Oh No… Ghost Rider 2 Is Coming – With Nicolas Cage

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ghost rider1 Oh No... Ghost Rider 2 Is Coming   With Nicolas CageI’ll start by saying Ghost Rider is on my list of worst movies ever – so let’s just say I’m not looking forward to another one. There are a lot of things I want to say about the first one, but it would take a long time to read and it wouldn’t be fun to write.

It has been rumored for quite a while that there would be a sequel after the first Ghost Rider made over $225 Million in worldwide box office sales despite very negative reviews.

It has been confirmed that Columbia pictures is in fact getting writers to pen the sequel and that Nicolas Cage is signed on to return.


My hope is that moviegoers everywhere have learned their lesson from the first.

What do you think of a sequel and Cage returning to play Johnny Blaze?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. Seriously, they’ll make a sequel to this garbage but Superman needs to be rebooted? Come ON!

  2. Look i will agree with you that the first was not on my top ten list but one of the worst??? Neh, this movie could have been good but since it had bad casting and horrible writing it failed as far as quality was concerned…
    However, I belive if they take this move in the right direction with a dark and a anti hero tone much like the dark night (although batman is not a anti hero, especialy in the movies, but that is besides the point) and make this more of a serious story where the true power of the Ghost rider is unleashed (like the incarnarion in the the current comics his new incarnation, Blaze is now maybe the most powerful hero on Earth. During “World War Hulk” it was stated by Dr. Stephen Strange that Ghost Rider was more powerful than the Hulk and could defeat him, but wouldn’t because Ghost Rider only defended the innocent and the Illuminati wasn’t innocent. Ghost Rider also has the “Penance Stare” and mystical chain, both of which were specific to the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. He also now has new abilities including hellfire breath and the ability to produce chains from either his throat or chest. He is also now able to travel between the incorporeal realms.) if they took this movie and made it into something serious then t belive this new movie will go a far way…

  3. Niall isn’t saying that the concept of Ghost Rider is bad, he’s talking about (as you agree) the lack of quality of the film. And the likely hood that another one will probably be just as bad.


  4. i will agree that the STORY needs to leap bounds to become good, but it was entertaining…. let me emphasize, entertaining for what it was worth.

  5. Yah, Nicolas Cage sucked as Ghost Rider… My friend will be so disappointed that they are sticking to the current storyline and main actor, he was hoping for a reboot that would be worth watching… I’m not a big Ghost Rider fan, so it’s less of an issue with me, but I do have to agree that the Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage sucked…

  6. Well, if nothing else, we know Wes Bentley won’t be back in his overacting, non threat of a whiny bad guy character. Sadly, Sam Elliott won’t be back is there’s no need for Caretaker.

    I don’t think the first film was terrible, but I do think the bad guys (except for Peter Fonda as the Devil) were lame FX wise, and….well, Wes Bentley.

    Hopefully, the scribes they get (* is that a tipoff that w/d Mark Steven Johnson is not returning?) will weave in that idea about Ghost Rider in Europe, be it Scotland or Prague. Lots of castles, plenty of fog.

    Hopefully, someone will get smart and instead of inventing a new foe…make a monsterous Hobgoblin/Demigoblin and have him ride a live monster bat…or face The Swarm as GR did in the Champion days.

    BTW. I thought Nic was fine.
    Now get Eva back.

    and Peter Fonda too.

  7. You mention that this was one of your worst movies ever – SURELY AVP-R was up there as well :)

    The imagery conjured in this movie was it’s only saving grace. Cage has always been an empty suit in general for me. Lord of War worked wonderfully, because it required someone understated. the Rock and Con Air also paid off because they needed someone who was acting way over the top, but looked fake doing it and Cage excels at that.

    The effects were solid. The classic imagery was there. But the story ghost scared the story and value away.

  8. The worst movie ever? Hmmm. Have you seen Battlefield Earth, The Happening, The Avengers, Howard the Duck? Sure, the writing could have been better and some of the effects but I wouldn’t say the worst film ever. Surely it was better than Electra. I do agree they would have to have better writing for the sequel, if it ever happens.

  9. I liked the first one despite its obvious flaws, but eh, whatever. I’m glad they’re doing another although this time it would be fun to make it more horror and less … glitzy horror? I think the effect at times were to clean, especially on the “bad” guys. Get some real FX crews, Hellboy II anyone, and make these creatures look more real!

