‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ Set Photos Blaze

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ghost rider 2 release date Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Set Photos Blaze

Production continues to blaze on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s sequel to the lackluster 2007 Ghost Rider film.

Back in November we got an early glimpse at Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze as well as a charred Hellcycle - and and today we’ve got a fresh batch of over twenty set photos that offer a better look at Blaze’s bike, Cage and other extras on set, as well as preview of the film’s finale.

The new images don’t really reveal any significant spoilers for the film but if you’re looking to avoid any information about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, you might want to resist checking out the images (especially the latter half).

While the recent Spider-Man photos provided fans with an idea of what to expect from the web slinger’s new costume, given the amount of CGI it takes to create Ghost Rider, it’s important to approach these set photos with a grain of salt. The photos come from a variety of sources that posted the images to an unofficial Facebook fan page – check out the full album, which contains over 100 photos – HERE.

Check out the photos below:

Despite a reduced budget ($75 million), compared to Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider film ($110 million), Nicolas Cage is promising that the second film will be less of a “fairy tale” or “western” and will be more of an “international” film with more “adrenaline” and greater fan service.

The story is certainly compelling, and steals a bit from the recent Incredible Hulk film – as the film starts with Ghost Rider in self-imposed exile after the events from the first film – that is until he’s is tasked by a monastic order with protecting a mother and son from the film’s villain, Roarke.

Judging by the new photos, international is right – as the production has spent most of its time in various parts of Eastern Europe including Bucharest, Hunyad Castle, Sibiu, Rovinari, Lake Vidraru, among other locales.

nicolas cage ghost rider Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Set Photos Blaze

It’ll be interesting to see how the photos play out in the final film – as well as how Neveldine and Taylor take Cage’s real-world biker guy look – and fill it out with the CGI Rider effects.

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  1. First one was barely watchable. I’ll pass on this unless I hear really good things about it

  2. It wasn’t lame at all when Nic Cage said “spirit of vengeance”…oh wait. It was. I really would like this movie to turn out good but I feel that Cage is too old for this part.

    • yea but his age serves the story, and makes sense given the chronology. This movie is soon after the last. Which was on origin movie….

      • Hey, at least it’s the same actor again. I mean, maybe you didn’t like the first one, but at least they are holding to their original choice actor.

        Nicholas Cage is, believe it or not, an Academy Award winning actor. And to have him come back and try to do it again shows his dedication to the role.

        The producers and directors are ALWAYS FIRST to deserve blame for a crappy picture.

  3. Don’t like the Hell Cycle, and even though the fist one was actually really bad the bike was my favorite thing about it.

    • the hell cycle from the first movie was perfect, Ive yet to see anything that resembles a hell cycle in any of those pictures, I did see a bike that looks like it been set on fire though, and it looks like anyother bike, which leaves me thinking this movie will be CRAP, < (WINK) Vic.

  4. Hey guys, that’s not in Romania.
    That’s IN Turkey and Cappadocia cave suites.

    • Thanks guys. I’ve updated the article to reflect the fact the images are from a broader Eastern Europe set of locales – not just Romania.

  5. I’m looking forward to this. I enjoyed the first film. It wasn’t a great movie and not in my top 5 Comic films, but it cracks in to my top 10 and was very enjoyable. It’s certainly not one I watch all the time like TDK, Batman Begins, X2, Watchmen , Kick Ass, Incredible Hulk or Ironman. However I’ve watched it about 3 times and still enjoy it. Despite it’s many flaws I don’t think Nic Cage was one of them. I thought he did a good job with the role and I think he is a great fit.

  6. Yeps, pretty sure his NOT in Romania, and the latest pictures are from PAMUKKALE still in Turkey from yesterday ;)

  7. Hey guys, I’m from Romania and I’ve seen Nic Cage at evening news a lot since he started filming. I’ve heard that The Dark Knight Rises will also shoot some scenes in Romania

  8. It’ll take more than a few pics to compensate for the presence of Cage, who is uncharismatic and too old for the role.

    • Micheal I agreed with you on Wolverine, but gonna have to disagree with you here.

      I think Cage is loaded with charisma and certainly not to old for the part. He showed in Ghost Rider 1 that he can look the age easily. I think Cage is a good actor that doesn’t get the respect he deserves because he’s made a lot of bad film choices recently. I’m not so quick to forget his good films from before as other are.

      • Very much agree, Cage is a great actor, and his sheer force of personality makes him almost endlessly watchable as an actor, I didnt think the first Ghost Rider was brilliant but I did like it quite a lot, and most of that was due to Cage.

