Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

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ghostwhisperer premiere2 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

Last season on Ghost Whisperer we said goodbye to Rick Payne (Jay Mohr) and hello to Eli James (Jamie Kennedy). Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finds out she’s pregnant while Jim (David Conrad) is shot and turns into Sam/Jim. The Book of Changes shows up and we learn about “The Watchers.” As the season closes, we find out Melinda is having a boy whose abilities will be greater than her own.


As the season starts with the episode “Birthday Presence,” we find Jim and very anxious Melinda worried about the birth of their child. As the book noted last year, her child would be born on September 25th, 2009. (Lucky for us, that is the air-date of this episode.) Worrying about the health of her child, Melinda heads to the hospital where complications arise and her child, Aiden (Connor Gibbs), must immediately be delivered via C-section.

After a commercial and a five year jump, we return to a child’s party. As more is revealed, we find out that it’s Aiden’s fifth birthday. Eventually, we meet up with all our favorite cast members and find out what they’re up to after so much time has passed.

Melinda is pretty much the same, but now a mother. Jim is a full fledged doctor. Ned (Christoph Sanders) is in college with Eli as one of his professors. Delia (Camryn Manheim) is now the belle of the ball with multiple suitors vying for her attention. Sadly, nothing much has changed with Eli.

After catching up with our familiar friends, we’re on to the ghost of the week. This ghost is a female who has been visiting Aiden on his birthday every year to sing “Happy Birthday.” After some “Scooby-doo-ing” from the team, we find that the ghost is of a woman who was pregnant and in the hospital at the exact same time Melinda gave birth. Sadly, the woman died while giving birth.

ghostwhisperer premiere Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

As the episode continues, we find out that the ghost woman believed her child died at birth and that Aiden had received the spirit of her child. What actually happened was that her child survived and was given to some adoptive parents that she had originally made arrangements with. There was some drama between her and the adoptive father pressuring her to hold up her end of the agreement and give them her child. The episode goes into it some more, but that was generally the gist of it.

The main thing we learn from this episode is that not only can Aiden see spirits, but he is an empath; meaning that he can sense, feel and relive emotions and events of those he connects with. He is also able to project events to his mother, Melinda.  In this episode, he relives the moment of death from the ghost mother which causes him to stop breathing.

ghostwhisperer premiere3 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere


Oh, Ghost Whisperer, what has happened to thee. Watching this episode I am hard pressed to find anything that originally drew me to this series. Not only can three people on the show interact with spirits, but now they’re having every child able to interact with ghosts as well. Mix that with the whole “Book of Changes” storyline and the addition of “The Watchers” and I have to make sure I’m still watching the same show. Sure, the whispering to ghost’s aspect is still there, but it feels less that and more of a super hero show.

Touching upon the “Five year jump” – I’m totally comfortable with the television series jumping ahead multiple years and showing us what the characters are up too… but at the end of a series when the show is completely over. The fact that they did it in the middle of the series is just mind boggling.

For the past four years, we’ve follow Melinda through all her ghost adventures. In those four years, we have seen everything and anything happen to her. Now, we’re led to believe that the five year jump in her life holds no interesting stories? She had a friend die, plane crash, evil brother, ghosts trying to killer her… and then all of a sudden her life goes quiet for five years? I’m not buying it and have no idea why they believe I would.

I feel like they cheated and instead of actual character development, they just jumped five years and since anything can happen in five years, they can write their way out of anything they didn’t like previously.

The whole child storyline has me perplexed, but I’ll give it a chance. I feel like the overall Melinda storyline of the show was never finished and now with the addition of her child, it never will be.

I apologize that my overall tone seems to be less that positive, but for the past year I’ve watch Ghost Whisperer go in the wrong direction. With the start of this new season, I don’t feel like that has changed at all, but…

I still have hope.

ghostwhisperer premiere4 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

After watching, what are your thoughts on the season premiere? Do you like where they’re taking Ghost Whisperer? What did you think about the five year jump?

Let’s hear it!

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  1. Yes, the 5 yr leap is confusing, but I have another issue. Has anyone seen the last episode about the doll house, and the aunt is suspected to have killed the family? (if u havn’t watch it!) The ending is ttly messsed up – and what’s with all the vudu the aunt is doing? There’s no explination for that!

