‘Ghost Rider 2′ Set Photos & Video Show Blaze’s New Motorcycle [Updated]

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[Update: Check out New Pictures of Nic Cage riding his bike on set.]

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has started production over in Romania, and today the first set images and an accompanying video have made their way online, landing over on the Marvel Movies Facebook page.

The videos show star Nic Cage on set, while the video shows a driving sequence (or test sequence) being filmed. Oh, there’s also one important thing to note: the images also give us a first look at Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider’s new motorcycle!

For those who don’t yet know, Ghost Rider 2 is supposedly set several years after the first film and finds Johnny Blaze in self-imposed exile (hence, Romania).  Blaze has become a tortured soul who is convinced that his powers are a curse. Blaze is soon approached by Moreau, a member of the monastic order of Michael, the warrior angel.  Moreau seeks a protector for a mother and son who are being pursued by a figure named Roarke, a villain who has detailed knowledge of the Ghost Rider’s history.

The film is being helmed by Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and while I can’t be certain, I believe you may spot quick glimpses of the pair in the video below:


Now on to the images that were snapped of Cage on the Ghost Rider 2 set:

It’s no secret that I was NOT a fan of the first Ghost Rider movie. I thought the plot was lame, the characters were pretty much miscast and mishandled across the board (thinking of you, Blackheart), while Cage’s take on the Johnny Blaze character totally missed the mark (jelly bean addict? Really?).  Needless to say, I’m expecting very, very, little from Spirit of Vengeance, and the fact that the film’s budget was recently cut by nearly half, does little to persuade me.

Already I can tell you that if the motorcycle we see in the image is the one Blaze will be riding in the film, I’m already disappointed. While I realize full well that the bike could transform along with Blaze when he becomes Ghost Rider, Blaze himself is supposed to be a bike enthusiast and that motorcycle looks like a relic leftover from a Mad Max film. Life on the run probably doesn’t offer a guy many frills – but come on, this is the movies! Give us a little bit of  the razzle-dazzle!

We’ll surely see more images and videos coming out of Eastern Europe as Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance continues production. The film is slated to hit theaters (in 3D) on February 17, 2012.

Source: Marvel Movies Facebook Page

Update Source: Libertatea via Shocktilyoudrop

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  1. was he doing his elvis impersonation at 2:31 there? GIVE MARVEL BACK THEYRE CHARACTERS! we should just boycott hollywood in general

    • I’m pretty sure all of this is just them playing around in-between takes. The Elvis impression won’t be in the movie. So stop crying about it.

  2. First of all I’m impressed with the hair. It hasn’t been that good since “Valley Girl”. Second, couldn’t the guy holding the camera invest in a tri-pod? Third, couldn’t the guy holding the camera at least invest in a uni-pod? Sheesh.

    • N/T is directing; expect a little digital shaky cam in places.

  3. Looks like a Honda V-Twin model. Those are nice engines.

    Also, if Blaze is in exile why would he travel to one of the worlds most occult regions?

    Oh yeah this is from the talents of the Crank writing team.

  4. The pictured motorcycle is a Star V-Max – it has one of the most potent engines available, and is an impressive motorcycle to those who know motorcycles. It is exactly what a modern gear-head would ride if he were interested in power.
    Sadly, the first Ghost Rider movie was unwatchable garbage. I don’t expect anything more from the sequel.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Funny that the person dogging the motorcycle clearly doesn’t know a whole lot about motorcycles. Otherwise he would understand why the chose the VMAX

  5. This is actually being made? I thought this was all a hoax

  6. It must be so painful for you guys to have write updates on this movie.
    (although I did skim it)

    Marvel Movies Facebook Page is a very misleading title for those that don’t know the difference between Marvel made movies.

    I feel for you Marvel.

    • Simply childish. Painful for them to write updates on it? Give me a break. This website should post all things movie related, since everyone who posts comments and articles believes they are experts.

  7. I hope they have a reason in the movie why he has a new motorcycle. I like the new look though, I think it is gonna be great!

  8. I have to be honest, i never read a Ghost Rider comic, nor was a big fan, but i thought the first film was ok despite the plot. I loved how the character looked on the big screen & his ride when it changed. I wouldn’t mind seeing the sequel. I seen worse films than Ghost Rider, heck i couldn’t even finish watchin Elektra.

