Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

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ghostwhisperer premiere2 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

Last season on Ghost Whisperer we said goodbye to Rick Payne (Jay Mohr) and hello to Eli James (Jamie Kennedy). Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finds out she’s pregnant while Jim (David Conrad) is shot and turns into Sam/Jim. The Book of Changes shows up and we learn about “The Watchers.” As the season closes, we find out Melinda is having a boy whose abilities will be greater than her own.


As the season starts with the episode “Birthday Presence,” we find Jim and very anxious Melinda worried about the birth of their child. As the book noted last year, her child would be born on September 25th, 2009. (Lucky for us, that is the air-date of this episode.) Worrying about the health of her child, Melinda heads to the hospital where complications arise and her child, Aiden (Connor Gibbs), must immediately be delivered via C-section.

After a commercial and a five year jump, we return to a child’s party. As more is revealed, we find out that it’s Aiden’s fifth birthday. Eventually, we meet up with all our favorite cast members and find out what they’re up to after so much time has passed.

Melinda is pretty much the same, but now a mother. Jim is a full fledged doctor. Ned (Christoph Sanders) is in college with Eli as one of his professors. Delia (Camryn Manheim) is now the belle of the ball with multiple suitors vying for her attention. Sadly, nothing much has changed with Eli.

After catching up with our familiar friends, we’re on to the ghost of the week. This ghost is a female who has been visiting Aiden on his birthday every year to sing “Happy Birthday.” After some “Scooby-doo-ing” from the team, we find that the ghost is of a woman who was pregnant and in the hospital at the exact same time Melinda gave birth. Sadly, the woman died while giving birth.

ghostwhisperer premiere Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

As the episode continues, we find out that the ghost woman believed her child died at birth and that Aiden had received the spirit of her child. What actually happened was that her child survived and was given to some adoptive parents that she had originally made arrangements with. There was some drama between her and the adoptive father pressuring her to hold up her end of the agreement and give them her child. The episode goes into it some more, but that was generally the gist of it.

The main thing we learn from this episode is that not only can Aiden see spirits, but he is an empath; meaning that he can sense, feel and relive emotions and events of those he connects with. He is also able to project events to his mother, Melinda.  In this episode, he relives the moment of death from the ghost mother which causes him to stop breathing.

ghostwhisperer premiere3 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere


Oh, Ghost Whisperer, what has happened to thee. Watching this episode I am hard pressed to find anything that originally drew me to this series. Not only can three people on the show interact with spirits, but now they’re having every child able to interact with ghosts as well. Mix that with the whole “Book of Changes” storyline and the addition of “The Watchers” and I have to make sure I’m still watching the same show. Sure, the whispering to ghost’s aspect is still there, but it feels less that and more of a super hero show.

Touching upon the “Five year jump” – I’m totally comfortable with the television series jumping ahead multiple years and showing us what the characters are up too… but at the end of a series when the show is completely over. The fact that they did it in the middle of the series is just mind boggling.

For the past four years, we’ve follow Melinda through all her ghost adventures. In those four years, we have seen everything and anything happen to her. Now, we’re led to believe that the five year jump in her life holds no interesting stories? She had a friend die, plane crash, evil brother, ghosts trying to killer her… and then all of a sudden her life goes quiet for five years? I’m not buying it and have no idea why they believe I would.

I feel like they cheated and instead of actual character development, they just jumped five years and since anything can happen in five years, they can write their way out of anything they didn’t like previously.

The whole child storyline has me perplexed, but I’ll give it a chance. I feel like the overall Melinda storyline of the show was never finished and now with the addition of her child, it never will be.

I apologize that my overall tone seems to be less that positive, but for the past year I’ve watch Ghost Whisperer go in the wrong direction. With the start of this new season, I don’t feel like that has changed at all, but…

I still have hope.

ghostwhisperer premiere4 Ghost Whisperer Jumps Ahead 5 Years in Season Premiere

After watching, what are your thoughts on the season premiere? Do you like where they’re taking Ghost Whisperer? What did you think about the five year jump?

Let’s hear it!

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  1. CBS made a similar mistake a little over 20 years ago on Dallas. The killed off Bobby Ewing at the end of one of the seasons, went through a whole new season without him than ended the season with his wife waking up from a dream and we found out we, the viewers, had our intelligence insulted. The GW writers need to get very creative to fix this mistake and advancing the show 5 years isn't going to cut it. Maybe the characters moved on but the viewers were left hanging. If they felt they needed to go this route they should have given Jim a long lost twin brother that died and he could have hopped into. Than they could explain why Jim looks like Jim.

