Potential ‘Ghost Rider 2′ Spoiler: Johnny Blaze’s Powers

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nicolas cage ghost rider Potential Ghost Rider 2 Spoiler: Johnny Blazes Powers

The latest crazy Nic Cage vehicle, Drive Angry 3D (pun intended) hits theaters tomorrow, and the ever-busy star took a break from filming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance overseas in Eastern Europe to chat with reporters about his newest film.

Cage reiterated his previous claims that Ghost Rider 2 will be a whole different experience from the first film, and dropped a potential SPOILER about how things will become increasingly difficult for Johnny Blaze this second time around.

With Crank filmmaking duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor holding the directorial reigns on Spirit of Vengeance, it’s not been surprising to hear Cage reveal that the pair have been “doing things with the camera that are just brand new… [and] quite shocking and quite risky.”

While talking with Fearnet, Cage once again emphasized that:

“['Ghost Rider 2'] is not like anything I’ve done before. It’s completely original. I think it’s a really high adrenaline ride. And I think you’ll see things in it that are mysterious as well.”













One specific tidbit that Cage dropped about the plot for Spirit of Vengeance was that it’ll involve Johnny Blaze (Cage) actually lose his super powers for a period of time. According to the actor:

“There’s an exorcism scene I just did where Johnny Blaze is being exorcized. And then I also play Ghost Rider, who’s the spirit of Zarathos, who’s a corrupted angel.”

While the loss of one’s super power abilities is a plot twist that’s cropped up in many a comic book story before, it can often be quite an effective turn of events. Testing Johnny’s willpower and allowing him to rise to the occasion as a regular human could allow the man to demonstrate more depth of character – and be all the more engaging when he’s not just pulling off that whole flaming skull trick of his.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Potential Ghost Rider 2 Spoiler: Johnny Blazes Powers

Having Peter Parker lose his web-slinging abilities in the second chapter of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy worked well enough, and the fact that Spirit of Vengeance will take its lead character down a similar path seems like a good idea. If nothing else, it suggests that the sequel may actually have some substance to go along with all the visual flair and thrills that the Crank directors will surely deliver.

David Goyer’s script for the second Ghost Rider pic follows a more mature and lonesome Blaze as he attempts to protect a mother and child from a demon known as Roarke. Presumably the exorcism that Cage mentioned occurs at an inopportune time in the film, and will only make it all the more difficult for Blaze to carry out his noble-minded mission.

Plus, this event will allow Cage the chance to play a malevolent supernatural entity onscreen – and let’s be honest, it’ll probably be a gas watching him go all-out crazy with that character.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is still in the midst of principal photography overseas and won’t reach theaters until February 17th, 2012. We’ll keep you posted on its development in the meantime.

Source: Fearnet (via Super Hero Hype)

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  1. “Plus, this event will allow Cage the chance to play a malevolent supernatural entity onscreen – and let’s be honest, it’ll probably be a gas watching him go all-out crazy with that character.”

    I’ll probably catch this movie based on this alone. I love that crazy man.

    • True, I really liked what he did in Face-off as Caster Troy, Talk about crazy

  2. *Slaps forehead*

    Zarathos is associated with Daniel Ketch, the second Ghost Rider, who in my book was a much better character. Basically they are killing any chance of seeing that new Ghost Rider by doing this.

    I can see why they decided to go this route. Now the Ghost Rider that Nicholas Cage plays will truly be an agent of good. Still drives me crazy, though.

    • Er, never mind what I said – I’m completely wrong, remembered wrong, Zarathos is the first Ghost Rider. Need more coffee! Okay, I’m happy with this news.

      • Phil, Danny Ketch is in this movie. He’s a little kid in this one (and also the son of satan) but he’s in the film. It’s probably being set up for him to become the new ghost rider in a sequel.

        • Sweet!

        • Um no , Danny`s NOT The Son of Satan ! He`s The Son of A Former Fiancee of Johnny`s and turns out to be Johnny`s Illegitimate Son with Rider Powers inherited from his Father and Satan wants to possess him to regain his Youth and use those Latent Rider Powers to destroy Johnny and Zarathos for betraying him , recruiting Psychopathic Mercenary Roarke Carrigan who becomes The Vampirelike Human/Demon Hybrid Blackout, to assist him in This Task !

