Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Officially Out of ‘Ghostbusters 3′

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Dan Akroyd Says No Bill Murray Ghostbusters 3 Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Officially Out of Ghostbusters 3

A few years back, in the wake of Rocky 6, Die Hard 4, and Indy 4, it seemed like Ghostbusters 3 was well on its way to being greenlit with the original cast on board – including Bill Murray as a ghost. Now? Not so much.

Recently, there were rumors about Murray’s resistance to a threequel – rumors that involved the screenplay and a shredder, and which Dan Aykroyd addressed when word of Murray’s resistance spread throughout the Interwebs. Now, Aykroyd is confirming that Murray is 100% out of Ghostbusters 3.

On the status of Ghostbusters 3, courtesy of The Telegraph, Aykroyd said:

“At this point it’s in suspended animation. The studio, the director Ivan Reitman, and Harold Ramis feel there must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie.”

On why Murray is reluctant to take part in Ghostbusters 3:

“He doesn’t want to be involved. He’s got six kids, houses all over America. He golfs in these tournaments where they pay him to turn up and have a laugh. He’s into this life and living it. I know we’d have a lot of fun [but] I can’t be mad at him. He’s a friend first, a colleague second. We have a deep personal relationship that transcends business and he doesn’t want to know.”

Dan Akroyd Ghostbusters 3 Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Officially Out of Ghostbusters 3

Aykroyd says he isn’t angry, but there appears to be some frustration on his part regardless of his friendship with Bill Murray.  The “houses all over America” bit seems particularly irrelevant. On whether or not he wants to recast Peter Venkman, Aykroyd said:

“We’re not going to do a movie that exploits the franchise. The script has to be perfect. I’m the cheerleader, but I’m only one voice in the matter. It’s a surety that Bill Murray will not do the movie, however there is still interest from the studio.”

Unfortunately, there was a distinct lack of a “No, we will not be replacing Bill Murray,” anywhere in that statement. While there are almost certainly Ghostbusters fans out there interested in seeing a threequel, there are no doubt far fewer fans interested in a sequel sans Bill Murray. That’s because the original would not be a classic without him, just like any sequel will automatically be viewed by many as diluted product.

It’s science, really: The less Bill Murray a film has, the less awesome it is.

Bill Murray Moonrise Kingdom Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Officially Out of Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray in Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom'

Dan Aykroyd and everyone interested in making Ghostbusters 3 will likely need Bill Murray (who owns some of the rights) to sign off on the threequel before it can become a reality. That being the case, I (and I’m sure others) hope he holds out in perpetuity.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Ghostbusters 3.

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Source: The Telegraph

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  1. Im surprised they wont try making with what they have and still pass it down. I think Jesse Eisenberg would be a great Egon descendant. Though oddly i could see them trying to cast Justin Timberlake in this somehow just to put more names up.. hmm im a HUGE fan (and everyone says that but my wife and i were introduced and danced to the Ghostbusters theme song while i wore my flight suit.. yep and im still married!) and the movies were great but everything needs a good dusting off and why not while the originals are still alive and can add to it? i wouldnt want to see a remake but a reboot id be interested in seeing..

  2. Is it possible Murray is waiting for a reboot of the franchise? What i mean is if he doesn’t wanna be involved in another sequel, why hold onto his share of rights unless it’s money he wants? There’s only the films & old figures you’d find on Ebay aswell new ones and other merchandise. I understand about his personal life & respect it but i felt like Murray wasted people’s time this whole time when he could of just said no, not interested doin another one.

  3. I think its awesome, and it’s about time they made a GB3.

    Bill’s character was trying to stray away from the team anyways, and he was always in it for the money, as he pointed out in the first movie about the franchise alone would make them millions. If anything at all, Dan Aykroyd should try and convince Bill to do a very small part (like have him hosting his own show again on t.v.), a scene where a t.v. is in a corner not being watched at all, but this time it could be called “Dr. Bill Knows”… 10 seconds it all they need from Bill if not less… LOL

    Winston as mayor, and the old mayor as president, and Peck should also have a small part in the new GB3, like director of ‘whatever company he was working for in GB’ trying to bring down the team as usual…I can see these ideas a plus for GB3 in a very insignificant manner…

