Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

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ghostwhisperer premiere2 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

Last season on Ghost Whisperer we said goodbye to Rick Payne (Jay Mohr) and hello to Eli James (Jamie Kennedy). Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finds out she’s pregnant while Jim (David Conrad) is shot and turns into Sam/Jim. The Book of Changes shows up and we learn about “The Watchers.” As the season closes, we find out Melinda is having a boy whose abilities will be greater than her own.


As the season starts with the episode “Birthday Presence,” we find Jim and very anxious Melinda worried about the birth of their child. As the book noted last year, her child would be born on September 25th, 2009. (Lucky for us, that is the air-date of this episode.) Worrying about the health of her child, Melinda heads to the hospital where complications arise and her child, Aiden (Connor Gibbs), must immediately be delivered via C-section.

After a commercial and a five year jump, we return to a child’s party. As more is revealed, we find out that it’s Aiden’s fifth birthday. Eventually, we meet up with all our favorite cast members and find out what they’re up to after so much time has passed.

Melinda is pretty much the same, but now a mother. Jim is a full fledged doctor. Ned (Christoph Sanders) is in college with Eli as one of his professors. Delia (Camryn Manheim) is now the belle of the ball with multiple suitors vying for her attention. Sadly, nothing much has changed with Eli.

After catching up with our familiar friends, we’re on to the ghost of the week. This ghost is a female who has been visiting Aiden on his birthday every year to sing “Happy Birthday.” After some “Scooby-doo-ing” from the team, we find that the ghost is of a woman who was pregnant and in the hospital at the exact same time Melinda gave birth. Sadly, the woman died while giving birth.

ghostwhisperer premiere Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

As the episode continues, we find out that the ghost woman believed her child died at birth and that Aiden had received the spirit of her child. What actually happened was that her child survived and was given to some adoptive parents that she had originally made arrangements with. There was some drama between her and the adoptive father pressuring her to hold up her end of the agreement and give them her child. The episode goes into it some more, but that was generally the gist of it.

The main thing we learn from this episode is that not only can Aiden see spirits, but he is an empath; meaning that he can sense, feel and relive emotions and events of those he connects with. He is also able to project events to his mother, Melinda.  In this episode, he relives the moment of death from the ghost mother which causes him to stop breathing.

ghostwhisperer premiere3 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere


Oh, Ghost Whisperer, what has happened to thee. Watching this episode I am hard pressed to find anything that originally drew me to this series. Not only can three people on the show interact with spirits, but now they’re having every child able to interact with ghosts as well. Mix that with the whole “Book of Changes” storyline and the addition of “The Watchers” and I have to make sure I’m still watching the same show. Sure, the whispering to ghost’s aspect is still there, but it feels less that and more of a super hero show.

Touching upon the “Five year jump” – I’m totally comfortable with the television series jumping ahead multiple years and showing us what the characters are up too… but at the end of a series when the show is completely over. The fact that they did it in the middle of the series is just mind boggling.

For the past four years, we’ve follow Melinda through all her ghost adventures. In those four years, we have seen everything and anything happen to her. Now, we’re led to believe that the five year jump in her life holds no interesting stories? She had a friend die, plane crash, evil brother, ghosts trying to killer her… and then all of a sudden her life goes quiet for five years? I’m not buying it and have no idea why they believe I would.

I feel like they cheated and instead of actual character development, they just jumped five years and since anything can happen in five years, they can write their way out of anything they didn’t like previously.

The whole child storyline has me perplexed, but I’ll give it a chance. I feel like the overall Melinda storyline of the show was never finished and now with the addition of her child, it never will be.

I apologize that my overall tone seems to be less that positive, but for the past year I’ve watch Ghost Whisperer go in the wrong direction. With the start of this new season, I don’t feel like that has changed at all, but…

I still have hope.

ghostwhisperer premiere4 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

After watching, what are your thoughts on the season premiere? Do you like where they’re taking Ghost Whisperer? What did you think about the five year jump?

Let’s hear it!

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  1. Maybe they are going to have more backstories and getting the 5 years in between enables them to do that without disturbing any original canon if you will. i like the concept but I have never watched this show.

