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get him to the greek reviews Get Him to the Greek Review

Screen Rant‘s Kofi Outlaw reviews Get Him to the Greek

By now we all know the formula behind a Judd Apatow comedy pretty well, and there are very few departures from it in Get Him to the Greek. Actually, there’s only one surprise, really, and believe it or not,  it involves the words “best performance” and “P. Diddy” in one sentence. But more on that later.

Get Him to the Greek, if you don’t already know, is a spin-off of the 2008 “Camp Apatow” comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Greek finds Russell Brand reprising his scene-stealing turn as vain rocker Aldous Snow, who is now a crashed and burned-out version of the pretentiously sober yoga-addict we saw in Sarah Marshall.

Jonah Hill (Superbad) plays Aaron Green, a rock ‘n’ roll  fanboy working for a crazy music mogul (Diddy). Green gets the opportunity of his life: jump-start his hero Aldous Snow’s stalled career by throwing a concert celebrating the anniversary of Snow’s greatest tour, which is to be held in 72 hours at L.A.’s famous Greek Theater. All Green has to do is fly to London and pick Snow up; of course things don’t go to plan, and (mild) hilarity ensues.

Greek was directed by Nicholas Stoller (who also directed Sarah Marshall) and was also co-written by Stoller and actor Jason Segel (who both wrote and starred in Sarah Marshall). Judd Apatow blesses the film with his name as a producer.

Like most of the more recent “Camp Apatow” films (Marshall, Funny People), Get to the Greek feels just slightly uneven for most of its runtime. The movie at once wants to be a silly send-up of the music industry, a raunch comedy about the extreme (and shallow) nature of rock star living, and a heartfelt story about how the rock star fantasy compares to the”the good life” valued by the average person (i.e., love, family, friends, etc…) The end result is a movie that is often coherent and engaging at the expense of being laugh-out-loud funny. I found myself mostly chuckling throughout. When I did bust out laughing, however, the reason was one I would have never expected: P. Diddy.

diddy3greek 570x299 Get Him to the Greek Review

Yes, you heard that right: P. DIDDY.  Appearing under his proper name, Sean Combs, Diddy is by far the best thing in Get Him to the Greek, and owns most of the movie’s funniest moments. Playing over-the-top record mogul Sergio Roma, Diddy provides a hilarious send-up of his own Bad Boy image (see what I did there?) and creates a character that I personally think equals Tom Cruise’s wrathful movie mogul Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. In fact, I would pay to see a Les Grossman Sergio Roma team-up onscreen, but I digress…

Who knew that Diddy had such sharp comedic wit? And timing? I sure didn’t. But the proof is there on the screen: not only does Diddy draw laughs from almost every line he delivers and steal every scene he’s in, “Sergio Roma” even manages a few lines of dialogue that are destined to become pop-culture fixations (prepare to hear about “mind-f@#*ing” for the next year). We’ve seen (and tried to forget) Diddy in dramatic roles like Monsters Ball, but comedy seems to be his real onscreen niche – let’s just hope he stays there.

get him to the greek Get Him to the Greek Review

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill do okay as our two leads. Brand’s performance feels like an extended (and slightly diluted) re-tread of his own scene-stealing breakout in Sarah Marshall – but that’s sort of to be expected when reprising what is essentially a one-note (no pun) caricature of ‘the vain and vapid rock star.’ Hill does pretty well playing the geeky straight man caught up in Snow’s web of depravity and insanity. Watching Aaron Green trying (and often failing) to keep step with his cool rock star idol, we can’t help but relate – we’d probably end up looking lame covered in our own vomit if we tried partying like real rock stars for days on end.

Some of the “heartfelt” scenes between mega-star Snow and average-Joe Aaron are pretty good, while others just drag the comedy down. Though with this funny-and-touching kind of comedic formula, you kind of have to take the good with the not so good.

