SR Pick: ‘George Lucas Strikes Back’

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At this point, taking shots at the Star Wars prequels is a bit like kicking someone when they’re already down. We all know they were terrible and we’re all extremely well-versed in the reasons they were such a crushing disappointment (at least most of us are).

Rather than regurgitate the same old list of complaints, Bridge Stuart & Mike Litzenberg have channeled their resentment towards fanboy scourge George Lucas in a rather clever and sardonic way. The pair have created a trailer for a fake film titled George Lucas Strikes Back that offers another explanation for what went so horribly wrong with Episodes I, II, and III.

The trailer purports that after the completion of the original Star Wars trilogy and the success of the Indiana Jones films, Lucas was kidnapped and locked away while an impostor set out to deface his good name and squander all the good will that his movies had earned. He watches helplessly as the Star Wars Special Editions, prequel trilogy, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are unleashed upon unsuspecting audiences and hatches a plan to escape his confines and exact revenge.

The production value is fairly high and the trailer is chock-full of familiar faces and witty references. We may never fully come to terms with the unmitigated letdown of the prequels, but George Lucas Strikes Back provides a humorous and playful bit of wish fulfillment.

Check it out below:

Right from the green band graphic, I knew this was going to be great. Between Darth Maul & the Clone Troopers on a coke binge, the Oldboy reference, the reveal of Jar-Jar Binks, and that final one-liner – this is appropriately droll, and let’s face it – slightly cathartic.

Kudos to Stuart, Litzenberg, their cast, and crew for producing something so inventive and entertaining. They’re not the first to imply that the George Lucas of today is not the same man we grew up with, but they might be the first to suggest that he’s literally a different person.

Dragging the prequels through the mud is still pretty passé at this point, but what makes George Lucas Strikes Back so successful is that it manages to find a fresh and funny way to poke fun at The Bearded One while also serving as a love-letter to the polarizing filmmaker’s earlier work.

Source: YouTube.

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  1. told you this was gold, i cant stop watching it!

  2. I think fanboys need to get over it. They might have sucked,but he still has your money. The prequals didnt bother me. I got the point. Its just movies.

  3. As much as I know that people hate these movies, I can’t help but want to defend them. The special effects were great, and the fight scenes, for the most part, were exceptionally choreographed.
    I grew up on these movies and honestly I prefer them over the original trilogy. The actors in the original trilogy, lets face it, were sub par at best. The special effects really haven’t held up at all, and personally I believe that the original series would never be able to live up to the originals nostalgia factor.
    However in my eyes the original still provides enjoyment for me and I catch myself liking it from time to time. But I will always prefer the prequels over the originals.
    just MHO

    • Empire Strikes Back changed the way movie trilogies are made and stories are told. Nuff said.

      The prequels changed one thing: The made filmmakers realize that just because you COULD do something with a bunch of CGI didn’t mean you could do it without a story to back it up.

      Hopefully Green Lantern is heeding that lesson…

      • The box office for those movies (as well as Transformers 2) says otherwise.

        • Box-office gross doesn’t equal movie quality.

    • The actors in the original trilogy were sub-par?

      That may be the case, but I don’t think that’s really the area where the prequels have the advantage. There were a lot of capable actors who’ve never looked worse than they did in Episodes I, II, and III.

      • Actors in the original trilogy were sub-par?

        At least their faces werent plastic like the guy who played lukes dad, at least they didnt have some stupid kid accidently push a button on a ship and save the day because of stupidity on the first movie of the original, at least there was no Jar Jar Binks in the original…

        Jar Jar, nuff said… but i could go on if you would like…

        How about classic story instead of trying to milk the cow for all it has?

    • I agree. I am a person who first saw and grew up with the originals and I believe the prequels are comparable in skill made. The lightsaber sequences are much better, the tone of the prequels is consistent with the time of the Republic and most of the choices made for the events occuring as they do due to Anakin are right on point.

      • The tone is consistent? Really? Just watch ROTS, and you’ll the tone goes from a little slapstick comedy with R2 to Anaking cutting off Dukku’s head. Yes, very consistent.

  4. that was completely brilliant.

  5. The original films are gold, without a doubt.
    I thought Episode 3 was fantastic. 1 and 2, pretend they don’t exist.

