Gemini Man: One Of The Coolest Movie Concepts Ever

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I’ve been following the development of Gemini Man for almost a decade now. In my humble opinion it is without a doubt one of the most exciting film concepts that I’ve ever heard – that has never been made.

The concept is simple:

The world’s best assassin is getting old and starting to lose it, there’s just one thing – he’s still the best. The only way to defeat him is to clone him and get the younger clone to hunt him down and kill him.

However, that’s not the best part.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants an aging action star and a computer manipulated younger version of that actor in the film.

Think of the Harrison Ford of today facing off against the Star Wars era Ford. Imagine an older Mel Gibson fighting his 20 year old Mad Max. Or even more exciting imagine Sean Connery fighting off the Connery from Goldfinger!

Excited yet?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (and to an extent X-Men 3) showed that the technology is there to “de-age” an actor, so it looks like the time is right for Gemini Man. If David Fincher can make Brad Pitt believably age backwards from 80 years to 8 months in an Oscar nominated epic, ┬áthen an action film with a wrinkle free A-lister seems like a sure thing on the technology front.

Over the last decade a multitude of writers have taken a crack at the script including Darren Lemke, Jonathan Hensleigh and most recently Wolverine writer David Benioff (who bagged $2 million for his work).

To ratchet up the excitement levels even further Curtis Hanson, the director behind L.A Confidential and Wonder Boys is now negotiating to wield the megaphone. With Hanson’s attachment one can only assume that the film will be thoughtful and action oriented (it is a Bruckheimer film after all).

So what do you think? Which aging action star would you like to see go toe to toe with their younger self in Gemini Man?

Source: Variety

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is the most original idea I have heard of in a while. In terms of action stars I would not mind facing off against them selves, I think my top three would be: Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan and Harrison Ford. Now I have chosen these three because obviously they would be playing both roles, and so I feel they are still young enough to handle it (especially all the physical stuff). On a side note, can anyone think of a actress that could play the role? Because I am having a hard time thinking of one, but I think it would be an interesting direction to go.

  2. Normally, I would think this is a slam-dunk for Van Damme, he’s done clone/twin things to death…

    but after giving it some (better) thought, I’m going to go with…

    Bruce Willis.

    Reasons: many.

    1- He’s done sci-fi themed films before

    2- He’s an aging action star

    3- With some makeup and a hairpiece he could easily double himself in “younger” scenes.

    4- This would be the Willis as he looked in his ‘Moonlighting’ and first ‘Die Hard’ film fighting off against his “Die Hard 4″ look.

    Other possibilities?
    Stallone? Thinking of a 1983 Rocky facing off his 07 ‘hurting bombs’ Rocky?

  3. I’m thinking Bruce Willis. However I also like the idea of John Cusack. I know he isn’t an action star, but I simply buy him as an assassin he has played it several times and it just works for him.

    Mel Gibson sounds cool as well, but since the incident he doesn’t really act much.

  4. Actually Ford was thinking about Doing Gemini Man but passed on it years ago .

  5. Just one question; Why does it have to be an aginf star going against a younger version of himself? Why cant it be a computerized older self going against a younger actor?

  6. I think this role’s perfect for Mel Gibson, especially if the older version is supposed to be going crazy.

    But I’d actually put my vote in Jean Claude Van Damme. I mean, he didn’t sign up for Sly’s Expendables, so his schedule’s free right now.

  7. Vand Damme is also a talentless hack who is lucky to get a job anywhere so his schedule is free. This idea sounds interesting, but the moment Jean Claude is announced I’m out.

  8. Hey, COuld I win a battle against my twenty year old doppleganger? I think it has potential but it does not excite me overall as a movie project..experience vs youth..If the youth had your older versions experience (being a clone)then it would be no contest the youthful clone would win..However this looks to me to be a youth vs experience story and IMO over the long haul experience will win..

    Why not have a CGI version of John Wayne going mono-et-mono with a young CLint Eastwood..Bruce Vs Sly Vs Arnold Vs Gibson, etc etc etc..this will be a possible direction that Hollywood will head as the technology advances..get some actors to use for the motion capture and let the action icons from the last 60 years duke it out…

  9. My vote would be Bruce Willis as well. But just to entertain the idea, what about Arnold Schwarzenegger once he’s no longer Governor. Wouldn’t it be great to see the big guy on the big screen in an action role? Would give him a reason to get in shape too.