Get Him to the Greek also draws laughs out of its supporting cast and many (often outrageous) celebrity cameos. Rose Byrne (Damages) is great as “Jackie Q,” Aldous Snow’s ex-true love who’s basically a send-up of every sexpot pop star of the last few decades. Staples of the entertainment industry from Kurt Loder to Mario López, Meredith Vieira and Billy Bush all make appearances; there are famous musicians galore (won’t spoil those, keep your eyes peeled) and a couple of famous actors; crossover characters and comedians from the Camp Apatow stable, and even a Nobel Prize-winner (seriously). And after this film, I’ll never be able to look at Elisabeth Moss (Peggy from Mad Men) quite the same way again…

get him to the greek 06 Get Him to the Greek Review

As far as the craftsmanship of the film goes, Stoller does pretty good job at the helm. The takes are pretty funny, they’re shot and edited well, and the pacing and story are coherent and well-managed, with enough improv room left for the funny people to work freely. The look of the film is sharp and even more impressive considering how much additional shooting must have gone into creating the world of a faux celebrity rock star. You know you’re on the right track as filmmakers when you can rope The Today Show into getting down and dirty with you (see above).

Some people are saying that Get Him to the Greek is going to be this year’s Hangover. I’m not co-signing that just yet, but the movie was as pleasantly enjoyable (though uneven) as any other Camp Apatow production – perhaps slightly more so, factoring in the surprise power of P. Diddy’s performance. Is it 40 Year-Old Virgin or Superbad good? Nah – but it’s not Love Guru bad, either. If you liked Aldous Snow in Marshall you’ll probably love him in Greek – if not, then this is one concert you’ll probably want to skip.

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. I can’t freakin stand Russell Brand. His crude pompous ass is the last thing I want to support by dishing out my hard-earned money. Unfortunately my girl wants to see this, I think I’ll buy a ticket for another movie for us to go see it…

    • I would apply that exact description to P Diddy. Not seeing this.

    • But you have to admit, the man can sing. I think hes pretty photogenic. As a freeloading film student in LA, I really loved watching his performance and all these little subtle things he does with his face.

  2. I love both these actors but I will not pay to see this movie because that fool Kanye is in it.

    • Get over Kanye running up on Taylor Swift and “stealing her VMA speech”… She got a Grammy because of it!!!!!

      • So what? He’s still a moron…

        • The whole Kanye thing was obviously a PR thing. Think about it.

          The camera crew is in place to get Beyonce’s reaction AND the editor’s have the wherewithal to cut to her at PRECISELY the right moment. Then, later in the show, when Beyonce gave the mic to Taylor Swift they both just HAPPEN to be wearing similar gowns in the SAME color.

          This is good business for all parties involved. MTV’s music awards have gained a reputation for being too predictable and bland. Kanye West’s sales ALWAYS go up when he pulls a d-bag move. Jay-Z had a single and an album released just after which features Kanye. Also, Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Taylor Swift are all on the Universal Music Group label. MTV is also affiliated with Universal.

          Add to that the fact that MTV has a history of staging controversy. Remember the Sasha Baron Cohen and Eminem incident? Staged.

          So, I wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment on Kanye for that incident, or any other that he’s been a part of. That is just his PR machine at work. And it’s dang effective, too.

          • @Mark

            Uh…. Beyonce was one of the nominees, of course they had a camera there to capture her reaction, they have a camera to capture ALL of the nominees’ reactions at any given award before, during, and after the announcement of the winner. Have you seen ANY award show at all???

            I would definitely agree that it is staged if nobody received a raw deal from it, but Kanye did, I really doubt he agreed to be made into a bad guy. Taylor Swift is not like Eminem or Sasha Baron Cohen in that she is this “sweet innocent young” star that people feel for. If those idiots Sasha Baron Cohen or Eminem is “punked” by someone in public, it’ll be funny and nobody will think worse of the offending party. That’s why it’s ok to stage something like that, nobody is made out to be a bad guy. But doing that to Taylor Swift is like kicking a puppy in public, the offender will looked down upon by most people. Something I doubt Kanye would have agreed to.

            But anyway, I’ve always knew (not thought, KNEW) Kanye West was a moron anyway. That MTV incident was just icing on the cake for me…

    • Kanye isn’t in this movie at all.
      not even a cameo
      he isn’t even mentioned

  3. I like the actor look, it’s different from what we know him as, Still got hot songs that we jam to and now he added acting to his credit. Jack of all trades, master of all? we’ll see

  4. i have never beena fan of jonah hill, or kanye, Diddy looked really funny in the previews though, but sadly i cant justify seeing this movie(Hill, west main two reasons)

  5. I physically can’t stand any of Apatow’s casting choices. His style of comedy also doesn’t do it for me.

    I don’t know who Jonah Hill (performed for) to get into show biz, but I’m just not able to physically see his fat face and hear his whispery female voice for more then a few seconds.