  10. Vic who wrote the article Rob or Niall because I can’t find a comment from Niall.. First Ghost Rider could have been a lot better and Ryan Phillipe wopuld have made a perfect Johnny Blaze..Bring back Fonda and Mendes..ditch Cage

  11. I will judge the second one on its story.
    Which is frankly,
    My problem with the last one .

  12. Ah, I see your confusion – I thought Niall wrote this, sorry!

    Rob wrote this, the author’s name is at the top of every post. :-P


  13. Ghost Rider is a pretty cool book… at times… But it was the perfect example of a comic book that makes no sense as a film. Although I will also say that this, along with Daredevil and even Hulk are perfect examples of comic book adaptations that fail miserably simply because the writer/directors attatched to the films rarely have any background what-so-ever with comics at all. Kinda like Michael Bay not being aware of Transformers until he started production on the movie. When are they going to figure this out?

  14. And I agree with Gary, The beginning “orgin” story of Johnny was pretty good I thought, but the ultimate story was so lame. Legion is a great enemy of Ghost Rider and just like Venom, the completley wasted him.

  15. Oh god…why? We’re honestly going to get more of cheesy 45 year old Nicholas Cage in the bad wig playing someone half his age again? If there has ever been a movie that truly needed a reboot, it is this one. Johnny Blaze eating jelly beans??? Come on!

  16. I thought the only bad thing about the first film was how easily the bad guys were defeated. Plus they were lame :) Im actually looking forward to this

  17. I didnt love Ghost Rider but I admit that it could have used a few improvements. However im still looking forward to this movie and hopefully some improvments.

  18. Why not? Can’t be as bad as the first one,

    And the first one will never be as bad as The Day The Earth Stood Still,

    So what’s to be upset about? What have they got to lose? Even more fans??

  19. I hate to say this because I know I am going to catch hell but I liked this movie my sons and I went and seen it and they liked it maybe its just who I seen it with but I had a good time and they already said they can’t wait for part to so I will be seeing it to —Later

  20. @ The Mantis

    Cage is a HUGE fan (he even has a big tatoo of the rider, I heard).

    I actually think that was part of the problem.

    Personally, I think the first film was “okay”. Didn’t bother me much, but I had the sneaking suspicion that a much cooler film has been buried by Wes Bentleys overacting, a weak script and Cage’s wig.

    Damn, do Tom Hanks and Nic Cage have some kind of secret competition running?
    The one who makes more movies with absolutely ridiculous hair wins? Whoever bails in shame first looses and has to by the other one a beer?

  21. Agree with David, the first film was not horribly bad, like uwe-boll bad. Actually, I found when he turned into the Ghost Rider were the best parts of the movie! The whole ‘look into his eyes’ deal was great, and the scene in prison was cool as well.
    Maybe they should make an animated movie. Hand drawn, no CGI, and have Cage voice Johnny Blaze. Something that McFarlane did with his Spawn animated series, now that would be great for this property!

  22. When’s the release date? I need to know when to book my root canal. The first one was an abortion on film. I think another Ghost Rider movie does need to be made… 1) With Danny Ketch, the real Ghost Rider 2) For the love of God without Nick Cage 3) With a storyline that doesn’t suck (insert object here) Definitely look more into his powers, and don’t make the principal Villain an emo-vampire kid, played by the douche that filmed bags from American Beauty(definitely the most overrated film ever)

  23. @huntthejest
    played by the douche that filmed bags from American Beauty(definitely the most overrated film ever)

    You’re my new hero. 8-)

  24. @ David Hasselbach

    I actually like Hanks’ hair in the Polar Express as the conductor ;) ….Now the DaVinci do should have at least won Cage a beer and then Cage should have bought Hanks a case for the mop in Bangkok Dangerous…DOesn’t anybody working in hair & make-up with Cage have the tenders to tell him that his wigs look BAD…


  26. LMAO t’challa, I think you messed up the page’s formatting!

    Should have hit return on your scream of agony. :-D

  27. To be honest I actually sort of enjoyed Ghost Rider. It wasn’t great, but certainly entertaining. There were a lot of problems and while it isn’t with in my top 5 comic movies it also isn’t in my bottom 10. I thought Nic Cage actually was one of the good parts of the film possibly the strongest part. The villians were pretty awful though.

  28. As long as there’s another obligatory cleavage shot of Eva, I’m good…..

  29. PhotoShopLifter Dan,

    That was basically the entire first movie