          • Yeah he does make a lot of his choices based on finances, but I actually respect him for that, he’s an actor, he needs to act to make money so he does what he is offered.
            But he has been in so many cracking films.
            And yeah Ghost Rider wasnt perfect, but it was better than either Fantastic 4 film, either of the Punisher films, Elektra and a few other comic properties.

            I own it on DVD and watch it often, its a film that’s fun to watch, I think both Cage and the audience know it is a bit crap in parts, and that works, plus the effects are great, Ghost Rider himself looked exactly as he should. It was one of the rare times the ‘costume’ was perfect.

            • I agree it’s better than fantastic four and electra and Punisher War zone, but to me Punisher with Tom jane was a superior film in many ways. I enjoyed Ghost Rider, but I really liked Tom Jane’s Punisher.

              I would say though Ghost Rider is Better than Fantastic Four films, Electra, Hulk 2003, Daredevil, X3, Spiderman 3 and you’ll disagree but I also place it above Superman Returns. I’d even go as far as saying something I’ll be hated for but I think it’s better than the Burton Batman films.

              • If thats what you think, then I wont try to change your mind. I really liked Daredevil though.

                Tom Jane was the only good thing about that Punisher movie, he is a fantastic actor and did the role justice but the rest of the film wasnt really up to much for me.

                Ghsot Rider seems to get an awful lot of hate, and I just don’t understand most of it.

                • I loved just about everything from the Tom Jane Punisher. The only thing I hated about it was Travolta who is just awful and really brought down the quality. Other than him I really enjoyed it.

                  I didn’t say I hate Daredevil, but it had enough negatives that it was only just ok to me. Electra really hurt the quality of it for me especially that park fight scene. Also the film was very campy in part, but also had some really great stuff. Daredevil coming home beat up was such a gritty moment and really made me think the movie would be great but it was to all over the place. One minute it’s the serious gritty film and the next its a silly camp fest. Overall I thought it was ok, but Ghost Rider IMO was better.

                  • I agree Daredevil certainly had some issues with tone, it wasn’t sure what it wanted to be, the directors cut is a vast improvement, as it all but removes Elektra from the story. Affleck was a good choice for the part if you ask me, he, like Cage is another actor that gets an undeserved bad reputation.

                    • Yea I own the Directors cut it is an improvement though not enough of one for me to love the film. I enjoy it though. I agree that Affleck was a good fit and is a great actor with not enough respect. He is one of those actors with lots of respect then made two stinker and had some major personal drama and suddenly everyone hated him.

              • Wow , really I have a question off topic , what is everyones beef with FF, besides Doom who is horrible, but I still think better then Cage’s GR? I mean both movies really did a great job of capturing the feel of the FF. I think most people didn t like FF cause they never read the comics, but those movies are pretty on the mark of the books , a family superhero team.

                • Doom was by far the worst part of FF for me. The only characters I did like were Johnny Storm and The Thing. Sure, Alba is eye candy but her acting needed a lot of work. Ian Gruffeld isn’t a bad actor but he was just wrong for Mr. Fantastic. That is one franchise I wouldn’t mind a reboot of. Also, I would say it did change much from the comic story. In the comic, Doom did not accompany them in space and did not have powers; he used technology and magic. We won’t go into the major problems with Silver Surfer’s origin or Galactus in FF 2. The 2 movies were family friendly and, at times, enjoyable but I would put GR above FF.

                • I read the comics and no it was nothing like the Fantastic Four comics. The Fantastic Four comics can be fun but can also at times be a little dark. The films were extremely campy. Also the casting of Doom wasn’t simply bad it was awful. One of the worst casting choices in comic film history. He did a terrible job and since he was in both films it really hurt them. The films were to kid friendly and not at all made so that an actual adult could enjoy them. It was silly kid humor and slap stick campyness. The second one was a minor improvement but not enough.

                  Fantastic Four – 5 of 10
                  FF2 – 5.5 of 10

              • ok yeah I would agree with a few of those but Burtons Batmans no chance, I would saw its better the Supes Returns only because I find that movie so insulting to the character that it rates pretty darn low. I would say GR rates pretty much equal with the Punishers. X3 and Spiderman3 are still better overall movies then GR and Wolverine is as well if you disregaurd the story problems and the whole Deadpool issue

                • I do think Wolverine was better, but X3 and SM3 no chance those films were awful. Among the worst comic films of all time.

                  I strongly dislike the Burton films. They had a cartoon like design at times were border line campy and were soul less shallow mindless action flicks. There was very little character development and the really missed the mark on a lot of characters. Just look at the absolute butchering of Commissioner Gordon or the horrible miscast of Harvey Dent and then not only miscast him but only use him for about 2 mins. Burton makes dark films by turning down the lights doing something offbeat that’s cooky and fun and then adding a funky looking tree.

