‘Ghostbusters 3′ Starting Production in 2012? Aykroyd Drops Casting Hints

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At this point it’s getting kind of tiring to even write about Ghostbusters 3 - what with all the back-and-forth rumors and talk from the former cast members (Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray in particular) and director Ivan Reitman. No matter what has been said about the status of the film, who will or will not be coming back, and what the plot will be, it’s all summated to one glaring truth: lot of talk, very little action.

But now, according (yet again) to Dan Aykroyd, the Ghostbusters threequel is about to stop spinning its wheels in development limbo and start moving full-speed ahead – perhaps without Bill Murray.

The latest word from Aykroyd came during the actor’s conversation with comedian Dennis Miller during a segment of Miller’s radio show, The Dennis Miller Show (fitting name). Here’s what Aykroyd had to say, in response to the question of whether they were going to start making Ghostbusters 3:

Ah yes, we will be doing the movie, and hopefully with Mr. Murray – that is our hope. We have an excellent script, and what we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is kind of bigger than any one component. Although Billy was absolutely the lead and was contributive to it in a massive way – as was the director [Ivan Reitman] and [Harold Ramis], myself, and all of us, Sigourney – the concept is bigger than an individual role. The promise of ‘Ghostbusters 3′ is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood -because my character, Ray, is now blind in one eye, can’t drive the Cadillac, has a bad hip, a bad knee, can’t pick up the [proton pack] – Egon is too large to get into the harness – so we need young blood. And that’s the promise: we’re going to hand it to a new generation. So yes, we will begin production in the Spring, I hope.

When asked by Miller if there were any specific actors they were considering as “new blood,” Aykroyd responded:

I like this guy Matthew Gray Gubler from the Criminal Minds show – but it’s going to be a casting, we’re going to see everyone who wants to do it…we need three guys and a young woman.

Now, there are a few important things that need to be extrapolated from those statements Aykroyd made:

  1. There’s the whole “hopefully with Mr. Murray – that is our hope” bit. The way Aykroyd conveyed that information makes it sound like they will move ahead with Ghostbusters 3 with or without Bill Murray. Of course, Murray is one of the rights holders of the franchise, and needs to approve any new films before they can be made; but then, he could give his blessing to make the threequel without ever having to become involved in it himself. Nothing easier than sitting back and collecting money.
  2. It sounded pretty certain that they will start making the movie in spring of 2012, which would put it on track for either late 2012 or early 2013.
  3. By now it’s common knowledge that The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky were working with Aykroyd and Ramis to craft a “passing the torch” storyline for the film, but Aykroyd has now confirmed that they are going for a new team of young Ghostbusters – one that will be three-quarters male and one-quarter female.
  4. Matthew Gray Gubler? I’m not familiar with his work on Criminal Minds, so I wonder if he has the comedic chops of a true Ghostbuster. Let us know in the comments.
Ghostbusters 3 Casting Call for L.A. and Chicago actors Ghostbusters 3 Starting Production in 2012? Aykroyd Drops Casting Hints

Will the old gang be happily reunited in 'Ghostbusters 3'?

If this all pans out, I know a lot of fans will be happy that all the talk is over and something is actually happening with this flick. Of course, they’ll be less happy if they then find out that Bill Murray isn’t a part of the project – and they’ll be wishing this Pandora’s Box never got opened at all if Ghostbusters 3 ends up being like the last film that Ramis, Eisenberg and Stupnitsky worked on together – the reprehensible Year One. Remember: concern about how badly that film turned out is the reason why Bill Murray hasn’t been enthused about the prospects of this new Ghostbusters flick.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Ghostbusters 3 as more news rolls in.

For the actual words from Aykroyd’s mouth, head over to The Dennis Miller Show.

Source: Hat Tip to “SarahDMZ”

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  1. It is amazing to me, how many airheads we have out there in this world. If anyone out there had been following Bill Murray online the past couple of years and had been paying attention, red flags would have been clearly seen. They have been waving everywhere! Do I know anything for sure by 100%? No, but what I do know is this: Bill Murray began suffering some kind of a health crisis last fall, carrying into winter past February, and I believe he has known for quite some time about something very serious that has happened with his health. Can anyone recognize literal sarchasm when they see it? Bill Murray said he’d only do 3 if were a ghost. Hey people, get a clue! He didn’t mean being cast as a ghost, he meant that by the time filming starts, he expects to be a ghost. That’s why he hasn’t committed to anything. Why would he, if he knew he wouldn’t be around long enough for filming to complete? In his mind, that’d knowingly break a commitment. I disagree with Bill Murray about a lot of things. Personally, I believe when it comes to judgement and decision making that all to often, he’s had his head up his rear-end. I can honestly say though, that he is a professional and will not commit to a movie he doesn’t plan on making.

