‘Ghost Rider’ Movie Rights Return to Marvel – Will We See a Reboot Soon?

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Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Movie Rights Return to Marvel   Will We See a Reboot Soon?

If ever a visual metaphor was apt for Marvel at the moment, it would be of a bird-keeper welcoming his pigeons back to the coop after a long winter during which they all flew south. The rights to properties such as Daredevil, The Punisher and Blade – given away to other studios many years ago, before Thor and Iron Man and The Avengers came along and the Marvel-Disney coalition became responsible for some of the highest-grossing films of recent years – are now returning to the home nest, for better or for worse.

It’s been quite a while since Screen Rant last rounded up which movie rights were with which company, and at the time some of the major Marvel properties were scattershot amongst a number of different studios. The situation is currently a little less dissipated, now that the characters mentioned above have spent some time away from the big screen and subsequently lapsed back to the their former owners, and now one of the arguably more mishandled Marvel prodigals has returned to home base.

Ghost Rider, formerly one of the two Marvel properties owned by Sony and Columbia, is the latest to have his rights revert back to Marvel Studios. The last time we reported on such an occurrence, the character in question was Daredevil, and the return followed many years of Twentieth Century Fox attempting to get a reboot off the ground and eventually missing their deadline for a production start. For Ghost Rider, though, it was quite a different matter.

Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Movie Rights Return to Marvel   Will We See a Reboot Soon?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige listed Ghost Rider as one of the properties that is now once again owned by his company, and explained why, as well as what he intends to do with Johnny Blaze:

“Whenever a character comes back to us, it’s usually because the other studios don’t want to make the movies anymore – and that usually means the [previous] movies may not have been particularly well received. They all have potential, but we’re not going to say, ‘We got it back – make it!’”

Sorry to quell the excitement of Ghost Rider fans so quickly, but of the many Marvel superheroes and antiheroes currently available for adaptation, Blaze is at the bottom of the list; the article later explains that Phase Three of Feige’s planned cinematic universe will chiefly consist of heroes who haven’t yet been given the stand-alone treatment.

Ghost Rider in The Ultimate Avengers Ghost Rider Movie Rights Return to Marvel   Will We See a Reboot Soon?

More to the point, a large part of the reason that Sony-Columbia will have given up on the character is due to the tepid response to both Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Neither film was a total flop at the box office – both more or less managed to break even on their production budget domestically and even make a little profit thanks to the worldwide market. Nonetheless, both the first and second film were almost universally panned by critics, and even with their combined box office grosses, neither of them came anywhere close to the success of Sony-Columbia’s reboot of another Marvel property, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ghost Rider is just on vacation rather than headed into retirement as far as the big screen goes. After all, he’s a biker skeleton whose head is on fire. Material like that doesn’t come along everyday. Unless you’re Marvel Studios, in which case it sometimes just comes home.


Source: EW [via ComicBookMovie]

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  1. I want ghost rider reboot movie action figure toys and vehicles toys and villians action figure toys and vehicles toys

  2. Awesome The rider returns home to marvel, but still sad news about spiderman hopefully one day Peter can return home as well.

  3. BS.They should focus on how to make a decent GR movie.Put Ryan Gosling in Blaze’s shoes and make an awesome film dammit!

    • Ryan Gosling would not be a good fit for Johnny Blaze. Blaze looks like the rough bar type..Ryan looks like a pretty boy. Josh Holloway would be a better fit for Blaze

  4. I loved the origanal ghostrider comics, and that’s what I want for a movie. I say forget an stand alone orgin story. Introduce him like they did with avengers hulk. Make him a young stuntman who had been with the carnival all his life, & is now out looking to rid himself of the monster dwelling inside. His look should be classic, bring on the stunt suit. My picks for blaze is Sam Claflin, Noel Fisher, or Ryan Gosling. For his girl Roxanne Brie Larson or Emma Watson. And I’d like to see Joss work with this cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki. I think they would make magic.

    • Daniel craig as johnny blaze anyone?

