NYCC: Geoff Johns Talks ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Trailer, ‘Smallville’ & More

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New York Comic-Con is officially underway and the 2010 convention kicked off with a panel spotlighting none other than DC Entertainment  Creative Director Geoff Johns.

For those who don’t know, Geoff Johns has been an influential comic book writer of the past decade, responsible for resurrecting Silver Age Green Lantern and Flash (Hal Jordan and Barry Allen) as well as helping to bring about the upcoming Green Lantern and Flash movies.

In the panel Johns touched upon a number of issues, ranging from DC’s comic book plans to what we can expect from DCE/Warner Bros. and their multimedia aspirations for the DC Universe.

For your convenience I’ve separated my synopsis of Geoff Johns’ panel into three sections: You can find movie and TV news under “DC Entertainment”; Comic book news under “DC Comics” and all the other little happenings that took place during the panel under “The panel.”

DC Entertainment

dc entertainment logo NYCC: Geoff Johns Talks Green Lantern Movie Trailer, Smallville & More

  • Johns is excited about the David Kelly Wonder Woman TV series – he believes any character in the DCU can be “A-list” when written properly.
  • Johns introduces some Green Lantern movie character banners.
  • Johns claims we will see a Green Lantern movie trailer released with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • More DC Superheroes  are getting a multimedia development – Johns is keeping quiet about specific heroes or plans for now.
  • He claims “DC Superheroes are bigger than Marvel Superheroes” in his explanation of their self-contained movie continuities. He believes that since the characters at DC are richer in theme, movies exploring them need to be self-contained and focused on character.
  • Green Lantern animated series will be in Bruce Timm Style, Early 2011, and will be CGI.
  • Booster Gold is coming back from the future on Smallville. Mera, Deadshot and Suicide Squad confirmed.
  • Young Justice Animated series coming.
  • He confirms that DCE/WB is aiming to release 1-2 superhero movies a year in the post-Harry Potter landscape.
  • There will be no Bruce Wayne appearance on Smallville.
  • [MY QUESTION] Johns couldn’t comment on the crime genre themes of The Flash movie script, or if a Green Lantern movie trilogy would feature “The War of Light” or “Sinestro Corps War” storylines. He also refused to comment about any plans for a Justice League movie.

DC Comics

dcuniverse NYCC: Geoff Johns Talks Green Lantern Movie Trailer, Smallville & More

  • Johns says that Jon Stewart will have more focus in upcoming storylines in (Green Lantern Corps?).
  • Aquaman will continue to be “badass” beyond “Brightest Day”. He will be “A-list”.
  • Johns is already envisioning a post-”Brightest Day” scene where Aquaman states his intent to be leader of the JLA.
  • Johns has to write mostly on weekends these days now that he’s creative director of DCE.
  • The Green Lantern Inidgo Tribe will get more extensive explanation – “The rings are different than what people might think.” says Johns.
  • Flash “Hot Pursuit” will feature a police officer speedster who rides a motorcycle rather than running.
  • Johns likes collaborating with DC Editor Eddie Berganza, Gary Frank and the people he works with often.
  • Johns is thanked (yet again) for keeping Kyle Rayner alive when Hal Jordan was resurrected in Green Lantern: Rebirth.
  • DC Comics will be sold for 2.99. The page count will be reduced from 22pgs to 20pgs.
  • Aquaman will have an expanded rogues gallery in the comics. One fan jokes “BP Oil.”
  • Superboy Prime is still alive and kicking.
  • New characters will be introduced into the Flash and Aquaman books after “Brightest Day”.
  • Red Lantern Dex Starr will be featured in upcoming stories – maybe a Valentine’s Day special with Krypto the super dog.
  • Batman will more of a team player since his resurrection – as evidenced by the “Batman Inc.” storyline.
  • Superman: Earth One is coming soon; Batman: Earth One is coming in 2011. “My Batman…it’s like, before he’s good.”
  • They are working on a Green Lantern Secret Origins 2. Johns described it as “The Fall of Sinestro”, a possible title for the series.
  • Larfleeze will be getting a ring oath.
  • There will be Green Lantern / Flash comic book crossovers coming soon.
  • Unspecified corps of Light will be getting their own comic book titles.

