Gareth Edwards to Direct ‘Godzilla 2′ After ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

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Godzilla 2014 Full Monster 570x294 Gareth Edwards to Direct Godzilla 2 After Star Wars Spinoff

Reboots of popular film titles can go one of two ways: they can either take the best parts of the original and spin it in an exciting new direction or they can completely miss the mark. Thankfully for director Gareth Edwards, his new reboot of Godzilla was able to intrigue audiences enough to become king of the box office this past weekend to the tune of $93.2 million, the second highest stateside opening this year after Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

After filming documentaries, a TV movie and a short, Edwards first broke onto the film scene in 2010 with a small science fiction thriller, Monsters, before crossing over to the mainstream and making Godzilla. Now the British director is on his way to helming more box office tentpoles, including the just announced Star Wars spinoff, due in December 2016.

According to THR, today’s Star Wars spinoff news means the previously confirmed Godzilla 2 sequel, which Edwards is also attached to direct, will not begin filming until after the Star Wars standalone film is completed. In case this information is a little discouraging for Godzilla fans, apparently, as per Legendary Entertainment’s chairman and CEO Thomas Tull, this was always going to be the case:

“Gareth’s filmmaking talent makes him one of his generation’s most creative and visionary directors. The plan has always been for Gareth to direct a different film before we started on another Godzilla, but who knew it would be a ‘Star Wars’ installment? We have a great plan in store for ‘Godzilla’ fans and I am looking forward to seeing Gareth’s imprint on the ‘Star Wars’ universe.”

Gareth Edwards and Aaron Taylor Johnson on the Godzilla set 570x294 Gareth Edwards to Direct Godzilla 2 After Star Wars Spinoff

As is pretty standard for films with sequel potential, story ideas for Godzilla 2 and even Godzilla 3 already exist, but no scripts have been written yet and Godzilla 2 is still in early development. So this news allows at least a year for Legendary to hire a writer and complete a script before Edwards can even begin to think about returning for a sequel. Basically, don’t expect another Godzilla until 2017 at the earliest.

Of course, this only matters if Edwards remains attached to the Godzilla sequels. At this point, that remains the case, but it’s not hard to imagine scheduling conflicts if the release dates occur within a year of each other. Problems could push Godzilla back even further as Star Wars takes precedent, or Legendary could simply decide to change director. It should be interesting to see how the timing all works out.

Are you happy that Godzilla 2 and 3 are still in Edwards’ future? Are you sad that we’ll have to wait at least three years for another film? Let us know in the comments.


Godzilla 2 currently has no release date. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest.

Source: THR

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  1. Godzilla should cameo in a Justice League Film. Just saying

    • Honestly, what I think we all need is an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny movie.

    • YES!!! I would pay double to see that


  3. Love the first it was quite good, my son was gobsmacked as he has all ways love zilla , he had all the cartoons and a couple of the original Japanese first episode but he got rid of them for an old PlayStation. I want to win this for him.

  4. Well hopefully he can put the main character into the movie and not show snips of him till the last five minutes.

    • Whats with movie goers today!? Are they so use to have buckets of Surgar known as over the top CGI actioney mindles destruction porn shoved down there throats that they now see the less is more formula as a bad thing!? Jurrsic Park has 10 minutes of footage worth of dinosours, Alien has the xenomorph for like 3 minutes.Godzilla in the new movie has more screen time then he does in the 1954 movie. Why is it all these pass movie use the less is more formula and there heiled as amazing classics and when a new movie decides to use the same thing people dump all over the movie!?

      • The difference is that with the movies you mentioned audiences had never seen those creatures on screen before making the build up necessary. This is the 30th godzilla film we did not need a build up. Did they build up the xeno’s in aliens? How about the t-rex in the lost world? No the didn’t because we had already seen them before. Another difference would be that alien and jurassic park had interesting characters doing interesting things when their respective creatures weren’t on screen where as godzilla had two interesting characters one who died 20mins in and another who only had a handfull of scenes and lines the rest of the time the movie focused on a stale boring main character and a handfull of nameless military types who did nothing but repeat the same failed plan 3-4 times in a row.
        Lets set a nuke here away from the city.. oops the monster ate the nuke.
        lets get another..oops he ate that one too
        okay we’ll put a timer in the next nuke that’ll make it fool proof..oops the monster took the bomb and buried it in the middle of the city now we have to go and defuse it making the events of the previous 45 minutes of the film Completely pointless.

        • The Lost World is considered an inferior sequel so maybe they should have done the build up again 😉

          Just curious as I’ve seen these movies countless times, who are all of these interesting characters in JP? Aside from Ian Malcom, I must have missed them.

        • ^^ SPOILERS UP THERE ^^ for those who are thinking of reading that post.

          Seriously, I know that this is an article about the sequel but it’s just stating who the director is and the movie isn’t even out of theaters yet. Hold your horses.

          • Really? If your’e honestly dumb enough to read an article about the sequel to a movie you haven’t seen, and then read all the comments, then you’re asking to be spoiled.

            • Eh, you’re right, I should have known better.

      • I 100% agree with you man. Thank you for being a decent human being 😉

  5. I remember how Den of Geek kept talking about this guy and his movie Monster.I didn’t understand where the praise came from till I saw Monster.The movie only cost $500,000 but it was done so well that one can overlook the poor special effects and concentrate more on the story.As a person who has been following Gareth Edward’s work since 2010,its kinda amazing to see that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.Hope he nails the Star Wars spin-off too

    • Oh, indeed! I love that he’s getting noticed now, but for a work schedule that is rapidly increasing, I doubt he’ll write Godzilla 2 himself, unfortunately. I wish he would.

      At least he’s directing! It’s great news.


  6. This is bad news, by the time he even makes another godzilla movie. The momentum of the film will be gone, its better to put full attention to the franchise instead of having attention on one franchise then come back for this one. They should just hire another director to keep the audience fresh with this franchise, or else they will pull another star trek 2

    • or Sin City 2

      • maybe he is following Nolan’s pattern? To make a standalone movie, never to plan a franchise? hehe

        Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception, TDKR.

        the next nolan?

  7. I want someone else to direct it. Gareth Edwards is promising talent, but he’s still proven to be an amateur when it comes to storytelling. His characters are always second rate (considering he puts the most emphasis on them during the film) and he’s obsessed with building up his monsters rather than utilizing them to a terrifying and intense degree. The build up method worked in movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, and even the original Gojira because the pay off was amazing and the characters were actually solid (for the most part) and the build up themselves were done far more engagingly also. Edwards has NOT proven himself worthy yet. His new Godzilla film was okay (yes, I actually liked it a bit similarly to Monsters), but he wasted so much potential.

    • Exactly.

      You had some action sequences which were created in the computer by digital compositing artists, and a bunch of cardboard characters played by wooden actors (Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe being the notable exceptions here, but they were painfully underutilized).

      A sequel could be scripted by Donald Duck and directed by Bugs Bunny. It wouldn’t really make much difference at this level of storytelling.

  8. Hope they keep him, he’s fantastic.

  9. I think they already screwed the pooch for this series they couldve made a solid trilogy if they wouldve made the first movie all about godzilla make him the villian for the first movie an unstoppable force then at the end yhe humans find a way to make him go dormant then at the end have a coocoon hatch and give birth to mothra (sequel tease) then in the second movie something wakes godzilla who then goes on a second rampage then mothra shows up and has an epic fight with godzilla and defeats him (without killing him) possibly by traping him in some way then end the movie with a shot of king ghidora flying straight towards earth. Then in the third movie have ghidora show up and F**K S**T UP! all the humans will be like “”s**t godzilla was a giant teddy bear compared to this three headed thing” mothra goes up against ghidora and gets her a** kicked and all the people are like “well we’re f**ked” but then somebody (maybe ken wanabe’s character) gets the idea to free godzilla. Godzilla is set free and then him and mothra team up against ghidora in a monster brawl of epic proportions. BAM! perfect trillogy

    • This idea is terrible and you should feel terrible.

      • Your right they should make the next two movies center around Aaron jhonson’s boring a** and have no more then 15 minutes of actual monster fighting also let make sure to ignore all of the classic monsters and just throw in some crappy generic cloverfieldesqe creatures. Because im sure the last thing anybody wants to see is anything that resembles the classic movies. We would all much rather see two more generic cloverfeid/battle los Angeles type films

        • Yeah, well. Edwards made a monster movie for grown ups, not some muppet show monster wrestling for 10 year olds, like you seem to want. Indeed terrible ideas and I hope Edwards stays away from all those goofy original monsters as far as possible.

    • Are you Michael Bay?

      • Did I mention giant robots or megan fox?
        NO! im clearly zach snyder. Lol

    • I think your trilogy idea sounds awesome. Way better than what we got with Godzilla (I still liked it okay though).

  10. Man, I’m glad that Gareth Edwards is coming back for sure but its kinda disappointing knowing it’s going to be at least three years before we get another Godzilla.

    I hope some other Godzilla or Godzilla related this come out in other mediums like a video game or graphic novels/comics.

    • Meant Godzilla related things.

      And another idea, how about an animated Godzilla series? With quality animation in the vein of something like the two Avatar series if it’s by an American studio or just a straight up Godzilla anime.

  11. I truly do not understand the hate Gareth gets. Maybe you guys saw Godzilla in 2-D or something because I was in awe of the mutos in the IMAX theater. I actually liked seeing ANY kind of monster, and it wasn’t like we went more than 10 minutes with only the humans on screen – at least once the muto hatched. I thought the male muto was an awesome design, and watching him outmaneuver the military was pretty cool on the train tracks/bridge scene.

    I only seem to agree that it was frustrating during the first “fight” (I won’t spoil it) but I loved the way everything else was handled thereafter. I got chills when the military jumped off the plane and that eerie chorus starts up. It foreshadowed gloom; death was potentially coming. It made me respect the men for what was viewed as a suicide mission.

    • Also can we please for the love of God get an xmen spoiler discussion started? This is now nearly back to back articles on Gareth Edwards within 3 hours.

      • X man spoiler? of throne dwarf create robots to detect mutant. Mystique kill him and captured, studied. Then human apply her power to robots. Robot transform to ice power when fighting fire mutant. Human decide to hate mutants. And create hundreds of robots to kill all mutants. So, professor X send Wolvrine to past and stop Mystique from killing dwarf.
        Magneto try to kill mystique to rewrite history, while professor X try to ask his little sister Raven mystique to give up the assassin.
        Magneto plan B is to control robots against human. Professor X team save human and show human that many mutants are human’s friends. So, the future that all mutant are killed, is gone. New future shows everyone is happy in X school. End credit.. egypt mutant use floating rock to build pyramid. Its like magneto power, rock power.

    • Yup. For me Godzilla was a near perfect monster movie that blew that cartoony Pacific Rim out of the water with ease.

      • Yup.


    • It looked amazing in 2-D, and most of the 3-D Imax reviews were not favorable, try again.


  12. Please start a x men thread

  13. Great news! More so that he will also direct the Godzilla sequel than the Star Wars news, although he’ll be great for that as well. He (still) has that old Spielbergian touch that movies like that need.

  14. What a refreshing attitude from the studio!

    Imagine of Fox did the same with Bryan Singer – waited for him to make Superman Returns before fast tracking the Last Stand…

  15. This is good news for everybody involved,because young Gareth Edwards can take the experience from making a Star Wars movie and add what he learns to making Godzilla 2,and make it even more epic,I’m thinking positive,(and as a long time Star Wars and Godzilla fan),I think it will be well worth the wait. Congratulations Gareth,on all of your new found success,and May The Force Be With You,you’ll need it.

    • Sorry for the typo. *L* was actually supposed to be *LandosSon*.

    • I think Godzilla (2014) was a fun and epic movie,and think Gareth Edwards did a great job directing possibly one of the most important reboots in decades(and nailing it),he deserves all of this new found success he is getting,and now being a part of not just one,but two of my all-time favorite franchises,gives him even more of my respect. Keep up the good work,Gareth and ignore the haters,whiny fan boys are just a part of the game.

  16. I loved this movie and only had a few nit picks. Such as when the Naval Fleet where escorting Godzilla. They where too close.

    Good news is the origin story is out of the way. The next Godzilla will be epic I am sure. I cannot wait and would rather have more G than anything StarWars.

  17. No Spoiler alert….. Not seen this year, I take it Godzilla survives.

    • **Yet**

  18. Can someone just make a supercut on youtube of Godzilla fight scenes from 1954 to present day to shut up all these people saying their wasn’t enough of Godzilla in the film?

    Gareth Edwards did a great monster film that paid homage to the old Godzilla films. I remember watching the old movies on Thanksgiving as a kid. My cousins and I would all be playing with our action figures through the “boring” scientists talking and when we heard that iconic “SCREEEEEONK!!!!”, we’d be glued to the television for the monster battle. I, for one, cannot wait to see this sequel.

    • Indeed! I grew up with the Thanksgiving and the day after G fests. It’s how I discovered the entire genre over 30 years ago. lol, remember when they started substituting Kong vs G instead of playing G vs MechaG liked they originally did. After a few years of that… I wanted the MechaG movie back! 😀

      It’s also funny that oh so many years later, I realized just how much lower budget the 70’s films were in comparison to the 60’s ones. Way too many open fields and islands style fights instead of massive city brawls. The city scenes in the 70’s films were largely stock footage from previous ones. As a kid I always wondered why Godzilla would look 3 different ways in the same movie lol.


      • Yeah alot of the 70’s movies were extremely campy and low budget and in some cases downright stupid with not as many epic cityscape brawls in my opinion it was in the 80’s and 90’s that toho made the G man really shine. Anyone who hasn’t seen godzilla (84) or godzilla vs. King ghidorah (91) isn’t any kind og authority on what makes a good godzilla movie

        • I would put G vs MechaG 93 as the best of the Heisei series, with Spacegodzilla being the worst(even though I liked his design, it was a terrible film).


          • Ahh spacegodzilla definetly one of the worst but I perfer G vs. SG to G vs. Biolante. Ive allways called space godzilla the crystal meth mountain monster

  19. This is great news, Mr. Edwards INDEED made you care not only for the human story, but the monsters as well. Cannot fathom what film some of these haters saw or did not see is more like it. Just like he did with “Monsters” in engrossing the audience and keeping you on the edge of your seat…… he was selected by the studios for the complete package for the next Star Wars film and now the sequel. The young man has serious talent and some of you need to recognize it. Do you want Bay or Singer to do the next film? Seriously?

    • Im not saying it was a bad movie. It had a strong and engaging first act and an emensely entertaining 3rd act but The middle of the movie was very weak, boring and repetitive. How many times did they set out to lure the MUTO away from civilians with a nuke only to have the MUTO catch them and eat said nuke. And the millitary never considered trying anything else. Plan B,C, and D were “lets try the exact same thing again to the exact same effect.

  20. Good news…I always assumed I’d have to wait at least two or three years for a sequel. It was my favorite movie of the year and probably my favorite movie in the last four or five years. I’ve only seen three movies in theaters twice and they were Godzilla, The Wolverine, and Pacific Rim. Captain America 2 was a close second for me this year.

  21. Im not saying it was a bad movie. It had a strong and engaging first act and an emensely entertaining 3rd act but The middle of the movie was very weak, boring and repetitive. How many times did they set out to lure the MUTO away from civilians with a nuke only to have the MUTO catch them and eat said nuke. And the millitary never considered trying anything else. Plan B,C, and D were “lets try the exact same thing again to the exact same effect.

  22. This is what I think would be cool to see in sequals.

    Godzilla 2: Monster Island or The Rise of the King – Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan vs King Ghidorah.
    This has been the only monster Godzilla could not defeat on his own. So this would give a chance to not only add more monster to help Godzilla ( i.e.Mothra and Rodan)also introduce monster Island and maybe camero a few other monesters. Also I think fun can be had with the background story of King Ghidorah like he has been sitting in the bottom of the ocean brought to earth by a metor or (I think this would be to much) aliens like his true origin.
    I think it would be cool if The world goverment started to get very worried about the rise of Monsters so start deveopling a “weapon” to defend them from these threats. This will be happening in the background and will set up the last movie.

    Godzilla 3: The King of All Monsters:
    The weapon that was hinted at in the last movie would be MechaGodzilla
    and the triolgy with a hug bang!!!

    • YES! Thank you! Glad im not the only one who thinks they need to bring in mothra and king ghidorah in the sequals. Mechagodzilla woild be cool too. I know some of the storylines in the old movies were over the top with the aiens and time travel and stuff but I think a sci-fi type story wold be much more interesting then a story about a bunch of useless military types. I think godzilla 2014 wouldve been much better if they had focused on the scientists from monarch corp. insted of focusing on a bunch of soldiers who did nothing except feed the monster (twice) and almost nuke san Francisco
      Because they couldnt taje the hint that their “blow in up with a nuke” plan wasn’t going to work.

      • I would LOVE to see King Ghidorah done up, but atm Legendary doesn’t have the rights.

        I loved the MUTO’s, so I have 0 objection to designing new monsters.

        I think they should stay away from Mechagodzilla tbh, or any giant robots.


        • I agree I always perfer monsters fighting monsters, and id like to see unique ones like ghidorah, gigan, and megalon. If the creative team can make a new monster as cool and unique as those monsters are for the sequel then right on. But otherwise bring back the classic monsters

  23. I just hope Godzilla 2 actually has Godzilla in it, not like this new one.

  24. If Nolan wants to model the Godzilla trilogy after Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy (which is not at all a bad idea) then Godzilla 2 must have Godzilla (being Batman) fighting King Ghidorah (Godzilla’s Joker) with Mechagodzilla (Godzilla’s Two-Face). In Godzilla 3, Godzilla teams up with Mothra (Godzilla’s Catwoman) to fight some unexpectedly powerful monster such as Destoroyah or Boillante (Gozilla’s Bane). Angurius ends up being Godzilla’s John Blake. It wouldn’t hurt to have Hedorah playing a role similar to Scarecrow.
    The only problem with this idea is that Godzilla goes back to hibernate for another 200 million years at the end of Godzilla 3 and Angurius becomes the new Alpha Predator.
    And Gareth Edwards won’t be able to make Godzilla 4, 5, 6.

  25. Lol @ ‘Ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny’ movie XD
    Mr.Rogers thoe

  26. Forget That, we don’t wanna wait that long for a sequel. What hell is the studio thinking????

  27. No-no! That’s too long! It’s not good for the nation’s culture. We don’t need the Star Wars spinoff as much. Star Wars is passe let alone a spinoff. Bad timing! This is all wrong! (lol)

  28. Listen to me, everyone. We were going in the right direction by going beyond Star Wars and Star Trek. Suddenly, things like Ghost in the Shell 2 cropped up and amazing concepts, slightly surreal . . . were developing well. We need to move away from continuing to fetch Star Wars and Star Trek out of the trash and let it go! “American” sci fi legends are waiting to be born!

  29. Yes the new Godzilla was fantastic!! Suspenseful, unique, epic battles, Crazy deaths in the end to the monsters. Plus it was a long movie which is nice, didn’t feel rushed. A second and third Godzilla would be mind blowing, especially if monsters like King Gidhora or Destroyah were to be the featured villans. I’m excited thinking about it!