Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart Defend the White House In ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

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Olympus Has Fallen 570x309 Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart Defend the White House In Olympus Has Fallen

Aaron Eckhart will play the President of the United States, and Gerard Butler will act as his loyal protector in the action/thriller Olympus Has Fallen. Antoine Fuqua will direct the film, which has been described as ‘Die Hard in the White House’. If you’ve got a strange feeling of Déjà vu, don’t worry – it’s probably because the film sounds incredibly like the recently-announced film, White House Down.

Both Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down deal with terrorist attacks on the White House, with a lone secret service agent defending the Commander-in-Chief. White House Down will feature Channing Tatum as the agent protecting President Jamie Foxx, with Maggie Gyllenhaal helping out along the way.

White House Down will be directed by infamous White House destroyer Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), from a script by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man). It’s probably safe to assume that Emmerich’s film will be more of an across the board crowd-pleaser, while Fuqua’s film will likely have more grit and violence (going from his past cinematic efforts like Training Day). Warner Bros. is also developing a comedic President/bodyguard adventure called El Presidente, which may team Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr.

It’s not the first time that two similarly themed Hollywood movies have gone head-to-head. 1991 saw two Robin Hood films competing for audience attention. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves got most of the glory (and the box office), while the lower budget, Robin Hood (starring Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman) ended up premiering on television in the US. Two fiery volcano movies duked it out for box office supremacy in 1997, when Dante’s Peak and Volcano were released. Dante’s Peak with Pierce Brosnan achieved more success grossing $178 million globally, while Volcano failed to ignite much interest.

In 1998, both A Bug’s Life and Antz showed that insect animation was on the Hollywood agenda, while the same year also saw competing asteroid disaster movies. Armageddon proved to be more successful than the po-faced Deep Impact, although they were both very profitable -  maybe audiences didn’t want to miss a thing. This year it was all about Snow White – as both Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman were released just months apart.

Sony Pictures’ White House Down is expected to start filming this summer, while Millennium Films’ Olympus Has Fallen is scheduled to go before cameras in September.

Two questions:

  1. Who would you vote for in a Presidential Election – Aaron Eckhart or Jamie Foxx?
  2. Who would you rather have as your protector – Gerard Butler or Channing Tatum?

Keep reading Screen Rant for all developments on Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down.

Source: Variety


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  1. Olympus Has Fallen no question. Every element of it is miles above White House Down.

    • Actually terrorists in the White House being defended by one lone man sounds a lot like ’24′ when Jack was trying to protect the president and White House.

      • Amen, brother! Jack Bauer did it so much better, and for a fraction of the price tag. One of these productions ought to cut their losses now and quit while they’re ahead.

      • That’s a fact Jack. Bauer that is.

  2. I think so far from the sounds of things, Olympus Has Fallen will have the edge over White House Down. Tatum isn’t the type of guy I picture when I think “secret service agent”. Gerard Butler definitely, though.

    • Agree

  3. I am a bigger fan of Fuqua grittier style of film making(not that he’s without flaw) than Emmerichs style of blow up stuff(not that they aren’t enjoyable), so I’m probably looking more forward too Olympus Has Fallen(not a fan of the title)…

  4. I will see both movie however Olympus Has Fallen is the one I’m most excited for. Aaron Eckhart is one of my favorite actors today while Channing Tatum is nothing but someone put on screen to please women.

  5. I vote for Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler. Both can look and act the parts.
    Neither Jamie Foxx nor Channing Tatum look credible in the roles to me.

    The only edge White House Down has over Olympus Has Fallen
    is a much better title and I would suggest changing it.

  6. Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler should reunite. They make a better pair. Foxx is better than Eckhart and Channing Tatum, WTH kinda name is that anyway?, he just sucks

    • Law Abiding Citizen was horrible.

    • It is hard to take a man seriously with the name Channing Tatum.
      His name sounds like a specialty of the house on a Chinese menu.

    • Ita an amazing creative name dont diss!

  7. I really wish Channing Tatum would just go away. Man, he sucks.

    • He is horrible, can’t act to save his life. It pisses me off because my girlfriend is in love with this guy so I have to watch his bunk ass movies. F***ing Magic Mike is coming out :( shoot me…

    • No he isnt

  8. Butler& Eckhart, Definitely! I’m Not a fan of Chaning Tatum!

  9. Fuqua, Butler and Eckhart? Definitely there on opening day. Still hoping to see El Presidente make it to the screen with Cruise & RDJ though. The other film holds zero interest for me.