The Panel

  • Johns starts off cracking a joke about the huge cement pillar obstructing the view. Thanks fans for “skipping work” today.
  • Johns talks about the exciting things happening at DCE/WB by referring to the Zack Snyder Superman movie and Green Lantern Movie.
  • Johns worries about SPOILERS – audience member says “What are they going to do – fire you?”
  • Johns wrote Titan Maximum during its first season – “It’s Voltron, if they were all idiots.” he says.
  • Cereal Alert: Johns is loving Count Chocula right now; Frankenberry isn’t living up to his memory of it.
  • Johns signed the comic book of a 20-year Navy Veteran onstage. The comic was a graphic novel, Green Lantern: No Fear.
  • Johns think scholastic teaching tools featuring DC characters would be great.
  • Johns closed the panel with the GL Oath.
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  1. I hate DC comics. They suck.

    • Feel free to go away and not post here again then.

      • i second that

        • I third that

            • I fifth that

              • I’m sorry, what was the question?

      • Good reply!

    • @ Jonathan Harrington from Chicago

      Based on what?

      What is your reasoning?

      How many have you read?

      Are you under 10 years of age?

    • I fourth that.

  2. This guy made me love Green Lantern and I am still with Brightest Day because of him. This guy owns my wallet cause of his comics. Yes, I’m a geoff johns fangirl. Its a tie between him and grant morrison

    • Some people deserve my scorn.

  3. man DC is way better than marvel in my opinion allthough I love marvel as well I would choose DC anyday over marvel.

    • Please lets not get into a MARVEL vs DC debate.

      It’s an infantile pursuit. I love both companies equally, even though I have more MARVEL than DC in my collection. :-)

  4. How about a Robin Movie? Tim drake FTW!! the only robin who figured out you could wear pants. lol

  5. Suicide squad and Deadshot were already on Smallville last week no? Anyway, I’m not a learned man when it comes to DC stuff, I only used to watch the animated series. That’s the only place I know Booster Gold from. Is he cool? He really didn’t seem so in the animated series.

  6. DC OWNS!! No one can beat Batman and Superman.

  7. I only read Marvel and some Image. I just started buying comics a couple of summers ago and the kid at the store told me that picking up DC series would be confusing as hell(Infinity Crisis?). So I never had a really good jumping off point. I bought the Batman “Hush”, “Long Halloween”, and “Green Lantern: Rebirth”. Does anyone have any good advice on jumping off points for the different series? Marvel’s Digital Comics was great in catching me up to all of the current story lines but DC hasn’t digitized their back-issues for some reason…

    • I was similarly confused when I started reading DC. I found that starting the JLA from Grant Morrison’s relaunch(JLA_v3) was an excellent start. Also the JSA v1(relaunched by James Robinson). As for Superman, to start from his origins:

      The Man of Steel
      Superman: Birthright
      Superman For All Seasons

      More later.

      • Thanks man! I found that similarly reading “New Avengers”(the 1st comic I bought was the omnibus) helped me branch off. How many issues in are the JLA and JSA series? Appreciate the help!

      • Never mind, looked it up on Wikipedia.

        • acslaterson

          I’ll admit that overall DC’s continuity is pretty muddled up by all the Crises and reboots(the reason I don’t like Geoff Johns and Dan Didio). Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the stories.

          ‘The World’s Greatest Super-heroes’ by Alex Ross and Paul Dini is a beatifully-illustrated book that can serve as a great starting point for familiarising yourself with the JLA’s core members.

          Most of the JLA(v3) comic is available as trade paperbacks containing different arcs. It’s been a while since I read it, but I recall Tower of Babel(Book 7), Divided We Fall(Book 8), The Obsidian Age(Book 11 & 12) and Trial by Fire(Book 14) were the best arcs in that series. From that point Infinite Crisis came and everything went downhill.

          JSA is actually a better comic than JLA overall. Try the first 7-8 Books upto Black Reign. Princes of Darkness(Book 7) is personally my favourite.

          Still more later.

        • And if you’re looking for Batman stuff in particular, there are a LOT of great graphic novels/arcs, and in general the quality of writing on the series has been good since the 90s, but a few recommendations are:
          Year One(starting point)
          The Man Who Laughs(first meeting with the Joker)
          The Killing Joke(Joker’s suggested origin)
          Knight Fall and its sequel
          No Man’s Land
          War Games
          Robin: Joker’s Wild(the Tim Drake Robin had a mildly successful solo series, personally I rather enjoyed this one).

          The Flash v3(Wally West era) also had many great story arcs. Try ‘The Return of Barry Allen’, ‘Blitz’ and ‘Ignition’.

          Regarding Green Lantern, please give Judd Winick’s ORIGINAL ‘Green Lantern: the Power of Ion’ arc during the Kyle Rayner era a try. It is a grossly underrated series that doomed Rayner to the backburner by its lackluster sales.

  8. Anybody who states DC is better than Marvel (or vice versa) must not have read much of either publisher. I no longer collect comics because they prices became ridiculous and it became WAY to expensive to keep up with storylines, but I enjoyed both Marvel and DC comics. I loved Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man from Marvel and I loved Superman, Batman and Justice League from DC. To limit yourself to just one comics publisher is limiting the great stories that are out there. I just wish they did keep SOME of the stories contained within one book. Having to buy 12 titles at $4 each to keep up with a story drove me away from comics.

    • I don’t limit my reading. I read Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and Dark Horse. I’m just of the mind that DC makes better quality reading than the others.

    • You should try Marvel’s Digital comics, it is $54(?) a year and the newer issues are posted about 4-6 months after they are released. I usually spend between $30-50 every 2 weeks so it is definitely worth it for such a broad amount of content.

      • What is the point of spending money on comics if you can’t keep them??? Collecting them and pulling out my favorites years later to reread was one of the best things about collecting them. I’d probably have kept my subscription to The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman if they kept the stories contained to those titles. I HATED it when I would have to buy every single Spidey comic title (plus other titles, too) just to keep up on a story. The greed of the companies is what kept me from collecting. Besides, I was always more into collecting baseball cards, which I still do to this day (don’t get me started on all the ridiculousness going on in THAT hobby.)

    • It’s called inflation. Candy bars and condoms cost more too nowadays. Der

  9. Oh and Count Chocula is horrible. I bought it last year because I saw it on sale and loved it as a kid. It just tastes terrible now. Lucky Charms are so much better!! :D

  10. I love both DC comics & Marvel Comics the same really. Both have great comics over the years to read, both had great animated series/ feature animated movies, Live-action films etc. Not to mention how some heroes have changed over the years in comics, not just their costumes. To me one isnt better than the other, thats my opinion.

    • A very well stated opinion. I tend not to have any partiality towards any company. As long as the story is a good entertaining one, I’m happy.

      • @ Magnetic Eye

        Thank you. I agree, aslong as the story is good and entertaining, that’s all that matters to me. I even remember coming across a crossover hardcover comic DC/Marvel at first don’t get along but work together afterwards. I forget the name, i saw it at Barnes & Noble and i would of bought it if i had enough at that time.

          • Crossovers are good fun.

            I would like to see some individual graphic novels with:



            Silver Surfer/Green Lantern

            Captain America/Wonder Woman

            Green Arrow/Hawkeye

            Fantastic Four/JLA

            • @ Magnetic Eye

              I know it would be considered very very unlikely & a long shot but it would awesome to see a live-action cross-over film of DC/ Marvel characters. Heck id settle for animated feature length dvd movies.

              • @ WallyWest

                A collaboration between WB Studios & MARVEL Studios for a live-action cross-over film is a fascinating concept.

                I would pay to see such a film. It could simply be called “Crossover”. But as you say very unlikely. :-)

  11. Are you telling me I have to watch some Smallville now? Always liked Boostergold such and underrated character.

    • Well said Green Knight. I myself have an extended company collection of comics of my own. Including Mirage and the early issues of TMNT from 1985. I also have that graphic novel that Johns signed, No Fear. It showed Hector Hammond and Black Hands resurrected hand from when he burnt it off during Rebirth.

