Geoff Johns Hopes ‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Happen

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green lantern 2 Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Director Martin Campbell’s live-action Green Lantern movie arrives on DVD and Blu-ray later this week. However, many a Lantern fan is really waiting to find out if Green Lantern 2 will actually happen… or is the franchise going to be left in stasis until Warner Bros. decides to try and (dare it be said) reboot the comic book franchise sometime in the future?

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes previously stated that the Green Lantern sequel’s status is (for now) uncertain. Nonetheless, DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns remains hopeful that a direct followup to Campbell’s adaptation will actually happen.

Quibbles about the thematic quality of Green Lantern aside (for now…), it was the film’s box office performance that was ultimately responsible for the sequel’s current condition. Campbell’s movie managed a worthy worldwide gross of about $220 million, but it cost approximately $200 million to produce. When you factor in marketing costs – and that studios only receive about half of a film’s ticket sales – it becomes clearer that Lantern must make a tidy sum in home video sales to actually become a profitable undertaking.

DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns is definitely hoping for just that – seeing how he had the following words to offer to those in attendance at the 2011 New York Comic-Con, on the topic of a Green Lantern followup:

“There is the hope that we will eventually see ['Green Lantern 2']… I hope that the character gets another film, and it will be live-action again – I guarantee… There was a lot of really good stuff in [Campbell's] movie.”

Johns also mentioned that the upcoming director’s cut of Green Lantern will include additional footage that helps to flesh out the film’s storyline and characters – and, hopefully, be well-received enough to get more fans enthused about the prospect of a sequel.

sad ryan reynolds in the green lantern corps Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush)

On the topic of Green Lantern‘s cinematic qualities – most fans and film buffs remain set in their assertion that the theatrical version of the film was clumsy and underwhelming. However, there nonetheless remains a noteworthy faction of fans who remain adamant that Lantern was unfairly trashed by the masses.

However, one thing that both sides can (hopefully) agree on is that the director’s cut of Green Lantern has the potential to mark a notable improvement on the version released in theaters. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, it’s hard to deny that there were moments in Lantern where certain characters’ motivation or behavior was unclear or poorly explained. Sometimes, it was arguably apparent that a scene or two had been removed, thus creating a somewhat disjointed feel – in terms of narrative continuity, that is.

Getting to the point: If Campbell’s cut of Green Lantern follows in the footsteps of director Mark Steven Johnson’s preferred version of Daredevil – a cut that virtually everyone seems to agree is far superior to its theatrical counterpart – then maybe the Lantern detractors will be more open to the idea of a sequel… and, in turn, Warner Bros. heads will listen.

green lantern ryan reynolds as hal jordan Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Ryan Reynolds previously indicated that he was game for Green Lantern 2 – which, according to Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov, would in fact be “a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action.” Lantern‘s critics would also argue that Reynolds’ part in the sequel (ie. test pilot-turned-superhero Hal Jordan) ought also be better fleshed out. Going the customary “edgier and darker” route would make sense in this case – given the indications of the first film’s mid-credits sequence with Sinestro (Mark Strong).

It pretty much boils down to this: Everyone wants the next live-action Lantern movie - be it a direct sequel, a partial franchise reboot (see: next year’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), or a complete relaunching of the series (see: the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man) – to be good. So, like Johns says, all we can do now is wait and see what happens next.


We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Green Lantern 2 as the story develops.

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  1. Personally, I’m hoping they make the sequel…

    GL was BAD (there’s no denying it), but it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and I fully believe they can redeem themselves if they give it another shot: all they need to do is make it a bit darker, a bit edgier, a bit more realistic, etc. GL was a kids-movie (a kids-movie that even the kids felt is was to baby-ish). They need to follow in the footsteps of Batman Begins, Iron Man and Captain America and make a movie that can appeal to ALL ages.

    That’s just my opinion though…

    • Yea, MOS seems to be going the Batman Begins route so they should follow suit. Marvel has their own movie formula maybe its time for DC to have theirs.

