‘Crank’ Duo Directing Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2?

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ghost rider 2 Crank Duo Directing Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2?

Good news for the people who actually liked the first Ghost Rider movie – Heat Vision is reporting that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the duo behind the Crank movies) are in early negotiations to direct Ghost Rider 2 and Nicolas Cage is likely to return as the title character.

While Cage’s involvement was previously called into question because of his commitment to National Treasure 3, John Turtletaub (that film’s director) recently told Coming Soon:

“We won’t make “National Treasure” without Nic and they won’t make “Ghost Rider” without Nic so everyone will find a way to make both movies. It’s not like Nic is going to go, “I’ll make ‘Ghost Rider’ instead.” He’ll make both. Also an actor’s schedule is three to four months. Whereas a movies takes a year and a half. So it won’t be an issue.”

Despite the disdain the original film earned from critics, Ghost Rider 2 was inevitably given the green light, based on the massive (and bewildering) box office success of its predecessor. Cage was always willing to return for a sequel and discussions became more serious once Columbia realized they were facing a ticking clock; if Ghost Rider 2 didn’t go into production by November 2010, the rights would revert back to Disney/Marvel.

David S. Goyer (the Blade series, The Dark Knight) was hired to polish up a Ghost Rider script he’d written nearly a decade ago, which featured Johnny Blaze taking on a demon biker gang. While the intention is to have Ghost Rider 2 stand on its own, it is not officially a reboot of the series (despite Cage’s support for going that route).

Producer Mike De Luca later revealed the first film’s director, Mark Steven Johnson, will not be calling the shots this time out (he is still listed as a producer though). Eva Mendes also won’t be returning, the film is going to take place in Europe, it might be in 3D, and the tentative title is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Crank Duo Directing Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2?

De Luca was also hopeful that Goyer might be able to direct the film, but with Goyer’s busy schedule (which includes writing duties on Batman 3 and the Superman reboot) that was always unlikely.

In addition to the Crank movies, Neveldine and Taylor also wrote Jonah Hex- which opens this Friday.  They’re also responsible for the Gerard Butler clunker, Gamer.

Getting rid of Mark Steven Johnson and treating the sequel as a stand-alone property was a good start, but I can’t imagine fans of the Ghost Rider character are terribly excited about this news. The first Crank movie was goofy fun I suppose, but I’m not sure that this is the best match of  directors and material.

While I’m confident Ghost Rider 2 won’t be the atrocity the first film was, I have yet to hear anything that gets me excited for it.

What do you guys think? Are Neveldine and Taylor the right team to direct Ghost Rider 2? Are you relieved to hear Nicolas Cage is returning or were you ready for someone new?

Source: Heat Vision and Coming Soon.

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  1. I somewhat liked the first movie, but I still thought it needed a more dramatic descent into hell. Now Nevaldine/Taylor seem to havea good resume besides Gamer, so I’ll be looking at this film. As long as they loose the goofy s@#% they put into the first movie, then I’ll be satisfied.

  2. Sounds good enough for me, and even though Nic didn’t entirely give us the GJohnny Blaze feel, he pulled it off pretty well though, I can’t wait for this movie ;-)

  3. Damn it. I was really hoping the rights would revert to Marvel. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Cage return, as long as it’s not for Fox…

    • * as long as it’s not for Sony

      Which reminds me; I wonder if they’re going to tie this in with the Spider-Man reboot?

  4. Dear god, the duo that wrote crank teaming up for a 2nd ghost rider film. Sigh* thats sounds as good of a combination as Uwe Bole and a camera.

    • My thoughts exactly. I hated those films; well, the first Crank was OK but the 2nd was trash.

  5. “Good news for the people who actually liked the first Ghost Rider movie”
    Way I have seen it-

    1) The use of past Goyer drafts was a good idea. From what I understand, the biggest flaw was not addressing the origin story and Roxanne would be dead by the first act. The leader of the biker gang also became a cross between Marvel Comics’ Scarecrow and Swarm, but only instead of bees it was locusts. Metostopholes was also in those drafts under an alias. (So Peter Fonda could in theory, also return) I’d much rather see a demonic Hobgoblin or Swarm myself though. But I think this was a good idea.

    2) But the setting would change. Instead of a western/desert feel, the idea was to go to places with Keeps and Castles. I love this idea.

