Nicolas Cage Not Returning for Ghost Rider 2?

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ghost rider 2 Nicolas Cage Not Returning for Ghost Rider 2?

Nicolas Cage may not be returning for Ghost Rider 2.

Vulture reports that, due to a time limit on the rights to the Ghost Rider character, Sony may move forward without Cage – though the actor continues to express a lot of interest in the sequel. Recently, he shared ideas for where the next film should take the title character.

Inside sources are reporting a November 14, 2010 deadline on the rights. Which means that if production hasn’t started on Ghost Rider 2 by that time – then the rights revert back to Marvel (and subsequentally their new owner, Disney).

Columbia Pictures has asked Marvel for an extension on the deadline – but isn’t likely to get one. Apparently the main delay is pinning Cage down. Meaning Columbia is struggling to get the actor to commit to the sequel over another project that might offer a bigger paycheck – namely National Treasure 3 (coincidentally a Disney franchise).

Perhaps Disney is interested in recouping the Ghost Rider rights – maybe they’ll dangle a hefty paycheck in front of Cage for National Treasure 3 in order to make sure he doesn’t do Ghost Rider 2 whilst the rights are still at Columbia.

Wouldn’t that be a sneaky move?

Nicolas Cage might not return at Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage Not Returning for Ghost Rider 2?

Who should play Ghost Rider – if not Nicolas Cage?

It’s also worth mentioning that we could still see Cage as Ghost Rider even if Columbia loses the rights and they revert back to Mavel/Disney. Since Disney has worked with Cage on both National Treasure movies (and likely the third) then it’s certainly not a stretch to imagine they’d ask him to star in the Ghost Rider sequel – if they get their hands on the rights.

Having said that, Sony (Columbia) desperately needs a tentpole blockbuster for 2011 since the Spider-Man reboot is now set for 2012. Although the first Ghost Rider didn’t break any box office records or garner much critical success, it still made $230 million (double its production budget) – so it’s still possible they could offer Cage a hefty paycheck of their own.

Neither Eva Mendes (much to the dismay of many teenage boys) or Mark Steven Johnson, the director of the first movie, will be returning, which calls into question – exactly what direction will the Ghost Rider franchise be headed?

nicolas cage bangkok dangerous Nicolas Cage Not Returning for Ghost Rider 2?

Decisions, decisions…

Fans of the Ghost Rider character weren’t totally sold on Cage in the first place – and presented numerous actors who might have been a better fit. But, to the general movie going audience, isn’t the character automatically associated with Cage?

If they bring out a direct sequel, with another actor, a lot of people will have confused faces. It’s not the same as the Hulk franchise reboot – which was a clear reboot with a new actor, new director, new everything (just about) so that uninformed movie-goers could more easily accept losing Eric Bana.

Although producer Mike De Luca has said that Ghost Rider 2 will be like “pushing the reset button”, the film is still expected to be a direct successor – and not an all out reboot of the franchise.

Or would it? Maybe Nicolas Cage isn’t the only factor holding up production of Ghost Rider 2. There are certainly conflicting messages about the direction of the project as a whole.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Nicolas Cage Not Returning for Ghost Rider 2?

I’m probably not the only one who thought Ghost Rider was a huge disappointment (to put it mildly) and how much or how little Cage contributed to that is up for debate.

Would I be upset if Cage didn’t return? To be honest, no. I would rather they flat out reboot it (in the same vein as the Hulk franchise) and cast another actor in the role. But that’s just me.

Would you be upset if Cage didn’t return for Ghost Rider 2? Who else would you want to see star in the leading role?

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance (yes, that’s the proposed title). If Columbia goes ahead with the movie (with or without Cage) before their deadline runs out, then you could see the sequel in theaters sometime in 2011 – mostly likely the summer.

Source: Vulture

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  1. The guy's turning his life around and finally becoming a good actor again… no need to sully all that with a Ghost Rider sequel. I say let past be past.

  2. Please, *please* don't let Fox make Ghost Rider 2. Get the rights back to Marvel as soon as possible so we can finally get a good Ghost Rider film. There's a tremendous amount of potential in those comics for a great films franchise. Preferably and R-rated Marvel Knights one.

    I want to see Mephisto and Blackheart brought to life in their true demonic forms. Depicting them with live-action actors was a stupid (probably budget-motivated) move; they should have gone the Gollum/Davy Jones/Na'vi route.

  3. A reboot is a better option at this point. Cage wasnt right for the role one way or another. A more of a descent into hell would be interesting.

  4. A reboot is a better option at this point. Cage wasnt right for the role one way or another. A more of a descent into hell would be interesting.

  5. A reboot is a better option at this point. Cage wasnt right for the role one way or another. A more of a descent into hell would be interesting.

  6. that would be sort of interesting- but what grabbed my eye about the whole ordeal in the first place was this powerful *thing* more or less roaming the earth for gits and shiggles, intermittently fighting demons and average people- and naturally, the average people kinda getting the short end of the stick.

  7. I am a huge fan of Nicolas Cage. And I must admit I did enjoy Ghost Rider. Maybe there is a better actor to portrait him, but I personally would be happy with Nicolas Cage staying WHETHER or NOT Sony is behind it. I think Marvel could put out a better movie though.