  2. @Rembrandt

    I see what you’re saying. As if they went the way of Alias (Season 3), but all signs point to the show continuing things as normal; just 5 years in the future.

  3. ugh. That’s all i’m gonna say about that.

  4. So whatever happened to Gabriel and Romano? Are they going to be revived?

  5. I actually don’t mind the jump, but i share your fear as far as melinda’s storyline concerns. I think the jump is there because the baby years could have interfered with the story telling. she would have had to drag the baby along with her running all over town. Or leave him home all the time, what would look like she ignored him a lot.

  6. @Chul

    Both of those stories were somewhat wrapped up, but both were hinted at returning. While I’m sure they could do anything, it doesn’t look like they’ll be touching upon it this season as they’re mainly focused on her son and his “powers.”

  7. @LC

    I completely agree that the five year jump with her son is the best thing they could have done.

    My fear is that it wasn’t something originally planned, but a result of them realizing they had written themselves in a corner with the whole baby storyline.

  8. @Anthony Ocasio

    Yes, i see your point. looks that way. I only hope they don’t go the Charmed route with the super powered kid.

  9. I don’t even watch the show,but I’m still totally baffled that she’s dating Jamie Kennedy.

  10. Lomgshanks,

    Jamie Kennedy is not her sig other but her friend. This once awesome show is crashing fast!!!!!

  11. We in the UK are about to come to the end of season 4, and since the shooting of Jim I have been confused about the show, Why even bother killing Jim off to keep him in the show, are the script writers so dry for ideas that they had to centre a whole season on ‘Sam realising he’s Jim’ and only half of each episode being about the ghost. And the whole, we the viewer ‘only see Sam in the mirror’ but Sam’s who everyone sees, This has been very tedious to watch for me. I’m not sure I will tune in for season 5 now that I know how things are going to pan out, I may give it a look if there is nothing better to view. Shame because I so enjoyed the first 3 seasons.

  12. @Crys

    The fact that I know this information depresses me, but Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt are not only a couple, but they’re engaged.


    Jim is back in his own body. Everything’s back to normal. They never mentioned it in the show, but a producer said that when the season started Jim would be back and Jim/Sam would be gone.

  13. My wife and I used to watch this show religiously. I haven’t watched a single episode since the episode where Jim was shot and entered Sam. Not only was Jim a favorite character, but I also really enjoyed watching Jim and Melinda, how they played off of each other and thrived on each other. From what I’m gathering Jim (has,is getting?) his body back. It all sounds like a bunch of convoluted crap to me. I refuse to give this once excellent show any more of my time.

  14. I had hope that they would use this season premiere to fix the mess of what was last season. My hope is shattered by that awful premiere. I’ve been watching season 1 reruns on ION. Ghost Whisperer was so much better back then! I miss it. Don’t think I’ll be watching this season. I’ve lost that excitement for GW.

  15. In my experience, one can usually cautiously predict the demise of a wonderful show after a few major make overs of the set, marriage of the main characters, some outrageous story lines or addition of another main character that shifts the dynamics of the show. I think the last two have happened in Ghost Whisperer. I hope this show is an exception to my experience.

  16. We learned in seasons 1-3 about Melinda’s past and the whole season 3 was devoted to her past regarding her father. I am sure we might get the explanation of the lost 5 years over time. I really do hope so. Otherwise, this show will be a joke.

  17. Where to begin. I agree that it is completely ridiculous to move ahead five years. We need to see these characters grow into parents, now BOOM all of a sudden a five year old. What happened in those years, certainly something interesting. I miss Jay Mohr. The Kennedy guy just does not fit in the show or with JLH. Now it appears that Deliah no longer even works with Melinda, what happened there. We missed so much. Where were the grandparents for the birthday party. So there is no more Sam at all, how do you explain that?? I watch the reruns and find them much more satisfying. I will continue to watch, just to see if they can tie it all up.

  18. I thought the only reason to watch Ghost Whisperer was to look at JLH’s chest. I didn’t realize there was a plot beyond that.

  19. I was honestly a bit surprised about the whole five year jump in the story line for the series. Melinda doesn’t look a single year older. Will her son be in all the episodes and will they focus all the episodes around him now? Also why isn’t Dehlia working with Melinda any longer?