      • Lol you carzy sir!

        Bit of a shame you can’t delete comments. Yes, why can’t you delete your own comments, Screen Rant crew? Is it to preserve stupidity like above?


        • Yes, I was trying futilely to find the delete comment after I realized I misremembered like two seconds after I posted that… ah, well…

    • Actually friend I hate to get all professor geek on you but, this is one of the few things that this movie is actually getting right. You see Johnny Blaze’s 70′s Ghost Rider was actually a combination of Johnny Blaze and Zarathos the Spirit of Vengeance. While Daniel Ketch originally became the Ghost Rider when he touched the “medallion of power”/magic gas cap, in the final issues of the comic it turns out that Ketch was possessed by Noble Kale (an ancestor of Danny’s and Johnny’s)after Ketch’s mom comes back from the grave to unlock the Ghost Rider’s “past life” and put his spirit to rest. It’s quite convoluted but if you’ve got the Ghost Rider movie video game some of the unlockables are the “major” comic issues of the 90′s Ghost Rider, quite cool. Anyway I was kinda of hoping that they were going for a split personality/Zarathos thing way back in the first movie, although I don’t like that they’ve changed Zarathos from being the powerful spirit of vengeance to being a generic “fallen angel”, it kind of eliminates some of the darker aspects of Johnny wanting to be rid of the vengenful Zarathos spirit, who had served as more of the series antagonist rather than some clown in a costume. It was like a demonic version of the Incredible Hulk, and I only hope that the second film delves more into the character of Zarathos other than being this generic evil monster because I always liked the idea that Ghost Rider was his own worst enemy.

      • Um dude , Zarathos turned out to be A Fallen Angel in The Comics , as well ! A Fallen Angel who became A Soul-Sucking Demon God who grew so powerful EVEN The Devil FEARED him ! Presumably , The Skeletal Form is due to Zarathos` Evil Actions burning away his Flesh ! Also , Zarathos WAS NEVER A Lilin CONTRARY TO Lilith`s Claims !

        • Also in The `90s Comics , Archangel Uriel was depicted as A Flaming Skeleton ! So , Zarathos WOULDN`T be The First Angel who looked THAT Way !

  3. So first Danny Ketch is a little kid and Blaze whom is Danny’s brother in the comics is looking out for the kid, ok. i can live with that. Blaze is going to seperate from Zarathos, like in the comics which is fine. keeps to the comics. Will they let him keep the Hellfire Shotgun like in the comics as well. When are we going to see the Hellcycle, cause the only pictures Ive seen of the bike is really not impressive. i hope this is better then the last otherwise they need to let this project return to
    Marvel and Disney

    • How can Ketch be Blaze’s brother if both Blaze’s parents are dead and Ketch is the son of Satan?

      • your asking me , in the books they are long lost brothers

        Ketch and Johnny Blaze later learned they were long-lost brothers and that their family was the inheritor of a mystical curse related to the Spirits of Vengeance. Ketch eventually seemed to die, but the Spirit of Vengeance to which he had been bound through the bike’s talisman lived on, and Ketch himself was resurrected via a bonding with the Noble Kale Ghost Rider.[8]

        ^ a b c d Peter Parker: Spider-Man vol. 1, #93 (July 1998).

  4. Well anything they do in this film will be a vas improvement over the last one. Not that I didn’t like the last one mind you it actually got me interested in the Ghost Rider comics. Which I appreciate.

  5. Hey quick question. I just remembered that Idris Elba is in this movie and he’s also in Thor. Does that mean he’s playing the same character? Or is Marvel just digging themselves a hole? Because if my memory serves me correctly Ray Stevenson the lastest incarnation of the Punisher is also in Thor but I don’t think that he’s going to be playing the Punisher. So again I ask how is Marvel going to explain this? Especially since I think they regained the rights to the Punisher from Lions Gate? Or I could be completely wrong. Please fellow screen ranters let me know if I am.
    Thank you,

    • Dude, the rights to Ghost Rider aren’t owned by Marvel, they are owned by Sony, which means that this movie isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Which means Idris Elba isn’t portraying the same character he portrays in Thor – Which is owned by Marvel… Also Punisher Warzone starring Ray Stevenson as the Punisher wasn’t owned by Marvel but by Lionsgate at the time… Now that Marvel has the rights to the Punisher, they will reboot the franchise and make it part of their Marvel Cinematic Universe… Dude just check on wikipedia – Marvel Cinematic Universe… I’m too tired to explain everything….