  6. I’m so sick of everyone getting on the prequel-bashing bandwagon. I for one, love all 6 movies for different reasons. To say that the prequels were terrible and some of the worst movies ever made is a matter of opinion. And to say that Empire changed the way movie trilogies are made is a bit of a stretch.
    I have my personal quibbles with each of the movies, but just because they’re not what I was expecting, doesn’t mean I need to pout in my parents’ basement and pretend the movies don’t exist. Lucas is an excellent storyteller, but I will agree that his dialogue is not the best. And that goes all the way back to A New Hope. It’s nothing new.
    On a more cynical note, you have to understand that Lucas was making the movies HE wanted to make, not the ones YOU wanted him to make (I mean YOU in the general sense). If you choose to turn a blind eye to the prequels, that’s your prerogative and your loss. If you think you can do better, then go to directing school and make your own Star Wars trilogy.

    • Just because there is general agreement about a topic doesn’t mean everyone in agreement is on a “bandwagon.”


  7. The prequels didn’t suck. Omg when will fanboys stop whining about everything? Just as bad as people saying Terminator Salvation sucked when it really didn’t.

    • I’m not a fanboy and I think the prequels are awful, with the 3rd film being the least awful of the trio. And I’m sorry but no, Terminator Salvation was not very good IMHO.


      • why? because Cameron didn’t direct it?

        Thats the common excuse for people who hate T4

        • Actually I hated T4 for several reasons. They had so many opportunities to make something great, to finally show us the infamous future war and what not. Instead we got what Terminator Salvation turned out to be. Weak acting, very loose continuity, bad dialogue that was only there to fill in the movie, and this Wizard of Oz styled Skynet. Plus a plot that made no sense to me. The Cameron originals are the best, but I also really like T3. As for the Star Wars prequels, I agree the fan boys should stop complaining. I am a total star wars geek, and I love all 6 films. To be honest, I have no idea why people resent the prequels so much. The originals are my favorite, but the prequels also add so much to the mythology and story told in the original trilogy. You can’t expect it to all be the same.

          • There needs to be something new to add. The prequels did that. People don’t see, to understand that. There is no pleasing them. They want something different, they hate it. They want some of the same, they hate it.

            • Well lets seee, bad acting, terrible dialogue, holes in the plot so large you can drive a crellian crusier thru. Should I stop? Now add in worthless characters, carry overs from the originals (C3PO, R2D2, etc), rewrting the Jedi society and denegrating the Force to microbes. I could go on for an hour.

              • Yup i thought the force was in all living things. Its around us and it surrounds us. – Old Ben Kenobi

                • Then Lucas turned it into an STD.

            • Lucas just tried to copy what he did in the original trilogy, and put into the prequels. Obi wan escaped Jango by hanging onto an asteroid, just like Han did in ESB. Anakin got his hand cut off just like Luke did. The list goes on.

  8. Vic, I’m new here and I respect everyone’s opinions. I like what you guys do here, and keep up the good work.

    As far as the prequels go, to each his own. You can’t please everybody. I have been a Star Wars fan since I saw ROTJ in the theater back in ’83. I will continue to be a fan of all 6 movies. I enjoy them for what they are.

  9. Yawn, yawn, the prequels were bad, yawn, yawn, the same stuff being said over and over again for the past 12 years!!! Come one, just get over it!

    • @Sam – If audiences and fans can praise the 1st series of films for decades why then must we “get over it” when complaining about the lackluster 2nd series of films? Gotta take the good with the bad imo.

      • You should ‘get over it’ because they exist and there is nothing you can do about it.

  10. The fact that this exists fills me with rage.

    The posting of this fills me with rage.

    I’d pay good money to see what the hell these people’s lives would be without George Lucas.

    • Careful. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

      Such is the path to the dark side. ;-)

  11. You know, but I hated the prequels like most, but it’s rather annoying haveing every Star Wars thread turn into a prequel bashing.

  12. If you think Episode I is a good movie… I look forward to the day you discover what a good movie is.

    • @Kofi – LMAO *where the hell is the “Like” button*

    • Haha!! That made my day. I really dont understand how people can defend the prequels. Oh well cant please everyone

  13. Dr. Sam, I agree.

    Bottom line is, 30 years from now, when Lucas has croaked, some jerk who felt the prequels were a personal slight to his childhood will decide to remake the prequels the way HE wants them done, and everyone will be screaming about it because it’s not the way they wanted it done. It’s a cycle that continues forever.

    And I guess I’m just not getting it – how is Phantom Menace any worse than A New Hope? And Kofi, nothing personal dude, but I am a big fan of movies, and I know a good movie from a bad one. People have different tastes. I hate these prequel bashers raking real Star Wars fans over the coals because we happen to like the prequels.

    And I’ll say it again: if you don’t like it, make your own Star Wars movie.

    • What’s amusing to me is that the most vocal and antagonistic posts in this thread (and many other SW threads) aren’t from people bashing the prequels – it’s from PT supporters preemptively lashing out at anyone who (God forbid) didn’t enjoy them.