                • How should the Penguin look
                  I thought he looked pretty good , I didnt like the whole pajama thing but he was absolutely workable. I will agree that Gordon was horrible. Well its besides the point , people like what they like. i enjoyed the FF movies a whole lot better then GR, and as far as taking liberties with the characters I think GR was far worse then most. None of the Characters where close to their comic book counter parts.

                  • Yeah that was what I was saying I like how the Penguin looked in the Tim Burton films. He was kind of scary. Cool.

        • Thanks Drsam

          To this day Leaving Las Vegas is one of my all time fave films. It was a fantastic movie and his performance was top notch. I think Leaving Las Vegas, City of Angels , Adaptation, Matchstick men, Lord of War, Weather man and Kick ass were all good films and all prove he can’t act. Heck even Raising Arizona is on his resume.

          People like to forget about the good work he has done because of the recent string of bad films. Even among his bad choices he still does well in the movies. I wouldn’t call him the greatest actor of his generation, but I’d certainly say he’s very good. Maybe in the top 10 of his generation.

          • raising Arizona is his best movie, hell I even own Firebirds, Hes a great actor, his problem is he is a work aholic and he will do anything. Oh yeah and he is just plain Corny

          • I’m a huge fan of The Weather Man, love that film, not sure many people have even seen it.
            Cage always commits to a role, it would be hard to ever accuse him of phoning in a performance, the guy puts a lot of effort into everything he does.
            And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks he is a good actor, everyone has made a few bad films, but Cage can still cut it with the best of them. His acting style is unique to him, he is certainly one of the best actors in his generation.

  9. My sister and I were talking about this the other day, and how so many people think Nic is too old for this. And that brings me to this bit of speculation on my part.
    I have heard that the name of the kid he is supposed to be protecting is Danny. I would like to know just how old Danny is. Because, (and here lies my hypothesis) if Danny is not a little kid, then it raises the possibility (in my mind,of course) that he is Dan Ketch. And if that is in fact the case, then perhaps Mr. Cage is also aware of his age, and the plan is to bring a young, fresh face in. Which would also most likely lead to more films. If this one does well, at least.

    So, opinions anyone? I’m honestly interested in them. :)

    • Sounds good to me.

    • Yeah its suppose to be Danny Ketch, but I think the resemblence dies there im pretty sure that they are not going to be brothers like in the comic

  10. I actually like nic cage as Ghost Rider. There’s something about his style that’s a bit chaotic that fits the devilish life of Blaze.

    My question is are they modelling Spirits Of Vengence after the comic? Will the demon expunge from Blaze and we end up an incredibly powerful duo, of Johnny Blaze and the Flaming skull demon, riding side by side and punishing the guilty together.

    If Cage intends on this being his last GR movie, then that’s a good way to segue into a new “Rider”.

  11. looks good
    is that suppose to be Vengence in the white make-up and weard hat? hmmm

  12. I enjoyed the wild, over the top gimmicks and style of the Crank movies, but what I’ve seen so far of Spirit of Vengeance doesn’t inspire confidence. Unless the studio or director starts leaking more, I see this turning out like Punisher: War Zone. It will be a watered down version of what the comic book to movie version could be.

  13. Well, Nic Cage himself said this was not going to be a sequel but a reboot (the article was on one of the comic book movie websites). From what else Nic said, it’s sounds like the action will be more exciting and the origin more true to the early Marvel Spotlight issues. I enjoyed the first film but three things really bothered me. First, when Mephisto swiped Blaze’s hand to make him drip blood onto the contract, Blaze should have done the deed (this defeated the message of the selling your soul). Second, Ghost Rider himself acted like a cross between the evil Zarathos (Blaze’s demon in the comics) and Noble Kale (Danny Ketch’s good guy ancestor spirit). Third, the fights are over way too fast and the villain’s are pathetic, except for Mephisto and Black Heart. Too bad Eva Mendes is not in this, she made watching the film easier.

  14. Some of you people give him way too much credit. Nicholas Cage is only doing these movies because he went bankrupt a couple of years ago, not out of any sense of dedication to the character. Yeah, he’s a good actor, but he’s too damn old for the part & not a very good looking guy or a realistic action star to begin with. Using him as GR has done a real disservice to the character. Cage should stick to doing roles like he did in “adaptation”, “kickass”, or the grindhouse Fu Manchu cameo he did for “werewolf women of the SS”. You know, classy stuff.

  15. I love you daniel ketchh I love youuuuuuuuuu