  9. “Life on the run probably doesn’t offer a guy many frills — but come on, this is the movies! Give us a little bit of the razzle-dazzle!”

    Usually when movies don’t have a sense of realism people condemn it. Seriously man, if they had used a flashy new motorcycle while Blaze is on the run, everyone would be complaining about how it’s unrealistic that a man on the run could have such a nice bike. But now when they aren’t using a new bike you complain about no razzle-dazzle?

    People find ANY reason to hate a movie.

  10. I could care less if movies have a sense of realism. Aslong as the film excites me enough, thats all i care about. Take Nolan’s realism of Batman films, i still think it wouldn’t be that easy for anyone to have a double life like that or have the energy even if they are rich and own their own business, still wouldn’t be that simple. I remember a episode of Justice League where Batman yawns & a guy ask normal stuff for you, and Batman replies by sayin 3rd night in a row with no sleep. Maybe people are too picky about films these days or expect alot before a film is released.

  11. How the hell did this franchise get a sequel??????

    “If i hear the music, i’m gonna dance. ” – – Gregs

  12. Why is the bike being different a prob? Holly crap?!?

    He’s Jonny Blaze, he’s got lots of bikes and let’s not forget everything steel wise (GhostRider) touches turns into a cromed out demonic upgraded countermeasure.

    His bikes are no different then (let’s say) the Punisher’s selection of guns. :/

  13. Man, you can really see that Cage is bankrupt… He can´t even afford a proper wig… And about this movie: WHY?! The first one was terrible and boring! Why would they do a sequel?! I´m not really a fan of reboots, but this franchise could really need one. And the synopsis:

    “Moreau seeks a protector for a mother and son…” This reminds me of the (also terrible) Elektra movie. They just changed the gender of the parent and child…

  14. The lack of Razzle Dazzle is just fine with me. Not all bikes are beautiful. What is under the seat is what is important. Plus, I like the fact that he doesn’t have some big weekend warrior bike. I hated the bike in the last movie. I thought it was ugly. The Ghost Rider bike was a Bad Mama Jama though. I want one something awful. Thought it looked a thousand times better than the Bat Bike in the Dark Knight. Course i haven’t been all that impressed with the Batmobile since the Burton days.
    They did screw the pooch on the last movie in some ways. I could really handle the whole thing except for Blackheart. That should have been a main focal point in making him look absolutely terrifying like they do in the comics. I could live with the fact that he his going around looking human to a point but for the final scene he should have went all out and showed his true form. Other than that, I liked it.

    • @ GreaterTater

      I agree ya. I was more interested on the bike Ghost Rider would be riding on than what Johnny Blaze would. After all he did have quite a few bikes in his place in the first film and no matter how much you treat your bike or car, they eventually get bad etc. Besides these are set pictures, little early to be jumpin to conclusions. I agree about Blackheart, the guy seemed too young to be takin seriously as a villain & didnt seem like a threat till its too late. I didn’t for the Batpod scene in TDK other than it served as part of what was happening at the time in the movie. Robin would get a kick outta riding it im sure. Though i enjoyed the Batmobile chase scene in Batman Begins, I too liked Tim Burton’s. Cage and everyone talked like they realized what was wrong with the first film, and hopfully they can make it up with this one.

      • I didn’t really have a problem with Blackheart being young it is just the fact that he didn’t show his true form. In the comics, Blackheart is the manifestation of true evil, hate, and rage. At least that is the way I see him.
        The Batmobile and Batpod. I would just really like to see them look more realistic. The Batmobile in the cartoon series The Batman was awesome. I think it needs to be made from a McClaren or a Saleen S7. As far as the bike, Ducati all the way. I guess comparing the two from TDK, I liked the Batmobile better than the Pod. As far as the way they were used… those scenes would have looked great even if he was driving a Moped. :)

        • @ GreaterTater

          On The Batman animated series. which Batmobile are you refering to, the 1st or 2nd one? If i remember right, i liked the 2nd one he had on the show. I like both Batmobiles on Batman:TAS. I liked Burton’s Batmobile cause it seemed original or somthing you’d expect Batman would drive in. It had no neon lights thats for sure,lol.

