Geoff Johns Hopes ‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Happen

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green lantern 2 Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Director Martin Campbell’s live-action Green Lantern movie arrives on DVD and Blu-ray later this week. However, many a Lantern fan is really waiting to find out if Green Lantern 2 will actually happen… or is the franchise going to be left in stasis until Warner Bros. decides to try and (dare it be said) reboot the comic book franchise sometime in the future?

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes previously stated that the Green Lantern sequel’s status is (for now) uncertain. Nonetheless, DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns remains hopeful that a direct followup to Campbell’s adaptation will actually happen.

Quibbles about the thematic quality of Green Lantern aside (for now…), it was the film’s box office performance that was ultimately responsible for the sequel’s current condition. Campbell’s movie managed a worthy worldwide gross of about $220 million, but it cost approximately $200 million to produce. When you factor in marketing costs – and that studios only receive about half of a film’s ticket sales – it becomes clearer that Lantern must make a tidy sum in home video sales to actually become a profitable undertaking.

DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns is definitely hoping for just that – seeing how he had the following words to offer to those in attendance at the 2011 New York Comic-Con, on the topic of a Green Lantern followup:

“There is the hope that we will eventually see ['Green Lantern 2']… I hope that the character gets another film, and it will be live-action again – I guarantee… There was a lot of really good stuff in [Campbell's] movie.”

Johns also mentioned that the upcoming director’s cut of Green Lantern will include additional footage that helps to flesh out the film’s storyline and characters – and, hopefully, be well-received enough to get more fans enthused about the prospect of a sequel.

sad ryan reynolds in the green lantern corps Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush)

On the topic of Green Lantern‘s cinematic qualities – most fans and film buffs remain set in their assertion that the theatrical version of the film was clumsy and underwhelming. However, there nonetheless remains a noteworthy faction of fans who remain adamant that Lantern was unfairly trashed by the masses.

However, one thing that both sides can (hopefully) agree on is that the director’s cut of Green Lantern has the potential to mark a notable improvement on the version released in theaters. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, it’s hard to deny that there were moments in Lantern where certain characters’ motivation or behavior was unclear or poorly explained. Sometimes, it was arguably apparent that a scene or two had been removed, thus creating a somewhat disjointed feel – in terms of narrative continuity, that is.

Getting to the point: If Campbell’s cut of Green Lantern follows in the footsteps of director Mark Steven Johnson’s preferred version of Daredevil – a cut that virtually everyone seems to agree is far superior to its theatrical counterpart – then maybe the Lantern detractors will be more open to the idea of a sequel… and, in turn, Warner Bros. heads will listen.

green lantern ryan reynolds as hal jordan Geoff Johns Hopes Green Lantern 2 Will Happen

Ryan Reynolds previously indicated that he was game for Green Lantern 2 – which, according to Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov, would in fact be “a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action.” Lantern‘s critics would also argue that Reynolds’ part in the sequel (ie. test pilot-turned-superhero Hal Jordan) ought also be better fleshed out. Going the customary “edgier and darker” route would make sense in this case – given the indications of the first film’s mid-credits sequence with Sinestro (Mark Strong).

It pretty much boils down to this: Everyone wants the next live-action Lantern movie - be it a direct sequel, a partial franchise reboot (see: next year’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), or a complete relaunching of the series (see: the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man) – to be good. So, like Johns says, all we can do now is wait and see what happens next.


We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Green Lantern 2 as the story develops.

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  1. I hope this gets a sequel with Reynolds at the helm (tho after Deadpool). I’m not a huge DC fan as I am Marvel but I am a fan and Green Lantern is one of my favorite superheros, and I think they did a really good job.

    Sure the story was a bit rushed but it had to be, this isnt a mainstream character that DC and Warner Bros shove into peoples faces all of the time. Hopefully the Directors Cut will help on that.

    Ryan Reynolds did a good job, better than I thought he would do as I still wished that Nathan Fillion got the role. But everybody did a good job.

    This is the first “comic book movie” that DC/Warner Bros has brought out in a long time. Nolan’s Dark Knight films have everyone thinking that a comic book movie should be dark, semi-realistic, etc (this is not a bash on Nolan so dont start that argument).

    So I say bring on a sequel.

