‘Gears of War’ Movie Development Nearly Back on Track

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Gears of War Movie Gears of War Movie Development Nearly Back on Track

Despite the fact that Gears of War 3 released last year for the Xbox 360 to become of the year’s best-selling and highest acclaimed video games of 2011 and the news that another franchise installment is on the way, there’s been no movement forward on the Gears of War film adaptation.

As we’ve seen time and time again with so many major video game brands, publishers, developers and studios are hesitant to invest large amounts of production and marketing dollars to risky projects in a genre that’s continued to fail in delivering quality results. For the long-silent Gears of War, development may soon find its way back on track.

Variety has the latest info on the long-in-development Gears of War adaptation, claiming that the project isn’t dead and instead, is about to be revived. Their report indicates that representatives from CAA for game developer Epic Games and screenwriter Stuart Beattie – who wrote the latest draft of the Gears of War script – are planning to meet with producers to see if they can shop the film to other studios.

Gears of War Characters 570x320 Gears of War Movie Development Nearly Back on Track

Gears of War is currently held at New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros., where it’s been in development since 2007, a year after the original Gears of War video game released on the Xbox 360. Epic Games and the Gears of War property were almost picked up by Legendary Entertainment (a Warner Bros. partner, coincidentally) back in 2008, but nothing came of it.

Similarly, the film itself has gone through its fair share of Hollywood names, from Len Wiseman (Total Recall, Underworld) who at one time was going to direct the feature, and Chris Morgan (WantedFast & Furious) who was going to co-write, to Twilight producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey. Throw in the fact that Beattie wrote G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and the list of involved talent so far may not be the most confidence-inducing, especially for a bug budget feature in the video game movie genre.

With the core Gears of War trilogy finishing strong last year and a fourth game (a prequel) on the way for next spring, there’s renewed interest from Epic Games, who’ve passed much of the development of the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment to subsidiary People Can Fly. The timing of the news is therefore partially odd, considering the franchise may have past its prime, at least for the current game console generation. Epic Games figureheads Rod Fergusson and Cliff Bleszinski, who’ve been instrumental in developing and marketing the franchise since its inception, have both since left the company in recent months.

Gears of War Judgement 570x320 Gears of War Movie Development Nearly Back on Track

That being said, we’ve known for almost three years that the story of the Gears of War film (when State of Play writer Billy Ray was penning the script) may not follow the characters and narrative showcased in the games. Instead the movie would be a prequel dating back to the events of Emergence Day, when the alien Locust Horde surface and begin their massive attack on the human cities. For reference, the first Gears of War game takes place 14 years after E-Day. Perhaps the plan for the films matches the future plans for the Gears of War franchise, which is expected to continue as an exclusive series for Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console.

The same can be said for Halo, another film adaptation Stuart Beattie wrote the latest draft of. Halo 4 releases in November and is one of the most anticipated games of the year. As part of the marketing push for the game, Microsoft commissioned an ambitious 90-minute long webseries titled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, as a prequel aimed at delivering backstory to the events and characters of the game. As our own Andrew Dyce points out, it’s this series that could help pave the path for the Halo film.

And there’s no question about it. Microsoft would love to get Halo off the ground, just like Epic wants Gears of War to happen. With Ubisoft Motion Pictures hard at work on developing Assassin’s Creed with Michael Fassbender, and Legendary Entertainment working with BioWare on Mass Effect, the time for tentpole video game movies is coming soon. And all of these will be at least partially creator-controlled, including Gears of War which Epic will consult on.


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Source: Variety

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  1. Lester Speight for Cole!!!

  2. I hope it is rated PG-13. The gore is not needed.

    • I agree!

      But I want to add that the studio could make it about a bunch of people hugging it out while giving complements to each other because we live in such a perfect world where no one is ever mean to each other. Make the people drink cool-aid and talk like the king of england while they sip on the cup while they put a pinky in the air, talking about their pure bred Dalmatians are so great and that next weeks BBQ charity event is gonna have a great turn out!

      I would DEFINITELY watch that movie!!!

      • It was a joke. I want it to be a hard R. But knowing the movie industry they will try to get it to a PG-13 movie. Im glad i inspired your new name though.

        • Okay, I was worried, next time, you should have ;) if you are kidding, or make the sarcastic parts in “quotations”.


      • In case you hadn’t noticed, we actually have a Queen of England!

        • You had a king before if I am not mistaken, and I am pretty sure that someone that has MR in their name would rather be a King then a Queen.

      • What the hell are you talking about

    • Seriously? A gore-less PG-13 Gears movie would be retarded. I bet if you could direct it, you’d make it a Disney flick with cute little teddy bears and fluffy bunnies.

      • now i agree with dis guy

    • Gore is the best thing about gears of war, if there was no gore, i probably wouldnt like it as much as i do….