  15. Wait! You mean Marvel is actually making a sequel? Not a reboot? I must be sleeping…

  16. That’s a Yamaha V-Max.

  17. Kofi/Vic/Anyone

    How exactly does an off character like GHOST RIDER get a green light for one film (let alone a sequel after the first just barely beat its budget) when there are more prominent and better characters to choose form that have not gotten a film yet?

    With the understanding that you have DC and Marvel as 2 separate worlds and so it makes sense for Marvel to do a movie about GHOST RIDER over GREEN LANTERN since they don’t own the rights, why in the world would GHOST RIDER get not one but 2 films before any of the more prominent and well known heroes have? I can understand the choice to go with The Punisher as he comes closest to a proven formula, that of action hero saves innocents from bad guys using many big guns and bullets. Even if both attempts (one with Thomas Jane and again with Ray Stevenson) failed albeit in different ways (the first had bad casting and the second bad story) I can still see why they’d risk a Punisher film; but Ghost Rider?

    What exactly makes a meeting in Hollywood whose goal is to do a super hero movie decide on a GHOST RIDER or even a WATCHMEN film in lieu of one feature Wonder Woman or Aqua Man or even Flash? Capt America and Thor are finally getting their shot but why in the world would it have been only after GHOST RIDER?

    I’m just hoping someone can shed some light on these seemingly illogical choices made by Hollywood.


    • I can’t begin to decipher the labyrinth that is the mind of a studio exec. I *can* tell you that worldwide, Ghost Rider did not barely beat its budget. It made almost $230MM.


  18. this one is gona be better then the first one because its filmed in Romania,
    on Transfagarasanu road,Sibiu city,Hunedoara castle and other unique places

  19. What the heck ever happened to wanting to go see a movie for the sheer fun of it? The first Ghost Rider movie had a few oddities in it but overall it wasn’t that bad and the CGI’s were pretty good. I read the GR comics growing up and was a fan. I was glad to hear they were doing a second film and hope its a little darker and quicker than the last one. There are too many critics out there looking for deeper meaning and not just entertainment value. Afterall… Just because I’m not about to shell out $10 for a movie ticket to see say… a Will Farrell movie because I don’t think he is funny… at all… ever, doesn’t mean someone else does. If you didn’t like the first one then don’t see the second.

    • @ Rick

      I asked that question myself and i been told i have low standards of what to expect in movies. So says people like Daniel F. Outta my friends who go to movies alot, im the most picky one,lol Im not a big fan of Ghost Rider nor read the comics buy thought the first film was ok, especially when Blaze becomes Ghost Rider & Im sure cage and filmakers learned from the first film to make this one better. I seen worse films than Ghost Rider, I couldn’t even finish watchin Elektra nor bothered watchin Catwoman. I don’t think Will Farrell is funny myself and i get bashed over TDK because i didn’t find it as good as it was hyped up to be over the net. To me, some people have high expectations.

  20. Yes, this images were made in Sibiu (Romania) the city where I leave :). Some filming was made on a highway (which hasn’t been open then) and at some Evangelic Church.

  21. Yes, this images were made in Sibiu (Romania) the city where I live (not leave). Some filming was made on a highway (which hasn’t been open then) and at some Evangelic Church.

  22. I think the movie needs a reboot. The script of GR 2 also ain’t exciting. I just hope that the movie flops so that the GR rights revert back to Marvel and they should include him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Avengers. (I hope this for SM of sony and DD, X-MEN, F4 of Fox too).

  23. It is obvious that you are not a biker. The motorcycle that they are using for GR2 the New model VMax is a monster of a bike, when ridden does its own transformation in the real world thanks to Vboost. The paint scheme may not be a flashy flamed out Harley, but you do not see many of those in Romania. Good Choice on Bike, hope the film is better than your review.

  24. Let me guess the prologue:


    • It’s a muscle bike, V-Max 2011. I’d be happy to take you for a ride, just don’t dig your nails into my back like a sissy. . . .

  25. Yea well, like you guyz said, the dude that complained about the bike being to boring or whatever obviously does not know a Ducati from a Vespa!! LOL Frome what I heard they had to detune the Max to keep it under 200 rear wheel HP!! Must be QUITE the ride!!

    I reckon that non-biker’s would have no clue that the V-Max would spank every HD and Jap Cruiser out there!!!

    I went lite to lite with a new Max and got beat bad and I have a Yamaha Stratoliner, which as V-twin cruisers go, at 1850cc move pretty dam good!! But not V-max good!!