    • “I hope this gets a sequel with Reynolds at the helm ”

      You want Reynolds to direct the sequel? LOL When you use terms you’re unfamiliar with, you run the risk of appearing foolish…

    • Well said. Yes, bring on the sequel

  2. Green Lantern was totally crap the only DC movie I liked were BB & TDK I hope TDKR does better than TDK and yeah green lantern has potential the character wasn’t presented so well I would say they should make GL2 as The Avenger said it has to be bit darker, a bit edgier and a bit more realistic!

    • A character that creates contructs using a ring powered by will realistic? Um…….?

      • I don’t really care, but from the way you put it
        I guess it doesn’t sound as cool but still
        creating a race track out of pure will power
        come on, tell me that isn’t awesome. :)

  3. I will go out on a limb here. I bought & really liked the Green Lantern movie, and feel that if DC & Warner don’t quit piddling around with bad Superman & Batman movies, and move on to other heroes, such as Green Lantern, Flash, Spectre, Dr. Fate & Hourman, they are gonna not just regret it, but watch their company fizzle and fail. Definitely they should learn from their mistakes, fix the weak parts of GL, and proceed with the trilogy. This character has tremendous potential, and the movie was much better as a first effort than many critics, professional and otherwise, would have us believe! I’ll tell you what I am going to do tomorrow morning, and I urge anyone who wants to “Save Our Green Lantern” to do the same: I am going to contact Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, & Warner Brothers Film Group President Jeff Robinov, and urge them to proceed ahead with the Green Lantern movie franchise, as well as The Flash movie, and also urge them to later on do a Spectre movie, as well as a Dr. Fate/Hourman team-up movie. I will contact them both by phone and email. If you want to support Green Lantern & your comic book movie viewing desires, I hope you will take some time and effort, and likewise help me to reach out to people who have the decision-making power. If you do not, you might as well get yourselves a renewal on your library card, because it will probably be all the entertainment we will have left!

  4. Johns also mentioned that the upcoming director’s cut of Green Lantern will include additional footage that helps to flesh out the film’s storyline and characters – and, hopefully, be well-received enough to get more fans enthused about the prospect of a sequel.

    I just have to laugh…..if they were at ALL worried about the movie doing well, they should have INCLUDED that additional footage to make the original film better! This crap about holding stuff back for DVD sales only works if the original movie was highly successful. Talk about needlessly shooting yourselves in the foot.

    As for a GL2…….as long as we can get past the completely asinine origin of Sinestro and focus on using him as a true villain, GL2 has great potential. Really too bad they couldn’t have made a prequel movie that truly explored Sinestro’s origin and reason why he became a wielder of yellow fear. Yeah I know, just saying that’s what was needed to do him justice.

  5. This movie blows!The story seemed rushed, Ryan was the perfect cast to play Green Lantern but he was’nt convincing to me.He plays the role like all in his movie! He needs to think outside the box and really give Green Lantern his own personality.He needs to own the character and just play it! The chemistry between blake and Ryan was dry and it seems at time they tried so hard.The story is totally dry. editing is bad!s*** just start popping out in every scene like WTF just happened??? LOL!

    It needs a new director as well for better creativeness!
    Not all director can direct. some are good in action, drama, scifi and horror.You gotta find your nitch!

  6. EDGE of Darkness was an awesome flick but not because of the Director who also directed Green Lantern but MEL GIBSON was in it.Without MEL that movie would suck!

    I was more impressed with THOR actually and I wished they’d do a sequel to i!

    • I’ve come from the future to tell you that Thor will have a sequel called Thor: The Dark World and the timeline i’m from, Thor 3 is already being written!! The Avengers is also very successful in the future and a sequel is already being filmed called The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Finally believe it or not but a Batman vs Superman film is being filmed as i type this…… just kidding!!!!!!! I pretended i was from the year 2014 and predicted all this stuff, that was fun speculating :D bye!!

  7. Iam looking forward seeing the Green Lantern sequel. Thank you People for all the necessary conversation. We are getting things on target for Ryan Reynolds being the Green Lantern on the big screen and that’s tremondous. I was total shock when he wore that CGI design outfit.

  8. it wasnt as good as i hoped it would be… but it wasnt as bad as the dark knight … at least u could actually see the action in GL

    • “it wasnt as good as i hoped it would be… but it wasnt as bad as the dark knight ”


      Dumbfounded. Put down the Geoff Johns 8×12 and get out of the basement.