    If I want to see a fat bloated actor who can deliver a scene I would prefer Dan Fogler (Fanboys/Balls of Fury).

    Also ALL the celebrity cameos mentioned seem like desperate B list talent…

    Needless to say I won’t be seeing this film even used for 99 cents. And I’m betting it doesn’t make more then 20 mil. this weekend.

    • LOL, man , i thought i was brutal…and i held back a little too

    • I used to think the same thing about Jonah Hill until I saw the outtakes from Sarah Marshall with him doing some improv as the restaurant host. Pretty good stuff. He is pretty annoying in most movies he’s in tho, I agree. Just saying he does have some comedic talent that can’t be learned.

      Rusell Brandt is never funny to me tho, and I don’t care aobut his political views that he couldn’t help but express when he hosted the MTV awards last year

      • What’s worse than this idiot thinking that his political opinions actually mean anything is the people who actually listened to him as if he knew what he was talking about…

  6. Guys,

    KANYE WEST IS NOT IN THIS MOVIE. If he is then it’s a half-second cameo…

    How did we get Here?

    • Kofi-Maybe they can’t tell the difference between P. Diddy and Kanye West?

  7. “I would pay to see a Les Grossman Sergio Roma team-up onscreen” best movie ever!!!! Oh, P.Diddy changed his name (again) to Diddy (no more P.).lol

  8. Speaking of Grammy,
    whoever comes up with the best oil disaster tribute song is a lock for a 2011 Grammy.

    I’m talking to you Springsteen. 😉

  9. Can’t wait to watch every thing Apatow touches is gold as far as I’m concerned. Hill is mire often than not hilarious and right on spot and Diddy looks hilarious in the trailers best trailer moment so far “you can’t out run me… I’m black.”

    • Lmao… The trailer with Diddy and Pherrell is pretty funy too.

  10. That’s exactly the kind of Apatow humor that doesn’t make me laugh much,,, “Racial stereotypes”

    Hahaa,, he’s black,, hilarious.

    I can watch BET if I want that kind of bs.

    • If You Hate Apatow’s Movies,Then Why Did You Even Read This Review And Start Hating On It????????????????

      • Because it’s there, is my guess.

        Seriously…if I hate a movie/performer, I at least have the decency to not go to a screen/website that VERY CLEARLY STATES that it’s about said movie/performer…it’s called “picking your battles”.

        If I hate [for instance] Britney Spears, I stay away from all Britney-promoting sites…why?

        Because I have nothing nice to say about Britney, and to go to these Britney-promoting sites to spout my venom is as smart as wearing KKK robes to an NAACP National Convention.

  11. Nobel Peace prize winners are usually broke and looking to get laid,,,,

    What’s this button do ???

  12. The sites called ScreenRant, how many times do I have to explain this?
    This isn’t the Jonah Hill I Love You Long Time, In My Face ApaTow Blog-O-Rama Reach Around!

    I clearly wasn’t the first anti Apatow post here tonight…
    Suck It Up Bro.

  13. Nice review but possibly overusing (brackets)!

  14. Not at all interested in anything that has P Diddy and or Russel Brand,especially when they are in the same movie.

    I’ll pass.

  15. There is something extremely hot about Aldous Snow. I loved every scene he was in in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and I can’t change the channel when a preview comes on for “Get Him to the Greek.” That being said: I don’t like Russell Brand. I’ve never seen an interview with him where I haven’t changed the channel in the middle of it.

    This reminds me of “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Hannibal” debacle. Anthony Hopkins stole every scene in “The Silence of the Lambs.” He was amazing and spot on creepy. He did not need his own movie in “Hannibal.” I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, just that it really didn’t need to be made.

    Kofi — you have me intrigued about Diddy. When you say you’ll never see Elisabeth Moss the same, is that like never seeing Alyson Hannigan the same after “American Pie?”

    This might be mean, but I like that Moss is paired up with Jonah Hill. She’s not smack you in the head hot and I can see this relationship as more believable than anything from a sitcom. I’m talking about you Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith. You too Kevin James and Leah Remini.

  16. “…his own Bad Boy image (see what I did there?)”