  2. I love the new series . My family is looking forward to learning new aspects of the afterlife and communication
    on earth with those that have passed. It’s not just entertainment, it’s the TRUTH. Thank you for enlightening

  3. @emmz – I saw that Dolls House epi last night and had to watch it again because I just didnt get it! Ive loved this season thus far and last nights was the worst epi ever in GW. (And I really love the prog BTW)

    Not sure what I think about this new direction in S5, guess Im just pleased there actually is one!

  4. I, too, am left very confused and disappointed. I can understand the 5 year jump (although am not happy with it), but so many things are left dangling. How hard would it be to add a few lines of, “Oh, Delia, I still miss you working with me at the antique store but I’m so glad your new real estate office is booming!” or whatever. And how did Jim get to be a doc so fast, isn’t med school 4 yrs (full time) and then internship, residency, etc.? When did Jim get his own body back? If he’s still in Sam’s body, why is everyone calling him Jim? And if everybody knows he’s Jim, why is the baby’s name Aiden Lucas (or was Lucas supposed to be the middle name?)?

    I thought they jumped the shark with last year’s storyline, but this season’s 5 year jump is a whole nother shark!

  5. I agree. Ghost Whisperer was a wonderful show, until Season 4. I’m not sure if the writers were bored and decided to insult our intelligence, or all suddenly developed a drug problem, but they have gone off the deep end. Where is Jim’s Mother? Where is Sam’s parents? Melinda’s Mother doesn’t want to meet her only grandchild? Not one person in Grandview thought it was strange that Melinda had a baby with a guy so soon after Jim “died”? Puleeeeeez!!!!!
    I sat watching every episode of Season 4 with quiet frustration hoping that the show would get back to what worked. I was robbed. I want those hours back.
    Tonight, for the first time since Ghost Whisperer started, I will not be watching. I have had my intelligence insulted enough.

  6. I had to do a search just to find out why Melinda was saying goodbye to a child calling her “mom” and then why “Jim/Sam” was taking are of someone in the ER while wearing a doctor’s coat. I agree, the 5 year jump leaves us hanging on too much. Who does Jim see in the mirrow when he looks now?

  7. I am a huge fan of GW , huge huge fan but and yes there is a but I have to agree with some of what this post said.
    I have just again rewatched the premiere episode of GW , and the final episode of GW from last season and I am not as happy as I used to be with the show, I cant help it .
    Dont get me wrong I am excited to see where its going but at the same time I feel empty , like somethings missing .
    Did anyone else notice that suddenly Eli can no longer hear ghosts or is this just a temporary thing ? I watched the first 2 episodes of this new season just to make sure I missed it but sure enough he appears as though he can no longer hear them ? no explanation given either.
    All I can say is with these missing pieces and there are many of them such as what was said in this post about Melindas life for the last 5 years – is that hopefully the gaps will be filled with flashbacks !
    Well i hope so and I hope it will all make sense .

  8. Just to add , the boy who plays Melindas son is only signed for 10 episodes this season , whether or not there will be another season who knows as possibly the cast and crew may have known this would be the last season and so therefore gave fans something they have wanted for Jim and Melinda from day one – a baby ! I dont know but its my fear.

    Also someone asked above about Aidens last name being Lucas – at the birth of Aiden , Melinda says his name Aiden after Jims dad and then adds “aiden lucas , we’ll celebrate sam too” , “the 2 people who bought us this beautiful little life”.

  9. LOL! “Jim/Sam”.

    I didn’t even bother with it last night.

  10. On the doctor’s coat of Jim/Sam was written: S. James Lucas. I guessed they invented that his middle name was James so everyone can call him Jim in stead of Sam.

  11. It seems like Melinda and Eli are spending more time together than Melinda and any of the other supporting characters. Going back a season or two the show centered on her relationship with Jim and her partner, Camryn Manheim’s character and her son Ned, is this due to the fact that she and Jamie Kennedy are involved in real life? if so it semms to be taking a negative turn on the series and I’m not the only one who notices it.

  12. I noticed that too and I know it has to be a factor. Its ruining the show. Eli just doesn’t need to be the center of every show. I miss the chemistry between Melinda and Jim.

  13. Whatever happened to the ghost dog that never crossed over?

  14. oops and I wanted to add that where are all the flashbacks that are to explain to us viewers about what happened over the last 5 years – someone needs to tell CBS and or the producers of GW to get with it and quickly !