    Ray, and Egon could also introduce new gadgets, and equipment for the new team, led by Louis…

    In any story line, Louis and his team find a lake of slim that had been drilled over and over unleashing a swarm of ghosts and chaos…While Ray and Egon try to convince the mayor to help out, Winston with the rest of the gang heads to Washington trying to convince the President to do his part and allow the team to enter area 51…to recover some stolen artifact that was presumably too dangerous in the hands of civilians(namely the Ghostbusters) that some years ago was invented by Egon. All the while Louis and his young team of GBs trying to contain the situation, all hell is breaking loose in the city of New York, where the old team arives with new improved weaponry to catch the ghosts in one big bang…end of movie!!! LOL

  4. Wow everyone stop, I’d hate for Murray to miss out on a golf tournament in order to make one more movie in one of the franchises that made him a star. What’s it like three months of principle photography heaven forbid.

    • But the thing is that Murray doesn’t want to make the film just to make it. In order for a new film to work, they need to make it witht the same spirit as the first. Sadly, that won’t happen. They tried to follow up one of the greatest comedies of all time (at least in my opinion) with a mediocre, laugh-less film and it bombed (mostly b/c Return of the Jedi came out two weeks later). You don’t follow up a mediocre film with another mediocre film 30 years (give or take) later.

  5. Im not sure if Murray just wants nothing to do with GB3 or acting in general. I never heard he didn’t want to make any more movies. We have read on here for months how he didn’t line the scripts etc. Hard to believe he won’t do it for a half way decent pay check, not like he needs it I’m sure.

  6. Ghostbusters 2 is reason enough for anyone not to want to do another one. The fact they milked it for all it was worth and its decades old should be another good reason.

    It kind of shows where things are now though with movies when it’s big news when an actor doesn’t want to milk an idea from 25+ years ago for a dollar….

  7. Bill Murray’s health is why he won’t be in Ghostbusters 3. He’s has good lawyers who tabloids are scared of, and good friends who lie for him. That’s why nobody’s talking about it. Enjoy FDR. It’s his swan song.

  8. Dan, Convince Murry to at least make a cameo, sitting in his house, holding Sigorney Weaver saying “Ah, I love Retirment” just to get him in there, then cast new trainees as additional ghostbusters, such as Justin Timberlake, Steve Correl, Jim Carrey, Sasha Barron Cohn as a borat type Character and Ari Gold, lol, would be fun to pick from them…
    Have to get Will Farrell and Jay Farrell from SNL!!!

  9. Just say Venkman is dead, that he died between films and leave it at that. Bring a new guy in to play a new character if they must, but don’t cast them as Venkman. Simple.

  10. Well Murray made his decision, imo let the franchise be as it is.

  11. I need to watch the first film again now,lol after lookin at the first picture above. Stay Puffed, Marshmallow Man! LoL, had to say that.

    • “Ray,if someone ask you if you’re a god YOU SAY YES!”. HaHa my forvorite line in the film hands down.

  12. Are you the Gatekeeper? lol.

  13. In the 2nd film i like it the scene when the police station gets a report that the Titanic just arrived. And dock guys says (Better late than never.)

    • lol that probably was the funniest line in GB2 can’t think of another off the top of the head but GB1 was definately more funnier of the two.

      • @ Hi=C

        Yea, that & it was pretty funny of them riding in Ms. Liberty aswell,lol. GB1 is funnier of the two no doubt. I loved the animated series as a kid, still havn’t bought dvd sets of the show yet. Need to see how many seasons there is.

  14. Damnit, Bill! Oh well. Se la vie and all that… I guess I would see it without him. It can be done. A good script can be written without Venkman in it. It IS possible. So, yeah, I’d still put down good money without Murray’s involvement.

  15. I could only wanna see another Ghostbusters film if Rick Moranis returned & took Venkman’s place in the group.

  16. Ackroyd and the others had their day. Bill Murray is doing his old friends a big favor. If they don’t recast this bad boy, it’s gonna be Blues Brothers 2000 and Caddyshack 2 meets Life With Lucy.

  17. Do the Star Trek thing and reboot it with a younger cast. Or just give up on it, since the first one was brilliant, but the second on was horrible, suggesting it was meant to be a one-off from the beginning.

