‘Ghost Rider 2′ Trailer: Explosive Action & Supernatural Mayhem

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ghost rider spirit vengeance Ghost Rider 2 Trailer: Explosive Action & Supernatural Mayhem

A collection of movie bloggers and cinephiles have gotten the first look at the Marvel Knight comic book sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – and, judging by their responses, the preliminary consensus is not good.

Today, we have the full-length Spirit of Vengeance trailer available for viewing – and while it seems to confirm one of the recurring criticisms so far (namely, that the film’s story is kind of boring and predictable) there’s plenty of high-octane action, explosions, and sick CGI supernatural effects to at least make this theatrical promo an entertaining watch.

Spirit of Vengeance catches up with biker/demonic warrior Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) as he leads a loner’s life in the remote regions of Eastern Europe, unable to control his deadly curse as the devil’s bounty hunter. However, a chance at redemption presents itself when a monk named Moreau (Idris Elba) recruits Johnny, in order to save a young boy named Danny (Fergus Riordan) from becoming the new human form for the Lord of Darkness (Ciarán Hinds).

Though he is reluctant to fully embrace the power of the Ghost Rider, Johnny agrees and eventually finds (you know what’s coming)… the strength to become a true hero.

Check out the full-length Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer below:

Both this new theatrical promo and the Spirit of Vengeance teaser trailer play up the film’s messy visual style, unpolished and gritty approach to shooting action, and overall more darkly serious tone. That approach is more effective here, in part because of the nonstop explosive fighting, high-speed chase sequences, and destructive violence perpetuated by the Ghost Rider - and, of course, the absence of the “pissing fire” gag that concluded the film’s teaser.

However, what brief bits of plot material and dialogue featured in this new Spirit of Vengeance trailer seem pretty by-the-numbers and uninspired, at best. That’s all the more disappointing, given that the film’s cast includes dramatic heavy-weights like Elba and Hinds and Cage is still capable of delivering a solid performance – when he’s not just phoning it in or going over-the-top, that is.

Still, even if Spirit of Vengeance writers Scott M. Gimple (The Walking Dead), Seth Hoffman (Prison Break) and David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) have failed to pound out a decent screenplay, at least the film looks to deliver some solid mindless action. Then again, considering the movie is being directed by Crank series helmers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, that was never really in question, was it?


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be released in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on February 17th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. I think I would like this so much more if it wasn’t Nicholas Cage as GR.

    • Agreed. He’s liable to screw up what little potential it has.

  2. Looks better than the last,might be more incredible hulk than punisher:war zone.

  3. is there christopher lambert in it?

    • Yes i believe that was lord rayden

  4. Awesome. Makes me forget about the negative buzz. Seriously though, I think this film will at least be a fun, mindless action film.

  5. well honestly i don’t know what to think, i liked the first one alright but i really didn’t see a reason to make another one cause when a movie is just alright then the sequel will probably be awful….i’ll probably end up seeing it cause i know my husband will want to but honestly i don’t have hight hopes

  6. christopher lambert? jeez..i hope not…ciaran hinds,idris…good actors,having fun in a well paid movie..cant be any worse than the first one….which stank….

  7. The acting looks TERRIBLE but the action does looks pretty good.

  8. Been a while since I’ve read a Ghost Rider comic. Was Johnny Blaze pushing 60? Other than Nic Cage, it does look like it could be a good film.

  9. Hmmmm the action looks intense, but in a way id rather see someone else as GH than Cage, as much as i thought the first was a great popcorn flick, this one has a lot to make up for….

  10. The February release is what makes me think this won’t be any better than the 1st. If Marvel or anyone else involved thought this had major blockbuster potential this would be getting a late spring or summer release. But since it’s most likely going to be terrible it’s getting released when most studios dump their bad films so it can make back as much of the budget as possible.

    • THe last one was a Feb release as well. There are only so many opening in the summer.

    • Marvel has said that they want this summer to only about The Avengers.

  11. Dunno, Sandy, I think from what I see, this sequel is going to be waaaaaaayyy better than the first. The first was a major disappointment. Right down there with the last two Punishers.

  12. Eva Mendes is the only reason I watched the first one!

  13. I think it looks bada**. Can’t wait.

  14. Wow this looks soooooo terrible, a cheap rip off of the comic character. They’ve managed to turn Ghostrider into a Van Hellsing/Underworld type, just another hybrid of good concept and no imagination (Van Helsing/Underworld).
    This franchise could have been awesome(in the right hands).

    -Turning a crane into a giant motorcycle is just stupid!

    • WoW…I loved van Helsing,so after reading u…i got my hopes up for this Movie !

    • Yea i was wodering why turn the crane into a flaming angry crane.. or is it a giant cultivator.. or maybe a mean garden weasel.. regardless it kinda pissed me off too.. they stepped up the rider but the villans are just horrible..

      • That’s funny… ‘mean garden weasel’… lol

  15. @Cronotronixdextra
    It wasn’t turning a crane into a giant motorcycle. He turned into a giant “rider-influenced” crane.

    Also this movie looks good and the reason it wasn’t released in the summer is it wouldn’t be able to compete with the other comic book movies, which are way more popular than ghost rider.

  16. This looks so much better than the first one! I’m excited for this!

  17. All I care about is the action.

  18. The trailer looked as good as good be expected. It should be on par with Punisher: War Zone…which isn’t a bad thing in my book…not a good thing either. It’s kind of just there.

    • “as good as could be expected” – sorry Ghost Rider’s penance stare caused a typo.

  19. I was sold after the first trailer but this one is indeed better. Is it wierd that I don’t like all of the rider’s random pointless roaring? Cause I don’t. I do love Nic Cage in this trailer, and am excited to see what Neveldine/Taylor bring to the film this time around. Can’t wait!

  20. Hmm, I wasn’t a fan of the first, but this one looks worse IMO. The quality of this movie looks really cheap (maybe B-rated?), along with the obvious bad acting. I think this sequel looks to be really bad…again IMO.

    The Sentry should be the next Marvel movie!!!

  21. Nick Cage = Guilty Pleasure

    Looks a LOT better than the first one…with the exception of any scene with Eva Mendes in it.

  22. Well, at least the Ghost Rider looks cool.

    If this one doesn’t do any better than the first movie though – it’s time to move on and shelve this character for a few years.

  23. I’ll wait for either the DVD or netflix.

  24. This one looks better than the first GR movie, but Nick Cage is still the same. Nick needs to get out of sci-fi action and do more drama/war action movies. It might help his career. Windtalkers wasn’t that bad. i thought it was decent. Please STOP with the long hair in your movies. Your hair trends are horrible.

  25. bring it!

  26. Am I the only one who is suspicious of the kid he is supposed to save? The kid’s name is “Daniel.”

    Could it be they kill off Johnny Blaze – or at least strip his powers away and pass them on to young Dan…Ketch (a.k.a., the person in the comics who took on the Ghost Rider mantle after Blaze)?

    Thematically it seems like this film is headed that way (with Cage trying to rid himself of his “Curse” and the kid being a vessel for possession); in fact, if they don’t do it that way, this movie will be truly stupid for not using that opportunity.

    It would also mean a third movie with no Nic Cage!

  27. He pisses fire.

    I’m sold.