Ghost Rider 2 Shoots in 3D This Fall

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ghost rider 2 release date Ghost Rider 2 Shoots in 3D This Fall

The sequel to 2007′s Ghost Rider will begin production this Fall and will be shot in 3D. The Nicholas Cage comic book flick debuted to awful reviews and will be getting a quasi-reboot of sorts while still remaining a sequel as well as new directors in the form of Crank’s Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Ghost Rider 2′s official title is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, intentionally dropping the number from its name. While there was talk of Cage returning for the sequel for years, it wasn’t confirmed by him officially until he said so himself on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson last month.

The report originates from the Romanian news site who explain that this will be the first major production shot in Romania since 2002′s Cold Mountain and it also will be the first 3D film shot in the country. Cage recently finished work on Drive Angry 3D, another action oriented flick shot in 3D where Cage plays a man seeking vengeance on a mission to hunt down those who murdered his daughter.

As for the story of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Cage made it clear over a year ago that with the sequel, he wants to take the story and style in another direction:

“I would like to do a reconceive… I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that’s what they’re talking about.”

“I would make it much less of a Western and more of an international story”

David Goyer jumped in to handle the Ghost Rider 2 script and the rumors at the time were that the story would follow Cage’s flaming skull chain-bearing biker as he takes on a demon biker gang seeking to resurrect the demon lord Zarathos.

With Goyer on board and promise of a reinvention of sorts, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has a good shot at being better than its predecessor but I still find myself entirely unexcited about the film, especially in relation to the competition.

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  1. I must make a terrible admission. I really like the first film, I know almost no one agrees with me and don’t expect many others to leap to it’s defence.

    But there was something about the film I enjoyed, I think it was Nic Cage’s utterly bonkers personality bleeding through into the role. Cage has always been a love him/hate him kind of actor, I always enjoy his performances.

    So it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to this quasi sequel quite a lot.

    And I know, I might be standing in an empty line on opening night, but I couldn’t care less. I know the original was a bad film but thar doesn’t stop me from liking it.

    • DrSam, I’m in the same boat as you. I really enjoyed the first film as well. Let the cheap shots at us ensue. LOL

      • if this one doesnt work out which im rooting for it but we can neverr be to sure with writers and directors such as this. they need to have david s goyer write the srypt i mean look what he did for blade and batman this material screams goyer he could make it what the comics were dark bloody and the rider not sound like a total douche just dont let goyer direct and wede be ok it need s to have the same tone aas blade and the beginning of blade 2 like the scenes when nomak is out in the czech republic hunting down victims

    • No, you’re not alone. For all the downside to the previous film (Wes Bentley, that still means you) there were bright spots. The Ghost Rider, Sam Elliott (although Slade did not join in on the final battle) definitely Peter Fonda (which I hope returns, but it does not appear to be the case) and Nic Cage.

      UI was all rooting for the sequel. It isn’t a reboot or restart, it simply goes in a darker direction. I’m cool with that. I liked the idea of Ghost Rider/Blaze hanging around castles and the ruins of an old country.

      Then the directors are announced and on the plus side, we know that N/T will shoot fast and digitally. Now we’re hit with 3-D (!!) and that slightly alters the N/T style—which I have yet to enjoy.

      I’ll see what happens in casting in the next few months, who the bad guy is (oh please, please, please make it an evil looking demonic Hobgoblin! Or The Swarm!)…

      All and all, I should be excited! Instead, I sit on my thumbs and go, “meh”.

    • I agree I liked the first film also!
      I myself am a huge fan of Nicholas Cage (ever since I first saw Face/Off) and did love him as Ghost Rider.

    • @DrSamBeckett

      Don’t worry; I’ll be right there in line with you. I too enjoyed the first one and think it hit the basic points of the original Ghost Rider mythos quite well (I think most viewers grew up with the Dan Ketch version in the ’90s–which I liked as well, though not in the same way–or one of the modern reinventions–which do not impress me as much). I am looking forward to seeing how they evolve the legend. :)

      • I’m surprised to find such a warm reception for this movie. While there are massive chunks that make me squirm a little at their cheesiness, I liked the monster as a whole. It squeaks by as okay in my books.

    • Drsam I didn’t like it alot, but I enjoyed the first film as well I certainly didn’t regret paying to see it.

    • Hey I enjoyed it a lot too! Screw the critics!

