‘Ghostbusters 3′ Writer & Producer Discuss the Bill Murray Factor

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As each month passes, the hopeful spring start date for Ghostbusters 3 becomes increasingly unlikely.

While Sony Pictures, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman have already signed-off on the much revised Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky screenplay, there still remains one final hurdle to overcome… the Bill Murray factor.

Last week, Lee Eisenberg and Ghostbusters 3 producer Joe Medjuck separately discussed the stalled production of the highly-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite parapsychologists. Despite being on opposite sides of the country, both discussions quickly turned to Bill Murray and his reluctancy to sign-off on the Ghostbusters‘ final installment – or even read the script.

Eisenberg, visiting his alma mater Connecticut College to kick off a series of lectures, talked about the lengthy waiting period they’re in because of Murray:

“Right now, we have a script we haven’t worked on probably in a couple of months, and we’re waiting for Bill Murray to read it. People seem excited about it, and the studio seems high on it. … We’re very proud of it. We worked really hard on it, and I think it’d be a really fun movie.”

Additionally, Eisenberg noted how involved Reitman, Aykroyd and Ramis have been during the writing process, noting that Ramis will now receive a story credit on the film because of it:

“We’ve been working really closely with Ivan Reitman for a couple years on it. Dan Aykroyd has been really involved. Harold Ramis has been very involved – we’re sharing a story credit on it with him. Then we reworked the script. I mean, that script went through a lot of rewrites, and it kept getting, we think at least, tighter and funnier. It took a little bit to really understand the tone of a movie like Ghostbusters. It’s really scary when you’re writing characters you grew up on. … The last thing you want to do is disappoint.”

ghostbusters 3 bill murray Ghostbusters 3 Writer & Producer Discuss the Bill Murray Factor

On the other side of the country, Ghostbusters 1, 2 & 3 producer (and longtime producing partner of Ivan Reitman) Joe Medjuck attended the Ghostbusters screening at the Arclight Cinema. Following the film’s presentation, Medjuck, along with other members of the Ghostbusters special effects team (including William Atherton), fielded questions from the audience.

Obviously, the first thing that came up was Ghostbusters 3. While Medjuck related similar information regarding Bill Murray, he provided a more in-depth look at the process – or lack there of – that Murray is known for and how Murray didn’t even read the script for the original Ghostbusters until the first day of filming.

“Sony says they’d like to make it, everyone thinks it’s a good script. Bill has heard it’s a good script, but he hasn’t read it. Bill’s like that – he just says he’s busy.

Harold tells a very funny story about the several months it took to get Bill to read the script for Groundhog Day. Every week or so, [Bill] would go up to Harold and say, “You know, I read 10 pages… they’re really good. Is it going to stay this good?”

He hasn’t even read 10 pages [of Ghostbusters 3] yet, to the best of our knowledge.

[Regarding the original Ghostbusters] Bill just committed to it… he just said yes. He went to India to make The Razor’s Edge. I don’t think he even read the script [for Ghostbusters] until he arrived back, [and] the day he came back, we shot with him.”

You can watch the entire Ghostbusters Q&A from the Arclight Cinema below:

Perhaps it’s the fact that Eisenberg and Stupnitsky are behind this screenplay and not Aykroyd, Ramis and Reitman that’s causing much of Murray’s hesitation. The fact that Eisenberg and Stupnitsky’s Year One bombed in theaters certainly can’t help matters.

Whether it be hell or high water, someone needs to find a way to get Murray to at least read the script. As it’s been stated many times before, Murray is one of the five rights holders to Ghostbusters and there can be no movie unless Murray signs-off on it – even if he doesn’t want to appear in it. Maybe some nice messages on his famed 1-800 number will help sway the comedic genius… or begging. Whatever works.


Ghostbusters 3 is slated to begin production this spring.

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  1. “Bill’s like that – he just says he’s busy.” Busy with what?! Playing golf? He should get up off his butt and please us fans who made him a star… Sometimes I think it would be better not to have him in the movie than watch him being bored on screen.

    By the way, Anthony. You spelled Aykroyds name wrong. :D

    • he may just be saying that because he doesnt wanna work with these guys because of year one? maybe he doesnt get along with one of these guys? Maybe its because he doesnt want to do a movie which sequal is over 20 years old… anyway i look at it, doesnt make sence…

      • maybe it’s because he is actually a jerk??

        • Hardly, the guy may be grouchy but he certainly isnt a jerk. He is picky about what he does, he’s well old, who would want to waste time doing something they don’t want to do when you’re old and rich?
          Have you actually met Bill Murray? When they were filming Lost In Translation, he helped the crew lug around the camera equipment, yeah he’s a real jerk.

          • yes, i actually met him on a flight to washington d.c. and he was pretty much a jerk. even jerk’s have their moments. i understand not doing something you want but what’s the hold up on giving the script a read just to see how it is? it may be great but if not, then don’t do it. just put it to rest

    • What possible value could a third installment made 20 years after the second have, and what chance could it have to be good….have you not heard of Godfather III? Making a lot of money is not a very good reason to make a film.

  2. come on Bill, you can do it , just say yes and be done with it.

  3. I do want this movie to happen. I am a big fan of the Ghostbuster films. Had this been 15 years ago I would be pushing for this film even harder but as of late it has been so much craziness surrouding this film, who knows what we are going to get.

  4. I wish poeple would stop harrassing him about this.

  5. I hope that Shia LaBeouf will be the new lead in Ghostbusters III. He would have made a good Ghostbuster. He can definitely play the straight faced smart-ass that Bill Murray was. I hope that they model the title and tagline after Star Trek: Generations (1994) and call the film – ‘Ghostbusters: Generations’ and use the tagline – ‘Two generations. One destiny.’ It would be nice to see Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson play mentors to the kids like Bruce Greenwood did in Star Trek as Christopher Pike to James Kirk.

    Zeddmore: “Your father was captain of a Ghostbusters team for twelve hours.”
    Spengler: “He saved 800,000 lives, including your mothers and yours.”
    Stantz: “I dare you to do better.”
    Venkman: “Enlist in Ghostbusters Academy.”

    Shia LaBeouf’s character: You’re a scientist?
    Venkman: Part-time.

    • personally I hate Shia, lol

    • LMAO!!

  6. don’t do it bill don’t ruin the original ghostbusters movie with another rubbish sequel i’m sorry but your all to old and too fat to pull this off

  7. Im sorry but when did Ghostbusters 2 become a horrible sequel in peoples eyes? That was a legitimate sequel, it was funny and a great way to move the franchise. Why the hell wont Murray do the third sequel he made Garfield for gods sakes!!! Come on man, do GB3 I would say 95% of the fans really want to see it. They say they have a great script, they have to by now, it’s gone through a million rewrites. So come on Bill sign off on it and be in it. Honestly You and the guys were the reason we watched GB in the first place, there would be nothing without you guys. Make this movie PLEASE… PLEASE… PRETTY PLEASE WITH A STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW ON TOP!!!

  8. so are you an agent or something? lots of names there. hmmmmmmm.

  9. Maybe he needs someone to read it TO him… I’ll do it! I’m a huge fan of Bill’s, but there are alot worse things he could be doing… like making The Razors Edge! (What Crap)

  10. Have Faith!!! Ghostbusters 3 will be made!!! Bill Murray will Love the Ghostbusters 3 Script because Dan and Ivan Confirmed many times that Bill Murray has a Comic role of a LifeTime!!! Bill will read the GB3 Script heck he might be reading it right now. He knows that the Fans wants a GB3 and Bill Won’t let the Fans Down. Production will began this Spring ( May 2011) then Filming in the Spring/Summer 2011 for a Christmas Day release in 2012!!! Bill will be a Ghost in GB3. He told Sigourney Weaver last Year at the Scream Awards that they are making a Ghostbusters 3. That was Last October 2010. He wouldn’t lie to Sigourney or the Fans!!!

