Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance?

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ghost rider 2 Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance?

Nearly a year ago it was confirmed that Columbia pictures was in the process of signing writers to pen the sequel to the terribly disappointing Ghost Rider and that Nicolas Cage was set to return of Johnny Blaze. Months later, Cage shared his idea for Ghost Rider 2, revealing that it should be  reboot of sorts. Well, not really a reboot but a different direction for the franchise.

I suppose it didn’t matter, any direction would be better. We also knew that they would be going with an updated version of an older script that David Goyer wrote back in 2001.

Yesterday, Collider reported some details from an exclusive chat with producer Mike De Luca where they talked a lot on the subject of Ghost Rider 2, revealing many interesting details about the movie and its possible title.

You can check out the full transcript of the interview with Del Luca but for your convenience, Frosty summarized the the key points:

  • Mark Steven Johnson is not directing the sequel
  • Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson
  • Ghost Rider 2 (or Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance) will be a hard PG-13
  • The film is going to take place in Europe
  • De Luca is open to David Goyer directing the sequel but it all comes down to his very busy schedule
  • The sequel will be like “pushing the reset button” on the franchise
  • As you might expect from the success of Avatar, Ghost Rider 2 might be done in 3D
  • Goyer has just delivered his updated outline to the studio
  • Ghost Rider 2 could easily be in front of the cameras this year

So, it appears the Nicolas Cage got his wish of making the next film more international and less of a western. It’s a good thing that Mark Steven Johnson is not directing but I’m not supportive of the idea of this being done in 3D just for those higher ticket prices. They need to make a better movie first and foremost.

Yes, the possible title of the film is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. For those familiar with the comics, Vengeance is another burning-skull rider who traded his soul to Mephisto so he could hunt down Ghost Rider, who he thought was responsible for killing his family. In the end, he’s a supervillain turned superhero so I’m assuming that’s like a big part of the story of Ghost Rider 2.

If Spirit of Vengeance does begin principal photography this year, the 2011 summer season will explode due to an overload of comic book movies.

It’s hard for me to get excited about this when I really disliked the first Ghost Rider and especially compared to all of the other Marvel Comics-based films coming out.

What do you think of these updates?

Source: Collider

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  1. Sounds good to me, I actually love the first movie, I know a lot of people hate it but there are far worse comic book moives out there!

  2. my worst three films ever are:-

    Highlander II
    The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
    and Ghostrider

    so I will not be seeing the sequel

  3. I enjoyed the first one. Thought it could have been a lot better but decent. I’m all for a new one.

  4. Wow, not to be condescending, but, if those are your worst films, I wish I could trade film histories with you! “Troll 2″ immediately jumped up as THE WORST.

    I didn’t mind the original one too, too much. I could tell Cage really dug the character, and that the concept was by-and-large conveyed. Could have been delved into more, definitely, but I was intrigued by it all the same. I didn’t know that tidbit about Vengeance actually being a character in the comics, but I could see potential in that story for the movie franchise to redeem itself from the inadequacies of the first. Namely, an opponent who might actually be a good foil (that was my main beef with the first: weak and bland villains make for a poor counterpoint to establishing a character who’s supposed to be some kind of a hero).

    I’m game for it, though hopefully not in 3D.

  5. I would say that Ghost Rider was a weak comic film, but not altogether bad. It wasn’t weak because it wasn’t loyal to it’s comic roots; those comics from the 70′s were pretty lame, themselves. Later versions of Ghost Rider improved on the character by making it more of a horror genre, and that would be the most fitting direction for another GR film. The worst thing about the first film is that it tried to hint at an R rating, but held tightly on to PG, making it something of a tease. That and the story line was just too thin. The comic relief in the film was nice, but just what was it relieving? It just wasn’t dark enough.

  6. Alone in the Dark…
    Even Ghostrider seems Oscar-worthy in comparison

  7. My worst movie is easily Toys.

  8. Thought the first Ghost Rider was pretty lame. It had a couple of good scenes but over all disappointing. As a fan of comic books growing up I always thought Ghost Rider was a really cool character so I’m glad they are giving him another chance but going in a different direction. Fingers crossed it will have a better story than the first one.

  9. I love the bit where he ‘drinking’ jelly beans from the martini glass, so deleriously weird. Bet that came from Cage!

  10. I would think that:

    Batman Forever
    Batman & Robin
    Blade Trinity
    Superman 3 & 4
    Spider-Man 3

    Would all rate worse than the first Ghost Rider film. Granted, it wasn’t perfect or amazing, but it did nail down the tone and feeling of the old 70′s comic. If they are going to go after the feel of the book during the 90′s in the new movie, then I think we’re going to be in for a sweet sequel. Regardless, I’ll be there opening day to find out.

  11. I like Batman Forever, or at least the oft fabled directors cut, the deleted scenes added a huge depth to the movie.

  12. I hated the first film, and if Goyer’s directing this film, then I’m just gonna skip it all together.

    I do like the title though.

  13. Ghost Rider has huge potential, and it was barely tapped in the first film. I think an arc could work, that combines Blade, Ghost Rider and Morbius. Modeled after the “Rise of the Midnight Suns” cross-over from the 90′s. “The border between hell and earth is weakening, and dark, twisted heroes are needed!”

    3 films first

    Ghost Rider 2
    Blade 4 (reboot)
    Morbius 1

    then a 4th

    Rise of the Midnight Sons – team film with all three. All should rated R

    Just an idea, but i guess it’s too much like the Avengers plan, but hey… if that works… a new horror comic trilogy/franchise? It could work.