    • I agree about El Presidente an action comedy with TC & RDJ in the same movie sounds amazing but with all the projects Tom Cruises has & RDJ busy schedule IDK if it will get made…

      • I have a feeling those two could churn out an action-comedy in their sleep.

  10. Olympus has fallen, is the choice for me. I personally like Eckhart more than Fox.

  11. Did anyone say paycheque? If not, I say paycheque.

  12. I believe in Harvey Dent

  13. Channing Tatum is one of those actors that is forced upon us and shoved down our throats until we accept them! They did it with Colin Farrell, then with Sam Worthington, who can’t do any accent other than Australian!
    Tatum was decent in jump street but he wasn’t exactly playing against type! Awful in the Gi Joe and The Eagle!
    Gerard Butler is overrated for me to, as soon as an actor crosses over into rom com territory they very rarely make it back with a credible movie, look at Matthew McConaughy, he’s struggled for years! Sahara was supposed to be his action franchise and it did nothing!
    Aaron Eckheart, also a rom com casualty, it’s only the dark knight that made him cool, battle Los angeles was atroscious!

    • How was Battle: LA atrocious? It had one of the most accurate representation of the US Marines I’ve ever seen, from the way they setup a forward operating base, to the way the individuals move and the tactics they use in firefights, etc… Heck, take away the aliens and it was probably one of the best representations of our military… The only thing I didn’t really like was there were times when there was just a little too much chatter between them while they really should have been trying to be quiet…

      • @Ken J, what’d you think of Act of Valor, aside from the horrible acting lol?

        • @ATG

          Well, the acting was pretty bad, but do you know what? These guys are risking their lives, they are heroes, I will cut them that slack, that’s the LEAST we can do is cut them some slack for their lack of acting skill. Sorry Hollywood, they are too busy being heroes and being bad-asses to go to acting school… Heck, they could have been reading straight off cue cards or the script throughout the movie and I’ll still cut them that slack. So I didn’t mind it. But in terms of the action, it is THE most realistic action put into a movie. Some aspects were definitely exaggerated, such as the big fireball explosions and how slow rockets travel (real RPG’s and the LAW the US SEAL used travel so quick you don’t see it flying downrange like in the movies). But in terms of how our troops were represented in a positive way, showing that they are family men fighting for honor, country, and each other, it was a great movie in my opinion.

          People can talk all of the crap they want about how the whole jumping on the grenade thing is fake. There’s no second opinions about it, they are wrong, because it has happened, multiple times, and actually the event in the movie was based on a real life event where a real Navy SEAL gave his life when he jumped onto a live grenade to save his buddies. So anyone trying to argue otherwise can kiss my ass because they have no clue what they are talking about…

    • No, James Cameron did that with Sam Worthington. Cameron’s pretty much the only reason he even exists in Hollywood. About to watch Wrath of the Titans though, and he’s pretty good in that.

    • Almost agree completely, Channing sucks, Battle LA wasn’t atrocious but I didn’t like it. Disagree with you about Gerard, IMO he has proven himself as an actor in Machine Gun Preacher (I feel like that’s not the title lol). And yes, the only entertaining movie I’ve seen Eckhart in was TDK, at least off the top right now.

  14. Honestly, I don’t see what’s with all of the Channing Tatum hate… He was quite the funny lovable guy in 21 Jump Street, much more-so than Jonah Hill anyway, and overall he seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy off camera…

    But in regards to these movies, I definitely think Eckhart and Butler will be a better match up. Especially compared to a movie directed by Emmerich… I mean, Independence Day was cool, but 2012 was about as crappy as they come…

    But hey, I thought it’s a “cool” thing now for all movie presidents to be black right? Isn’t having a black president the “cool” thing now??

    • The Channing hate comes from movie fans disappointed with his movies. He sealed that deal when he tried to get emotional in GI Joe, now every movie of his I see I can’t help but pick him apart.

    • FYI, you know who started the cool black president thing? Morgan Freeman. Now if we were to have a movie staring him as President and say Tom Cruise as his protector then we’d have a new debate going on.

    • It’s not about being cool it’s about being accurate. Isn’t that what you like realistic movies.