    • “There’s not denying it”? I’m denying it. I loved the film. Don’t care what anyone else says.

      • Agree with Ghost on this, I liked it. It wasnt bad at all.

    • Not necessarily a kids’ movie..I will be 54 yrs. old in a few days, and I bought the DVD & loved it. Sure, it had weak points, but for a first effort, all you critics are being unduly harsh. Jumping on a bandwagon without thinking things out is what unfortunately put Obama in the White House instead of McCain, and look at the disaster we got. Part of the mess the country is in is because of the bandwagon voters! YOU messed things up right along with the politicians, bad business practices, etc., and ought to be ashamed. Same thing goes for the Lantern detracters…you are gonna gripe and gripe and boycott until you destroy hopes of another Lantern movie, a Flash movie, a JLA movie, etc. All that will be left for us o watch is old 3 Stooges reruns! The directors, producer, writers, and actors may get some blame, but you loud-mouthed detractors need to close your pie-holes before you cost us true fan-boys our movies, jerks!

      • WOW!
        Sooooo, you got that out of your system now…
        Ready to think a bit more rationally, you craaazzzy person ;) (JK)

      • Wow you simplistic 53 year old man. I was gonna leave your little comment alone but then you brought in politics. 

        Yes, there was a percentage of people who voted for Obama because he is “black” (I say that because he actually has an extremely diverse background) but most people voted for him because he advocated change, more so than McCain, from the previous administration. 

        Now we wouldn’t even be in this mess had it not been for Bush. Do you think any president could get us out of our depression in 4 years? No. It took Roosevelt a World War and the  hella factory jobs that came with it. There is no “one” thing or switch hit to fix this country. Obama’s tactics are questionsble but I would bet McCain’s tactics would be questionable also. Nothing was gonna come easy.

        Now, McCain did’t try and cash in on the banwagon as well? What do you think Sarah Palin was — besides the most idiotic person who ever held a political office. Im a 22 year black Republican and there is no way I would want Sarah Palin next in charged if McCain died. Many people didn’t vote for McCain because his running partner was a moron. Joe Six Pack? N. Vietnamese or 3inches taller than S. Vietnamese? All VP Biden do was sit back and let her kill her self in VP debates.

        My argument is not based on who is the better president but only to debunk to your simple bandwagon statement. Because in the end it was white people that actually put him in office.

        Go put Green Lantern on repeat and stay out of politics.

        • @Sandy Schaefer

          unblock my comment.

        • Ignur Rant,

          The writer of the article is not the moderator.

          And FYI, while Bush started this mess, Obama compounded it. It’s like the previous administration took the parking brake off a car pointed downhill towards a brick wall, and this admin’s approach to fixing it is to get behind it and push it faster.


          • Vic

            I definately agree. It was a messy situation that has only become messier.

            Question? What word(s) flagged my comment for moderation?

            • I’m not sure to be honest – but I don’t divulge those either so people don’t try to work around them. 8)


            • Oh, just so you now we don’t discriminate – I just typed a very, very long comment on another post, and it was flagged as spam. Didn’t go to the spam folder or moderation – it’s just gone.



  2. I hope they do it. I will take all the super hero movies i can get. Not my money :)

    And Sinestro is a much better villain than Paralax IMO.

    But man, the first one was NOT a good movie. It may not be as bad as some people treat it, but it wasn’t good. It looks even worse considering the all the good comic book movies that came out that summer (thor, first class, cap).

    And it wouldn’t be so expensive to make if they didn’t CGI EVERYTHING. I mean, come on…

    • Paralax isn’t bad villain it’s that Paralax wasn’t portrayed well and yes he was not good first GL movie they could’ve make him villain in later sequel.

  3. Geoff Johns Hopes ‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Happen”

    millions hope it will not

    • Why not? The worst that happens is the movie is horrible and WB loses lots of money.

      The more comic book movies out the better. I want more and more of the “secondary” heros to have success so the studios keep branching out more and more.

      And I really want a Justice League movie, and that will NEVER happen if they can’t get DC’s lesser known people (aka not super man and batman) off the ground.

      • “Why not? The worst that happens is the movie is horrible and WB loses lots of money.”

        You answered your own question. Those are two very good reasons to not have a sequel.

        • I like Shadow’s optimism, but I don’t agree that the more superhero movies out, the better. This subgenre of films is being compared to the Western, in some circles. The Western is pretty much finished now (obviously, it’s not entirely gone but you get the idea), due in large part to an oversaturation of the market. More is not better when quality doesn’t follow.

          • That is a good point. I really think GL has potential though.

      • i would say no because; if it was a huge box office smash, with great reviews then yes im all for it, but….if its not, then it risks hastening the demise of comic book movie genre, which is not a risk worth taking!
        say no to bad comic book movies!!!!!

  4. I hope this happens! I enjoyed Green Lantern a lot. I realize it was far from perfect and I noticed the flaws, but I still really liked it. But the flaws were all in the writing. The CGI was amazing and the acting was good.

  5. I liked Green Lantern yes there was a few missing pieces but the extended version had about a good 7-8 minute opening when Hal, Hector and Carol were kids it for sure improved Hector Hammonds character. I liked it and I believe they will make a direct sequel for Green Lantern

  6. when this article references “director’s cut”, do they mean the same thing as the “Extended cut” that is being released on DVD/Bluray?

    If I recall, the disk specifies only 9 minutes of extra footage, which doesn’t seem like much to “flesh out” characters and motivations.

    I have to agree on Daredevil. I was underwhelmed by the film when I first saw it. For some strange reason, when I came across the “director’s cut” DVD in a bargain bin, I decided to buy it… and was blown away by the difference between that version and the original cinematic release. I actually REALLY enjoyed Daredevil this time, and never regretted buying the DVD.

    • Johns was referring to the upcoming extended cut of Green Lantern – though, I suppose it could be argued that “extended cut” and “director’s cut” are all but synonymous labels… in the sense that an extended cut includes scenes which the director considered important enough to actually shoot (and, presumably, planned to include in the final cut), that is.

      All that said – nine additional minutes of character/plot material could feasibly make a difference, so we’ll see…

    • Green Lantern 2 all the way, it deserves a sequel, going to het it on blu ray cant wait

  7. this is awesome, with the recession going on I been thinking about putting my kids to work.

    Writing a script for a new GL movie would be an excellent way for my two and half year old to contribute. I am sure his will be as good as the previous one.

    • Sorry to disagree with you, but I think your kids’ version will be better. :)


    • yes, thank-you for speaking for everyone… not.

      I for one AM interested in another Green Lantern film, and I happened to enjoy Ryan Reynolds’ performance.

      • Same here, Mike E.

  9. I hope so too, yea the first movie wasn’t great but it was just good.

    Next time around they need to lower the budget to 130 mil or so and make more use of practical sets and make up like the first star wars movies did, its the only way it can feel real to the viewers. Secondly get a new production team and a director with a clearer vision as to what the movie should be. Thirdly less writers, maybe even Johns himself can write it.

    Heck I say they go the ghost rider 2 route just sooner, opening credits show his origin and then the film can pick up with Sinestro introducing Hal to his homeworld of Korugar where Hal see’s Sinestro’s dictatorial tendencies and they can even put a twist on it showing that he secretly uses the yellow ring to keep things in strict order there.

  10. They NEED to make a sequel, whether the extended version is really that much better or not [and I'm hoping it is], because there is still so much untapped potential in this franchise and frankly Warner Bros hav been leaning on Batman and Superman like a crutch for too long. They HAVE to try new things.

    • It seems like Time/Warner doesn’t have a great deal of faith in all the DC comic properties, this along with the failed Wonder Woman experiment will not help things. Marvel has the problem of not having control of probably it’s two biggest properties in Spider-Man and the X-Men, and have had to work around it. Warner owns all of DC’s stuff outright, and as you said unless it’s Bats or Supes they can’t get anything off the ground.

      I don’t collect comics anymore and don’t plan on picking up the hobby again, but all these reboots and relaunches both companies are doing may be an attempt to align things to make it more easy to adapt into films, and draw in a new audience. At this point I don’t think they care about long-time fans, who may or may not support the product anyway.

  11. They should have Reynolds character assigned to new sector and bring in another Green Lantern. Sorta a quasi-reboot. Of course I want John Stewart off top but i’ll be happy with a good story. heh heh

    • I did think the suit design was one of the best things GL had going. I like the more alien look to it. I never was fond of the comics generic superhero costume look. Too earthly IMO for a intergalactic peace force. But they def could have made a more practical coatume and accentuated it with a CGI overlap.

  12. Please just wait off long enough for they can get Deadpool off the ground.

  13. They shouldnt touch this for another 10 years

  14. I didnt care for the acting, story, or the effects (although I’m aware it’s a suit derived from energy it still was syfy-esque to me).

    • … and the rest of GL lore isn’t too syfy? haha

      • Would have know idea, Im referring to the quality of the movie I saw. Other superhero movies sometimes are able to be not so cheesy looking as GL turned out (while some failed).

        Not ever sure it’s possible to make a GL movie more visually “realistic” given the content.

    • They should have made GL more science fiction if anything, rather than making another generic superhero film. A sci-fi cop story would have served the GL much better. Instead, it came out like a less humorous version Hancock.

  15. I think a sequel could be the best thing for this franchise. The first one wasn’t the epic superhero movie that everyone wanted, but now that the origin is out of the way they have a whole lot if room to create a damn good movie. Think of Batman Begins, a good half of the movie was origin-now this movie was not a bomb by any means but when compared to the sequel (Dark Knight) it definitely didn’t pull in the same amount of cash or excitement. If GL 2 could take it’s action cues from TDK as well as suspenseful story, then it could be an amazing film-with all of the CGI.
    Speaking of the CGI-OA was my favorite part of the film. It was so well crafted, and the only time where the suit makes sense. The suit blended so well with the planet of OA, and only looked weird when he was next to people on earth. When the CGI was layered in the background, it just fit. I am a firm believer that the suit should ONLY be CGI-because of what it is (pure energy)-but maybe they should have tried a real suit (that looked like the CGI one) and only enhanced it with CGI while he is on Earth.
    For story things, they could definitely use Sinestro, but I think that is too expected though…he could be the villain in the sequel, but then I think it will be too linear of a storyline. I think Hal needs to go to other planets-like he is supposed to do. This could help balance the Earth and intersellar parts in the story and help create a nice drama for his love and work life-with him being gone all of the time.

  16. I would kinda like to see a sequel, I thought “Green Lantern” wasn’t bad but at the same time it could’ve been better.

  17. I’m curious why when these companies make movies that bomb, they say the next will be darker/gritty/edgier. Why don’t they just make the first one that way!
    If you want to make a family movie then grab pixar, or a few chipmunks, or a more tame superhero. There will never be another spiderman 1. Aim for the kids OR adults, not both.

    • With cbm’s like GL the first movie is an experiment of sorts to see what works and what doesn’t it seems.

  18. Green Lantern is not only the worst comic book movie of the year but also in years since Batman and Robin.

    I was amazed how it turned out to be and also I believe this film got trashed by Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger.

    Those movies were way better than GL.

    I knew there was a hint for a sequel after the credits but GL doesn’t deserves a sequel, instead a reboot.

    • It was no where as bad as Batman and Robin or X3.

