‘Ghostbusters 3′ To Begin Filming in Cleveland in Spring 2014?

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ghostbusters 3 start date 2014 Ghostbusters 3 To Begin Filming in Cleveland in Spring 2014?

The long-awaited Ghostbusters 3 – championed by franchise costar/co-writer Dan Aykroyd – could begin production next year, after years of false reports and rumors about a filming start date being right around the corner.

Now… if the previous sentence didn’t give you deja vu, then you’re probably new to the painstaking process of awaiting for meaningful updates on Ghostbusters 3‘s slow crawl from the depths of development hell. However, we are pleased to announce that the latest unconfirmed update on the project does not come straight from Aykroyd’s mouth (similar to yesterday’s Emma Stone/Jonah Hill casting rumor); rather, from another, possibly more reliable source altogether.

Instead, this report arrives courtesy of an unnamed Sony Pictures Entertainment executive, who reportedly informed NBC Cleveland, Ohio affiliate WKYC (hat tip to Coming Soon) that the city of Cleveland is under consideration to serve as the shooting location for Ghostbusters 3, with principal photography scheduled to begin in 2014; most likely, in the spring.

The city has been a popular destination spot for big Hollywood blockbuster fare of late, what with Marvel Studios’ having recently filmed both The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in that area. Moreover, that prospective start date isn’t too far off from the early 2014 estimate that Aykroyd offered six months ago (at the time of writing), which happened after longtime GB3 holdout Bill Murray had finally lost his rights to the Ghostbusters franchise.

ghostbusters 3 update dan aykryod Ghostbusters 3 To Begin Filming in Cleveland in Spring 2014?

The most recent Ghostbusters 3 script draft – based on a previous version written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Bad Teacher) - was put together by Etan Cohen; who, as it were, has proven to be adept at resurrecting these kind of dormant effects-heavy sci-fi/comedy franchises for Sony (see: his script for Men in Black III, which grossed $624 million worldwide and earned decent reviews). Last we heard, Ghostbusters 1 & 2 director Ivan Reitman was still in line to steer the ship on Part 3.

Here is the plot, as described by Aykroyd:

“['Ghostbusters 3' is] based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University… I can say that the world or our dimension that we live in… become threatened by some of the research that is being done. And ghostbusters, new ghostbusters have to come and solve the problem.”

Now, there’s certainly potential in that premise. I could even imagine funny types like Stone and Hill pulling out the original Ghostbusters’ old equipment/research and cracking meta jokes about how outdated it is; or, maybe a zinger or two about how desperate the University heads must be, to pull this old stuff out (a la the self-referencing in 21 Jump Street).

Question is, would that approach (or a similar one) work for most Ghostbusters fans? And, more importantly… should we even bother to believe any reports about GB3 (at least, before Sony issues an official press release/announcement)? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


Ghostbusters 3 could (maybe) begin filming in 2014; as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Source: WKYC [via Coming Soon]

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  1. Maybe if we believe in it hard enough it will happen, like the entrance to Hogwarts.

    • Or like finding Platform 9 3/4. I think we all have enough of a headache from banging our heads against brick walls though with this movie.

      Still though, Murray or bust.

      • I don’t get how his involvement should be the sole factor as to weather or not this happens.

        I’d rather wait and see what they come up with.

  2. That doesn’t sound very appealing to me. If you can’t get Bill Murray on board, then move on. No Venkman, no Ghostbusters…sorry Dan.

    • You are wrong. We can go on without Bill Murray. He is not a true actor. If I am in his shoes for first and second movie.. I would go on with third movie. He is welcome for a guest but it is better off without him anyway. Can’t wait!! :)

      • Bill Murray’s not a true actor?

        Did we all grow up watching a hologram then?

        Besides, Bill’s notorious for turning down sequels, he doesn’t like them and it’s rare for him to do a sequel (so far that Ghostbusters 2 is the only one I can think of).

      • What?

  3. yeah right

  4. is it true Bill Murray doesn’t have a agent but just a 1-800 number ha

    • If it was true, that would make him even more amazing than he already is.

  5. Nah. Nada. Will not and cannot watch a bunch of tired jokes about old age, tight clothes and the occasional fart gag thrown in. Potential sample:

    “Dude, you got slimed!”
    “Damn. Like my wedding night all other again.”

    Seth Rogen presumably voicing Slimer. It is a personal thing though. I adored the first and it was a staple of my childhood (not to mention Ms. Weaver looking like that at the end… hello, curious new sensations). There is no doubt that Ackroyd and Ramis deserve their places in the comedy hall of fame, but there is also no doubt their recent output has been dreadful and cheque cashing (‘Yogi Bear’ anyone?).

    Anyways, we had a third Ghostbusters movie. It was called ‘Evolution’ and was utterly dreadful.

    • Did you see the first two on TV a lot over the past few weeks?

      Really showed how amazing they still are, how much they still hold up. The third (if it happens) won’t.

      • Not on TV recently no, but the first two are buried into my head significantly. Always confused me as to why the original cast were so dismissive towards the second one. Even if I were to revisit (and of course I will at some point), it would undoubtedly still make me laugh as much as it ever did.

        • I felt it was weaker than the first but definitely still a great movie. Peter MacNicol’s brilliance as Janosz competing with Murray to steal the show.

