‘Ghost In The Shell’ Snags ‘Shutter Island’ Screenwriter [Updated]

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ghost in the shell header Ghost In The Shell Snags Shutter Island Screenwriter [Updated]

Update: Laeta Kalogridis is female NOT male. I apologize. Changes have been noted.

Dreamworks’ adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s manga/anime classic Ghost In The Shell has snagged Laeta Kalogridis to adapt Shirow’s futuristic vision into a live-action 3D blockbuster. Kalogridis has penned such past gems as Oliver Stone’s Alexander and the American alt-history epic, Pathfinder, but is poised to be a breakout name for HER work adapting author Dennis Lehane’s novel Shutter Island into a Martin Scorsese film, which will be hitting theaters early next year.

Jamie Moss (Street Kings) had been tapped to draft an earlier version of Ghost In The Shell – guess his take on the story didn’t go over so well with the studio…

The Ghost In Shell universe created by Shirow was a vision of the future where technology is everywhere and human beings have been augmented with cybernetic bodies down to their very brains, which are hardwired into a neural network that I can only describe as having the Internet pumped directly into your mind.

The “heroes” of the story are known as Section 9, a government policing agency whose best operative is a sexy cyborg lady known as Major Motoko Kusanagi (see images above and below). A groundbreaking 1995 anime film based on Shirow’s manga comics focused on Kusanagi and Co. trying to hunt down a criminal known as “The Puppet Master,” who has the ability to hack peoples’ cybernetic brains and control them for evil ends. Though not confirmed, it has been speculated that the live-action film might follow this plotline as well.

ghost in the shell image Ghost In The Shell Snags Shutter Island Screenwriter [Updated]

Major Kusanagi surfs the brain Internet

When the anime feature film came out in 1995, I was a high school freshman in the full-swing of an anime addiction. My best friend and I grabbed up the movie from Sam Goody (remember those???) as soon as it hit shelves…er, actually we may have pre-ordered it in advance so that we could have it safely in our hands before it hit shelves. Dorks. The movie had some of the first CGI effects I can remember in an animated film, and despite the style-over-substance approach to the story, I was pretty wowed by the world that Masamune Shirow had envisioned (and all the nudity!), and have since watched it inspire countless American sci-fi/action films. A live-action version of GITS is long overdue.

Hopefully Dreamworks saw something in Kalogridis’ approach to the twisted psychological themes of Shutter Island (which are very apparent in the trailer) to deem her worthy of tackling the twisted psycho-technological themes of Ghost In The Shell. I want to have faith, however I keep reading the resume listings of Alexander and Pathfinder and can’t help but get nervous…

No word yet on who will direct or star in Ghost In The Shell.

Anime fans, what do you think of Laeta Kalogridis penning Ghost In The Shell? Good fit or misfit?

Source: Empire

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  1. Laeta is female .

  2. I am opposed to any anime being made into a live-action film. If they can’t get it right with Dragonball then how am I supposed to be comfortable with them doing a classic like GITS? Even before Dragonball the movie was ever mentioned I thought this way.

    Hollywood just needs to make up their own movies.

  3. Wowed by the nudity? It’s Japanese anime, to them women only exist to get men off, of course there will be a lot of nudity… I’m only surprised when there is none…

  4. well first of all, I’m kinda feeling strange watching the dragonball and GITS comparison. Some part of me wants to see how they handle the Cowboy Bebop live action before weighing in on this possibility. There are some great stories out there and this series is most definately a thought provoking one along those same lines as Bebop. Part of me worries that Hollywood still is thinking of these as cartoons and not mature feature material, although with the development of the Dark Night and Watchmen and Sin City, maybe those fears can be eased a bit.

  5. Like all the anime live action adaptations I’m torn between excited, wary, and wonderment on how Hollywood really can’t come up with an original idea for their own so they mine out the creativity that has already been done but doing it in a different format.

  6. About a month ago over at Comic book Resources
    new Wonder Woman forum
    Gail interviewed Lata about her Wonder Woman screenplay which was unproduced .
    her IMDB profile also identifies her as female.
    just sayin, Leatas not a guy.

  7. Her full name is Laeta Elizabeth Kalogridis.

  8. i agree with ori, they never get it right, unless its played and made by japanese people then it wont be any good, even if it has non-asian supporting characters it wont be good, just look at blood the last vampire terrible movie but decent action scenes.

    if hollywood wasnt such a b**** maybe they would make movies based on original isdeas not rip off good anime/manga series or remake every movie under the sun bloody idiots !!! :-(

  9. @kofi
    Im not complaining but this story broke weeks ago. Whats going on

  10. @ori
    Dragonball sucked because it needed someone to do the story correctly. pardon my language but dragon ball is not something you can screw with

  11. @jwalka

    Why? The Japanese artists always drew their characters to look American anyway…

  12. I’m disappointed that they didn’t at least tap Mamoru Oshii to write the script. This story is so Japanese, I don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve. It seems crazy actually…

  13. Since this film will need(be made by Hollywood) so much special effects , it will be a PG-rated film unfortunately, thus the story will be made into a plot with simplicity rather than taking the time to properly develop the story/characters, since half the audience will be kids and teens- majority of which who haven’t got the concentration to really focus on the story-now I am not trying to be offensive , its just that they are making LA Ghost in the Shell in an era where Michael Bay is heralded as a genius, so my fear that they may twist the plot so much that it involves awesome action scence and very little plot development.

    GITS should be a medium budget film with morderate special effects , an unknown ,talented, enthusiastic acting cast, and just one big name star to draw in the crowds-like Brad Pitt did for Inglorious Basterds, have an mature minded economical director to save more money and use the clever music of Yoko Kanno to set the tones and mood of every scene.