    Dear Kofi,

    It’s time for a new spin on that joke. It’s gotten older and moldier than an Apatow movie-formula. Cleverness should be obvious, not needing a “Wile E. Coyote” sign pointing at it covertly saying “see how clever I think I am”.

    Good review though. I’m really not surprised Diddy has comedy chops. If a career in acting means he never ruins another Led Zeppelin song then I hope he sticks to it.

    • LOL!

      It’s actually a little running joke we have on the site. It’s meant to be taken ironically — we’re saying “Aren’t I clever?” for what is obviously a lame or cheesy joke/pun.

      Don’t worry, we’re not getting cocky. Vic doesn’t really allow it :-( .

      • True. Only Vic is allowed to get cocky. (OK, not really) :)


      • That’s good to know. Thanks for the response. 😀 I quit watching SportsCenter on ESPN when they got full of themselves. I don’t want to see that happen here.

  17. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift could all drop dead and I wouldn’t even notice… :-)

    • AMEN to that brother

    • @790

      Other than make music you don’t like, what has Beyonce and Taylor Swift done that makes them deserve to die in your opinion?

  18. @getmoney, he no longer goes by the name of just Diddy. The reason is because he got sued by some other guy in Europe named Diddy. So Diddy changed his name back to P. Diddy. Thanks

    • seriously, why doesnt he just go by his given name?

      • because he’s RIch and doesnt have too

        • he’s rich from stealing..aka “sampling” other artists music

          • A lot of people sample music, and it is NOT stealing. They obviously wouldn’t be able to sample songs without permission from the artist. I personally believe there is nothing wrong with sampling music, it’s what artists like to do now. Assuming you’re a musician, how much fun is it to do your own thing to your favorite song? It’s probably one of the most fun things to do

  19. Make music? Ken made me laugh on that one.
    I couldn’t care if the live or die because they don’t offer or provide anything substantial.
    The only reason these folks (P Diddy, Jonah Hill)have any kind of career is because most of the planet has been dumbed down to such a base level it allows them to thrive like mold…

    • 😀 Well, technically, neither do you… But I’m sure most of us wouldn’t want you to die. I know I wouldn’t. :-)

      I’m with you on P Diddy and Jonah Hill though. I’m not a fan of Beyonce but don’t really see her as a bad person just because I’m not a fan of her work so have no hard feelings toward her…

  20. @Paolo008, I read your review. Here’s my movie review advice:
    1) Don’t make the review all about you and how it didn’t work for you…
    2) Give a brief description of the plot without giving away the ending.
    3) Describe the main characters, associate the names with the plot.
    4) Provide your non spoiler feelings about the film/message toward the wrap up then allow the readers to make up their own mind.
    5) Don’t ever give away the ending.
    6) Its always nice to see what the films runtime and rating are.
    Also your final non fan Apatow, brain f-ed comment made absolutely no sense.

  21. Sean Combs made this movie for me. I do not usually care for his music biz antics, but he steals this movie in a comedic tour de force.

  22. Just FYI, I was dragged (kicking and screaming) to watch this movie by my gf, and like I originally predicted, it was utterly retarded. I think I laughed in three parts in the entire movie. Three… Yes, you can count all of the funny parts on one hand, sad… The rest was just stupid and annoying. I kept wishing for something really horrible to happen to the main characters like the building they are in to explode, or a bus to hit them, or a meteorite to hit them or something, but it never came… *sigh*

    • Oh, forgot to mention, even my gf didn’t like the movie. And she was looking forward to it.

  23. Lol, Ken

    Welcome to the trade off,,,,

  24. This movie is off the hook a couldn’t believe how funny it is it’s defo up there with the hangover but still ain’t saying who wins out of them films nd the way it takes th rock n roll music industry nd places it into a film nd to such a great comedy , funny bits Sergio getting hit by car ,mind f@*king real class , and of course the Jeffrey pmsl at that part well a must say if this ain’t American good comedy what is and I don’t even think mr brand was funny at is stand up or radio show but acting u mite have sumthing kid

  25. I personally think this movie is extremely idiotic……it promotes idiocy in a popular sense…..the world is being dumbed down as we speak and you guys are steady routing for it…..smh

  26. I liked the movie. But there is something that “lost me” a bit. If this movie is a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then it makes no sense to me that Jonah Hill plays two different characters. They could’ve used the same character but make him find a better job than that beach one. Simply that. Other than that the movie was cool and i laughed a bit.