    I mentioned this elswhere, but I want for what I said to be seen. Because of that, you may see my comments about this elswhere. That’s because I am copying and pasting this anywhere I see Bill Murray and Ghostbusters 3 mentioned.

    • Just make sure you read the article too. We address the discrepancy about what Aykroyd is saying and what Murray’s said in the past.

      • Noted. Thanks. Just for the record, I think a Ghostbusters movie without Bill Murray would be a terrible idea, anyway. If they want to do something well, then I think it should be a prequel with a whole new cast. I think Ghostbusters without Venkman will sink like a lead balloon.

    • If what you say is true, why is Bill Murray still acting? Why is he still committing to OTHER film projects? Unless you are someone who knows Bill Murray personally, then my guess is you are just wrong 100%. My theory is Mr. Murray has every intention of being on Ghostbusters 3 and is only dragging his feet until the last possible minute simply to build anticipation for the audience. My guess is as good as yours… Actually… mine is BETTER.

    • If he’s unhealthy, then I ‘m not surprised. According to that one trailer I saw of coffee & cigarettes, he smokes like a chimney. Do that for a long time, look out. As far as the survival of Ghostbusters is concerned, I believe that as long as there’s a ‘good’ script and the actors have personality, then it’ll survive. I don’t believe this is a giant cash grab, they’re probably doing it because they’re getting sick of being asked if they’re doing another one. As the old saying goes, “give the people what they want… or else”. heh heh, ok I added that last part.

    • And you know this how? I hope there are “airheads” (as we are called) out there who do not believe this. Bill Murray will not do a movie unless the script is good, could that be the reason he said he would not do it unless he gets killed in the very beginning? His choice of words that you call literal sarcasm is the norm for him. Do not create crisis without proof.

  2. hmmm another ghost busters movie hmmm

  3. No new generation

    No Seth Rogan, No Jona Hill, please none of those a-holes no one wants to see

    • Yea I love Ghostbusters with all my soul. Still a lil teary eyed that Eddie Murphy didnt play Winston but hey we got Beverly Hills Cop. I am on the fence with this film and I am not sure I even want this to be made at this stage. But more importantly than anything I don’t want to see Seth Rogen/JonahHill/Judd Aptaow humor. No. Please no.

    • AMEN to that! No Jack Black either!!

      I really do NOT like synopsis that Aykroyd gave out. Sounds like a straight-to-DVD Ghostbusters.

  4. 3 guys and a young lady? its been said in an article and ive said it before, just hire the gang from its always sunny to suit up with the old ghostbusters already! i would pay to see that in a heartbeat. gotta go big or go home on this one. and having the sunny cast would be akin to a modern day ramis akroyd murray dynamic.

    • I could live with that. Even encourage it. Maybe make Danny Devito the jerk landlord or another enviornmental prick haha

    • Actually, that – I’d go see.

  5. Honestly, I can’t say that I have seen Matthew Gray Gubler in any comedic roles to date, however as a big fan of the Ghostbuster franchise and someone who watches Criminal Minds, I can see how he would be an excellent fit if they cast him in a role similar to that of Spengler.

    • Yeah, I agree. I think Matthew Gray Gubler would be able to play a good Egon/brainiac type of character. He’s great in Criminal Minds and would be excellent in Ghostbusters. I remember seeing him in 500 Days of Summer in a supporting role.

  6. I remember this film (Ghostbusters) when it came out…IT WAS HUGE!! Like Batman with keaton, Jurassic Park, Spiderman or LOTR..A Sci-Fi comedy and it’s one of the biggest films of all time….I don’t think they would be able to recreate that but I hope they can revive/reinvent this franchise for todays audiences..

  7. I’m Glad that Ghostbusters 3 will be here with or without Bill Murray!!! I had a Rough Day last Night and this makes me Very Happy:)!!! Dan Aykroyd said from his own Mouth that Ghostbusters 3 is Happening and I’m Glad!!! I’ll be taking my new Girlfriend/Wife to see Ghostbusters 3 in 2012 or 2013 because a Sony Rep Confirmed in June in Las Vegas 2011 that GB3 is set for a 2013 release! I’m Glad that my #1 Favorite Actress Sigourney Weaver Will be in Ghostbusters 3 as well with a Big Role:) Time for a Ghostbusters 3 Party!!! If Bill Murray misses out well that’s his Fault just like my ex-Girlfriend!!! It’s still Gonna Happen and that’s Awesome:)!!!

