‘Ghostbusters 3′ Starting Production in 2012? Aykroyd Drops Casting Hints

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At this point it’s getting kind of tiring to even write about Ghostbusters 3 - what with all the back-and-forth rumors and talk from the former cast members (Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray in particular) and director Ivan Reitman. No matter what has been said about the status of the film, who will or will not be coming back, and what the plot will be, it’s all summated to one glaring truth: lot of talk, very little action.

But now, according (yet again) to Dan Aykroyd, the Ghostbusters threequel is about to stop spinning its wheels in development limbo and start moving full-speed ahead – perhaps without Bill Murray.

The latest word from Aykroyd came during the actor’s conversation with comedian Dennis Miller during a segment of Miller’s radio show, The Dennis Miller Show (fitting name). Here’s what Aykroyd had to say, in response to the question of whether they were going to start making Ghostbusters 3:

Ah yes, we will be doing the movie, and hopefully with Mr. Murray – that is our hope. We have an excellent script, and what we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is kind of bigger than any one component. Although Billy was absolutely the lead and was contributive to it in a massive way – as was the director [Ivan Reitman] and [Harold Ramis], myself, and all of us, Sigourney – the concept is bigger than an individual role. The promise of ‘Ghostbusters 3′ is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood -because my character, Ray, is now blind in one eye, can’t drive the Cadillac, has a bad hip, a bad knee, can’t pick up the [proton pack] – Egon is too large to get into the harness – so we need young blood. And that’s the promise: we’re going to hand it to a new generation. So yes, we will begin production in the Spring, I hope.

When asked by Miller if there were any specific actors they were considering as “new blood,” Aykroyd responded:

I like this guy Matthew Gray Gubler from the Criminal Minds show – but it’s going to be a casting, we’re going to see everyone who wants to do it…we need three guys and a young woman.

Now, there are a few important things that need to be extrapolated from those statements Aykroyd made:

  1. There’s the whole “hopefully with Mr. Murray – that is our hope” bit. The way Aykroyd conveyed that information makes it sound like they will move ahead with Ghostbusters 3 with or without Bill Murray. Of course, Murray is one of the rights holders of the franchise, and needs to approve any new films before they can be made; but then, he could give his blessing to make the threequel without ever having to become involved in it himself. Nothing easier than sitting back and collecting money.
  2. It sounded pretty certain that they will start making the movie in spring of 2012, which would put it on track for either late 2012 or early 2013.
  3. By now it’s common knowledge that The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky were working with Aykroyd and Ramis to craft a “passing the torch” storyline for the film, but Aykroyd has now confirmed that they are going for a new team of young Ghostbusters – one that will be three-quarters male and one-quarter female.
  4. Matthew Gray Gubler? I’m not familiar with his work on Criminal Minds, so I wonder if he has the comedic chops of a true Ghostbuster. Let us know in the comments.
Ghostbusters 3 Casting Call for L.A. and Chicago actors Ghostbusters 3 Starting Production in 2012? Aykroyd Drops Casting Hints

Will the old gang be happily reunited in 'Ghostbusters 3'?

If this all pans out, I know a lot of fans will be happy that all the talk is over and something is actually happening with this flick. Of course, they’ll be less happy if they then find out that Bill Murray isn’t a part of the project – and they’ll be wishing this Pandora’s Box never got opened at all if Ghostbusters 3 ends up being like the last film that Ramis, Eisenberg and Stupnitsky worked on together – the reprehensible Year One. Remember: concern about how badly that film turned out is the reason why Bill Murray hasn’t been enthused about the prospects of this new Ghostbusters flick.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Ghostbusters 3 as more news rolls in.

For the actual words from Aykroyd’s mouth, head over to The Dennis Miller Show.

Source: Hat Tip to “SarahDMZ”

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  1. My policy: if you can’t get the full immediate cast back for a sequel, then there won’t be a sequel.

  2. I have been watching every piece of news about this film very carefully, and being a fan of the original movies, I have my trepidations. First of all, I don’t think Rick Moranis will be back, as he has largely retired from acting. Also, I agree with a lot of the comments made here about Bill Murray. I can’t remember the last time he was in a good movie, and his whole “take me seriously” bullcrap has to go. I understand his hesitation because of the new writers, but he lent his voice to the video game, so what’s the problem with doing the new movie?
    He has to redeem himself for Garfield and Steve Zissou.
    I’m also a little nervous about the “younger crew”. I’m getting sick of Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and all the one-trick ponies. They’re just not funny (although Rudd used to be), and will never be as funny as the original crew.

    • Redeem himself for Zissou? Are you kidding me? Also, Murray has been in a slew of excellent films over the past 13-14 years. He doesn’t need to do this. That being said, I hope he commits and they make a dynamite sequel.

      • I think your probably a teenager who got excited watching Ryan Reynolds fly around in green tights, bill Murray is the man and you will never be as cool as him

  3. I hope at least some of you guys have seen ZOMBIELAND – you know the one – out just recently – Bill was a genius just like his youthful days..

    • Far be it from me to say something bad about Bill but I think their are funnier comedians out there, consistently funnier. Perhaps that’s the reason he hasn’t taken the lead in bringing another episode to this franchise, he’s dried up comically. “Zombieland,” did he really do any writing for that??

  4. Ok. Here’s a question. Bill Murray was seen at St. Peters Hospital today. Why?

  5. Bill Murray, why were you seen at St. Peter’s Hospital yesterday? Through other comments on this page and others, speculation has been mentioned with a hypothesis that you and GB3 have more to do with your health, than your preferences. I believe it would be a nice service to your fans, and those who endear you, for you to man up and be honest about this, so I am asking: Are you dying? I would like to know the truth, I want it from you; the horse’s mouth, and there are lots of ways for you to tell it.

  6. As for Ghostbusters 3, it won’t be worth seeing with out Murray. That’s just it. They have to get them all back. The guy from Criminal Minds is an interesting choice. I just don’t know how funny he will be, but I have been surprised before. Kathleen Turner ended up being very funny in “The Man With Two Brains” and “Romancing the Stone”. I would have never predicted that. One note about Ghostbusters 2 – it was bad. However, the first thirty minutes during which Venkman had the paranormal show, Igon was conducting sadistic experiments at a university, and Ray and Winston were performing at birthday parties was as funny as anything in the first movie. I loved that stuff. It did go downhill really fast after that, though.

  7. Kill it! Kill it now!! None of these guys has been funny in 30 years. The last decent movie they made together was Stripes.. nobody wants to see old, fat, has been hacks in jumpsuits gumming their lines. Murray wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole. This is another Blues Bros 2000 but worse if that’s even possible.

  8. If Bill Murray doesn’t do part 3, he should get slimed on every late night program.

  9. I’m sorry, Dan but I got to disagree with your sentiment that no one person is bigger than the movie. Dr. Venkman was always the character that bought in the non geeky, non techie movie goers. Also the whole passing the torch thing is that Dan and company wants, this has the makings of a horrible decision. This movie franchise has a special place in the hearts of the adults who grew up on The Ghostbusters. It’s not going to appeal to people outside of the 35-45 yr old demographic. Trying to push their dad’s movie onto today’s youngsters won’t work then the true fans have to sit through young actors and characters desecrating our beloved franchise with one liners and jokes in a attempt to appear cool to today’s movie goers.

    • @Garyy C.

      Well that is a silly argument. 35-45 demographif? I think not. Im pretty sure Ghostbusters was also marketed at a younger generation who would be 18-28 now. Two seperate animated series, a plethora of toys, video games and along with cable syndication of the original films i would say Ghostbusters has a large following of a wide selection of ages.

      The passing the torch plot will work fine as long as you have the right type of comedic actors. Just like how the original Ghostbusters would not have been as good & beloved had they not had such great chemistry. Ghostbuster didnt really strive on a spectacular plot but rather great chemistry. Find a group of actors who work great together and make a funny film. Also the original Ghostbusters was filled with one-liners.

      Sidenote. Im pretty sure they cant make the movie with out Bill Murray. I read somewhere that Murray, Akroyd, Reitman & Egon (cant remeber his name) all own a share of Ghostbusters and a film cannot be made unless all four give a green light. Sorta why this has been taking so long.

      • Outside of casting a bunch of young, known actors, there’s no way 18, 21 and 25 year olds will be interested in GB3. Your kidding yourself and doing that just for key demographic sake is a cheesy move that will alienate the die hards fans who will just buy a ticket just because a GB3 was made. Too many times in hollywood when a beloved movie franchise is made into a film, the die hard fan is forgotten about in favor of the mainstream moviegoer. And a Ghostbuster movie that has the beloved guys made to move aside for a younger, newer group of ghoul fighters will alienate those of us who love the franchise because guess what? To think the franchise will go on with newer actors beyond Gb3 is fools thinking so who the hell cares about the “torch being passed” to younger actors thus younger Ghostbusters? Nostalgia means something being beloved because the group experiencing a film, song or event feels it belongs to them. The subject will matter more to them because they initally cared about it so having a Gb3 film where Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston crank it up for one last hurrah will do the franchise and it’s core base a percieved justice more than today’s hollywood flavor of the month actors interloping trying to make something theirs that doesn’t belong to them.

  10. How bout Jack Black for the role of Ray?

  11. I’m willing to give the movie a chance if it gets made. Sometimes things sound bad on paper and turn out good. Other times they sound great and turn out awful.

    Funny that someone mentioned Steve Zissou. Matthew Gray Gubler was in that film as Intern #1.

    Matthew has done some comedic appearances at other venues since starting on CM. He also does the voice of Simon the Chipmunk in the movies. He has great comedic timing and is very funny (IMO).

  12. I forgot to mention that Matthew Gray Gubler was also in RV (aka Runaway Vacation) with Robin Williams. He played the dumb redneck JoeJoe who sent the sewage out of the rv and all over Robin Williams’ character.

    He was quite funny in that even if the movie in general was not the best.

    He also made appearances in the IO West Theater’s “Top Story Weekly” and has done some bit parts in low budget Youtube clips. He was Green Lantern in one of the Sueprman’s dream episodes on Youtube. I’m blanking on the other thing he was in where he played a Russian spy (it was a very short clip).

    He’s popped up in bit roles all over but I can’t remember all of them right now.

  13. Well if The Office writers stay on you know that one of the new guys will be Jon Krasinski. If that is the case, I would love to see Justin Long cast as well. He is very underrated comically and could actually pull off the Peter Venkman role really well.

    Someone said Jay Baruchel which I think would be an excellent choice (Egon, duh.). If they take all the guys from the movie Fanboys that wouldn’t be too shabby either.

    If they use a cast member from SNL they should use Bill Hader.

  14. Matthew Gray Gubler as a younger newer Egon would be great he has that geek factor. Michael Serra as a Ray Stance Character is a perfect fit. I would love to see Ryan Reynolds as Oscar raised by Peter. Weaver needs to comeback. And the rest are non essential. Insert random actor to fill gaps.

  15. I’d have to say if dan wants to do a ‘replacement’ story, at least find an actor who can do a character that has almost the same persona as venkman (murray) I’d haveta say that Tyler Labine from (Reaper) would be great as a character like that or even a ‘NEW’Peter Venkman. -from IronwingZ

  16. Can’nt wait for gb3 must hav dan bill and Harold

  17. I just want to say that Ghostbusters 1, is one of the best movies of all time. 2 not as good, but, seeing that there are so many bad remakes of movies, it would be nice to have a Ghostbusters 3 and see how the special Effects are in 2012. Maybe even goto Adam Sandler to star in or help with the music. He is one of the better more successful actors from SNL fame also. I am sure the origional cast will be amazing in a Ghostbusters movie. There are many plots also, haunted houses, graveyards, things that deal with ghosts. I hope Bill helps out with writing and adding his slapstick golf jokes as usual. Becasue it would be dissapointing if some other writers messed up a chance for the younger generation to see how great the Ghostbusters films are.

  18. They’ll probably get Shia Labouf and ruin the franchise. I desperately hope not, but with Hollywood it wouldn’t surprise me.

  19. fine then let it be 1st script where murray came back as a dead ghostbuster and fought the ghost as a ghost. Y not. it would be a beginning of a new thing. Ghost fighting ghost. Y not. I have a bit of a script of such type but never thought it could come out. Ive been waiting for this flic but without murray. I have no idea y Sony gave the budget for it or if its going too. Sony shot me a line. ILL break it.

  20. it is very simple, make bill murray the GHOST bad guy. THAT would be the only way to make it fun.

    You should totally use cast from battlestar galactica for new people if you need them. starbuck and the mechanic in particular.

  21. I Believe Matthew Grubler would be excellent in the Movie. He Rocks On Criminal Minds and would excel at comedy as well.

  22. To Dan Aykroyd:
    I am like you, I am a visualizer. I want to be in the business, but after college. Plus I’m 20 hours away. I’m gonna take photography, drama, study CGI, and dance(extra). I want to write too. I would like to write the script with you and may act as Jackie. So what is the name of the company you work for? Can you wait for me? I’m you are still trying to get ready for Ghostbusters 3.
    I would like to meet a celebrity someday.
    By the way, Cat Gable isn’t really my name, but for the interview (after college) you might recognize my suggestions. Ghostbusters rocks! :D

  23. I think u can use songs from nowdays, like Ghosts Are Calling by Adele. Dan Aykroyd, u look great! 61? U look about 10 years younger. Even if ur hair is not dyed. U inspire me. U don’t let ur Asperger’s cripple u. I’ve been interested in ghost stories ever since my cousin talked about it. As matter of fact, I think I felt a presence before. It kept me from making the biggest mistake (don’t ask me what mistake). It spoke to me in my mind saying, “Don’t do this.” I’ve been curious about that whether or not I’ve encountered an actual ghost. I’m not saying that there is ghosts nor that they don’t exists. I’m just gonna investigate. I want to become a paranormal investigator. I heard that most of the best ghost cases is in California. I want to see if I can get in the movies anyways. I love movies. but first college, then career. I would like to meet u someday, Dan. :)

  24. Can Dana Berret become a ghostbuster? Or create a female ghostbuster? How many of u want a female ghostbuster? Perhaps one of the ghostbusters’ girlfriends can become a ghostbuster?

  25. I want a female ghostbuster! Please? With a cherry on top?

  26. Why hasn’t been any female ghostbusters? I’ve noticed that even in cartoons! Please put one in? Find an actress who wants to be a ghostbuster. Please?