      The video didn’t exactly go for the jugular, so relax. It’s silly and ultimately pretty harmless. And it’s not making fun of people who enjoyed the prequels so why are you getting so defensive?

      Also, since when is being a “real” Star Wars fan conditional upon liking Episodes I-III? That’s ridiculous. The reason so many people were so disappointed in them is because they loved the OT so much. Blame it on nostalgia if you must, but it’s never going to change the fact that some were able to enjoy the prequels and others weren’t. You said it yourself, people have different tastes. If one side is being urged to “just let it go”, then it seems to me that the other side should as well.

      There’s no reason for anyone to feel personally slighted by someone else’s opinion of a Star Wars movie of all things. The trailer was not aimed at skewering prequel apologists, so I’m not sure why its existence is so offensive?

      • ‘There’s no reason for anyone to feel personally slighted by someone else’s opinion of a Star Wars movie of all things’

        Then, in the very next thread you call anyone liking the prequel an ‘apologist’. Do you see the problem now?

        • Sorry, meant sentence, not thread.

          • Apologist – A person who argues in defense or justification of something, such as a doctrine, policy, or institution.

            Sorry RickJM, I don’t see the problem and I certainly didn’t mean to imply anything with my choice of words.

      • Im no prequel apologist, and I’ll easily place Revenge Of the Sith above all the films except “Empire”… The only other film that could possibly out-do Sith, would be A New Hope, but that would only be due to sentimentality. Sith is a great film.

    • midi-chlorians

  14. This new documentary explains alot about the prequels and jar jar. The truth is out. Can’t wait for the gangland episode about the Empire

  15. This was funny as hell.

    You know what the main problem with the prequels movies is? It’s the character of Anakin (not the actor). Darth Vader in the original trilogy was the ultimate bad guy who we find out was originally a good guy. Nothing in the prequels make you think he is a good guy, instead he acts like a retarded jerk. It ruins what was set out in the original trilogy.

  16. I KNEW there was a “logical” reason! This explains it all!

    And SW 1-3 are proof that bigger budgets, piles of FX and the hiring of A list actors can’t make up for a crappy/boring script and poor directing. In fact, it’s even more sad when you start thinking that the original was BETTER and made for 1/10th the cost of Phantom Menace. What the hell happened Lucas? Oh that’s right, he was kidnapped and replaced :D

  17. Let me say that I have no problem with this trailer at all. That was not my point. The trailer is actually quite funny, and I love the Triumph bit where he skewers the Star Wars nerds before the premier of Attack of the Clones. I also happen to own both Robot Chicken Star Wars specials. They’re great, and a little ribbing is fine. I never had a problem with this trailer.

    I’m not trying to be antagonistic. Like I said before, to each his own. And I’m not saying that everyone who had a problem with the prequels are not Star Wars fans. Forgive me if it came out that way.

    And I will be the first one to say that Lucas is not the greatest director or screenwriter in the business (case in point – ESB and ROTJ were by far superior than any of the other movies), but I can find a lot to like in all of them.

    • Dont forget American Graffiti!

  18. For all of us who grew up with Star Wars and went to see the originals when they came out, we are the ones who hate the Prequels the most. Lucas promised and promised and promised to make the prequels but by the time he finally did make them he had no one around him to stand up to him when he came up with bad storylines, terrible actors, detestable characters and horribly bad writing. He has been lying so long about the original movies that he actually believes he was the only person who directed and wrote those films. Betrayal is what most old school SW fans feel these days.

    • I find it interesting that Lucas made the original films b/c it was, I guess you can call his dream project, and they turn out to be one of the greatest trilogies ever made. Lucas only made the prequels as a cash-cow, and they turn out to be garbage (imo). Honestly, the only reason Lucas made the prequels (after he even said he wouldn’t) was b/c he needed to get his money back after his divorce. He knew Star Wars was the best way to do it.

  19. Millenium Falcon and Han Solo > All 3 Prequals

    • The spelling is weak in this one master. :)

  20. This trailer was hilarious. As far as the debate going on here is concerned, how come those of us who don’t like the prequels are immediately labeled as haters? I grew up with Star Wars. Toys, clothes, posters, lunch boxes and so on. So I actually hate the fact that I don’t like them. There is nothing I wanted more than to like them but the fact is that they were just bad films. I’m not a hater or do I enjoy bashing Lucas for it but as a movie fan it’s just the way I feel.

  21. Episode III Revenge Of The Sith is BETTER than ALL THE FILMS except “Empire”
    Quit whining like a *****

    • “Revenge of the Sith” was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    • I would agree that film was the best of the prequels, but that’s after you’ve lowered your standard soo low that it’s next to dinosaur bones.