  2. What ever happened to Homer the dog? I would think that they would have written some type of seen regarding Homer & Conner, since just about everyone knows that dogs & little kids kinda go together like cake & ice cream! Remember Homer first appeared in the 'Lost Boys' episode, but did not cross over into the light with the orphaned boys. Homer showed up in a couple of episodes after that one, then poof he is gone. Jim in one of the episodes makes a statement that he hopes that Homer stays around, because he like the way Homer made Melinda happy.

    If anything, this is a sad comment on the world…It just reinforces the sad tragedy that many animals end up getting abandon or end up at animal shelters when a new baby arrives! Ghost Whisperer should NOT have condoned such a bad decision by the writers of the show! Where are the other Hollywood actors & actresses that support animal rights? You never see these actors or actresses stepping up and publicly shaming the writers for writing in animal characters then abandoning them!!!

    it is easy to SAY that you do not condone animal abandonment & animal cruelty, but it is another thing to actually use your Hollywood status to stop allowing it to happen do to Hollywood writers. I'M CALLING OUT ALL OF THE FOLLOWING HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE, AS BEING AFRAID TO STAND UP TO HOLLYWOOD WRITERS: Betty White, Jennifer Aniston, Mary Tyler Moore, Bernadette Peters, Eartha Kitt, Swoosie Kurtz, Laura Linney, Bebe Neuwirth, Edie Falco, Mary Stuart Masterson, Leslie Uggams, Joel Grey, Patrick Stewart, Tom Wopat, Andrea McArdle, John Cullum, Julie Haggerty, Buck Henry, Marilu Henner, Richard Kind, Rhea Perlman, Alicia Silverstone, David Hasselhoff, Ben Vereen, Mickey Dolenz, Beth Fowler, Neil Patrick Harris, Shirley Jones, Audra McDonald, Donna Murphy, Kathy Najimy, Eric Stoltz and John Tartaglia, etc.


  3. Sadly, CBS has denied a sixth Ghost Whisperer season. Medium will return for it’s final season in Fall.

  4. What happened to her half brother? What happened to the town under grandview and the evil ghost? What Happened to dr payne surely after five years he’d hv come bk? The ending confused me is aiden There simple to portay that he keeps balance between good and evil? What about the two people in season 1-2 in the dark hat? Was this all to show us the dark side of crossing over ? It all became very vague…where’d the shinies and shadows come frm and dr Bedford I dnt know I’m jst confused! Loved the show but felt like too much was crammed and left unanswered!

  5. Well it seems that I will have to find another station to watch.. CBS DID have the ONLY GOOD SHOWS ON.. I don’t want to watch NBC so I guess it OFF with the television.. can’t stand it when I look forward to my shows all week and they aren’t on anymore.. it’s getting old.. How many other shows ran for YEARS and had MORE episodes than they run now and managed to keep the shows on.. Between Ghost Whisper going off and MEDIUM after this year NOTHING on on FRIDAYS

  6. is Ghost Whisperer completely off now? they are showing Scare Tactics on monday nights now. did not see anything in the last show to lead me to think show was going off the air. hope they do not take it off the air,don’t care about the jump in 5 years.

  7. I love watching ghost whisperer. I was very sad when I learned that it was cancelled. Why are the powers that be always cancel the good shows. Please bring back this show.

  8. how did Dr. Payne die? and what happened to Aiden?I am confused please tell me everything after Jim dies

  9. I have watched over the last several weeks all 5 episodes on Netflix. I was glued to each and every episode. For me, that is hard to do. Most shows, I watch a few seasons and move on, if I make it to a few. Not Ghost Whisper. However, come the last season, I’m perplexed with the show’s writers. I get the 5 year skip. They aren’t the first writers to do that and won’t be the last. However, as the seasons went on, as we geared up for Season 5, so much was left out. Melinda’s Dad wasn’t her dad. Ok. He was some crazy lunatic who had a warped reality of what he should have and some other man shouldn’t. Yet, then there was her brother. Whatever happened to him? He didn’t die. After her real father killed off the nut, he just up and disappeared? No post card from some far off country at least? Before that, there was the man in the dark hat kidnapping souls more or less. There was the town underneath the town. Yet, that was never 100% explained. You’d have thought it would all have been brought together far better than it was in the final season. In fact, little added up except what the light was in the end. As great as the final episode was, it wasn’t final episode worthy. It was just like another episode. Eli, Delia, Melinda, Jim, Aiden, Carl… What happens? Do they live peacefully away from the shadows? Do the shadows return for revenge? Does Aiden grow up fully believing in ghosts or does he decide to no longer live as his mother? So many things the writers could have done with a final episode. Skip years again. They did it in the first episode of season 5. Just a sad way to end an amazing show. Saddened and not at all what I expected.

    • I was all 5 SEASONS. Not 5 EPISODES. Oops.

  10. Maybe a few years late but…
    What happened with Romano and laughing man?
    And in season 5 Jim is in one episode called dr. Clancy and later he is called dr. Lucas. I am confused…