    • I agree too! I thought first movie was a good FUN popcorn flick! (Exactly what I want from a Comic to film movie).

      I too am looking forward to the next one!

    • I will be in the same line man.But,I realy only injoyed Cage in Kick Ass because of the rest of the cast and crew.I think that if you want a Nic Cage movie to work then you need a strong cast and a respected crew.

  2. DrSam, even though parts of the first film kinda bugged, I really enjoyed it overall, especially when he tore down the side of the building on his chopper. It was a fun flick, and I hope they do a good job on the next one. Ghost rider has always been a fave of mine, and I think (hope) they could achieve a more faithful treatment the second time through.

  3. Drive angry 3d…sounds like 8mm with a daughter Lol (btw i liked 8mm cause im a sick and twisted bastatd!). And Cage rocked in Raising Arizona!

  4. It’s another movie in the genre so that’s good news..I liked the first film but it could have been so much more especially when considering the source material. I’m still kind of waiting for the bubble to burst with comic book movies…I want DC to stop sitting on their eggs waiting for them to least they wrapped filming on Green Lantern and there are talks of a Flash film with Batman and SUperman prepping for new films.

  5. I’m genuinely pleased to see the love here!

    • its one of my guilty pleasure films sam, infact i just watched it last week lol :)

    • I enjoyed it as well. Sure, there were problems, but I still had fun watching it.

  6. Ghost Rider was a fun guilty pleasure. Lets face it even the comic books were pretty cheesy so it did not disapoint too much.

  7. I liked Ghost Rider & relieved that it wont be rebooted so soon like FF or Spidey. Though i liked the first film but i always believe this is the country of 2nd chances, especially for movies. What i dont get is some people hated Wolverine but liked Ghost Rider.

    • Didn’t hate Wolverine..I was just hoping for the character to be the bad a$$ he is in the comics but it never really materialized..I think he was more a pu$$y in the movie..I didn’t hate the Spirit either (boy was it awful though)..Like I said earlier I am just glad they are making these books into films and (I know I’ll get blasted for this) I’d rather see a bad film than no film at all…

      • I think it will get way darker with time. You are mixing a good soul with a demon. There will have to be an adjustment period. It is all good in the first. You can control it and it is fun. Then with time you slowly succumb to the evil that we all know and love. The Spider-man Venom, Carnage triangle always was similar to this. It just depends on who gets the power. Vengeance will be interesting and will give the true dark side of the Riders.

  8. I’m surprised that so many people liked the first one. I thought it was mediocre at best. My biggest problem with it was Nic Cage. I thought he was wrong for the part. Maybe a little older than I expected them to go. And his hair…

  9. I’ll jump on the love wagon and admit that I liked this movie as well. In fact I’ll go so far as to say I thought both of Mark Steven Johnson’s comic flicks where decent(including Daredevil). With N/T on board and Goyer involved, please let this mean it will be R rated. That would truly imbue the essence of what the Rider comics are suppose to be about(much like the case with Wolverine).

  10. I wasn’t overly happy with the fact that Sam Elliot drove all the way across the desert just to tell him to have fun was stupid. I am really not happy that you didn’t get to see Blackheart in all of his bad ass glory. I was really hoping to see him show his true form. Other than that, I really liked the first movie. Nicolas Cage was great as Johnny Blaze and he loves playing that character. I am interested to see who they cast as Vengeance. I am glad they are working on another.

  11. I also liked Ghost Rider/Nic Cage….its fun and looks great on HD/Blue ray! but I also liked Punisher/WarZone Ray Stevenson IS Frank Castle!

    • War Zone was decent, but Thomas Janes Punisher will go down as one of my all time fav comic adaptions.

      • Warzone stuck to his family tradgey better, plus you can see just how tortured he was about that day in Stevensons eyes thoughout the film.

        • I have to disagree with stevenson being the best punisher ever, thomas jane made him less of a deranged killer that, like rays, killed women by snapping their necks… thomas jane made him more of a thinker, but one that could fight too… stevensons version made him unstoppable, and if you read the punisher comics, he is stoppable, he gets the crap kicked out of him, but he gets back up everytime to kick their butts… Thomas Jane is Frank Castle!!!