      I think both Marvel and Dc are equals in terms of characters and stories. They never grow old and they are extremely exciting.

      As for the new GL Trilogy, I think they should go with both the Sinestro Corps War and the War of Light. Both are way too good to get rid of one or the other. One shows the greatest clash of a hero and supervilllain and the other brings out a bigger universe of Corps and their mythology, and it could very well lead to the Blacknest Night since Marvel has their epic crossover in 2017, DC can have one as well at a possible later time.

      Since the Flash is getting a CSI-ish film, I’d say they should use Zoom as the badguy, cuz Flash said it himself “Zoom is like my Joker” (may not be all the way accurate but close enough). Orthey can use the Rogue Gang, which can be just a science group that uses there new technology to commit crimes. And Zoom can be like a business rival (NOT FROM THE FUTURE) who tries to do Barry in his job (kinda like a CSI vs FBI type rivalry) and when he sees that he is the Flash, he tries recreating the accident and gets his weird psycho persona Zoom. IDK maybe not. I thought that sounded like an OK idea. If they use Grodd, than they can use a Avenger homage and have Parralax give him his powers after the big clash in the first GL movie and GL chips a piece off of him and then it lands in Africa giving the nearby gorillas super intelligence (since the same thing is gonna happen to Hector Hammond in the GL movie when he’s digging through Abin Sur).

    • @ greenknight333

      Great explanation from your Mom about Spidey. :-) I grew up on the 67 series too. It’s what got me into buying comics. I was 9 in 1974 and to this day I’m still buying “Amazing Spiderman”. Have almost got the entire run.

      Picked up “Secret Avengers” & “Avengers” yesterday. The new comic book store I frequent have been putting them aside for me and I gotta say thanks for the recommendation. I’m loving it. :-)

      I’m also looking at subscribing to “Batman” & “Detective Comics starring Batman” again. It’s been a while.

      The owner of the comic book shop told me that prices for comic books are dropping to a flat US $3.00 across all titles by MARVEL & DC. Apparently DC are cutting their total pages back by two which means shorter stories or multi part issues.

      I’m glad prices are coming down. Walk into any news agency in Australia today and you’re paying either $7.95 or $9.95 for a MARVEL / DC comic book which is a total rip off. As a kid, news agencies would only slap a 5c or 10c profit on a book. How times have changed.

      The comic book store I attend is pretty good with their profit margins. I’m paying $5.50 per issue.

        • Yeah $5.50 hurts a bit. I would probably get a discount if I purchased more titles. I don’t want to go back to 25 titles a month like I used to in the eighties and early nineties, unless I could afford it, but a dozen or so titles would suit me just fine. :-)

          I remember when comics were 25 cents each. They were the days.

          My seven year old daughter gets Scooby Doo & Tinkerbell comics, but my very lovely mother in law buys those for her. :-)

          • Excellent …gotta love Grandma!! :)

  12. I forget when i really got into comics, I think 80′s. First hero i set my sights on was Superman, Especially Christopher Reeve in the role despite never being allowed to see the movies in theaters. I grew up watching al 4 films on vhs or on tv, even watched the Superboy tv series. Then i got into Batman with my friends alot. Again, i couldn’t see Burton’s Batman in theaters, but at last seen every other Batman film that followed. One thing wondered while watching those films back then was i wondered wheres Robin? in Burton’s film. Probly because i knew Batman had Robin as his partner and seen episodes of the 60′s show. As for Marvel, i read the comics, mostly X-men cause i was such a big fan of Wolverine. I really got interested when the 90′s X-men animated series aired, and i also enjoyed 90′s Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic 4, Iron Man animated series. From there, i been happy enough to enjoy every other comic book based film released till this day. I forgot to mention that Batman: TAS really boosted my love for the character & after reading one of my books about the DC universe of characters, i look back and realize how many character’s, elements from the comics appeared in that series. Of-course i also loved the New Batman adventures, Superman: TAS, Batman Beyond, & Justice League/JLU series.