    • I was always a Star Wars fan, but after the first one, (forth, whatever) I couldnt watch it anymore…

      A young kid accidently pushes a button because he is retarded and saves the day…

      I would rather see Obi Wan do the jedi mind trick on those Storm troopers in a new hope, ild rather see luke take down an empirial walker and train with yoda, ild rather see lela dressed like she was when she was a slave for jabba the hutt…

      Hell, ild rather see chewy dressed like that, i never even got to the third movie because the other two sucked so bad…

      I would rather pull out my own eyes and toss them in a blender before I see Jar Jar being anoying and the young vader being dumb…

  22. HA HA

    It was Spock

  23. Give it up already. It’s only been like 6 to 12 years since they where released.

  24. I am now convinced that this is what happend…

    Same thing with bullriding starting with two drunks coming out of the bar, one rides the bull while the other dresses like a clown because “everyone likes clowns, just make him a balloon animal and he will be nice to us”

    i KNOW with every fiber in my being that AT LEAST ONE of these things are true…

  25. I noticed the “Terminator Salvation” and “Star Wars: Prequel” debate, so I thought I would inject my personal insights.

    When movies were made prior to 1999, before intense computer generated graphics, stages and sets had to be made with physical materials. Movie writers, artists, directors, actors, and producers were forced to be creative. Everything had to be built, so that ‘the moments’ captured on film were authentic.

    Once computer generated graphics replaced ‘entire sets’, actors lost a key ingredient for emotional reinforcement. Once an actor walks onto a fully dressed set, the environment helps them project genuine emotional responses. When actors walk in front of a green screen, their emotional responses have become artificial. If you watch the movie “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”, Padme is laying on her back in the desert. When a clone trooper comes over to help, no physical contact is made between the two characters. Normal human response would dictate that the clone trooper would physically touch her, so she can use him to get back onto her feet. “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”, “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”, and “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” all have this problem. Since George Lucas and the actors relayed upon the use of green screen, the acting felt offbeat with the environment they played within.

    Side note: As a matter of “Star Wars” historical fact, Liam Neeson was going to give up acting because of the green screen.

    Next… “Terminator: Salvation”…

  26. Actually, if you blended Termination Salvation with the prequels, you might have something there! Christian Bale would make a pretty badass Jedi! And, he could cuss out Yoda for standing in his shot!

    • Christian Bale’s success in “Batman: Begins” and “Batman” The Dark Knight” has to do with his supporting cast. Once you take away that supporting cast, you get “Terminator: Salvation”. Bale is a horrible monotone actor without a full spectrum of emotional tones. If you watch his movie “Reign of Fire”, you will see the same acting he used in “Terminator: Salvation”. He is a bore.

  27. When it comes to “Terminator: Salvation” and “Terminator: Rise of the Machines”, they suffer from ‘the lack of’ quality acting and vision.

    “Terminator I” = Sarah Connor goes from weak female to strong survivor.

    “Terminator II” = Sarah Connor teaches John to be a strong adult who must embrace his destiny. Movie ends with a hint of hope for the future.

    “Terminator II” = John Connor was a wimp, and he only touched his future wife once. He shows no emotion for humanity, nor did he give a damn about his future wife. Only within the last five seconds. Although we are stuck in a bunker, we failed to stop Judgement day. Humanity is dead.

    “Terminator IV” = John Connor barely-barely has any emotions for his wife, nor does he show a good emotional spectrum for the people around him. Why? “Terminator: Salvation” is a rewritten bore of a World War II flick, which replaced a threatening Skynet with a CGI human face. What the hell.

    • @”When it comes to “Terminator: Salvation” and “Terminator: Rise of the Machines”, they suffer from ‘the lack of’ quality acting and vision.”

      And the writers were hacks. Even Jonathan Nolan could polish what the writers (same hacks who wrote Terminator 3) did with Terminator Salvation.

  28. Lucas is surrounded by too many “Yes-men”, nobody had the guts to tell him when his script, editing or directing sucked. He really seemed like a great filmmaker years ago. He just can’t seem to step back and really look at what he’s creating anymore. He’s too close to the material and not objective enough.

    There really is no excuse for the prequels being as bad as they were, and someone should have called him on it before he went too far.

  29. I believe the movie would actually be awesome(even when you remove SW stuff). Btw, can someone explain the Holiday Special(Lucas still authorised it)?
    Special Editions:I was watching the 2004 Edition with my two friends and during 3 movies they just watched until finally we reached the end and Hayden came and my friends reacted.