    Bottom line, GITS is for mature people only, hollywood takes that away completely, thus all the famous blockbusters are childish films or mindless action films like transformers-Dark Knight excluded, but BAtman has such a hugh following that they could afford to make it a mature film with too much of the graphic violence shown in Batman novels and in some comics.

  14. Oh, made a typo when I was talking about Batman films, I meant ot say without too much Graphic violence shown in the novels and comics.

  15. Fingers crossed!

  16. I just don’t want any anime/manga being made into a live-action movie because people who have no prior knowledge of any anime/manga will have a terrible and half-ass first impression/interpretation of the source material. Then they won’t feel the urge to learn more about the source material and deem it crap because of a crappy movie. It kills the anime community whenever they release garbage like dragonball. But what can I do? They’re going to do as they please.


    I don’t think that will be the case if they make a GITS movie. The most it will get is a PG-13 rating. I can see them mimicking GITS:SAC, pretty much an animated Law & Order/CSI show. Which was awesome IMO. But Hollywood does do that like you said. They sacrifice the content and quality of a film to attract the audience that is the most profitable which in turn makes them the most money. It’s a logical approach which they have done for years. Unfortunately, they don’t realize how times have changed and kids don’t watch things like power rangers anymore. It’s all about money to them. They could care less about making “movie magic”.


    Dark knight,watchmen and sin city shouldn’t put your fears to ease. Those are from a totally different genre. You said it best yourself that Hollywood may still be looking at this like cartoons. Well, they seemingly are. If Dragonball isn’t a good example then look at Street Fighter. Sure it’s commonly known for the game but it’s still tied to the anime genre by the anime shows, manga and animated movies. And we all know how crappy that will turn out. Just like the horrific King of Fighters movie they are doing based on the game. It’s horrible.

  17. Thanks for making the corrections Kofi.

  18. @FRED

    I’m not a big anime fan, but based on what I know about this story I seriously doubt it would be rated PG.


  19. Perhaps those that appreciate the source should let those who worked so hard to bring it to the screen know that we would rather they do another Anime feature of “GITS” instead of allowing incompetent hands mangle the source. This is like taking the Mona Lisa out of the Louvre and putting a recreation reinterpreted in its place. How many art lovers would appreciate that? It’s crazy…

  20. @ Ken J

    I doubt there will be that much nudity seeing how as Oneechanbara the movie only had two breasts, mediocre ones at that. And seeing how as its in the hand’s of Hollywood it will probably turn out to be a Matrix clone.


    Good thing you cleared that up or the Otaku/Cosplay folks might have rioted on your site about the character being a female

  21. well I guess it starts to come down to the following, just becauseof the advances in the special effects domain means that they can take a anime feature into a real life presentation doesn’t necessarilly mean that they should. I’ve got a real devotion to some of these classics and like anyone else, when someone suggests that a remake is in order, my first impulse is to ask why? What was lacking in the original that would require the story to be told again?

  22. @ Vic

    I am fully aware that GITS is definetely for adults, but hollywood just has a knack for making adult based content PG-13.

    Now my biggest worry is if the producers start to look to the matrix trilogy for inspiration, cause apart from part one, the others weren’t up to par.

  23. Honestly I think it will depend on what version of ghost in the shell would be remade
    it will also heavily depend on whether the screenwriter will make it a remake, or their version of what they think the GITS is.

    I personally would like to see the first season of the animated show redone because it is in my opinion the best version of ghost in the shell.
    I think that the original movie GITS was so comvoluted and in to it’s own philosophy that it will lose alot of people.
    The second movie innocense is great but again the story would be hard for American audiences to follow with the whole puppet master as the villain thing

    I think the laughing man incident would be the best choice because the series laid the ideas out so clearly that most directors should be able to mess it up even if they put somewhat of their own spin on it.

    Finally they say the watchmen was the graphic novel that could never be made into a movie but I thought the movie was amazing the thing is that they cut out characters and the pirate story.
    I think if they can focus on the characters ishikawa, motoko kusanagi, chief aramaki, batou, and togusa they could make an amazing movie. But would need to understand that what males Gits so classic is that all of the characters have LAYERS AND SUBLAYERS of emotion. Ishikawa cannot just be the tech guy. Because is also the strong silent type but he also can crack jokes about the section 9 team when he’s not focused on a mission. They would have to be soo specific to include the hacking of peoples eyes, how the major fights, and the tachikomas and their representation of true reference of the actual term “ghost in the shell”
    IF THIS IS IN 3D IT WILL MOST LIKELY SUCK because they will be focused on the wrong things
    and finally I’m not sure if 2 and half hours is long enough time to tell the complex and delicate story

    this show is a personal favorite of mine If you can’t tell and when my ex girlfriend reccomended it I couldn’t thank her enough.

  24. Hey FRED don’t forget “Ghost In The Shell” came out before “The Matrix” and it was a Manga before that. The Wachowski brothers looked to “GITS” for inspiration! They also vector off in different directions as in “The Matrix” AIs are mans enemies, but in “GITS” they are far more likely to be allied with man than against him.

    The first “Ghost in The Shell” movie was about the puppet master. The second one “Innocence” was about a corrupt organization stealing the innocence and lives of children which sets off a set of murders committed by the Sexoids they were dubbed into and to a lesser extent about section 9, post Kusanagi’s departure.

  25. oh yeah thanks for clearing that up old guy

  26. Perez Hilton is actually a woman too. ‘He’ just acts like a gay man.

    Loved both movies, especially the first. Vic is right, NO WAY they’ll be just PG.

  27. Lol “be just PG”

    I like that phrase.

  28. Just great another classic anime that is gonna be butchered by Hollywood. Did they not learn from “Speed Racer”, “Dragonball Evolution”, or “Astro Boy”?