    3) Could Ghost Rider go Vampire$? (hired by the Vatican?) I am 50/50 on this, but I was okay with it.

    4) I liked the first film, liked some of the FX. There were parts I didn’t like (Sam Elliot’s Bounty Hunter rides alongside Blaze and IS NOT part of the last battle in any way,for example) and some FX didn’t match the rest of the film in quality.But I had my doubts on a sequel- not due to quality but due to the timespan between films.

    So I’m pumped, waiting for an announcement…and I read this post. I want to burn down cornfields and rape and pillage. I want to overdose on strong, bitter coffee. In short, get the Crank fellas far, far away from this. That’s all we need, another whip pan shaky cam movie with paper thin characters and bad storytelling. They make Steven Mark Johnson look like Scorcese.

    • “There were parts I didn’t like (Sam Elliot’s Bounty Hunter rides alongside Blaze and IS NOT part of the last battle in any way”

      Bounty Hunter? Sorry you must not know the GR mythos. I believe that was a nod to the ORIGINAL Ghost/Phantom Rider.

  6. Can Ghost Rider actually fight some villians in the sequel? The first time around, the villian screams at him, he hits him with a chain, end of fight. The big, final showdown was a staring contest for God’s sake. We’re one step away from Ghost Rider playing chinese jumprope or tetherball to enact VENGEANCE!!

  7. I thought thefirst film was ok certainly not as bad as you make it sound it was much better than X3, SM3 , FF 1&2, Ang Lees Hulk and slightly better than DD. Also way better than Transformers and The A Team but people like those. That said it definately could of been better. I think Nic Cage was a great choice and did well there was just a few useless characters and a sad lack of depth.

    That said the Crank films were awful so in afraid.

    • DD woulda been good had kingpin and DD wasnt miscast lol

  8. I disagree the DD script was flawed and the director totally fed it up more. Yes kingpin was mis cast but I don’t think Ben was at all wrong for the part. I actually think with a good script and good direction Ben is perfect.

  9. The guys that created Chev Chelios are perfect for Nicolas “I’m the real Chev Chelios” Cage. It’s not like Ghost Rider is something that warrants X-Men 2/Dark Knight quality either. We don’t need a socio-political allegory to being a demon biker and how impacts post 9/11 society. I’m perfectly happy with this news.

    Reminds me of last year when everyone was saying Terminator Salvation was going walk all over Crank 2 quality wise, yet Crank 2 has nearly double the score on Rotten Tomatoes.

  10. I diasagree not only should every movie aspire to mean something and be more important than a crappy popcorn flick but Ghost Rider should especially be more than an idiot flick like crank. Terminator Salvation by the way was a better film than Crank however Salvation was expected to be better than it was but Crank was what it was expected to be and tailored to it’s fans perfectly. It was an idiot flick filled with nothing but brainless action and no story or acting just what it’s fans wanted hence the higher RT rating. Dissapointment played a huge role in Salvations reviews had expectations been lower the reviews would of been better.

    • Daniel,

      I totally disagree. Sure there are films that are made to make you think, but the vast, vast majority of people go to the movies to be ENTERTAINED.

      Seriously, you should check out http://www.rowthree.com/ because their approach to writing about films is WAY more in line with your tastes than what we do here. Our main topic of news coverage here is blockbuster films, which you seem to hate.

      No disrespect intended – I just find it odd. It would be like me hanging out at HuffPo every day. I don’t need the aggravation so I rarely go there.


  11. Noooooooooooooo! I liked Ghost Rider but everything these guys do is crap! (Gamer)

  12. I like sci fi and comics Vic that’s why I’m here.

    Gotta say I believe it’s possible for a film to make you think and to entertain you. I’m not saying every film needs to be a deep powerful emotional journey I’m saying every film should have a little intellegence. Spiderman one or xmen one were not citizen Kane but still good films. I’m just say let’s try to avoid making films like Crank or Transformers and more like X2 or Iron man. Neither film was a revolutionary film or a brilliant in depth examination of philosophy. They were Summer blockbuster flicks that were entertaining and and smartish. I’m just saying we don’t need completely brainless films.

    • Daniel,

      Well while I give some films a bit of a pass because I think they accomplish what they set out to do, I do hold films to the standard of story and character development. I don’t care so much if a movie makes me “think.” Most people go to the movies to escape reality, not to have to think about anything.

