George Lucas Has 50 Hours of ‘Star Wars’ TV Scripts Ready and Waiting

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George Lucas Star Wars TV show George Lucas Has 50 Hours of ‘Star Wars’ TV Scripts Ready and Waiting

George Lucas, proprietor of what is arguably the most famous movie universe of all time, has spoken of his plans to bring Star Wars to television for the better part of four years now – while fans have largely been left waiting. As Lucas addressed the recent 3D conversion of his six-part saga with G4, he also dropped a tidbit regarding the progress of the show and why it has been shelved – at least temporarily.

For anyone even remotely aware of the goings on in Hollywood, we know that talk is cheap and though a live-action Star Wars television show has been promised since 2007, we have yet to see anything materialize. Four years in, and many fans are still excited at the prospect of catching Star Wars on a weekly basis, though Lucas has failed to deliver, a shred of hope remains that the proposed series will eventually happen.

Rest easy Star Wars fans; the flanneled one has delivered an intriguing update on the proposed show. According to Lucas, he has over 50 hours of the planned series already scripted – that works out to around two seasons (provided it’s 23 episodes per season).

So, if 50 hours worth of script is waiting in the wings, what’s the hold up? Apparently, the delay in the series has been attributed to technology. Yes, the man behind Industrial Light and Magic says that until technology can deliver the kind of FX-laden spectacle he’s envisioned for the franchise (while still being cost-effective enough to appear on television) the series will have to wait.

Lucas went on to say he was waiting for a ‘different technology’ that will make the show ‘economically feasible.’ That doesn’t mean that Lucas is waiting for James Cameron to step in and show him how it’s done, however. No, apparently Lucas and his FX team are working on a way to not only make Star Wars a reality on television, but, in the long run, also make effects driven films more cost effective.

The director stated it is a ‘very difficult process’ and that when they do solve the problem keeping Star Wars from happening, the long-term affect will be to lessen the cost of feature films as well. Right now, according to Lucas, many features that require substantial effects cost around $150-$200 million. The solution that he and his ILM team are working on could reduce that amount to the much more manageable $50-$60 million range.

The Clone Wars Cartoon Networrk George Lucas Has 50 Hours of ‘Star Wars’ TV Scripts Ready and Waiting

With any luck, Lucas and ILM are but a few years from achieving this lofty goal.

For those that don’t know, the proposed show was (is) set to deliver a story set somewhere between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The series would feature a multitude of characters that won’t be Luke, Leia, Han or Chewie, so take that for what it’s worth. Certainly it’s to be expected that the character list would have to expand in order to accommodate any growth of the nearly 35-year-old franchise, so perhaps we can look upon any new additions with optimism, instead of the trepidation that is common after the last three prequels.

In any regard, fans looking for a Star Wars television show will have to wait a while longer. However, they can still catch the increasingly excellent Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.

Source: TV Guide, G4

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  1. ^ LOL No comments… yep, that pretty much sums it up xD

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    • ^^ This FTW!!

      • that is awesome

    • LOL. As soon as I saw this I thought it looked like Jean-Luc Picard although I shouldn’t say that when Star Wars is the topic.

  3. Actually, you know what, it could be good. Seriously. If it goes to the right network and George DOESN’T direct it, it has a chance.

    Love the face palm.

    • And that is the key, if Lucas writes or directs it will be a major fail. The only reason the Clone Wars series is good is because Lucas has NOTHING to do with the story or characters.

  4. I have to agree with guy about the technology. They’d have to have a pretty big budget to make it look really good

    • Lucas can give one episode a bigger budget than that of a small nation.

      • True

    • I don’t know, story and character driven series such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica looked pretty darn good. If it’s going to be an effects driven series then, A) that’s a disappointing cop out; and B) yes it will require technology to advance before being feasible. I sure hope the emphasis shifts back to characters, dialogue, and story like the original trilogy but I have serious doubts. This is why I’d love to see Joss Whedon involved. He has a love of Star Wars, but at this stage he may be more interested in pursuing projects where he has more creative freedom. Then again a Star Wars series could be a launchpad to do whatever he wants.

