‘Ghostbusters 3′ Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

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ghostbusters 3 harold ramis Ghostbusters 3 Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

Yesterday brought the saddening news that legendary comedy filmmaker/actor Harold Ramis has passed away, following his battle with a rare autoimmune disease. Many people have wondered if Ramis’ death might be the final grain of sand that tips the scale against the perenially-rumored Ghostbusters 3 from happening. However, that’s not the case, as Sony still intends to make the project a reality – after some script revisions, of course.

In recent years, the Ghostbusters 3 story has evolved to account for the passing of 25 years (yep) since Ghostbusters 2; as it stand, the plot is now said to revolve around the remaining founders of the eponymous paranormal investigation department – which might just be Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) since Ramis has died and Bill Murray doesn’t want to come back (assuming that he doesn’t change his mind as a way to honor Ramis) - recruiting a team of up and coming Columbia University physics students to restart the ghost-catching business in the post-millennial world.

THR is reporting that Ghostbusters 1 & 2 director Ivan Reitman – who remains attached to helm the third installment in the horror/comedy franchise – will soon be meeting up with Sony officials, in order to discuss how best to revise the most recent script draft for the project. The first script draft was penned by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Bad Teacher), but the current Ghostbusters 3 screenplay may already includes revisions by Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3), in addition to possibly story tweaks directly made by the original franchise scribes Aykroyd and Ramis.

Apparently, before Ramis’ passing, his beloved geeky alter ego Dr. Egon Spengler was only going to have a “cameo role” in Ghostbusters 3, so the script won’t require an intensive overhaul (unlike what happened with Fast & Furious 7 when Paul Walker died last year). Still, it would be logical for the script revisions to at least include, say, a scene that respectfully acknowledges the passing of Ramis – as well as the Egon character in the film’s universe – as a heartfelt salute to his contributions to the Ghostbusters brand.

Dan Akroyd Says No Bill Murray Ghostbusters 3 Ghostbusters 3 Still Moving Forward; Script to Be Reworked

That said, the THR report mentions that even prior to Ramis’ death, the Ghostbusters 3 script wasn’t considered to be far enough along in development for production to get started by 2014 (despite Aykroyd’s assurances to the contrary last year).

Fact of the matter is, in the wake of Ramis passing, Sony could decide to take a different approach and simply not include any of the original Ghostbusters cast. That alternate route might result in the studio taking even more time with pre-production on the third Ghostbusters movie installment, so as to properly restructure the script as more of a “hard” reboot of the franchise (even more so than it was before).

What do you think is the best approach to take with Ghostbusters 3 – or, at this point, would you rather that this project simply not happen at all?


We’ll keep you posted on the status of Ghostbusters 3 as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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  1. So they’re making an overdue sequel to a franchise starring four main leads, one of which doesn’t want to do it (Murray) and another one has passed away.

    How can Hollywood possibly think this could work?

    • Hollywood thinking is an oxymoron.

  2. …really like the idea of following the story from Egon’s funeral, recognition for the fans will really make the movie more sentimental for the fans…great work guys and RIP Ramis, see you n the flip side

  3. At least we have Ghostbusters The Video Game

  4. Dr. Peter Venkman: Jesse Eisenberg
    Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz: Jonah Hill
    Dr. Egon Spengler: Seth Rogan
    Winston Zeddemore: Donald Glover

    Dana Barret: Dakota Fanning
    Walter Peck: Alfie Allen

    • No….just absolutely not. Just the mention of Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill in the same movie means its gonna be a crpfest.

      • Yeah, worst casting ever!

    • Nailed it!!
      Somebody get this man a corner office!!

  5. As I’ve stated before I’m completely against a reboot but I’m curious who would be your 4 GB’s using the format for a reboot of Ghostbusters –

    Ray – Jason Segel\Simon Pegg
    Egon – Ed Helms\Zachary Quinto (Spock from New Star Trek)
    Peter – Robert Downey Jnr/Bradley Cooper
    Winston – Jamie Foxx/Cuba Gooding Jnr

    • Ray – Zach Galifianakis\Simon Pegg\Johnny Galecki
      Egon – Jim Parsons
      Peter – Jesse Eisenberg
      Winston – Idris Elba

      • Or just the 4 chaps from The Big Bang Theory…..

      • Pleas stop, these are all terrible suggestions…

    • Great choices…..I like where this is heading!

  6. The originals were great because of the special effects and the bulky tech the guys used. If they did a remake or a 3rd installment id be afraid itd be a CGI mess and the proton packs would be fanny packs and Ecto Goggles would be google glasses. The charm of the originals would be lost unless they do it right. The awesome special effects of the ghosts (i.e. Slimer) would be completely different and not have the same feeling to it. I for one say this was just a sign that the franchise should just be left as is.
    Some may argue that Robocop was a good remake but that kind of is apples and oranges. Robocop Wasnt about the bulky nerd tech that ghostbusters was and the special effects were more literal rather than comical.
    Now if they came back with the original ghostbusters using the original proton packs and the newbies trying to use the new ones but they dont work as well then I could see it. Pay homage to the originals but I personally dont feel right about it anymore.