  15. This will round out my weekend nicely with an air show and a Tom Clancy novel.

  16. Jamie foxx n gerard butler is better combo

  17. People need to pull the sticks out of their asses about Channing Tatum and go see 21 Jump Street. At least he’s willing to make fun of himself and appeal to males when he wants to, and there’s plenty of girl versions of him that all the guys like that our girlfriends can’t stand. No girl in existence wanted to see Megan Fox ever. Plus saying he can’t act and is ‘just good looking’ is hilarious with Brad Pitt where he is.

    These movies both look like movies all of those people always make. AKA borderline direct-to-video, likely directed by a Tony Scott wannabe if not him. There’s a reason why the only one with a story possibly requiring actual acting has Tom Cruise.

    Aaron Eckhart, what are you doing?

    • Megan Fox is ugly AND can’t act lol

      Take back what you just said about Brad Pitt!

    • AMEN! All this Hate on for Channing Tatum is clearly Male Jealously…lol when I looked at the names of all the Negative comments it is mostly men. I Only just started watching his movies last year…magic mike was the first. then I seen 21 Jump Street and the Vow..and Dear John.. LOVED THEM ALL!!!!! So I went back to see a lot of Movies from years ago that he did when he wasn’t so famous..and found they were Great Movies! A lot of people probably don’t even know they exist..because at the time he probably didn’t have top billing. But I seen Gerard Butler’s Movie and wasn’t impressed that much..but I LOVED WHITE HOUSE DOWN! Channing Tatum has a Natural way of making himself seem so real..and not over acting,,to make himself the hero. I loved the part when he walks by the library..looking for his daughter..and knows the president is in there needing help..and he almost keeps going..but it;s how he mutters out loud to him self to keep going struggling with what to do,then mutters a curse word because he couldn’t make himself walk away, even though he wanted to. He’s a GEM! and I’d pick him over Brad Pitt..Tom Cruise..Gerard Butler(what movies are they making these days anyway?) The only other Actor that had this appeal and natural acting talent was PAUL WALKER! and sadly he’s gone :( but nOw I want to see every Channing Tatum Movie i can find! :)

  18. How was Battle: LA atrocious? It had one of the most accurate representation of the US Marines I’ve ever seen?

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt????? I’m sure the US army will be using Battle Los Angeles in future recruitment drives at all local schools and colleges in that case, ‘your country needs you!’ ……………to look like a chump!!

    That’s like saying Cowboys and Aliens was a true representation of theHow was Battle: LA atrocious? It had one of the most accurate representation of the US Marines I’ve ever seen old west, take away the aliens and it’s the best representation of how………Americans suppress anyone and everyone

    • LMAO, right out of the mouth of someone who has no idea how the real military is so you have no idea if I’m right or wrong, but you’d rather me be wrong because you prefer to see the typical Hollywood’s version of the military where they are all just a bunch of uneducated blood-thirsty rednecks looking to kill random people for no reason… Well, sorry, the people who made that movie spent a lot of time and effort to make sure the military aspect of it was very authentic, and it was. Argue all you want, you don’t know, I do. Most of the time it is a matter of opinion, this time it isn’t. I’m not saying the entire movie was golden, it had its faults, but I enjoyed the refreshingly accurate portrayal of the troops and the way they function. Just stick with your anti-military movies and be happy.

  19. Oh god I failed at posting that reply, I will shut up and admit defeat!

    • Reply? Looks like you just copied and pasted the whole thread lol

  20. Channing Tatum needs to do more comedies!

  21. I’d vote for Jamie Foxx over Eckhart. As for being protected, scrap both Butler and Tatum and give me Russell Crowe!

    • or a liam neeson/bruce willis combo or add Hugo Weaving

  22. Based on previous movies in which either Foxx or Eckhart played political characters, I’m going with Eckhart because of how he was able to help Gotham rid themselves of the mob. Of course he eventually screwed it all up but even then he had a fair system regarding whether the person should die or not.

    Foxx’s DA in Law Abiding Citizen was more of a bad guy out for his own self interest who was supposed to come off as a good guy in the end by killing a guy who was avenging his wife and daughter’s murders.

    As for Butler and Tatum: Based on previous characters, I’m going with Butler. Leondias over Duke but it would be even if Duke wasn’t played by Tatum.