  3. Q. You know what a Gears of War movie needs?…
    A. Linkin Park.

    Q. You know what else a Gears of War movie should have?…
    A. Big explosions ;)

    I wonder who would be a good fit for the director? ;)

    • And they should have Dodges! Lots and lots of Dodges.

      • I am looking for someone to do market advertisements for an upcoming movie, I am drawing out the explosions for it right now if you are interested in a job.

        Think of it, your name associated the live action movie event of the summer!
        Rugrats:The Revenge of Angelica

        You may never have another opportunity to destroy childhood memories again… Think about it :D

        Signed, Michael Bay.

    • Exactly! Have Mike Shinoda compose the score. His music on The Raid was astounding.
      As for director, maybe Gareth Evans (The Raid).
      Both their background with music and cinema created such an amazing movie that left me wanting more.

      • Hmmm… How about we compromise and I get Linkin Park to do it all instead of getting someone that everyone likes?

    • is that a Michal Bay reference lol

  4. So they’re making Gears of War movie huh? I think it’s should be Rated R

  5. I hope it doesn’t come out.

    • I have the same hope.

  6. It’s nearly back on track? What a shame. It will be yet another dog of a movie added to the ever-growing pile of terrible movies based on videogames.

    It’s just going to be a mindless, generic piece of action/sci-fi junk with the title Gears of War slapped on it.

    • So most other war movies released throughout cinematic history haven’t been (obvious exceptions notwithstanding)?

      The games are a sort of allegory for warfare and I could totally see a movie being adapted or based on one of the books written as tie-ins (although I hope Karen Traviss isn’t allowed anywhere near it since she wrote the Gears of War 3 story and it sucked, the only good part was the RAAM’s Shadow add-on that didn’t feel like “Bond goes to war” with random locations and setpieces added for the hell of it seemingly).

      As long as nobody from the games features as a character, that’s good.

  7. Give it to Paul WS Anderson, give Milla Jovovich the lead and keep it true to the source material by ignoring everything that’s happened in the games!

    Or just don’t bother making a live action movie and let Epic produce there own feature, I’d rather watch an hour of cut scenes from the game than 93 minutes of swill

    • yeah, an animated movie would deffiantly be better, but seeing as the games cover most of the gears storyline, might be pointless and hard to make a decent story for it, which would be used to make a new game.

  8. Two actors I want who look exactly like the character in game are Lester Speights for the Augusta Cole, and Jeff Bridges for Dizzy Wallin and maybe Adam Fenix. As for the rating I want it to be R.

    • Dominick Purcell would make a good Adam Fenix, Or if you want to go the extra mile, the rock could make it work.

      • oops “marcus” fenix lol

  9. The new G.I. Joe ?

  10. ^ No its not its EPIC!

  11. james remar should play as prescott and jamie fox should play jace stratton these two actors hav similarities that fit

  12. How about if tim burton does it? I mean alice in wonderland and that wonka movie were really good right?
    Bullsh*t* cough*

  13. If they attach a big budget with some good actors and atleast loosely follow the story line of the game, It could be a great movie. If they half arse it like they did with the likes of bloodrayne, street fighter and mortal kombat, I would rather they didn’t at all.

    It CAN be done though. Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Tomb Raider were all done pretty well so there is hope. The thing is a game like this needs a monster budget to be done right for the movies. Think Avatar, Transformers budget.

  14. I want Gears of War movie,Halo movie and Mass Effect movie action figure and vehicle toys for the movies.

  15. LionsGate should pick this up & film it in B.C.

    • Speilburg/Hanks….. Direct-produce. Rock as Tia or Cole !

  16. I think Nick cannon should do jace, I mean they look like bros

  17. nonstop balls to the wall action, blood, guts, and extreme gore, profanity, , and explosions left and right, I could see it now in all its R Rated glory

  18. Marcus -gerard butler
    Dom – Karl urban
    Tai – Dwayne Johnson
    Prescott – Dennis quaid
    Anya – Scarlett Johansson
    Cole – terry crews
    Baird – Ryan Reynolds
    Hoffman – Bruce Willis
    Dizzy – Steve Austin
    Jace Stratton – Jamie foxx
    Minh – Jason Scott Lee
    Samantha Byrne – Michelle Rodriguez
    Anthony carmine – shia leboeuf
    Benjamin carmine – tom hardy
    Clayton carmine – Jake gylenhall
    Barrick – Arnold shwarzenneger
    Mataki – sigourney weaver
    Adam fenix – Jeff bridges
    Valera – Rhona mitra
    Carlos Santiago – Dominic Purcell
    Sofia Hendrick – Angelina Jolie
    Garron paduk – Chris pine
    Ezra Loomis – oder fehr
    Aaron griffan – brad Pitt
    Niles Samson – idris Elba
    Maria Santiago – Kate beckinsdale
    Myrah – cate blanchette
    Skorge voice – Andy serkis
    Raam voice – Ron perlman
    Karn voice – many bennett