  5. i personally believe yes, but keep Nic Cage, he was the best, he is Ghost Rider

    • no nick he looked nothin like johnny he looked more like his little brother. need some one how looks like the blonde guy from easy rider, or the main guy from sons of a,

  6. I like the original Johnny Blaze ghost rider comics the stuff that they did when the character came out the old old stuff, I really liked that Johnny was a character that I was routing for I felt sorry for and I thought was cool and average at the same time, when it comes to the films here are my thoughts the first one I hated I thought it was awful in terms of writing, directing, acting, effects, and I’m sorry but I have to bring up the acting scenes in the movie it was some of the most boring and lame action I had every seen the second one came out and although it isn’t good I do like it in kind of a guilty pleasure kind of way I thought the action was fun I really liked the look of the rider in the movie and the set design and cinematography i thought was cool its the acting and dialogue and wackiness of spirit of vengeance I didn’t like (like the priests with the machine guns I just thought was too wacky for lack of a better phrase) overall I know the second one isn’t really good but i like it in terms of pleasure and i felt it captured more of the old school comics than the first one. Now i’m gonna talk about Marvel studios owning the rights so since I am a fan of the character in a way I am happy that the rights are owned by a company that I am a fan of and if they get him in a reboot that will do justice to ghost rider more so than the last two movies I will be happy with that and look forward to seeing it with the reboot itself and ghost rider begin in the mcu is a different story with me, due to the fact that this character is a lot scarier and has much different screen presence than say thor its a guy with a flaming skull burning people on a scary bike with a flame chain, one of the things that i think didn’t work about the first one and the second ghost rider film to a degree was that they tried so hard to make him a monster and make the film such a horror movie I didn’t feel like they tried at all to focus on the super hero qualities and cool powers of the character or the cool worlds that he explores or intriguing lessons that he encounters, instead its just him looking and being scary all the time saying lines of dialogue that aren’t interesting and pretty much just doing nothing the whole movie (seriously looking back on the first movie I don’t recall ghost rider doing anything cool or exciting the whole movie i just remember him looking tough and walking around). Okay sorry i got off track there, I’ve been wanting to rant about that movie for a while lol… so anyway my thoughts for the reboot are don’t use Johnny Blaze and don’t use Danny Ketch because after the first two movies people aren’t gonna be interested in Blaze again for a while and I don’t think they would be interested in Danny either because he again is so dark and creepy, not to say he’s not interesting at all damn he’s really cool and all but marvel would need someone with a little more light tone for it to fit in the marvel universe… I would recommend Robbie Reyes in the Marvel Now comics I think its still a scary character and a scary concept but with Robbie the whole devil aspect is gone because it was a ghost that infected him its not entirely a flaming skull its really a ghost helmet that resembles a skull thats on fire so it may not be as scary, we haven’t seen him in a movie yet, it can have a speed racer fast and furious vibe to it, it would take place in L.A (presumably) where we haven’t been to yet in the MCU (I think) in his comics there are dark elements like drug dealers and violent gangs but they could find a way around that I think. Overall I think if they do reboot it and I hope they do I would think doing a movie about Robbie Reyes is their best bet in terms of money and audience which i have to think is a huge factor if they reboot it because the last two films had audience trouble and money trouble if I do recall. I also think Marvel will want to pace themselves with a reboot if it is to happen I can see them having Ghost Rider guest appear on agents of shield or something maybe a netflix thing maybe defenders since they are doing that and he does have history with daredevil I think, so they could do that. Thinking like marvel if the audience likes what they see and they think its cool and are interested in seeing more then marvel will consider it more seriously they may end up giving him a tv show and later on give him a movie I just think he would have to be super super big if he was to have a guest appearance then get a movie right after and after the last two movies i don’t see that happening. So those are my thoughts on the Ghost Rider scenarios.

    • Not even going to read that horrendous wall of run on sentence. Learn to punctuate.

  7. if they make a new ghost rider movie, i want them to keep N. Cage on just for the laughs (and nostalgia critic review).