  5. So the tv series would deal with the purge and the forming of the rebel alliance I would assume, I would imagine that Vader would be a prominent figure in the series. I would also imagine we would see the slaving camps and the Mandos. This series has a lot of promise and ground it could cover there are 19 years between ROS and New Hope, which also could incorporate what happened with the Force Unleashed and Kyle Katarn from Rebel Alliance.

    • But Lucas doesnt recognize those as true Star Wars history he simply collects the money they make. He has said many times that no matter what authors right it is all fiction and has no bearing on his version of the movies.

      • I thought The Force Unleashed is cannon

        • Isnt that by Lucas Arts and they are in house?

      • excuse me but they are too cannon, they are recognized and approved by Lucas

  6. The same tired a$$ lines he used after he managed to get the first three movies out. Every time someone asked him after RoTJ came out he claimed he couldnt make the prequals due to the technology not being up to snuff. Its a good thing he waited since the technology is what was wrong with the original movies. /sarc

  7. let me guess? This spectecle of special FX will take place during the clone war era? It seems Lucas doesnt know how to tell any other stories. If wrote the script odds are its gonna be more garbage. clone wars clone wars clone wars and oh yeah more clone wars. PASS THE TORCH GEORGIE!

    • he just said in the article that it will take place during the purge and the early years of the Empire thats the 19 years in between Revenge and New Hope

  8. Think of a STAR WARS show done like STAR TREK the next generation and how awsome that would be! Star Trek didnt have a huge budget when they 1st started because they relied on THE STORY to carry the show and NOT the FX! Until Lucas lets someone else run the show we will NEVER get the STAR WARS we want to see.

  9. George Lucas…one of the most overrated directors ever. What has he done over the last couple of decades, except squeeze everything he can out of his now comical and sad Star Wars franchise? Oh yes, he made the last Indiana Jones movie a joke, too.

  10. I would love to see some new Star Wars as long as Lucas stays away from it and we get something along the lines of empire but I know that won’t happen

  11. He’s more machine than man.

    I’m glad it’s set between episode 3-4. Maybe during that fifty hours he’ll finally get around to explaining why Anakin Skywalker became an evil, fascist, mass-murderer, instead of over six hours of advertisement for action figures and video games, followed by 15 minutes of a guy getting some limbs cut off and being put into the Darth Vader costume.

    I love his priorities. He used to at least give lip service to story. Now it’s all about technology. I get the impression that that for him, technology IS the story.

    • I would like to +1 this post a thousand times.

    • 3-4 really? Dont we already know how that story went? how about start AFTER ROTJ. Im sure all the “old” cast members would be down. tell the story of Jaina, Jacen, Anakin Solo and the Yuuzhan Vong? It would give us all new characters to like and start with something fresh. STOP BEATING A DEAD JARR JARR GEORGIE!!

      • None of those stories were written by Lucas, he regards all of the books as fiction and not SW Cannon.

        • where do you hear this stuff, he has to approve everything before it goes to print , and the only rule is that they are not allowed to right about anything that tales place between episode 1 and 6 thats all, All the books are currently in cnnon and the only thing in print that isnt cannon is the old Marvel series of comics, those are considered to be out side of Cannon

          • It’s “canon” not “cannon.”

    • Nostelg-O – you should read the interview done with Kershner shortly before he died, he explained very succinctly why Star Wars is the way it is now.

      In a large nutshell, Kershner said this:

      After Empire Strikes Back Kershner was supposed to direct Return of the Jedi, however, with a vastly different vision. Han Solo was supposed to die, Leia was supposed to take her throne as a Queen of a newly formed Monarchic Republic, and Luke was left to wander the galaxy as sort of a Ronin Jedi.

      However this, as we all know, never happened and we got Intergalactic Teddy Bear Picnic. Why, you ask?