    • u live in vegas? i live in vegas!

  8. If it happens here are my picks for the new ghostbusters: Aziz Ansari, Emma Stone (i know it won’t happen she is incredibly busy but still), john cho, and …….. simon pegg (pegg would be the oldest of the bunch but he is hilarious). I also think Brandon Routh would be good but only if he acts pretty stupid like he did in Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. Zachary Levi would also be amazing and so would Alan Tudyk. I could probably keep going but honestly there is a lot great not totally mainstream comedic talent out there that they could pick from.

  9. Some of my ideas for the male parts :

    - Jason Segal
    - Jay Baruchel
    - Craig Robinson
    - Michael Cera
    - Aziz Ansari

    Any 3 of these guys could fit in nicely. Craig Robinson and Jason Segal are a bit older so it depends on how “new” they want the “blood” to be.

    • craig robinson i didnt think of him but he would be good. jason segal might be interesting. i think they would need to do baruchel or cera but not both cause alot of time they play almost the same of type of character nerdy/awkward.

  10. Ghostbusters 3 is Gonna Happen:)!!! Dan Aykroyd Confirms:)!!!

  11. It seems the just took the same old story line from Extreme Ghostbusters the cartoon… Set years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters, Dr. Egon Spengler recruits the new Ghostbusters. Three guys and one girl…

    Eventhough the ghostbusting is passed on to a new gen by the end of the series the orginal GB’s and the New GB’s have to team up to take down the big boss…

    I guess this is the safe way to make a part 3 in Hollywoods eyes… Dan’s other ideas i thought were a little better example: GB’s get sucked into hell and have to fight their way out or they end up in a alternate future were demons have taken over… i would even settle for a hollywood remake of the “fan made” Freddy vs. the Ghostbusters.

  12. Matthew Gray Gubler was in 500 Days of Summer, the voice of Simon on Chipmonks, both previous and the upcoming one, and had a small but consistent role with Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic. He also has a large and loyal fan base and can be quite comical. He would be a definite plus to any movie, drama, horror or comedy.

    • AMEN

  13. I was stoked and optimistic …’til I read this.
    The premise sounds crappy. Lame story and no Bill Murray – sounds awesome.

  14. Aykroyd does know that Bill Murray’s the only real SNL alumni from that cast with any name recognition left with younger audiences, right?

  15. i agree, no rogen/hill/cera. that would make for a barf fest of corny one liners. not to mention, those are the type of guys who would run and hide under the bed if they saw a ghost. it also needs to be gritty and dark ;D

  16. Why not use the SNL connection that Murray and Aykroyd have? Guys like Jason Sudeikis. Seth Meyers and Kenan Thompson would be great choices, IMO.

  17. The could use the Wolfpack!

    • If you mean the guys from The Hangover, I´d pay 20 bucks to see that.

      • Yes, yes I do. I dont think they should be exact duplicates of the original cast by the way.

  18. I like jay burachel and would like to see simon pegg in there or even nick frost. N how about zach braff?? Hes got a good grasp on comedy and dramatic roles.

  19. If Bill Murray is not in the film, I doubt that it will be a hit. Without him it would not be a Ghostbuster sequal I am sure that if the script was any good he would be willing to do it. As for the person saying that Bill Murray would not be around for the filming because of health reasons, that is total conjuncture on his part and not true.

  20. Once again not one mention of poor old Ernie Hudson, the forgotten Ghostbuster. That guy just can’t get any love:-)

    • Poor Ernie ‘Winston’ Hudson – never gets the girl and is not a scientist in the film, not really given any ‘one liner’ gags – even Rick Moranis gets laid in both films!! I suppose he gets the last line in GB2 which is something – ‘I love this town ha ha’

      • No, this is absolutely not true. He was given the greatest line in the entire franchise:

        Janine Melnitz: Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?

        Winston Zeddemore: Ah, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.

      • He had the best line from from the original Ghostbusters “Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”! … “

    • I had such a crush on Ernie as a little girl, I hope he is in the third, hew was my favorite, even though I agree with you, he didn’t get a lot of the good stuff that the other guys did. BUT I still thought he was cute, I even had his figurine as a kid!