          • who here said rays was the best version ever? i certainly didnt. did i like warzone better? yes, did i think he was better, depends. warzone stuck to the way his family was killed way more closely than the jayne version did. the director of warzone made it more over the top violence, which was funner for me. i enjoyed both versions, and own both on dvd.

      • I agree that Tom Jane’s punisher was better, but I cant agree that War Zone was decent because War Zone was one of the worst comic films I’ve seen only one worse was The Spirit.

  12. I gave the first one a middle of the road review. Didn’t HATE it, but I didn’t really like it, either:


  13. Wow. I’m surprised at how much Ghost Rider love there is here. Glad someone enjoyed it. :)

  14. Rob, I think you’re alone-ish on that “being entirely unexcited” thing. The guy from American Beauty that played Blackheart was the best part IMO

  15. Man where were all you guys when I used to get bashed for supporting Ghost Rider?

    O’well, being that this is going to be 3D, all have to wait in line at the dvd store. I doubt very highly that this will be playing in 2D,,,

    • i wasnt around for that 790 :(

      • 790 are you getting a persecution complex? :)

    • I must have missed that thread as well 790. It wasn’t great but I did enjoy it.

  16. Lol, I think its more like survivors guilt.

  17. @ 790

    I have hard time keeping up with posts made so maybe i missed yours. To my mind theres only been two comic to film based movies i couldn’t stand. Not to sound sexist or anything but they were Supergirl & Elektra. Heck i was bored with Elektra i didn’t finish watching the dvd. That’s rare for me.

    • I think think Supergirl was all that bad; it was cheesy and a B-movie but I enjoyed it. Elektra? I haven’t a clue what the writers and director was thinking with that. I have read many people saying the FF was the worst comicbook movie; they must have missed Elektra.

      • What the heck happened? That is not what I typed. This is what I meant:

        I don’t think Supergirl was all that bad; it was cheesy and a B-movie but I enjoyed it.

  18. I like Supergirl!

    • the helen slater movie??

      • Hell yes!

      • Yeah! I’m not scared to admit it.

  19. I love the first film, I’m sure this will be better, but I’m afraid that Neveldine-Taylor will screw the film, I like their movies but I don’t think that their style fit with the characters. I’m sure that like the rest of their movies there will be a lot of nudity and sex and that will screw the film.

  20. Ghost Rider was enjoyable not the best, but certainly better than alot of other films. Ghost Rider is better than X3, SM3, Punisher Warzone, Super Girl, Steel, Both FF films and the worst comic film of them all The Spirit.

  21. Reading the new title of the movie made me only think Vengeance himself would be in the movie which would be great, but oh well.

    Ghost Rider has suuuuuch potential to be a great movie. I am not personally the biggest Nic Cage fan but I’ll cross my fingers still. As cheesey as the visuals were in the first one, all of the action scenes of him on his bike were really kick ass.

  22. Does any one know how long FOX has the rights to Daredevil? I am reading the current Daredevil series SHADOWLAND..anyone else reading that..It’s been fantastic so far and if the movie rights for DD reverted to Marvel it would be awesome to see some of the heroes and villians in that series together on the big screen. DD, Moon Knight, White Tiger, Spider-man, Power Man, Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Electra, Bullseye, Punisher, Wolverine, Kingpin..I know we can forget Spiderman and Wolverine but it would be awesome to see those characters on the big screen together..throw in the Black Panther and I’d have a stroke from the excitement..I smell toast..

    • Oh the whole reason I brought it up was because Ghost Rider is appearing in Shadowland # 3 and being controlled by Fisk (Kingpin)

  23. I will pass….bad acting is one thing….But Cage’s bad acting in 3-D is something almost Un-Holy.

  24. Oh goody! The first was one was so dumb I couldn’t finish it.

  25. The first Ghostrider was miscast with Nic Cage. Someone like Keifer Sutherland would have been way better. Not having Mephisto and Black Heart finally show their real image was the worst part. What they should have done was taken Ghostrider to hell and have him fight down there. Imagine how cool it would have been to see Black Heart the way he REALLY looks and Mephisto too. What next is “Shuma Gorath” and other multidimensional demons going to all human AGIAN?! I’m not looking forward to this film.

  26. The first was ok despite the campy and corny story and script. But that was predetermined before it came out when MSJ’s name was attached to direct the film. Luckily the duo directors here have more experience under they’re belt. Some bizarre experience but better than MSJ!