      Well after the HUGE success of Empire & Star Wars (yes I called A New Hope by its real title) the toys were selling like hotcakes to every BOY in the world, however the GIRL market was left largely untapped. George, now realizing that the toys made about a gazillion times the money of the films, comes up with EWOKS to directly market his toys to girls and promptly fires Kershner from directing Return.

      So you see, you are exactly right – George doesn’t make movies anymore, just really long toy commercials.

      • I blame the marketing orgy on Speilberg who the moment he hooked up with Lucas showed him that selling junk was better than making quality movies. Which proves my point over and over that Speilberg is not a good action director, Indiana Jones 2 and 4, and instead can only do cry baby movies, AI and Schindlers list.

        • Have to disagree. I may not love Spielberg movies all the time, but they are usually very watchable. And he’s changed his style and tried different things. He’s not growing new chins and making money from editions of Jaws where Bruce doesn’t bite.

      • I’ve heard that. That would have been a much better ending. The kind of ending that people, and especially kids, would have hated at the time, but that would have lingered in the imagination. I also heard that Kershner couldn’t do it becauese of some conflict with the film guild (or something).

        It would be one thing if he was doing something worthwhile with the mountains of money he’s making. Like if he was making or helping to produce gutsy experimental projects that couldn’t be made otherwise. Instead it’s like he’s only using the money to make more money off of the same project.

        And I don’t want to offend anyone who enjoys Star Wars. The music and sounds of Star Wars trigger a pavlovian response in me even when the stories aren’t to my liking. So, to each his own. May the Force be with you.

  12. you ever get the feeling that George Lucas is a JAWA w/o the robe?

    • No he is more Jabba the Hut these days, only less good looking and more repugnant.

  13. If all you Lucas haters don’t don’t like recent Star Wars media, then stay away from it. I for one will take all the Star Wars I can get. I love the originals, the prequels and the Clone Wars TV show. Bring it on George and keep making great Star Wars stories!

    • George Lucas hasnt made a “GREAT” STAR WARS story in forever! He just rehashes the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER again. There are so many stories to tell and great characters to use. But no, instead we get the SAME THING just in a different package. its played out and stale. Is VADER the only character worth following? AGAIN? what, are they gonna show him traking down the last of the jedi for 50 hours of script really? George is like that little punk rich kid who hoards all the good toys for himself and lets you play with Admiral Ackbar and the broken X-wing.

      • Then blames the broken X-Wing on you and demands you buy him a new one.

        If people had refused to go to the second Prequel and shown Lucas how BAD his style of movies had become we might had seen a better thrid prequel but no he was simply phoning it in.

  14. Ugh, written by George Lucas? I’ll pass, unless this is the Lucas that escaped from Jar Jar.

  15. Dear Mr. Lucas,

    Havent you taken enough of our money to make something that is free of charge, of wait you would still make a load of money on advertising. At one point didnt you hate the idea of big brother studio and wanted to work on other projects? All you have done is milk star wars to death and create cgi hell, you need to send every fan a free copy of your films on blue ray no special edition please.


    A Concerned Movie Goer

    • You obviously have no idea how supply-and-demand works. The only reason more Star Wars is supplied is because it is demanded by people like you and then you go and spit in the Creator’s face if it isn’t to your liking. Original Trilogy Fanboy purists like you need to quit whining and get over yourselves.


      Common Sense

  16. Does not George Lucas own ILM; thus, he can set the price to whatever fits the bill?

    If you are going to make a tv-series that costs $150 million to make, you might as well just turn the damn thing into a movie.

    • He still has to PAY the people that do the work, it’s not like they work for free.

  17. Just no more of those fake looking idiotic Ewoks!!

  18. limit the effects, use some of the original stuff from the original trilogy. most people seem to like the older movies more and they are less watered down with fake effects and fake characters.

  19. I think some sort of spinoff would be cool. Follow a young Han Solo in his adventures, or more of Bobba Fett’s backstory. Or even something that takes place during the days of the Old Republic.

  20. As loath as I am to agree with most of the negativity in this thread so far… I have to.

    One poster especially hit the nail on the head. Lucas IS more machine than man. He does not have a firm grasp on what humanizes the characters in his stories anymore. He’s all about the technology now.

