s involvement is pure racism. jk

  16. G*d D*mnit Sony… Just leave Ghostbusters ALONE! don’t Sully the work of Ramis….

  17. you really can’t have Ghostbusters without Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murruy. Those 3 actually had a great synergy in the series that would be hard to match. But, it would be nice to maybe have the movie start with Dr. Egon Spengler’s funeral, and go on from there. It would be nice for Bill Murruy to pitch in as well even if it is just for a cameo, especially because he is what kept the movie sane, despite his character being fairly insane.
    I am just afraid that the new movie won’t be as good with a new cast. It won’t have the same odd, quirkiness, yet natural feel…it won’t have the “everyone around them is insane but them” feel of the Ghostbusters movies. It will be hell on earth…it will be mass paranoia, fear, fighting on the streets, cats and dogs living together and millions of unhappy people (not just the New Yorkers this time around).

  18. Its Over lay it to rest,to continue brings back memories of Blues Brothers 2000.

  19. I met ernie Hudson last year too odds are mayhaps at similar convention. I met him in Frammingham mass at Boston Megafest I think its called. Mad cool.

  20. How about we put it away. Bill Murray isn’t going to be in it, and clearly Ramis won’t either. I would not be happy with a reboot.

    I say put it to rest. The last two movies are still fun to watch.

  21. It was a tough sell without Bill Murray. Now, it just doesn’t seem right. If Dan, Bill and Ernie decide to make one I’ll go see it, otherwise maybe it is best to let it be for now.

  22. Sorry, Casper fans, I never liked this series, so I myself won’t be watching it, although I know quite a few people did enjoy it, so if it goes, I hope it does well for them.

  23. I love the movie 1 and 2 but I think its time to let it go.. You can not replace bill or Mr. Ramis (RIP) at all with anyone.. I think its time Sony just come up with something new for us to watch and let us all who remember the good movies both stars played in and liked so much…

  24. For some reason I could see this movie without Murray but not ramis. Idk his and akroyds partnership was too important. …and also its kind of annoying that they never talk about hudson!! To me there were always 4 ghost busters and he was by no means a second tier player.

  25. Really like the idea of having some of the original cast as it let’s the audience pick up from the previous story line. To completely abandon the previous two movies for the third is like pretending (in the movie) all that never happened. We are then just reliving an already awesome story, so what’s the point to remake a classic.

  26. Also…for this movie to really take flight they need Bill Murray involved, it has so much potential, he is the main dude and can really push and sell the next stage of the story line…for his fans he should do this…he’s pretty old now and in my opinion this movie helped make him so famous…why wouldn’t he gladly take this role? Seems abit strange