  20. Jim is still in Sam’s body but everyone sees him as Jim. There has been no digging up the body from the grave.

  21. iam 15 i see ghost it is hrod to tell peple i talld my ant is blevs me

  22. ^^WTF? Why do people type like that and expect folks to understand what in the hell they are talking about? Are the schools still teaching English or what?

  23. I completely agree… They could have done so much more with the story line of her pregnancy and baby -drag out a few episodes. There could have been so really supernatural stuff involving her pregnancy /unborn child. I feel like the writers /producers of the show got lazy and didn’t wanna even try. And what adventures did we miss… I’m sure there would be some interesting adventures going along and her son. Maybe there could have made bone chilling situations regarding ghost , baby etc.
    And is it me just asking. Is the young boy blond ? Because his eyes lashes appeared to look either blond or white and it didn’t seem to match his hair. After awhile it really started to really both my eyes. As excited as I was when season 4 ended. I would really hope that they can truly start making the show into super-natural drama with more chilling stories and mysteries that can make better sense than the season premier cause it gave it no justice.
    I’m going to try to give it a few more chances and if seems to be as lame as the season premier. I’ll have to tune out …. And I hope that David Connors character doesn’t get lost in the complete mix now that he’s a so called “DOCTOR???” – cause I find him adorable.

  24. I think they had to do the 5 year jump, they wouldn’t have been able to do much with melinda and jim’s child otherwise. especially with him apparently being able to do more then melinda. at least the 5 year jump wasn’t as pointless as suddently making ned 5 years older. although again i suppose that was so they could do more with the character.

    i’m not sure if this seasons will be any good, though i’m hoping it will.

  25. The thing that really bothers me is that Jim is being called Jim by everyone when I thought,as per last season, only a few close people knew “Sam” was really Jim. Has Sam’s body morphed into Jim? What’s going on? The premier did not explain this very obvious change. It seems like the writers do not know their own story line.

  26. @Ronnee- I agree. I didn’t notice any reference to Sam either and you would think that the town would think she is looney for calling Sam Jim all of the time.

    They made a huge error in killing Jim’s “body”. Without Jim, there would be no show.

  27. I’ve only recently discovered Ghost Whisperer and I’m currently catching up with reruns and DVD’s (as well as watching the new season 4 episodes in the UK, so, at the moment, I can’t really comment on any of season 5).

    But I will say that I was absolutely ‘gob-smacked’ they even considered killing Jim! And it raised some questions.
    Where was Jim’s mother during all of it? Considering that she had already lost her husband and other son, why take away the only family she still had left? And she wasn’t even at his funeral!!! And now that Jim is back as Sam, why hasn’t he even bothered to contact her?

    The dynamic between Jim and Melinda (one of the reasons that I started watching in the first place) took a nose-dive in season 4. Instead we’ve had one episode after another without that sparkle that is Jim and Melinda’s relationship. The ghost part of the episode is always interesting/spooky, but the chemistry between JLH and DC is phenomenal and I love the scenes between them. That all but disappeared in season 4.

    Now Sam/Jim is going to Med School too? I much preferred Jim as the heroic paramedic/firefighter of seasons 1-3 interacting with the other characters (like Bobby and Sully)and meeting Mel in the town square for lunch. What are we going to see now, another “doctor sexy MD” (to quote a line from another of my favourite shows).

    This started out being something different (another reason that I started watching), but I’m afraid that it is edging into the utterly bizare! It was bad enough when Ned suddenly aged five years overnight (apparently without any of the other characters noticing) but now the whole series is going to jump ahead 5 years without any explanation of what has been happening in the meantime. Do the viewers a favour, listen to what we have to say and don’t treat us like idiots!

  28. I agree. I am confused about the leap. I can only hope this is all a dream or some crazy mess and the 5 yr leap was all in her head. She is in some type of ghost coma! I love the reruns but am wondering where they came up with this idea. I know they want to use the kid but 5 years! I have never seen a show do this in the middle. I am lost on the Sam thing because I am still catching up in reruns and haven’t seen all from last season.