Ever since the first trailer (at first pulled, then released officially) for the upcoming Gerard Butler-starring, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor written/directed action film, Gamer, hit the web, it’s been high on my list of films to see from what’s left of 2009. I’ve really been digging everything we’ve seen so far, from the awesome interactive poster to the images and, of course, the trailers.

Today we have a batch of new images from Gamer, as well as a short video interview of Butler himself talking about the movie. In case you don’t know, the film is set in a future where real people (instead of “avatars”) are controlled during online multi-player gaming.

The video interview with Butler is actually during Collider’s interview for The Ugly Truth (the romantic comedy the Scotsman is starring in with Katherine Heigl), hence why the video is not very long. But Butler does gives us more of a feel for the film, even if one suspects he’s saying all this amazing stuff because, well, doesn’t he have to? (“It makes 300 look like a picnic.” Really, Butler? Are you sure?). Courtesy of Collider, check out the minute-long video below:

We also have a batch of new images from Gamer courtesy of New Film Dimension. They give us our first look at some of the film’s supporting cast (who have been suspiciously limited or even missing altogether from what we’ve seen up until this point), including Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia (playing a character called “Rick Rape”), Kyra Sedgwick and Terry Crews (you’ll know him when you see him). Below I have included the pics which show off the stuff most different from what we’ve seen before:

From Spartan to gaming soldier

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Milo Ventimiglia is "Rick Rape" - A big change from Peter Petrelli...

Terry Crews fires a machine gun with one hand. Why am I not surprised?

Kyra Sedgwick is Gina Parker Smith

'Death Proof's' Zoe Bell is really making a career for herself.

For the a whole bunch more Gamer images, head over to New Film Dimension.

It’s good to finally see some of the Gamer supporting cast that we’ve known the film has for a while now. Most of the promo stuff has been highlighting Butler running and shooting amongst giant explosions, with the occasional “face off” moments thrown in between him and Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall.

Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli from Heroes) looks like one sick son of a gun in that second page photo (although his character name of “Rick Rape” kind of implied that from the outset). And Zoe Bell (aka the stunt woman from Death Proof) looks kick ass, as always.

I know Gamer will probably end up being a high-octane action movie with little depth of character and what have you, but sometimes (note – SOMEtimes) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What do you think of these latest images from Gamer? Are you looking forward to the movie or is it not your cup of tea?

Gamer hits theaters on September 4th, 2009.

Sources: Collider and New Film Dimension