    • @Rafter

      I really have to disagree with a lot of people with the same opinion as you. I see a big evolution in the characters in Law Abiding Citizen. In the beginning, Foxx was only interested in his percentage, and he made some bad deals and screwed over good people to make sure he won most of his cases. And in the beginning, Butler’s character was a grieving husband/father who just wanted to seek justice and teach Foxx a lesson. But by the end of the movie, Foxx realized his mistakes and realized that he should have put justice first before his personal success. In addition to that, by the end of the movie Butler’s character have gone WAY over the line with the revenge thing and have become almost addicted to the amount of power he had over everyone. His final act before he was killed was he tried to commit mass murder. Many of those people he wanted to kill had nothing directly to do with the case of his daughter and wife’s murder. He was just drunk off the power and the ability to control who dies and who lives.

      Basically in the beginning of the movie, I saw Butler as the good guy and Foxx as the bad guy, but toward about the 75% mark, Butler started becoming more and more the bad guy and Foxx learned his lesson and became the good guy by the end. So in my opinion, the end of Law Abiding Citizen was great. Butler’s character needed to be stopped the only way that he can be stopped, and the end result is a DA that will be more responsible and more of the arm of justice that they needed in the first place. Not to mention a better father and husband himself.

      • I see your point and I saw the same progression however, Foxx’s character was only changing to protect himself (family etc). There was no other way for Butler’s character to go but to die and become a “victim” of his own demise. But Foxx’s character just didn’t come off right to me even in the end. I guess because there wasn’t any remorse on his part regarding how he handled Butler’s case. If he had shown some type of remorse or he begged for forgiveness I think my opinion would change but I didn’t get that.

        • @Rafter

          You know like they say, it’s what you do when nobody’s looking that defines you. There was a scene, however brief, that showed this from Foxx’s character. He goes to a library or archive and looks at the crime scene photos from Butler’s wife and kid’s murder. And as he looks on and sees all of the terrible images of those two innocent people dead, he kind of mumbles to himself that he finally gets it, that he is finally hearing what Butler’s character is trying to teach him. I mean, it wasn’t like a very focused moment in the film, I guess in the end, they had to get back to the action and they didn’t want to kill the pacing to much, but they did definitely intend for Foxx’s character to be “good” by the end of the movie. I guess they just wasn’t completely clear about it…

          • Ken J,

            That was my frustration with the movie. That little scene was supposed to help change the character but it happened so fast and they went right back to the action that I had forgotten about it. That movie had a lot of potential and if they had focused on the characters struggles with self preservation and with getting lost in the violence of vengeance, we would have had an excellent movie.

            • @Rafter

              I bought the director’s cut of the movie. Will watch it soon to see if they expand on those things or not…

  23. BUTLER,BUTLER,BUTLER! Gerard Butler looks like someone who could actually protect a president,oranyone,with brains and brawn. He’sbeen sogood lately in Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. Watch those 2 moivies and you’ll agree.

  24. Plenty of other similar themed movies dueling for box office, but a couple more off the top of my head:

    Mirror, Mirror vs. Snow White & Huntsman, and

    Tombstone vs. Wyatt Earp.

  25. Aaron as President and without a doubt, Gerard as the protector…anytime.

  26. Read Both Script.. WHITE HOUSE DOWN ALL THE WAY. It was Pure fun entertainment. The only thing I like about Fallen was that they had better reason for attack but White house down has better characters. Tatum and Jamie will nail the buddy duo concept. Unlike Fallen Version where he doesnt even have the president with him.

  27. Think they be similar films but i go for gerard butler the action man

  28. are either of these movies based on books by Vince Flynn?

    • That was my first thought, Vince Flynn, definitly !

      • I just saw the movie in a screening, and honestly, if it was based on anything, it was based on the first Die Hard movie… Building is taken over, one good guy on the loose in the building, communicates intel about bad guys to authorities, some of the authorities trust him and want to listen, some of the authotities don’t trust him and don’t want to listen, good guy converses with the villain to antagonize him. Pretty much everything exactly like that… Wasn’t a bad movie, but it was hard to ignore those similarities, and Butler’s attempt at an American accent was a little annoying at times, lol. He should just talk normal in my opinion…

      • Oh, and it even has the scene where the authorities ignore what the good guys say and send in people and the bad guys deploy their secret weapon to kill these good guys while the guy in the building is telling them to pull back and of course they don’t listen and bad things happen… Honestly, whoever wrote the screenplay has watched the first Die Hard one too many times, lol.

  29. Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum :)