As for the star actor, much respect has to be paid to Jackman for putting his body through such an intense workout regiment and diet to bring his body to form for each installment. With his age, this must be getting more difficult as we go and I’m curious as to how many more years he’d be willing to go through that for his career-defining role. Hood also touched on that subject and Jackman’s willingness to bare all during the Weapon X scenes.

“Well one of things we knew going into the film was that Hugh Jackman was going to have to do a certain amount of nudity in the film. Hugh will tell you how he wanted to be like De Niro in Cape Fear. I was like “Mate, you’re going to be naked — you better buff up”. [laughs] Honestly though, I’ve never seen someone eat so much chicken steak and fish and lettuce for so long without throwing up. It was unbelievable. Seven meals a day of protein and a little bit of salad. No CGI on that body. Except for the claws.”

Moving away from Wolverine for a moment, what does Hood think of his fellow South African director, Neill Blomkmap, getting his feature film debut with the super-successful District 9 (unlike Wolverine, critics dug D-9)? He loved it.

“We have spoken because I had to tell him what a phenomenal job he did. I sat there in the cinema — and probably it was a great deal of patriotic pride — but I thought, here was something so fresh and so out there, yet so emotionally powerful. It was just so fantastic to see the originality of the piece.”

As a follow-up, Hood was asked if District 9 was true from a South African Perspective.

“Yeah. Scarily so. I know those characters. Those [adopts a funny Afrikaans accent] very well meaning policemen, who think they are being very nice to you who, but are completely on the side of authority and they’re patronising you to death. Yeah. We grew up around those guys. Scary.”

Getting back to the subject of Wolverine 2, my guess is that they won’t be bringing Gavin Hood back and that with the next X-Men films, they will try to raise the quality bar to regain some critical praise after bad reviews for X-Men 3 and now Wolverine. If that’s even possible for the studio now, nobody knows. That’s not to say Hood is entirely to blame for Wolverine since there was plenty of talk about studio interference (usually results in a fail from comic book movies – note: Spider-Man 3). If they were bringing him back, he’d be signed already.

But we do know that one director in talks to possible direct another X-Men movie is Bryan Singer. The same Bryan Singer who made the well-received X-Men 1 & 2 and the same Bryan Singer who specifically mentioned how much he loves Hugh’s Wolverine a few days back when he revealed that he’s in talks with Fox to possible return to do another X-project.

After X-Men Origins: Wolverine, would you like to see Gavin Hood back in the director’s chair for another X-Men or Wolverine movie? Any ideas on who should direct the sequel?

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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