  10. The thing is, we all know how it’s going to end. One of two choices, either the whole older and wiser will prevail over younger and fitter or they will join forces in the end to fight whomever is trying to get rid of him…

    Also, how is cloning him going to help track him down, is he like genetically an assassin or is this with the concept of Alien Ressurection that people have memory in their DNA??

  11. @ Ken J

    I sure don’t hope so! That would completely take away from the movie. I expect the older assassin to kill his younger version since he learned new things along the way then go against whoever in the end.

  12. Sounds like “Soldier”

  13. I don’t care what the critics say, I loved Soldier, Kurt Russell is a bad-ass.

  14. @Dizzy, that’s exactly what I said could be one of the endings, that older and wiser will triumph over younger and fitter…

  15. I would like to see the unpredictable and have the younger win.

  16. The ending would be simple. The old guy knew about the cloning. He acted crazy so they would create a clone who would be the only one worthy of killing him and also of taking his place.

  17. Old man dying: “I had to find out if you’re good enough to take my place.”
    young man: “I’m better…”
    old man dying: “What do you think they will do to you when you get older? Do you think things will change?”
    young man: *silence*

    Then the young clone goes and kills the people behind the cloning and plot to kill the old assassin, and the clone goes on to takethe old assassin’s place as the top assassin.

    Lol, I think it would work.

  18. @ Ken J

    My fault for not reading the whole thing lol. Now your coming up with different ways for closing the movie. Maybe you should help with the development of the movie.

  19. I think present day Bruce Willis and Stallone could beat the crap out of their younger versions, hands down. :-P


  20. Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood. God, I can’t believe nobody mentioned the Clint(as I’ve come to call him now) I mean, he’s an assassin, and Clint can still out-tough anyone. One more hat to toss int the ring, Jean Reno. The man is amazing, and played an assassin in one of my favorite films, the Professional. Still holding my breath on the sequel to that, now that Natalie Portman’s all grown up.

  21. Jean Reno played the character the best, he wasn’t actually physically suited for the role, but it works because the character was presented very well in that film. But after seeing Liam Neeson take out 1/4 of France’s population within 2 days I am rooting for the older one, lol.

    I don’t know about Bruce Willis though, remember in Die Hard 1, he was pretty built…

  22. Oops, I keep forgetting to point out who I’m directing my comments to. The first part was at huntthejest, the last sentence is for Vic, lol.

  23. WHEW! You scared me!

    When I saw “Gemini Man”, the first thought that entered my head was this TV series from 1976 (also called “Gemini Man”), starring Ben Murphy as Sam Casey, who is caught in an explosion which makes him invisible.

    By using a stabilizer in the form of a wrist watch, he can remain visible. By turning off this stabilizer, he can become invisible again for short periods of time. Any more than fifteen minutes of invisibility will make him disappear entirely. He used this invisibility as a secret agent.

    An interesting TV series concept…but not Movie-worthy…thank the fates this isn’t what they’re making!

  24. check this DENZEL WASHINGTON. i would love to see him in that role

  25. WOw I think to many people side with age. I don’t think there is anyway in hell that Stallone now could beat younger Stallone.

  26. What about Jean Reno? He is The Professional after all.

    Then there is Antionio Banderas (I’m trying to think of guys that have played assassins).

    Wesley Snipes.

    Actually, the list is endless…

  27. I would lose all interest in this film if they did Antonio Banderas.

  28. If your making it out that the older assassin is the “villian” then Ford, Wills, Stallone are too old. He should be a little younger like Clive Owens, or Jason Statham. Have him suffer from early stage alzheimers ( which is more severe if you catch it younger) and just running rampant. Flashbacking, killing , just completely off the reservation doing all kinds of crazy sh*t. That also explains why they have to clone him. They need someone who thinks like him before he went crazy. And of course the your thinking the that Jason Statham now would whoop his own ass at 19, 20 yrs old. But isnt that the point. If the villain is weaker then hero the story isn’t that interesting is it. The final scenes should have younger clone version working as an assassin wondering if the same thing will happen to him.

  29. New generation of movie-goer huh?? Yah, Clive Owen and Jason Stathom movies are the “classics” huh? :-D