    Who would be my 4 replacement ghostbusters? No one. because no one can replace BFM, Ramis’ smart/dry humor or Akroyd’s line delivery. The chemistry of those 3 alone is what made that movie awesome. Dont mess with a great thing.

    End Rant

    • What made the original film soo great to me was the chemistry between the actors. I’m sure they could get a good cast of comedic actors together. But honestly, I don’t think it would be the same as having Murray’s witty banter with Ramis or the other cast members.

      Just my opinion.

      • Exactly. They complimented each other so well and not in a campy slap stick way like seth rogen and friends do. Although that is what “chemistry” on screen is now adays sadly.

  7. A third film is looking less and less interesting everyday. No Bill Murray. No Harold Ramis (RIP). Imo, its not worth making without the original cast on board for one last go at the franchise.

  8. Perhaps Murray (Venkman) and Ramis (Spengler) ‘crossed the streams’ and the ghost of Venkman now inhabits Dana Barretts apartment from the first ‘busters’…… Starts with a double funeral, Ray having to advertise for more staff….. This is cameo’s galore, can you imagine just loads of interviews, one after the other with Steve Cogan, Steve Carrell, Seth Rogan, all inappropriate for the job… All of Dan Ackroyd’s mates, even Chevy Chase (supposed to be Venkman in the first movie)….. Then he actually hires Jim Parsons & Jesse Eisenberg to go bust Venkmans ghost…… How sweet.

  9. Just let this one slip into the night, Sony. There’s no way to do it and do it right now. If you want to make Ghostbusters: The Next Generation, fine, whatever, but don’t even try to make this one.

  10. Make the movie about how all 4 ghostbusters had kids about the same time but had to put them up for adoption/foster homes when they were just born for their safety. All 4 kids were split up to protect their identity and safety because the original Ghostbusters new some secret powerful information or were watching some secret object. The evil powers that be wanted that object/information and has been trying to get it for a long time. If the Evil powers that be new about the kids then it would go after them, thus the adoption route.

    SO…Mysteriously, the original members are being killed off. The last remaining is Akroyd. Akroyd seeks them out and tells them that they need to honor their parents and become the next generation of ghostbusters and guard the information or object. So he trains them.


    Venkman’s son and daughter- James Franco and Chloe Moretz
    Ray’s son -Josh Hutcherson
    Egon’s twins- Paul Dano and Emma Watson
    Tully’s kid- Jonah Hill
    Winston’s son- Donald Glover

  11. There’s two things I’ve come to accept in life one is I will never see a Lethal Weapon 5 that’s not a reboot or remake and the other is Ghostbusters 3 it’s been C@#K teased for the last 20 some odd years ad nausea and at this point lets just call it it’s as dead as a project can get its the film equivalent of “Weekend at Bernie-Ing” someone it’s strung up like a puppet trying to trick people into believing that it’s still alive when in fact its dead.

    Would I have loved to have seen a 3rd one? Hell yeah but the time for it passed 10 years ago. The cast is to old and honestly I don’t want to see a movie if their just in it for a little cameo to pass the proton pack to the current flavor of the month young celebrities I shudder when I hear some of the names passed around for the next generation.

    • Especially Jonah Hill. He just doesnt fit the bill for me. Especially because then they would have to have James Franco (I despise him honestly) and Seth Rogen in there because heaven forbid they do something separate and they will put in pot jokes and ruin the whole thing.

  12. As a tribute to Harold, they should include him still in the sequel as a CG Ghost and helping them out catch a monstrous spirit who is also responsible for killing Egon in the story. I think Harold Ramis would love that! LOL

    • Exhausted, drained, tired from catching the monstrous/powerful spirit who also killed Egon The original crew would then calls it quits after giving their last HORAH cause it wasn’t just the same without their old friend and its finally time to pass on the baton to the nex generation. LOL! Just sayin..

  13. He still won’t let it lie, will he?

    Honestly, keep Ghostbusters in the past where it belongs, leave us fans happy with the two movies we already have and don’t try to bring the originals back or have a new team. Just don’t do it, otherwise you might as well try and remake Chris Farley movies like Tommy Boy that are also classics that shouldn’t be remade or continued.

    • @ Dazz

      I couldn’t agree more.
      I can understand Aykroyd’s desire to make another because let’s face it, what else does he have going on but with every new story I read and with every claim that he makes that it will happen I actually get sad.
      More and more IMO it just feels like a man desperate to work and Ghostbusters is the only property to grab headlines so with every chance he gets he throws it out there.
      It’s kind of a bummer.

      • Exactly at this point if I ever meet Dan Aykroyd(Already met Ernie Hudson at a Comic Con and it was awesome) I’m going to tell him right to his face just give it up. He helped give us a cultural icon that will be remembered and loved for generations but the time for another sequel has long since passed he should be happy with Ghostbusters 1 and 2 and the Video game. If it’s done at all it would only serve as a kick in the balls to the fanbase. The whole cast is pushing 70 at this point do we really want to see them in wheelchairs,walkers and adult diapers going after slimer?