      • Top class Abbie lol, I actually had a massive crush on Sigourney ‘Dana’ Weaver but I think all us guys did – well, up to Alien 3 anyway

        • I was never really an admirer of Sigourney Weaver, although she was pretty hot when she was possessed in Ghostbusters. Also, I thought she was pretty smoking in Galaxy Quest, displaying a couple of very nice assets I never knew she had;-)

          • Ah yes, a great movie enhanced by Ms Weavers chest – all good!!

            • Maybe you guys should have a look at her face instead of her chest. She looks like Freddy Krueger´s sister. She always has.

              • I actually met Sigourney. Really Nice person. Parts of the movie “A Map of the World” were filmed at my house in Toronto. They paid me 10K to use my house for a week. :)

                • I didn´t say she´s not nice. And she´s a good actress as well, but totally unattractive (at least to me).

  21. GB3 without Bill Murray will be like Two and A Half Men without Charlie Sheen – oh wait, that is happening!! Just hope Venkman signs on, even if it is a ghost cameo or something and the new guys have to ‘bust’ him!! Perhaps he is now mates with Slimer or Gozer ha ha

  22. Good or bad, I really just want this movie to get made. I’ve thought a lot about who I would want to play the leads in this film and here’s what I’ve got:

    -To start with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. If you’ve seen I Love you, Man, then you know that these two work great together, and they’re both funny as hell.

    -Aziz Ansari. Everything this guy says cracks me up, he needs to be in more movies.

    -Finally, for the female lead I would go Katee Sackhoff. Her role in Battlestar Galactica showed that she could be tough, funny, and sexy all at once. She would really round out this cast.

    Other runners up include Jay Baruchel (tell me he doesn’t look like a young Egon), Joel Moore, and Jonah Hill.

    • I think Emma Stone would be a person to play the female lead. She is very funny. She cracked me up in Easy A.

      • Emma stone is in too many movies. I say no. new cast: Eliza Dushku, Jay Baruchel, Jesse Eisenberg, Dule Hill, and Summer Glau. EPIC.

      • Absolutely! Emma is probably the most underrated up and coming young actress out there. Her wit and comedic timing is very much reminiscent of the great Robert Downey Jr. If Easy A amused you, check out the far superior Zombieland.

  23. Donald Glover. Done.

    That being said, a ghostbusters movie without bill Murray will not be seen by me.

  24. The last thing we need is another Ghostbusters sequel. Ghostbusters 2 was terrible.

    • Booooo!

  25. please, i think murray has acted like an ass to fans of ghostbusters with his attitude towards reading scripts, etc. i for one could care less if they do a straight reboot without the entire original cast.
    its a pity they cant take old franchises like star wars, star trek and ghostbusters and tron 2 young cg1 them like bridges was for tron 2 and just bring back original scores and continue franchises where they left off.
    a geritol ghostbusters crew sounds a little sad and funny (im an older male, fan of the original series but lol), i want to watch ghostbusters, not grandpa monsters fight ghosts while clutching thier walkers.
    murray hasnt been hot since groundhog day in 1990′s.show a little respect for your art and fans and appreciate your roots bill. you made garfield movies and you cant return to something you made that was epic and probably one of the greatest horror comedys ever made (cept maybe young frankenstein lol). bill is getting a little senile.

    also eddie murphy should have been the black ghostbuster instead of ernie hudson. end of rant.

  26. A Ghostbusters movie without Murray is like a car without a steering wheel.

  27. I think Murray will do it, he just likes being difficult. I’m more concerned about the new cast. I HATE the Office and will be destroyed if they pull cast members from that source. SNL has had some strong possibilities- praying they are looking over there.

    • How about the underrated Jason Sudeikis from SNL? Or the current funniest cast member Kristen Wiig. I’m guessing she’s not young enough, or hot enough for the role (this is Hollywood after all) but she is completely freaking hilarious!. Easily the funniest person on SNL these days in my opinion.

  28. Ugh, I don’t want to see the Ghostbusters “passing the torch”. I hate that old chestnut. This might be one of those long-in-development movies best left unmade.

  29. I think Chris O’Dowd from the It Crowd and Bridesmaids would be an awesome choice. He reminds me of an Irish Bill Murray in a ways, and was in movie called “frequently asked questions about time travel” that required him to be funny and also deal with a supernatural plot.