    Nicolas Cage is an actor that I feel you either love or hate. There are no shades of grey with him. For me, I think he's great. For most, the opposite. It's unfortunate.

    I do agree with joshi38 that he is indeed turning himself around.

  8. oh how cool it would be for Marvel to get back one of their characters..

  9. Cage aside, “Ghost Rider” was flat out awful. Let the sequel die and then let's wait another 5-10 years before rebooting it. I think the world needs time to collectively forgive and especially forget “Ghost Rider.”

  10. Well huge debt will make most people turn around fast. He's got what three movies out this year?

  11. Sony/Columbia had they're chance to get it right the first time and they epically failed. They made money off of the movie and I'm sure they got they're money back from what they paid for the rights and the budget for creating the movie. They need to let it go. Let Marvel Studios get the rights back and Sony can maybe see if they can retain distribution rights like what Paramount did. Sony/Columbia needs to just let it go and move on.

  12. Ghost Rider can do without Cage or Sony. Good riddance to both if possible.

  13. No I wouldn't be upset if Nick Cage didn't return as Johnny Blaze – and it could be doable, because in the comics there was actually *another* Ghost Rider, this time his alter ego Daniel Ketch. That was always the Ghost Rider I most gravitated towards and I think that would be a good move if Sony/Disney headed into that direction if they do have to part ways with Cage.

    Still, I wouldn't mind either if Cage returned. He wasn't the reason the first movie was mediocre. It was because of the director, AND the writing.

  14. ReBoot to the head…. I'd rather see a movie called “Question Mark Face.”

  15. worst comic movie ever for sure, im waitin for a dantes inferno man that would be so sweet.

  16. As much as I like Nicholas Cage as an actor, I thought he was wrongly cast as Johnny Blaze in possibly one of the worst MARVEL comic book adaptations.

    A total reboot by MARVEL STUDIOS is a definite must. A darker “Supernatural” style vibe would be pretty cool.

  17. as long as mendes is still in i could care less.

  18. I agree. This film definitely needs a complete reboot. Hopefully Marvel gets the rights to the film back. I hate the fact that they sold away rights to so many characters, most of those movies failed miserably, Marvel could've made them the right way.

    No Nicholas Cage, No Eva Mendes, a COMPLETE reboot is mandatory for a successful reboot.

  19. i think its only a matter of time before marvel starts bringing its children back home.
    sony has done nothing but ruin marvel rep (movie wise), and it would be good to see ghost rider in the marvel civil war movie ;)

  20. I always thought he would have made a better Dan Ketch than Johnny Blaze.

  21. I didn't mind the humanoid Mephisto while he was on earth(although I fear a Spawn styled Hell scene), but Blackheart was awful, he really needs to be all black and spikey all the time.

  22. If that's the case then I think it'd probably be better if they get Matt Long instead for a reboot and let him play as the second Ghost Rider, Dan Ketch. After all, both characters are related – they're brothers – and Long played a younger Johnny Blaze in the first film. Plus, some abilities of the Ghost Rider featured in the first film were actually the second Ghost Rider's to begin with.

  23. I hope you're right. All I read in that article was “Sony is being a putz and will produce ANYTHING just to keep from losing the rights to the character.” Much like the never meant to be seen Fantastic Four that got made years ago.

    I really wish Disney would just pony up the cash and outright by back all these characters. Starting with Spider-man, then followed up immediately by buying back the X-men.

  24. i need a good recent nick cage, could you point me to one soon, im about to start hating this actor.

  25. Kick-Ass is a good example, as is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (as long as you know before hand that he was meant to be hamming it up and overall the movie is supposed to be so bad it's funny).

  26. i just watched kick ass, it was a fine role for him because it didnt require him to talk to much and the way his character finished, made it different for him. And as much of a fan of both the original Bad Lieutenant with Harvey Keitel, and the director of BL:POCNO, Werner Herzog. I simply cannot stand to watch Nicolas Cage ham it up. I think FaceOff, Adaptation, Family Man, The Rock, and Con Air are the only movies that I will ever watch him in again. I didnt add the National Treasure movies because I havent seen them. And this all thanks to the Ghost Rider movie that has left such a fragrant and odious taste in my mouth, and ruined my desire to see this man act anymore.

  27. It's possibly just me, but I didn't hate the National Treasure movies, they're both guilty pleasures for me, the kind of movies I stick on in the background while doing something else and Nic Cage does an adequate job in them, it's clear he wasn't going for anything spectacular with that role (as people don't really tend to when they're the protagonist in a silly adventure movie), but he's not terrible in them.

  28. If you listen to the Ghost Rider commentary, the filmmakers talk about how they actually combined elements of the Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch characters into the film. It's sort of like how they combined Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy to produce the more idealised Mary Jane character in the Spider-Man films; introducing Danny Ketch as a separate character wouldn't really work with what they've done so far.

    I'd prefer an all-out reboot that makes Blaze and Ketch different characters from the outset.

  29. I think you're getting Sony mixed up with Fox. Fox is actually willing to make 'ashcan' movies for the sole purpose of retaining rights (e.g. the original Fantastic Four), but, so far, Sony hasn't sunk to those depths. Hopefully Sony will do the honourable thing and let the rights revert, like Universal did with the Hulk.