  13. I’m a comics fan in general. I read mostly DC but I do also read Marvel and to be honest it is a silly argument to have because for all the strengths each have they also have weaknesses. If anyone wants to just jump into DC all I suggest you do is pick up some graphic novels and NEVER underestimate how helpful wikipedia can be because it would be expensive to buy all the graphic novels you would need to get caught up.

  14. No Bruce Wayne on Smallville? That really blows.

    Just started Johns relaunch of the Jordan Green Lantern. Really good stuff and I can’t wait to get my hands on his relaunch of the Barry Allen Flash.

    • It’s good. I bought it a few months ago and it’s worth the buy.

  15. To tell the truth I wouldn’t mind if both Marvel and DC dumped all their older heroes. But then I’ve been reading about them since the sixties and most of them just don’t interest me anymore. But fans young and old just don’t seem to want to take a chance on any new heroes now days so I guess we’re stuck with them.

    • @ Thandrale

      Are you talkin about live action films or comics?

  16. I am more familiar with marvel, and a little with DC, I know that marvel has alot more faces then DC, but that doesnt make it better… done correctly it does, but reading it now it seems like a giant sized mess… alternate universes? fine, I can handle that, a universe that every hero and villian are zombies? no… absolutly not…

    I agree that DC have richer characters, I think that its because that marvel is trying to expand way to fast, and not working so hard about the characters background and reasoning for doing what they do… DC fleshes their heros/villians out really good…

    it hurts me to post this… I used to love marvel, but marvel zombies made me turn to dc alot more… still read marvel more… but not much…

  17. Never been a fan of crossovers I only own one but don’t really even much care for it. I just find that in general they have pretty shallow stories.

    As far as comic prices here in my area they are usually about 3.99 but personally I can’t stand single issues any more. I used to buy them up and collect them like crazy but got sick of it. I don’t waste my time unless it’s a GN collection. Single issues annoy me now because it takes less than 10 minutes to read and another month to see the story continue 6 months to reach the end. So I just wait and buy the GN collection gives me a good hour read if it was a decent size story and no waiting forever to get the conclusion plus it usually saves me about 4 bucks when all Is said and done. Still have a ton of single issue comics though and desperately want to sell them lol. Finally got rid of all my Iron Man and Thor single issue comics got a decent chunk of change but still need to get rid of my massive batman single issue collection.

  18. They just need to make DC movies based on the comics. Bruce Wayne shouldn’t be in smallville show anyway, I would love it but they don’t meet until they are heroes.
    Superman movie is going to suck if its like original Superman movies. People will be tired of Fake cheezy Luthors, comedic Zod and damn Kryptonite.
    We need Darkseid, Doomsday, Bizzaro, Brainaic and Mongol as main villians for the movies. Lex Luthor should be a secondary villian of the movies and not the main villian. Superman could crush him at any time. And we want the real comic: business tycoon who has scientic intelligence background. The smart scumbag who knows how to cure cancer but won’t because he is evil.
    Batman needs to fight Hush, Bane, Killer Croc in third Batman movies. Catwoman or Talia Ah Ghul should be love interest.

    • Hey Luthor was originally a villian not a business man. Later it was revealed he was a smart kid who was friends with superboy- due to an accident lost his hair & went after superboy. in the 80′s he became a business man so get it right okay

  19. I always liked Luthor as the business man tycoon villain type. Like in in Superman TAS he built half of Metropolis and half of the people work under him whether they know it or not. Both John Shea & Especially Michael Rosenbaum portrayed that kind of Lex. And he’s known to have a scientific mind when it calls for it as seen on JLU animated series when he was building his own A.M.A.Z.O body to transfer his brain in to be unstoppable. Why not have the best of both worlds for once. I can’t see how Killer Croc would fit into Nolan’s batworld. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bane done proper, especially if he & Riddler were in the film. Brains & brawn against Batman. I wouldn’t mind just having Selina Kyle as a love interest, but please no Catwoman. I suggest Talia as a villainess/love interest goin that route.