  11. Bill’s a comedic genius and he deserves a little leeway. But not much more.

  12. Go away troll. No real movie fan would EVER want to see Zac Effron in a Ghostbusters film!!!

  13. Murray is waiting to see if they need him on “Garfield 3: More Lasagna.”

    Does anyone really think this script is even “good?” It’s likely just a vehicle to restart a rickety franchise. When was the last big-budget comedy to have a great script? Few and far between, sadly.

  14. Wow another classic movie with a future crappy sequal.

  15. Ghostbusters had its impact on our lives, but do we really need a sequel to the second film.

    I don’t even remember the plot of the second film?

    Bill can do whatever he wants. He’s holding up the film because he can hold up the film. He’s the gate keeper.

    Btw, awesome article!

  16. Ghostbusters is a cultural phenomenon and this generation needs a new Ghostbusters movie to keep the legend alive!! There aren’t really anymore true blockbuster movies that people actually line up around the block for that create a frenzy…the last two I can think of were the release of Episode one and the sequel to the Matrix…Ghostbusters 3 probably be one of the last great true Blockbusters cinema history will see…can’t wait!!

  17. Clambake, Ghostbusters 3 will not be the last blockbusters generations before me, with me and after me will see. You forgot buddy that Chris Nolan is doing a third and final installment of Batman called, “THe Drk Knight Rises.” Zack Snyder will be directing, a new Superman film called, “Man Of Steel” a rumored title or it could be called, “Superman: Man Of Steel” a title Bryan Singer was going to name his sequel to 2006′s “Superman Returns” film. Shia Labeouf as a Ghostbuster I wouldn’t doubt his finest films are the Transformers movies GO SAM WITWICKY.!!!

  18. It is sad that Bill is holding up GB3. I respect his choice, though reasons unknown; he probably wants to lose enough kilos to reprise his role. I’m thirsting for the next installment. If anyone can help Murray come to his senses please HELP.

  19. I don’t care if people say it would suck, I always have loved ghostbusters and I WANT to have one more movie. Please do it bill Murray, I’ve been waiting so long for this.

  20. I more than anyone I have ever met I am very very anxious about Ghostbusters 3, but I rather murray put off for another 30 years if it resembles the quality of “Year One”. I am a Bill Murray fan because he picks great projects to work on; what ever he has been doing, keep it up, to maintain the level of quality he approaches.

    A disappointing GB3 would be worse than watching the old 2 movies over again to enjoy that content.

    It is unfortunate that a good movie may be held back though, but I hope they (original writers)continue to work on it, the less Eisenberg the better I think.

  21. Just please keep shia lebeouf, ashton kutcher, nick cannon, justin beiber and the jonas brothers out of this movie.

  22. I love the ghostbusters but Bill Murray can barely walk now. Going to be weird watching it but growing up with the movies I will watch it. And the movie studios know it too.

  23. Loved GB2…I don’t know what it made ($$$) vs the original, but the graphics alone are worth making this movie. Technology has improved so much for CG graphics…it will be awesome. C’mon Bill…get this done;)

  24. Am i the only one that thinks Jesse eisenberg would be a perfect Egon replacement?

  25. Ghostbusters was one of my favorite cinematic experiences in my younger days (seems strange for me to put it that way-time kinda has a way of sneaking past you before you know it). I wasn’t keen on the sequel, as it was rumoured to have been done mainly to cash in on the popularity of the first, & honestly you could tell it was strained. With that said tho’, if a 3rd Ghostbusters could channel the essential spirit of the first for a third installment, then if for no other reason than for nostalgia’s sake, I’d like to see it happen with all the original performers returning to reprise their roles.