          • Agree completely. For all its absurdity, the first is the coherence and clarity of ‘The Life of Brain’ to the all over the place but still very funny ‘The Holy Grail’ of the second.

      • Can I borrow your crystal ball? I might buy lottery tickets this weekend.

  6. Filming in Cleveland and not NYC = Auto FAIL!

    • Why? Can easily say they got run out of NYC after the Vigo incident. Or after Central Park got torn up if the game is held to canon.

  7. Anything that makes Anthony Ocasio happy is ok by me.

  8. Without Bill Murray forget it. Plus Ghostbusters 3 would have to have a cameo by Larry King Live like they did in the first Ghostbusters.

  9. The video game is the unofficial third Ghostbusters movie, which I enjoyed immensely btw. They should make the next movie in the same fashion or similar to the effects used in Tin Tin that way the age and the shape the actors are in won’t matter concerning performance. Also, then Murray might be a willing participant, cause without him… Let’s just say he’s always been my favourite character in the series, and I can’t picture myself seeing the film sans Murray.

  10. Come on, this has GOT to be in NYC for this to even ring Ghostbusters, let alone be TITLED it.

    • It won’t be *set* in Cleveland, just filmed there. It still takes place in NY. Columbia University, no less. It doesn’t matter where they film it. It will feel like New York. That’s how movies work these days.

      They filmed most of Battle Los Angeles in downtown Baton Rouge, where I live. It is tiny and looks nothing like LA, but it did in the movie thanks to all the giant green screens everywhere and location footage from LA.

      Twilight films were done here too. This place looks nothing like Washington State, but it does in the movie.

      Setting it NY but filming elsewhere won’t be an issue. The issues (if any) will be related to casting and story decisions.

      • Um everyone knows what NYC sky line looks like so it will look weird without it.

  11. The more I hear about these ‘new ghostbusters’, the more I don’t want to see this movie. For me, the chemistry of the original four is what makes the Ghostbusters movies, and I don’t need or want to see it all reduced to ‘geez, you’re old’ jokes by a newer cast.

    The original movies had wisecracks and snark (think Venkman vs. Walter Peck) but who, as a fan of Ghostbusters is going to want to see their favourite characters ridiculed by a new set of characters that we haven’t had time to get to like?

    I would say ‘please don’t mess this up’, but unfortunately the more I hear about it, the more I think they will just by continuing with it.

  12. The only way you can get Bill Murray in this film is if you get Wes Anderson to direct it.

    • Weirdest Ghostbusters movie ever.

      • I would still pay to see it though

  13. What about Rick Moranis!!hes part of the gang toooo!

  14. For us old timers the orginal movies hold so much nostalgia, i dont think we will ever be satisfied with a new take on this.

    For the younger audience i hope this new movie will stay in their hearts as long as the originals have in mine.

  15. Nice movie start.

  16. I hope they get this movie going soon and the script is Aswome i will go see it even with out Bill Murry im sure you will get the right actors and actress in could. See James Franko in the film just my opinion

  17. Well, someone may as well go and tell Dan Akroyd to trash what he has, apparently unless it’s exactly like the first tow movies then it better not happen.

  18. Not sure what the desire to bring back the original actors is. Personally I don’t want them to. I’d rather the completely redo it. Similar to the nee Star Wars.

  19. Well I Love!!!!!!!!!!!! Ghostbusters. That being said, I think it’ll be damn hard to do a REAL Ghostbusters movie without Harold Ramis. I mean really, no Egon Spengler? With a bunch of womarn as Ghostbusters? And no Sigourney Weaver? Just stop it Sony and let this franchise DIE!!! Your company can’t be THAT desperate for money!!!

  20. no poehler or fey. those overrated hags suck. Kristen wig as murray/venkmans daughter. Melissa McCarthy as aykroyd/stanz daughter. miayam “amyfarrahfowler” bialik as ramis/spanglers daughter. Charlie day as Janine and Louis kid. Kerry Washington? Rosario dawson? not sure about ernie Hudson Winston zedimores kid. suggestions?

  21. Awesome! I can’t wait for Hollywood to kill another group of my childhood heroes! Adding women… No problem! Replacing with women = I’ll wait a month and maybe watch on Netflix. It’ll have to be 3-D, hence… Not worth theatre prices…. I just don’t understand why movie makers and writers think they have to change what made the previous movies, classics.

    My pick for Ghostbusters: Seth Rogan , Jason Sudeikis , Danny McBride , Ice Cube

    The girls are all GREAT actresses but, you know the script will have period jokes and the “oh no, I broke a nail!” jokes!!!

  22. So basically, all the BRIDESMAIDS girls will get invited to a costume party and all go dressed as the GHOSTBUSTERS. All the sudden the part is crashes by THE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM. While LIM is giving the girls a reading, she’s also chowing down on some fresh guacamole and tostitos. One of the chips gets stuck in her throat and the spirits Are brought to life!

    The fat brides maid craps her pants, the others cry and Kristen Wigg kicks the LIM in the camel toe …… and the credits roll!

    THE END!

  23. Wishful thinking, but here is my dream cast for GB3-

    Venkman- Vince Vaughn
    Ray- Jonah Hill
    Egon- Christopher Mintz-Plasse
    Winston- Terry Crewes (hell yea!)

    Dana- Zooey Deschanel
    Jeanine- Kristine Wiig