    A perfectly good Star Wars television series can be done without any further advances in technology. But make the suggestion to George Lucas and the man would be dismissive of the notion.

  21. I loved Star Wars but it’s been done to death. Why don’t they put it to bed and create a new franchise based on the “Knights of the Old Republic” (KOTOR) storyline of RPG? This would still be in the Star Wars universe but set in a completely different time with a new cast of characters. They’re spending a fortune creating an online gaming universe for KOTOR when it could be a film/TV series.

    A new saga begins! (Or not.)

    • I myself would love to see a branch off series for the main character of “Force Unleashed”……maybe they could even have a few cameos from the original Luke Skywalker for a quick meeting.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Knights Of The Old Republic had one great suprise twist. I was genuinely suprised, damn near shocked, when Malak revealed the truth. I felt betrayed and lied to by the Jedi Order & Bastila and thats why I chose the Dark Side ending the first time around although I was well on my way lol. The plot and trailers for the Old Republic also looks great. I wont be buying it, but I will youtube the cinematics.

      So far as this TV show I have no faith in it whatsoever as long as Lucas hand is involved. I can say I have always been enamoured by the Star Wars Universe but the films fell flat in my opinion with The Empire Strikes Back being the exception. (I loved it! I like stories that dont have a clear cut happy ending. The Graduate is my favorite ending in a movie) The story and mythology were their but the dialouge and execution was amiss IMHO.

      On a side note, Lucas has gone on record to say Empire Strikes Back was the worst one!? WTF. Let the record also show that he did not direct or write the screenplay for thaf film. As my dog friend Baxter would say “interesante, muy interesante”

  22. Why not explore Luke rebuilding the Jedi after Episode 6? I have no interest in these “in between” Episode stories they do. Why not save that stuff for the video games and cartoons?

  23. I’d watch if someone of talent like Joss Whedon was on board, otherwise I suspect the show would be lacking in the sense of fun and spontaneity of the original trilogy and instead be a bogged down political, (bad) dialogue driven, special effects series. Who would have ever thought politics and special effects would have gone together but that’s precisely what the prequel trilogy was.

    • Joss could make some magic with Star Wars lore. Im pretty sure Han Solo is a related to Mal (Firefly) in a galaxay far far away

  24. You should do a little research, before you post a news story. We’ve known about the fifty hours worth of script since late 2010. There’s also what Lucas refers to as a ‘Movie of the week’ as well. We know the series will revolve around a group of Bounty Hunters (possibly Boba Fett played by a now grown up Daniel Logan) and the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe. None of the main characters from the films will be directly involved. Lucasfilm have employed a group of non Science Fiction writers who have been fleshing out Lucas’ story ideas, turning it into a script and the dialogue is more comparable, to the original 1977 Star Wars film, than the prequels. These writers are more known for writing engaging human drama. Look it all up – Google is your friend.

    • Shem just because they say they’ve fixing a problem doesn’t mean they have. They had 3 movies to fix massive problems and never did. Revenge of the Sith may have been the best movie of the prequel trilogy but it wasn’t because the dialogue was any less clunky. Also there are plenty of decent dramatic writers out there who aren’t adept at writing the type of witty (if cheesy) dialogue found in the original Star Wars films so I remain very much in the “I’ll believe it when I see it camp.”

  25. I’d like to see the Force Unleashed in live action. It could be really cool, if done well. They already made Starkiller’s game avatar nearly identical to the voice actor. Perhaps that was intentional?

  26. The show should either be set after ‘Return of the Jedi’ or back during ‘The Knights of the Old Republic’ era. An “inbetweenquel” just doesn’t blow air up my skirt.

  27. I say eff the focus on FX and put more effort into the scripts, acting, and traditional directing techniques. FX will look dated in a few years but storylines can be timeless…

  28. Didn’t lucas hold off on making the prequels until the technology had a chance to catch up? That worked out well didn’t it.

  29. The wait’ll be worth it. I can’t to see the Dark Times expanded.