  9. The movie wasn’t the best but good enough to watch. I believe it should get a sequel simply because I want to see the film dwell into space for longer periods of time than it did in the first one. The content has a lot of potential but needs better directing and a darker perspective of the green lantern world

    • I agree with it should have spent more time in space. If anyone saw the animated DVDS First Flight and Emerald Knights you would know what I’m getting at. I think Green Lantern has a whole lot of potential and I didn’t know the GL back story but seeing this movie made me do my research, buy the animated Dvds and find out more about Green Lantern. My only problem was I think the movie should have been longer. Other than that I enjoyed it. I think the sequel has the potential to be how X2 surpassed Xmen. I want a sequel, Directors Cut, and the extended version. I’m am a new fan.

      • …Sorry for the typo. I’m a new fan I meant.

  10. hmm, a sequel…it could work…

  11. Personal I thought the movie dragged way to much and the character of Ryan Reynolds was geared more for The Flash. Being funny, quick jabs and other stuff that The Flash does and Says. This movie to be real good needs to be dark, sinister and have a deeper side to it. That is why Dark Knight was a hit as well as movies that have become icons: Empire Strikes Back for one.
    On a personal note I think Reynolds was not a good choice for Lantern but an unknown up an coming actor.

  12. I hope the Star Sapphire will be mentioned in the Green Lantern sequel, I did heard a rumor about Blake Lively playing the villainess, to be positively honest Iam clarified that the Green Lantern 2 has mentioned about Blake Lively playing the Super-Villainess dressed in Purple. Which is similar Michelle Pfeiffer’s character CATWOMAN in BATMAN RETURNS that came out in 1992 and Sarah Douglas who played the first villainess URSA from SUPERMAN 1 & 2. I think that will be a great idea for the GREEN LANTERN have its own enemy. It makes eagerly sense.

    • as i said before SINCERO will be in this one (read below)

  13. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the movie. Not a Reynolds fan at all but liked him in this. I do agree it was somewhat disjointed, needed more action, and was a but CGI heavy…but for some reason I really enjoyed the movie. Chalk it up to lowered expectations although I like to think what the critics say doesn’t affect me.

  14. every body should know that the bad guy in green lantern 2 is SINCERO as the little showing after credits of

    the first movie shows him putting on the yellow ring so it would be no suprize for me and others

    that hes the villain

  15. I enjoyed the movie it was something different. Cantt wait for 2 to come out.

  16. Actually….. I thought Green Lantern wasnt bad at all… I mean what do you want from a Super Hero Movie anyways ??? Like the comic books Green Lantern was a secondary ho hum hero…. but in the movie the basics work pretty good. White hats clearly defined, well enough acted… decent script good effects. Whats the Beef ???

  17. I really liked this movie, especially the visual effects. I watched Daredevil but I didn’t enjoy that so much. This one is really good, and the way they ended it, they left an opening for the next movie. Very clever.

  18. I loved this movie both in the theatre and the director’s cut. Its one of my all time favorite super hero movies. I really hope they just do a direct sequel because I am positive it will be worth it both for the studio and the fans.

  19. I want to see the Green Lantern 2 this year. I loved the Green Lantern
    movie I hope you guys will make the second Green Lantern movie

  20. I realy liked the first movie but the red dude
    who tried on the yellow ring would most likely
    be the next villain. Why do all super hero’s wear tights?

  21. We need green lantern part 2 soon and more action in it,its a nice story and interesting to watch

  22. It really wasn’t the worst film I have ever seen and I do hope that there will be a sequel.

    The latest rumors for Green Lantern 2 involve a full plot synopsis which you can read here: The latest rumors involve a full plot outline which you can read here:

    • Agreed…it was worth it to make it. Not certain why it did so badly in the theater, but, the extended cut seems to be much more conclusive. I was easily more satisfied scene to scene and could appreciate the triangle between Hector, Sapphire and Hal. It could had one scene where his hair fell like the comics at least once..but all an all, i find myself wanting more, and feeling its due its well deserved sequel. It’d be a shame to ignore it entirely in the new live action universe for WB and DC.

  23. Please no.
    Also its Geoff Johns fault Gl didnt get a makeover or reconception in the new 52 which he desperately needs. Something more focused and simple, not I can make anything with light.

  24. DCU in the movies sucks deepthroat.

  25. At 60, I’ve read GL for decades. I disliked the weird creature with tentacles – the same STUPID idea as in the Lost in Space transformation of Dr. Smith into that weird-azz crab creature: it ruined the film. I REALLY hope that there is another GL, but no weird looking bizarro creatures. An “adult” realistic story and characters.