      Every film doesn’t have to be revolutionary – that’s just not possible. I think you actually said here that there are no original stories, didn’t you? :) Generally I don’t like completely brainless films (ie Transformers) but sometimes I think a movie can be surface level and be fun (The A-Team).

      Here are examples of movies that didn’t even come close to making the grade:



      And thanks for clarifying why you come back every day. :-P


  13. I think your misunderstanding me Vic. I’m not saying the films need to revolutionary or genre defining they just need a good plot and an interesting story with some character development. Yes I said no film is completly original and I just said I’m not expecting blockbusters to be either I just want films that at least appear to be written by sone one with at least a GED. Hell with movies like Transformers and GiJoe I’d be happy with movies that appear to have been made by some one who at least attended high school they don’t even have to have a GED I’ll keep my dreams realistic. Films like the first two xmen or spiderman, batman begins, iron man, or even the new Star Trek film. They were all entertaining and at least appeared to be made by intellagent people. I hope you understand me now. I understand summer blockbusters place in this world I’m not asking every film to be Citizen Kane or even TDK I’m asking for fun but not moronic like Gi Joe or Transformers. I use these two because they fit more in to that category than any blockbuster I’ve seen yet.

    • I have to disagree and agree with you.

      I think Ghost Rider wasnt a good movie.It was a below average movie with alot of miscasting in key roles.Nic Cage as Ghost Rider makes as much sense as someone trying to put Ashton Kutcher in Superman tights.I love Eva Mendes.I think shes gorgeous and shes a damn good actress,but not for Roxanne.This isnt a race issue of mine,its just they werent right for those roles.I think Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin was an excellent choice.He size and presence were perfect,but the rest of the Daredevil film was lackluster,at best.

      In all honesty,the Crank films are a sheer sign of movies for a preferred taste.They are like live over the top,crude anime films.Odd characters,crazy action,sex and dialogue.They were awesomely entertaining.Last but not least,the perfect man to have played Johnny Blaze would have been Steve Burton.Hes played the character Jason Morgan on the ABC soap General Hospital for years,and hes the voice actor for every incarnation of Cloud from Final Fantasy XII.

  14. Hmmm … I agree with Daniel and Vic. WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?

    Crank movies sucked. End of story.

    Makes me nervous for a character I love. I liked thie first movie, but I am easily entertained. :)

  15. IDK, I’m all about seeing another Ghost Rider. If Eva Mendes is back that’s even better…if not, they better get someone who is just as hot.

  16. Nicolas Cage has a pretty good relationship with Disney, doesn’t he? Maybe they should ink a deal. Cage refuses to return to Fox for Ghost Rider 2, and, in return, Disney agrees to let him star in their Ghost Rider 2 when they regain the rights. Disney wins, Marvel wins, Cage wins, the fans win, Fox loses. Or am I overlooking something?

    • Oops, I keep thinking that Fox made Ghost Rider. I meant Sony. But you get the idea.

      • @Goldspire LOL! Not much difference between the two studios so I don’t worry. Unfortunately, Sony would just cast someone else as Johnny Blaze and Nic Cage needs as much money as he can get right now so I don’t think he’d go through with that but I think that could be a thought in his head too. This movie will fail anyway.

  17. Is this article serious.

  18. The Crank duo did Jonah Hex. Nuff’ said. :-)

  19. oh all u guys that say that the first one wuz “an atrocity” u have no clue wut ur talking about. it wuz a great movie i oved the concept and the funny scenes and situations give it personality as serious when chiz goes down but when nuthing interesting is happening they had to do something or the movie would be too short and it builds up to the premise of the movie anyway. like the interview wuz to build into the relationship and make him a full blown hero to a damsel. sure thats a lil cliche but hey thats comic books for u. the casting is great and im disapointed that they cant keep roxy’s characters portrayed by one actress consistently. on another note these directors and stuff aren’t well placed i think the old guy shoulda come back or something and i don’t see stan lee at all in the first one so poor choice there but he wuz a new director at the time and great work for a new guy. all in all i give the sequal a thumbs up but im sceptical about how serious these guys will make it considering how completely nonserious the crank series wuz and jonah hex is still up for grabs as i haven’t seen it as of yet. but im hopful they’lle stay true to my great hero stan lee’s vision