    • @Brandon, Well…..Thor is being made by Marvel Studios, whom currently own the rights to Thor. Ghostrider, although a Marvel character, is being made by Sony whom currently owns the rights to Ghostrider(and SpiderMan). So in essence Idris’s characters are “sort of” in a different “cinematical” universe(Sony vs Marvel). Likewise with Ray Stevenson as the rights were at Lionsgate and the last Punisher movie was made by Lionsgate. However,it is a fact that the rights to The Punisher are now back at Marvel Studios as was said by Kevin Feige in 2010′s ComiCon. So with that said, there is a possibility that we may see yet another actor cast as Frank Castle aka The Punisher once again. I degress, this time we may see The Punisher done properly by Marvel Studios more than likely in a rumored Marvel Studios “Midnight Sons/Marvel Knights(mix)” live action movie featuring a team up of: The Punisher, Blade, Daredevil, and possibly either Morbius and or another character. A 4th Punisher movie is not expected to do well after 3 failed attempts, even under Marvel Studios’ umbrella, so therefore the only way to bring The Punisher back would be to either make him his own cable TV series and OR cameo him in another movie with other good “street level” vigilante characters because another “standalone” Punisher movie WILL not do well,no matter how good it could be. The rights to Daredevil are currently still at Fox Studios but are being held on by a thread of a deadline for production or the rights may soon return to Marvel(they would have already returned if it wasn’t for “Elektra”). Blade’s rights were at New Line Cinema/Amen Ra Films, and I’m 95% sure that the rights have already returned to Marvel as there has not been any production for any Blade films for several years now since 2004′s “Blade Trinity”. There is rumor that some prominent Marvel character rights will be officially announced to have been returned to Marvel coming this years 2011 ComicCon. The Fantastic Four are “rumored” to be one of those.

      • @Brandon, BTW, If this new Ghostrider movie bombs, then more then likely Sony will relinquish or sell the rights back which will allow Marvel to bring Ghostrider into the rumored Marvel Midnight Sons project and or even reference Dr.Strange within that whole premise. As Dr.Strange would belong in such a project but not yet until he debuts in his OWN feature FIRST.

      • You guys really need to learn how to use spacebars and spacing when needed. All that jumble and it wont get read…or understood in some cases :)

      • really…fantastic four is going to be back with marvel studios…dont lie to me…im 23 and your going to give me a heart attack…

  6. I’m just laughing at the fact that they’re expecting Nick Cage to show character “depth.”
    He’s sure not the dude we want to see for that. I don’t think he could show a different range if his life depended on it.
    I just watched “Raising Arizon” same Cage and that was in the late 80′s. ROLF!

    • I’m sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong about Cage. Cage shows excellent character depth when he needs to. Watch his performance in Leaving Las Vegas the man is a skilled actor who just does a lot of crap films lately doesn’t make him less talented he’s just a bit of a money whore now/.

  7. “['Ghost Rider 2'] is not like anything I’ve done before…”

    This kind of (supernatural) thing seems to be all he’s doing lately.

    I’m just looking forward to the hair-piece.

  8. sweeeet

  9. Nic Cage..bleh..GhostRider is cool, no doubt. But seriously,Cage? I can’t stomach this guys.. cough..acting. Can’t we find a better looking “actor” to play this. He might have fans but we all just make fun of the guy.

  10. I’m shocked they are even making this sequel. I thought the first Ghost Rider was dreadful – one of the worst, and most forgettable, of any of the Marvel films (and *that* is saying something!). Actually, the only memorable element of Ghost Rider was how bad it was. Did it really do sufficient box office to warrant this second effort? With all the great films waiting to be made, including some great stuff in the wings of the Marvel universe, the powers-that-be really want to invest their efforts in this??? I don’t get it.

    • I blame Mark Steven Johnson. It seems like everything he touches he destroys. Ever see Daredevil?

  11. another rushed marvel movie, staggering to keep the rights from marvel studios…20 dollars says its crap…any takers?