        There is a certain point when you have to let a franchise go or else it will just degrade and get worse with each new installment Indiana Jones should have stopped with the Last Crusade, Star Wars Should have ended with return of the jedi, Superman I wish to god stopped at movie two Superman returns brought back some dignity but that was a long time coming. Point is stop dangling the sequel carrot and move on to something new create some new icons and stop torturing the fans with this S#!T

        P.S I would also ask him WTF was he thinking when he did Caddyshack 2 and what loan shark he had to pay off to take a role in that turkey?

    • I totally agree with you! Why mess with something that is so darn successful?? I mean don’t get me wrong, I like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco, etc. but in the movies that they did. But never ever see them as Ghostbusters.

  14. Keep your mind open! It is too early to know. Just wait!

  15. I think the ship has pretty much sailed by this point. The straw that broke the camels back was Harold’s recent death. and lets face it, you cant have a Ghostbusters movie without Bill F’in Murray.

    Maybe they could do a really nice CGI animated film. Like the video game but longer and with a bigger budget.

  16. Not for me, this can work, as said though, I wish Bill would reconsider as an tribute to our fallen friend, and more so there should be as many cameos as possible from the originals, I’m surprised Ernie Hudson isn’t attatched to this already, that’s dissappointing so far but you have to love Dan Akroyd for keeping the faith, Bless Harold Ramis, RIP buddy, you are appreciated.

  17. I am conflicted as a fan of the movies growing up I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. With Murray’s reluctance to appear in the purported 3rd installment and now Harold Ramis’ passing, it might be best to either can the project altogether or to just do a hard modernized reboot. Time will tell I suppose.

  18. It was just supposed to be a cameo anyway, so rewrite it so that Egon cameos as a ghost. This is probably the only franchise where something like that could work. The ghosts are all CG anyway, and there are dozens of films he’s been in from which they could cobble together dialogue. If done respectfully it could be a beautiful sendoff to the man.

  19. @DB I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, I think that is such a great idea, this guys got his ear to the ground, and maybe for usage of his likeness they can slip his family something.

  20. I think the only guys that could do the roles of Ghostbusters are the ‘Kids in the Hall’ guys.
    An excellent group of Canadians in acting comedy.

  21. I agree with everyone, they should just leave it alone. I don’t understand why someone would want to mess with such a successful franchise. I mean, have respect for Harold Ramis. I mean if I was him and this was something that I worked on, I wouldn’t want it to continue without me. And if Hollywood has some respect for him, his family and the fans they should LEAVE IT ALONE! Period!

  22. It could work, but, it has to top the last two, maybe even a little edgier, I’m not feeling showing no connecting to the original Ghostbusters, that ensure lots of disconnection to the new Ghostbusters. You should always tip your hat to where you come from in a big way, people respect that.

  23. Since Harold Ramos passed away every other article in Hollywood is about Ghostbusters 3 now and how they should re-write the script. In my opinion the key lies with one young character from the second installment, Oscar Barrett. Its been over twenty years since the last major incident in New York. With the current death of friend and coworker Egon Spengler. A depressed and reluctant Peter Venkmen is un willing to train his step son Oscar Barrett in the long lost arts of Ghostbusting. Soon he himself succumbs to side effects of prolonged use of the now outdated technology of the proton pack. Leaving only 2 of the original founders of the Ghostbusters left. Oscar scared by his recent lost. Uses his mind and academic background to redevelop a new type of proton pack safe to use. Ray and Winston reluctant as well as impressed with Oscar’s recent development decides to train him. Several hundred miles south of New York a geomagnetic anomaly causes a rise in malevolent paranormal activity in the State of Georgia. The governor calls the retired Ray and Winston to help. Discovering that a group of people behind these have conjured an old supernatural foe Gozer. With new technology can the guys take down this group and this supernatural foe for good.

    I would definitely pick Jim Parsons to play Oscar.

  24. Come on, Seriously….your casting is terrible…and not at all funny.

    J.B. Smoove needs to be a ghostbuster. New York written all over him. How could he not be a ghostbuster. His Melo Commercials are funnier then anything the other “ghostbusters” you recommended have done, and those are just stupid M10 *jordan* commericals.

    A girl ghostbuster is tough….but they pull it off in the comics…But I got to say, it doesn’t matter who the person is, she should be serious because a funny girl ghostbuster isn’t going to work. ANYONE BUT TINA FEY OR ANNA FERRIS! If I had to give a name to the actress – KRISTEN SCHAAL – and she can have false medium powers that never pan out.

    Geek Egon type – Michael Cera… funny but not confident. Completely owned but kinda smart talking back to Ray come on it works.

    I hate everyone from SNL – but if there has to be someone to make that connection Bill Hader is it. He doesn’t even need a new name. The joke can be he is just happy to be working.

    If Rick Moranis won’t do it, DON’T REPLACE HIM!!!!!! Girl Ghostbuster cannot get with another Ghostbuster!!!!

  25. I don’t want another ‘son of the mask’ kind of film to slap my favourite childhood film in the face. A movie cannot be half assed without half the asses of the original cast. If they do make a new one with the original cast, Ihhope for their sake,they’re doing something right

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  27. R.I.P ramis u were my favorite