  15. After watching the most recent episode “Til Death Do Us Start” I am getting a little more annoyed .
    I am happy for JLH and Jamie Kennedy in real life but as far as GW is concerned its supposed to be about Jim and Melinda and it used to be about the Antique store too .
    There better be a turn around and soon , not happy , I want more Jim and Mel and more of Same As It Never Was featured too please

  16. I have read all the remarks about Jim/Sam and am still so very confused. I have tried to google countless items to find out some explaination. In the beginning of season five before Melinda has her baby, her and Jim acknowledge Sam by naming the baby Adian (after Jim’s dad) and Lucas after Sam, who was Sam Lucas. Flash forward 5 years and poof all of a sudden Jim is Jim again… even his id tag he wears at the office has Jim’s face on it not Sam’s. Did I imagine Jim’s funeral where the buried the man??? Unless it is going to be a flashback episode to explain all this, i want to know what the heck the writters are doing??

  17. I was confused last season when they killed Jim and then brought him back as someone else and a few monthe later she marries this guy. What were they thinking? That was the corner they backed themselves into. It was just as crazy for them to jump ahead this season. All they wanted was a baby and they didnt even get one season with an infant. Is he going to be in college next year?

  18. I’m so glad i found this site … I missed the season premiere and had no idea what was going on with Melinda having a 5 yr old son with her abilities … Thank you so much for your update/info!!

  19. News Flash : Jamie Kennedy himself stated on his Twitter account that there is a TWIST coming this season !

    I have always thought the whole Jim being killed and the Sam thing was all a dream and I really hope that this is still possible and maybe that is what the twist will be ?
    Well I hope so because other than that I think GW will not survive this season , too much damage has been done , we have seen way too much of Eli and as far as I can tell only it “all being a dream” will save Ghost Whisperer !

  20. I just became a fan of this show last season and have been watching reruns on another channel to catch up. I missed the first two episodes this season and then watched the 3rd. My reaction was… “How does she have a son now, what’s going on”. I thought maybe she adopted or someone died and she bacame the child’s guardian, etc. I had to check out the website to get up to speed. Anyway I have a lot of television experience and I can see this move is a huge mistake and will likely result in the loss of viewers. Too many series have tried this strategy in the past with poor results. Usually it’s when ratings are slipping and they’re looking to stir things up and rekindle some excitement. The problem is it almost always causes the show to lose creditability with the loyal long term fans. Bottom line is… I think they should do a Bobby Ewing and make this season a dream!

  21. Here’s an idea. During Melinda’s difficult she slipped into a comma and has been dreaming about her future. An episode soon where she wakes up from it, her son’s still a baby and Melinda realizes she has to be prepared or try to prevent Aiden’s dark future. That in itself could bring out some interesting storylines. Lol.

  22. Sorry meant to say difficult delivery…

  23. I’ve been watching GW on DVD from episode 1 I just started season 4 and that is getting weird enough. Now you say its going to get even weirder, I cant wait to see what comes next maybe she will run into Elvis’ ghost and we can find out his side of the story. Or some other famous spirits who checked out of life way too early like Jim Morrison. Well I really doubt that would happen but one can dream cant one? I will continue watching and enjoying the show no matter how weird it gets. ( I’m an old Star Trek fan nothing is too weird for me ) I have become a big fan of GW now and just love the show. Fred

  24. This used to be my favorite show. It has lost it's original charm in my opinion. I don't watch it anymore.

  25. I just found the Ghost whisperer on the WE channel and I have fell in love with it. But they seem jump episodes and seasons. The had just started again on WE (guessing it was the first episode because it was Mel & Jim's wedding) and than like a week later Andrea died. I looked into buying the DVD's but the prices are high.

    I've just seen one new episode this past Friday 2/12 I think. So I can't really say how I feel about the 5 year jump. I would have liked to have seen Melinda & Jim caring for a baby. But, at least now I know why Aiden was kid in the epiosde I saw.

  26. the jump wasnt such a good idea but the rest is perfect!! and this better NOT be the last season or i will seriously CRY!! i love jennifer playing the role of melinda! and im officially addicted to ghost whisperer!!!! my fav show in like the universe!! =) GREAT JOB JENNIFER!! A+!!!!!

  27. CBS made a similar mistake a little over 20 years ago on Dallas. The killed off Bobby Ewing at the end of one of the seasons, went through a whole new season without him than ended the season with his wife waking up from a dream and we found out we, the viewers, had our intelligence insulted. The GW writers need to get very creative to fix this mistake and advancing the show 5 years isn't going to cut it. Maybe the characters moved on but the viewers were left hanging. If they felt they needed to go this route they should have given Jim a long lost twin brother that died and he could have hopped into. Than they could explain why Jim looks like Jim.