  14. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about that storyline, but I could see that work. If Marvel Studios pulls off The Avengers, a film with Blade, Ghost Rider, and Morbius could be an interesting alternate approach to your standard superhero movie. I could see a lot of allure to a type of superhero movie with a grittier look to it. I’d watch it.

  15. so i assume it would use cameron’s tech, right

  16. Elektra, Catwoman, and Batman and Robin definately worse than Ghost Rider but thats not to say that Ghost Rider was much better. I would rate the former movies a 1/10 and the latter a 2/10. Ghost Rider was TERRIBLE but at leat they attempted to come up with a decent story. Cage definately has the edge to play Ghost Rider and I like that they kept him on because the disasters of the first film were the script and the visual effects, NOT Cage. Although I dont think hes a great actor, he does suit the role.
    I personally think that this will ultimately flop because there will be too many better movies out at the time for people to waste their time on Ghost Rider.

  17. I have to agree with the it wasn’t that bad side. I mean it wasn’t amazing but I liked it. I’m up for a sequal however they want to spin it. Would like to see Mendes back though.

  18. All Sony is doing is trying to keep from losing the rights that’s all. They’re scared that Disney/Marvel are gonna start grabbing any franchises left in “LIMBO”(NPI). Fox is holding on The FF,Elektra, and Daredevil by a string and they don’t know what to do,even if it’s making a horrible movie real quick to keep form losing the rights they’ll do it. Which will only make things worse for them in the end. Disney is an evil MONSTER in disguise of cuteness, they WILL eventually find a way to get the rights back. Overall as far as “GhostRider” the movie, the portrayal of Mephisto and Black Heart are what I hated the most. The only thing I liked about GhostRider was the riding down the buliding scene, GhostRider’s voice and Eva Mendez. They need to just let Marvel direct and produce it while still retaining the distribution rights. If the movie was closer to “Blade 1″ and the vibe of “Consantine” it would have been good.

  19. No Eva Mendes? That stinks! She was THE best part of the first one! What’s next? Megan Fox to take over the role? I liked the first one, not perfect by any means, but it was in no way the worst film ever made. Tighten up the script, give the effect a little more polishing and NO 3-D and we can have a decent film.

  20. I am POSITIVE it is not too late to cast someone else in the lead?

  21. Timothy Oliphant as the new Johnny Blaze.
    Paul Bettany as Mephisto.

    guest starring Guy Pearce as Morbius.

  22. Nicolas Cage still in the role then? OK, count me out.

  23. OK all those who think “Ghost Rider” was the worst have to sit down and watch without interruption.

    “Voodoo Woman”
    “Earth II”
    “3 Supermen Against The Godfather”

  24. I’ve seen a lot worse than Ghost Rider, and I’ll watch Sam Elliott in just about anything.

    The old man, Earth II was Gene Roddenberry’s attempt at a bit of space realism, wasn’t it? Dull as ditchwater. 3 Supermen Against The Godfather sounds like some kind of niche porn movie…

    DrSam, I didn’t know there was a director’s cut of Batman Forever; what was taken out of the original?

    The Pitt Man, Blade 4? Do you mean the TV series? I only saw one episode and that was enough.

  25. @ The Big Dentist

    basically it was darker, more violent, and far less camp.

    It was a much more psychological movie, really delving into the psyche of Bruce Wayne. Much of the deleted footage is on the DVD, Joel Schumacer keeps saying he would like to his intended version released one day. There is a great Batman movie lurking in there somewhere!
    Some of the footage has been lost over time but from what I have heard it was almost entirely in keeping with Burtons two movies, but the studio wanted to aim the character more at children and took out the clever stuff and amped up the campness. A lof of people blame Schumacer for the demise of Batman in the 90s, and that’s not fair because with Forever at least he really tried.

    The entire reason it is called Forever is because, after Two Face shoots Bruce in the head, he wakes up with no memory of being Batman and has recover who he really is, hence why he us Batman Forever.
    There was a slightly different ending on the rooftop near the batsignal with Robin.
    And Two Face was a complete psycho in the original version.

    Much of this is on the dvd.

  26. Avatar was being used as a guinea-pig, and therefore viewed by every special effects studio and film writer, to see whether so much special effects and bright colors would not only work on the big screen, but look believable. I have not seen it yet, but from what i heard it worked. Now every SE studio around will use avatar as a sort of template for future films requiring much special effects. Avatar will be a set-up/reference for Justice League. This may have been the main reason why Avatar was made.

  27. while I actually enjoyed the first Ghost Rider, i worse movies i could think of would be Elektra, Supergirl, Daredevil.

  28. Thanks for that, DrSam. Yeah, no matter what crimes Schumacher committed on Batman & Robin, I always thought there was a much darker film struggling to get out of Batman Forever. Tommy Lee Jones was underused to the point where it looked as though his part HAD to have been cut to bits. I suspect there might have been more to Drew Barrymore’s role as well. Jim Carrey was the right mix of Frank Gorshin physicality and Cable Guy-creepiness. If I remember, the scene where the young Bruce Wayne falls into/discovers the Batcave was straight out of Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and whether Chris O’Donnell was too old or not, Robin’s origin was pretty close to the ’80s retelling in the comics.

    People tend to forget Tim Burton actually produced Batman Forever, and was perfectly fine with Schumacher directing.

  29. Not to mention, nipples or not, at least BF went with Neal Adams’s reiteration of Robin’s outfit rather than the old bare-legs-Burt look…