  19. Hmm hope there’s a sequel green lantern wasn’t that bad

  20. The movie wasn’t as bad as most make it seem but the film had little to with the comic, besides the title.

  21. I think now that Hal is the Green Lantern – and not a pretty, cocky fighter pilot with an eight pack that makes him hard to empathize with – they can focus on better character development. They made it way to hard to care about Hal in the film.

  22. I missed GL in the theater, and watched the Extended Cut first. I liked the film, but was shocked at how little time was spent in space, on Oa (?) and with Jordan as the Green Lantern. I thought, ‘Well, if they’d called it ‘Hal Jordan,’ they wouldn’t have mislead anyone.’ I was shocked when viewing the ‘Maximum Movie Mode’ to see: 1) Hal’s entire opening backstory as a child, which introduced the young Carol, Hector, Carol’s Father and the Senator, and showed the death of his father, and: 2) a brief but intimate and revealing moment between Hal’s nephew and himself about WHY he flies despite seeing his father killed in a plane crash HAD BEEN CUT OUT OF THE THEATRICAL VERSION. Without these two scenes: A) The pacing of the theatrical cut is off, and B) Hal Jordan comes off as just a jerk because, without participating in his past, we don’t share in the emotional scaring he is INTERNALLY experiencing and covering up with his obnoxious and ambivalent behavior, and C) We have NO knowledge of Carol and Hal’s backstory initially, except for what we pick up in dialogue, which is a poor substitute for seeing it on film and, D) worst of all, we have NO IDEA how in the hell Carol or Hal would even KNOW who Hector is at the party midway through the film.

    I was also shocked to see the clip in the end titles with Sinestro putting on the yellow ring – it was like, “Well, there goes the entire story of your sequel.” In watching the Maximum Movie Mode – where a ‘geeked out’ Geoff Johns AND NOT a DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns – host mini-docs which appeared to once be intended to serve just as bonus section material. You can tell the behind-the-scenes footage for that day of shooting was done months after principal photography had wrapped. Johns has gained some weight, and is out of the clothes he wore during all preceding segments. This addition was obviously done after panic had set in at Warner Bros. The Maximum mode and all extras feature no footage nor comments by director Martin Campbell following the completion of principal photography. I’m sure after being informed the studio was ripping the heart and soul of his film out by cutting the opening sequence of Jordan’s childhood, and a few other ‘adult emotional’ moments, he just wanted to finish the movie, go on holiday, and start another picture ASAP. The closest he came to revealing his true feelings on his GL experience was his insistence in the press that he would never do another GL movie, that he had ‘laid down the template’ for someone else to run with it.

    It seems the key failing with GREEN LANTERN lay in the fact that an army of creative people gathered around brilliant source material written by Geoff Johns, who had in turn by 2010 become DC’s chief creative officer for Warner Bros.

    In short, the ‘Guardian’ everyone on the film turned to and asked ‘Is this ok?’ or ‘Are we staying true to the books’ or ‘Is this how a GL movie should be’ was not the voice of an independent fillmmaker interpreting the material (a Nolan or Raimi or Singer), but a lifelong GL geek who happened to become one of the most brilliant writers in comic history AND had rebooted GL into – finally – an A list title. His one flaw, however, was that – as the biggest GL fan in the world – he was too close to the material.

    Watch the Maximum mode – Geoff Johns is so swept up when he tours the Art Department or discusses design work or talks with the actors, with small details that made there way into the movie, that he’s lost sight of the big picture, and so did the filmmakers. Geoff Johns and the filmmakers said publicly that they wanted GREEN LANTER the movie to be like STAR WARS was for the kids of the ’70s and 80′s. If you say that, and load your trailers and ads with space shots, you better make sure your movie spends A LOT of time in space, exploring Oa (?), fighting creatures, training Hal Jordan, etc. The fact that the DC Animated Universe film GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS was a much better film, spent the entire time in the GL universe AND showed the audience the entire history of that world and its mythology demonstrates what should have been done with the live action feature.