  18. Without Bill Murray it just will NOT be the Ghostbusters.
    Ray, Winston, Egon, and no Venkman??? Epic Fail.

  19. well i realy dont blame bill for stepping down
    if i were an actor i would’nt do the same role
    as i did at the start of my profession i would easily
    move on to do other roles look at schwarzenegger he did t3
    back in 2003 the movie turned out to be a laugh riot and
    got slated by the press and they made robocop 3 into a laugh riot
    by replacing peter weller was the same as bill by stepping down
    and basicaly it’s like kurt russell doing escape from 3 reprising
    the role of snake pliskin to say kurt is in his fifties by now
    no one wants to see actors playing older versions of themselfs
    it’s time to move on and i’m with bill 100% all the way .


    frankie (cool bike rider)smales

    (frankie smales tv and movie review uk)

  20. I think this has potential, but I am strongly inclined to agree with the esteemed columnist on this one, a movie without Bill Murray just isn’t as good. I don’t know that they’d just run and gun this to make it happen without Bill, Harold Ramis is a great writer and knows what works. Look at both Ghost Busters movies and Stripes if you need perfect examples. If they do it without Murray, it’ll take time to rework the major events of the screenplay and script. If they don’t scrap it, I welcome them taking they’re time with it.

  21. I say we start a petition online and show B. Murray exactly how many of his fans want(and need) him in the third installment of GB3! He is great at what he does and GB3 would most definitely, without a doubt, not be as good without him as it would be with him! C’MON PEOPLE!! MURRAY4GB3!!!!

  22. well… I gotta say, the original ghost busters is probably my favorite movie of all time… More than Starwars and anything else I would love to see this comeback… BUT, I think if Bill does not want to do the scrip, they should rework it, heck I write for several magazines I could bang out Ghostbusters III in a week and it would rule. And bill obviously still really cares about the franchise, the video game was AWESOME and he did the Ghostbusters spoof in Zombieland which was also awesome.

    I would honestly cry if the movie were made with out him, even if it was something along he lines of Slimer busting through has apartment and Jeremy Pivon chasing him, yelling get back here you C*m Guzzling Green F****R… and Bill just wakes up, roles his eyes and says “I am getting too old for this S**t”

    I really hope they bring it back, and its right-
    I think to really make it work you need the following cast (including cameos at the very least from the originals)
    Jeremy Pivion
    Michael Cerra
    Andy Samberg
    …I like someone throwing in Jay Pharoh that was a good call
    and I think you need a sassy young female like Emma Stone or Brie Larson…

    And come on guys…The Real Ghostbusters had tons or great stoylines…just pick on and run with it-

  23. Without Bill Murray, why bother attempting to make another sequel? Only slightest chance id reconsider seeing a Ghostbusters 3 is if Rick Moranis’s character filled in Venkman’s position.

  24. They are going the wrong direction with this… They need to redeaux the original and update it. Cast young comedians in the roles. Then for the sequel to the reboot, write something new using the new group. They messed up and should have done part three years ago back when the franchise was still fresh. The concept would work with Will Ferrell as Egan, Seth Rogan as Venkman, Galifianakis as ray and Kevin hart as Winston. Any decent looking and acting brunette could play Dana Barrett and you gotta hit. Surprise with something just as humorous as Stay Puft for the major climactic battle. Also will Ned to work hard to find a Rick moranis style comedian he is an original.

    • Seth Rogen as Venkmen? Oh please!

      • Seth Rogen would have to be in it for sure, but I see him in Dan Aykroyd’s place.

  25. theres one related ghostbusters flop was mattels
    official dana as zuul action figure that released recently
    and it was an utter dissapointment due to the lack of articulation
    movements and the likeness of sigourney weavers possessed facial features
    it was more like chelsea field from masters of the universe the motion picture back in 87 but all dana had to offer was an exchangable torso
    and small head movement that was it and mattel announced earlier this year that the ghostbusters movie toyline to be scrapped go to youtube
    into the youtube video search bar and i will explain more but time for dan aykroyd to soldier on with out bill or call it a day but my choice for actress to play dana is anne hathaway 100% -frankie(cool rider) smales
    frankie smales tv and movie review uk