    When a smart, third-party filmmaker like Christopher Nolan steps into a comic book property, gives his reading of the characters, and pitches a great FILM based on that world, you need to TRUST that person to deliver a film that ANY audience can go in and enjoy. When you creatively involve a comic book creator who is also a ‘geek boy,’ you risk them having too much of a presence in the filmmaking process. A lack of objectivity can develop. After all, if you’re Writer or Director on a project based almost entirely on 2 legendary series in trade paperback, and the writer and creator of that material is not only a co-producer on the film but a Creative Chief with the Studio, if are at a creative fork in the road, you’re not going to go with your gut – your going to pick up the phone and talk to the guy you partially answer to. Problem is – you’re making a movie for all audiences and he’s writing comic books for a limited audience.

    The GREEN LANTERN extended cut is a good film, but it’s a character study in HAL JORDAN, not the GREEN LANTERN Corp. or world. The GREEN LANTERN THEATRICAL CUT is a sad and confusing mess. And only a fan can truly appreciate one and make sense of the other.

  23. GEOFF JOHNS NEEDS TO GO AWAY. He’s a studio exec now that will say and do anything to sell us a pile of turd. As long as he’s involved I have no interest in any live action DC/WB films.

  24. If they do make a sequel, get one really good writer with an understanding of the character as well as the lore. If they do indeed make a sequel, then retcon the 1st movie by establishing that the guardian wasn’t Krona but say Appa Ali Apsa, who actually did go mad in the comics and became evil. Say, that Appa was infected like Hal Jordan was (in the comics) by the the real fear entity Parallax. And if they ever show Parallax, make him look like his counterpart in the comic books. And get a director who actually gets the material. Listen Martin Campbell is a good director but sometimes he makes a movie like Casino Royale and the next, he makes a movie like Zorro 2.

    And like Batman Begins, the one weak part of the movie was Katie Holmes. Get a better Carol Ferris. Blake Lively is as hot as hell but I don’t think she can act her way out of a paper bag (or maybe she can, who knows)

  25. Marvel+good director+1 writer+good actors+Sticking to “core” source material=A damn good film

  26. If I were in charge I would hire David Fincher to direct the sequel. Go full on with the scifi and gritty space-cop angle.

    They shot for a kids audience, like they did with Fantastic Four. I don’t know why they did when the kiddie superhero movies always fail. But the grown up movies are blockbusters.

    They should aim for the market that appreciated the original “Alien” film.

  27. A Director’s Cut, as opposed to the just released and reportedly little improved “Extended Cut,” would be great. Maybe…

    Personally, I’m really, really hoping for a sequel. I enjoyed the movie mostly out of childhood nostalgia, but I don’t think it was terrible. Just troubled. A sequel could fix a lot of the problems that the movie had. They wouldn’t need so much exposition to explain the backstory, they could focus on a strong antagonist in Sinestro (who also wouldn’t look nearly as cheesy as Hammond or Parallax), and it wouldn’t need to be so convoluted.

  28. The first one was bloated, clueless crapola, made with the budget of a small country, with a fourteen dollar box office gross…. so now the hammer comes down from the nervous suits: “so lissen… make this next one… EDGY!! make it… DARK!! yeah, that’s it!! the kids LIKE dark these days! G-d willing, we’ll make our geld back…”
    It’s funny how comic-culture audiences are so much smarter, more streetwise, more subtle, more aware of good and bad quality than hollywood execs. GL looked like a sink-clog from the first trailer, and turned out that way. Here’s hoping “two’s the charm” yields something fit for the screen.

  29. Green Lantern is a great film and I hope it gets a sequel, but the theatrical cut is much better than the extended cut. The childhood scene was too long and worked much better as flashbacks, it was also in an awkward place because the fllashbacks were what 10 minutes after it… and none of the lengthened scenes added anything substantial.

    • Actually the extended cut felt like a fuller movie. Still if they knew they were gonna be keeping Hal on earth that much Legion would’ve definitely been a better choice of villian like they planned initially.